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STFC Daresbury Labs and The tower was built in the 1970’s to house the second generation synchrotron. involved in Noble prize winning research nuclear structure research tower, now being used for research into the "fourth generation light source"

2017 Personally invited to STFC Hartree Centre for my Achievements to partner and see their work in the cure for Cancer.

Situated between Manchester and Liverpool

The Hartree centre is part of Daresbury Labs was involved in Noble prize winning medical research and played an important role in global medical understanding of the COVID 19 virus.

Powerhouse of the North, international medical research centre, Invited as 3D specialist to be panel of experts and met the team of scientists and computer scientists, soon their work reached a new global importance with the COVID pandemic. description: multi cultural team of international experts, communal spaces and offices with small un suite library.

As a 3D specialist for LGS, in the creative industry known as the forth Emergency service, in case of public emergency provided the technology to clearly communicate information to the public.

VR model of corkscrew shaped stomach virus, including the highest detail 3D model of a cancerous cell. Feb 2018 photo permission granted by Scientific team who wished me to raise attention of their work.

Invited to meet leading scientists and personal screening of projects to share their work @ Daresbury Campus, Hartree Centre and Cockcroft institute.

The Hartree Centre is supporting global efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic through partnering with the Folding @ Home project, led by the Washington University School of Medicine, in order to simulate protein behaviour using their Scafell Pike a Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer, Tightly coupled Intel and Nvidia architectures Which Includes 24,960 Intel “Skylake” cores, Direct liquid-cooled compute nodes.

The government, via UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), has agreed to invest £172 million over five years, met with a £38 million in-kind contribution from IBM. 4 June 2021 link

the previous IBM Blue Gene/Q Blue Joule Supercomputer officially named the number one supercomputer in the UK and thirteenth most powerful in the World in 2012. upgraded in 2017, Scafell Pike has the capability of performing around four quadrillion calculations per second and is composed of Intel® Xeon® (Skylake) and many core Xeon Phi™(Knights Landing) processor technologies. It has been designed to accommodate blade systems for Deep Learning, GPU and ARM based computing. peak performance of 4329 TFLOPS. That means it’s capable of performing 4.3 quadrillion calculations per second!

STFC Super Computer screen photo permission granted by the Hartree Centre computer Scientists Feb 2018 innovation workshops and training events.

projector array, reminded me of the array on the top of the display wall at the Trocadiro

This included the most highly detailed 3D model of a cancer cell ever created increasing understanding on the structure of cancer cells, 5 years on from this invited to see the work carried on cancer research. Deliberately didn’t take a photograph of Cancer Cell as something told me my life will be in danger watching the discovery of the cure to cancer.

Changes include plans to restrictions on the sale of cigarettes in the UK making it illegal for anyone to sell cigarettes to someone born after 2009, children today into a future "smoke-free generation" smoking and vaping takes so much of a persons money and damages their health that the health service then has to attempt to heal at great expense. This passes the first vote stages but may not become law as there is an election soon planed.

Banning Smoking explained for people born after 2009 see public health wellbeing

Approx 97% of all medicines Are from nature, garlic being a known natural way to reduce cancer risk, Malaria treatments are based of a Chinese tea a US spy story of attempts to discover plant while all along it grew in view of the White House, protein structures are examined for the development of therapeutic in the treatment of illnesses.

folding Protein structures Folding@Home

Folding @ Home empower anyone with a computer and an internet connection to become a citizen scientist and contribute their compute power to help fight global health threats like COVID 19, Alzheimer’s Disease, and cancer.

Hartree Centre Scafell Pike|Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer removing the bottlenecks in global research into therapeutics for COVID 19 variants.

"gaining a deeper understanding of these mutations at the molecular level and how they provide the virus with an evolutionary advantage." latest findings Improving the way we prepare for future COVID-19 variants:link

CovidSIM is one of the data modelling tools used globally, epidemiological model for COVID-19 developed by Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team, to Determine the variability of the duration of the course of disease. link

When it was installed in 2017 it had a World ranking of 60 in top 300 since then they have added a thousand fold increase in calculation with hybrid-Quantum Supercomputer, link other projects include improved Weather systems modelling. For agriculture.

"At the Hartree Centre, we have explored how our quantum-integrated workflow can provide an advantage in virtual drug discovery. Similarly, we have also explored how we can model the molecule reactions in more detail with quantum machine learning, helping to discover potential medical treatments and new materials."

Fight Aids@home

From 2009 Volunteered my workstation and PS3 to Folding@Home, and FightAIDS@Home screen saver and utilizingidol processor cycles while playing music and watching films etc to simulate protein structures, the project discovered 2 breakthroughs in 2010, Global PS3 consoles contributed over a Petaflop of computing power.

The term folding refers to vibrating protein structures to move molecules into new variations and test how they interact with known viruses.

I later worked alongside one of Sony PlayStation’s most senior female business executive. Named my daughter’s middle name after her.

There is an interesting story of how antiretroviral drugs, where produced and sold by Cuba to South Africa avoiding the high US patient costs. If I find the documentary will add link

The Folding@home™ Distributed Computing Project at Stanford University

Folding@Home PS3 FightAids@home closed 2012

The current Folding@Home project is using the Hartree Centre's Scafell Pike Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer to remove bottle necks for Folding@Home folding protein structures to develop patent free therapeutics for COVID variants. link

There have many medical advances in treatment of HIV (antiretroviral therapy or ART) and prevention including (PrEP) Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, while there is no cure for HIV, but you can control it with HIV treatment and prevention.

Antiretroviral therapy can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood to levels that are undetectable with standard tests.

achieving and maintaining a “durably undetectable” viral load (the amount of HIV in the blood) not only preserves the health of the person living with HIV, but also prevents sexual transmission of the virus to people without HIV.

Today 1 in 10 (higher undiagnosed) have Aids in Trinidad, There was a reported increase in preventable new cases of STD’s sexually transmitted diseases post pandemic, in the local hospital a woman told she had AIDS but wouldn’t give it to a police officer, some are not as considerate.

Always health screen before starting a new relationship and wear protection financial plans by advice below.

Administering medication

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One button supplies ordering device

The Pharma industry is looking into ways to monitor and remind patients when and how to administer a prescribed medication, from AIDS/HIV, Cancer drugs to anti-psychotics with current focus being on complicated Cancer trials when patients are sent home from hospital following treatment.

2015 Concept design for WIFI IOT internet of things prescription reordering system for next day delivery. Not to miss medication supplies.

Health fares reported that the Global Higher temperatures had affected many, high temperatures can lead to hypertension raised blood pressure (hypertension) if un-managed.

Lunch and Learn

Before the pandemic attempted to arrange a Lunch and Learn at the Hilton conference rooms for health and education leaders how can we help meet their needs.

Told by leading university professor they are only interested in commercial ideas in Trinidad. The importance of healthcare and wellbeing changed during the Pandemic. Frightened they where being treated as mice.

Simpsons movie Dome foreigners left the country public imprisonment for 2 years, SoE and Curfew to keep the people in. Education, non essential business and travel stopped, public wellbeing, hoax Bombs from fire works to schools.

Passer by described how she enjoyed thinking about me as being on loan. It’s not a 9-5 The authorities normally hold art competitions. They will probably attempt to say they tried to help us out of the kindness of there heart.

It’s clear to see recently they have attempted to heal from the army, and Muslimist coups that took place, How would they treat the victims of terror today. Description below of the behaviour of local Dr’s and locals. See medical tech

What’s normal for one person is very different from another, Trinidad was ranked the 6th worst place in the World for crime In 2023. The government faces several challenges in its effect to reduce crime, such as bureaucratic resistance to change,

Globally there was hype and hysteria surrounded the Pandemic, fear mongering and profiteering, children where the most affected by this who having an important part of there childhood and education affected.

In Latin American and Caribbean there is a history of unexplained microwaving brains of people who work in intelligence for the US, a few doors away from where I stayed was a robbery on a house using Opioid nerve gas on the sleeping household, I had the water tank emptied in case it was spiked as I felt deep effects on concentration.

See what happens when you reveal information of child abuse. press reports show It’s been I hiding ground for them. And during lockdown an increase of abuse.

The local police station closed also the embassy. The locals would put every possible obstacle in our way try you to your very limit and see how you reaction, They may have had a competition among themselves.

While the locals deliberately affected our quality of life and wellbeing. While they openly eased dropped on the results of their work and tight nit community monitored our actions. Was warned by the church in London that going to Trinidad is suicide or someone like me, sorry to say they certainly tried to push us to that.

Returning Nationals who could benefit the country and economy are the target of hustlers and criminals when they return by people who have no understanding of difficulties found while they were away, documented see well-being. Nothing has changed.

Was warned not to go with the Rasta’s into the hills as they damage university visitors minds with drugs to find out information. Uk University researchers are now warned not to travel with their work.

Trinidad’s last public health report 51.% where fully vaccinated. May 2023, as the NHS advised the mortality rate of a bad flu season was approx 3% of those infected.

international isolation was simple, Lock-down was early and measures were prolonged and draconian, all non essential businesses and schools closed the only access to learning was distance learning, 2 years international and social isolation where countries including Ghana had two weeks and Borneo Indonesia had no lockdown, The words of popular Soca “it’s safe on the inside i an’t going outside”

There was no spontaneous public support of healthcare workers as we saw across the globe.

the public avoided treatment sites in case of contact, At the end of the SoE State of Emergency of Emergency, Volunteered for a year at free local public health fair offering health screening to the public to improve health and well-being, in community centers organized by the Community hospital. an NGO non governmental organisation non profit private hospital opened in 1962, to supplement the two national hospitals the year of independence.

(some questioned why volunteer to be around sick people)

All Beaches closed during the Covid pandemic lockdown, SoE stay at home orders two years international lockdown some countries including Ghana had two weeks the presence of COVID blamed on visitors,

A pandemic originating from Asia was an eventuality taught to me since I was at school, Asian communities suffered from a backlash in the following global Mental Health crisis that followed, See Mental Health Act reforms, and stop online Cyberbullying.

As a concerned parent.

My daughter was in and out of hospital, when she was a toddler visited by players of the local football team while in the children’s ward at Christmas, as a concerned parent you become a somewhat of an expert, highlighting the prescribing of medication to children which hasn’t been used in decades to hospital. Asthma Action plan for children Asthma UK + Lung Link

Advice to Asthma sufferers: Rinsing the mouth with water after using a Asthma inhaler, to help reduce the risk of the steroid it contains leading to throat, then chest infections and pneumonia.

UN data shows in US healthcare only one in 25 medications work first time when treating a medical symptom, as the doctor attempting to identify and treat the root cause highlighting the importance of having follow up tests to find what’s works for the patients.

Asthma Call

prototype medical devices 2022, medical cell has a Viper machine that produces SLA parts in Accura Clear Vue, which has been tested for USP Class VI use, making parts suitable for patient contact.

Additive manufacturing and the COVID-19 challenges: An in-depth study

Met Fire service chief training officer at the fire station in the capital city of Trinidad Port of Spain who explained 7 years of drought, part corrosion from pumping salt water from the sea, the Burglar proofing commonly used and the need for a reliable supply chain of spare parts. As children died in house fires behind bars during the pandemic.

Contacted the director of MTC The National Advanced Manufacturing Centre link and was given the go ahead to contact relevant parties about the Factory In A container Box (FIAB) project link, FIAB is the remote manufacturing of certified parts, using industry 4.0. linkwhich also reduces the carbon footprint of the distribution supply chain.

The ensuing pandemic then affected the Global supply chain, MTC focused efforts on the design and manufacture of a refrigerated cooling system for COVID 19 Vaccines, and respirators that don’t need main electricity. See Medicaltech

During Pandemic Asthma Call on air quality in schools: Advised them Pediatricians first look around a child's airways for signs of Glitter and Sand in case it has been inhaled, during play at school which can trigger breathing difficulties.

Historic buildings used materials and fireplaces which breathed and ventilated buildings, Modern buildings and materials seal-in layers, combined with central heating system can dry the air causing dry throats and throat infections, having a small cup of water under radiators can reduce this.

Modern home Ventilation systems are often not installed correctly or managed by home owners, I.e the leading British double glassing company provided training, drizzle vents are designed to manage condensation, are often installed incorrectly, blocked over time or closed for heating, this can cause condensation and mould to develop. Central heating systems can dry the air in modern buildings causing coughs placing a small cup of water under radiators can relieve this.

Recollect the South Bank Uni was also some way involved into research into the cause of legionaries disease a serious type of pneumonia (lung infection) caused by Legionella (LEE-juh-nell-a) bacteria. being from water vapour from cooling systems from office air conditioning, and have always avoided badly maintained office blocks and hotels where outbreaks can accrue. Linked to hospitality and tourism research.

Instead of just treating the health issue look at illustrating the causes.

Post pandemic

improving quality of healthcare in third world,

CARICOM heads of government violence a health crisis

Trinidad can be described as made up of Cabals secret political cliques or religious factions And gang related activity linked to each other in financial irregularities, the Inter American development Bank describe the WMD weapon of mass destruction being corruption and fraud. They will terribly mistreat your family and still expect to be treated with gratitude and respect as the tight nit community monitor how you react. Where victims have to find the funds to take the perpetrators to court and that can take years.

The countries problems are blamed on everything else apart from the older generation the people who shaped the country and there example drug use and violence. i.e there is no extortion unit in the police and it’s exploited by criminals hustlers and there lawyers, who come out the wood work if there is a dollar to be made, a cancer in the society holding back progress and turning away investors.

a disability act was brought in recently, when expected to sign a document at there immigration the officer angrily shouted at me after I asked for a moment to read what they expected me to sign, how would it be for people of English as a second language.

The language and public comments are disturbing and they often make light amusement in the misfortune of others.

Financial planning is important to cover basic needs if something happens to affect livelihood or income an Emergency fund, as a fool and his money is soon parted either through drinking, drugs, gambling, or to scam artists. Don’t do it unless you’re willing to lose it. That includes a life in a place with high volume of illegal fire arms in the hands of criminals retaliating against each others wrong doings.

The focus of the first CARICOM summit post pandemic was improving mental health, healthcare under funding and stigma. To support victims of crime to reduce the cycle of violence in Caribbean communities. In 2023 launched a survey of youth mental health in the region.

Castries, Saint Lucia, 21 March 2024. Violence is rightly examined as a public health issue, because it affects physical, mental, and psychosocial health, it affects the individual families, and communities.

“It is for this reason that, “Violence in the Caribbean: a Public Health Crisis” has been chosen as the theme for the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Annual Health Research Conference this year.Link

Rethink Mental illness Registered Charity No. 271028 (National Mental Health)

Asthma and Lung UK registered Charity number: 326730

ACTION ON SMOKING AND HEALTH (ASH) registered Charity number: 262067

NATIONAL AIDS TRUST registered Charity number: 297977