John Robertson

Awarded Full Fellowship of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) an award granted to individuals that the RSA judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

The press describe it as having name inscribed next to notable past fellows include Nelson Mandela, Tim Berners-Lee, Benjamin Franklin, David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, and Charles Dickens.

Inquired into TEDtalks, was warned by an American the US wouldn't like what i have to say as they are all about Corporate consumerism and informed by a Professor Trinidad is the same, two party system only funding something if its commercial, While its about benifiting society safe guarding the vulnerable which disrupts the established system.

Breast feeding medal

Work-in-progress (WIP) UN Breastfeeding Medal Foil sticker for certificate.

Medal requested by a Breastfeeding councilor, initiative for a UN breast feeding project in the Caribbean, to improve infant nutrition, as mental health issues increase two generations after a famine, seen across the World from rationing in the UK, Israel and the genocide of the Jews in WWII, Ethiopia and elsewhere in the World, including eastern Europe under Stalin, and the Great Chinese Famine.

Trained in engraving at Guildhall Uni by the craftsman who hand engraved the plates for £5 note for the bank of England, and later worked closely with the CNC test bed centre which made the first prototypes of the Digital Bank Notes for the Royal Mint.

Unreported for a number of years to the UN, the Caribbean is attempting to buck the global trend on healthy infant development through Breastfeeding.

UN reports show West Africa has some of the lowest Breast feeding rates in the World largely because of style trends, and in India UN funds to improve nutrition of mothers to be, funds went to mother in-laws who would feed the whole family, instead of solely to improve the nutrition of the mothers to be, reducing expected infants nutrition. ref The Hidden Half, by Micheal Blastfield.

The importance of Food security and New born Nurition.*

Improving mental health*

Interviewed by GQ Men's watch magazine, asked if 3D printers would be in everyone's home in the future, my response was "No! because of the technical skills required, Health and Safety concerns, material standards i.e. food hygiene and flame retardant properties for consumer products, and the issue in disposing of environmental waste." honesty that's not the salesman's best friend.

The creative fields and engineering have helped many through the Pandemic, as a creative outlet during the social isolation, to meeting the design and engineering challenges of the new normal, including new work practices which are important as we build a healthier, inclusive and more sustainable future.

The British Library was interested in exhibiting my work, technology used by the Library to embed VR online artifacts of Historical and cultural importance.

MSF Médecins Sans Frontières

Winnie the Poo painted on wall of emerging tech managers wall in the UAE

Visiting Dubai met a family friend who's home was used by UN War Crimes forensics team in the former Yugoslavia, and visited the film and television studio witnessed the director of MSF Médecins Sans Frontières Anti Landmine campaign (1997 UN Ottawa Treaty) finishing post production, which went on the be screened Globally before Lord of the Rings in Cinemas, also met the lead animator of the Fellowship of the Rings at his MAYA industry training event at the Prince Charles Cinema, China Town London.

Archeological Survey mapping*

Digital Twin NDTp*

Digital security*

Member of the RSA Good Work Guild tackling the most pressing issues related to economic security and labour-market transforming technologies.


Artwork by Max Calò

Cultural and creative advise on the artwork for the official mascots of the Asian Cup held in the UAE in 2019, i.e. the image of Manshour the Official Mascot checked, that it is not in anyway insulting as it shows the under side of the shoe, an old cultural disrespect it was deemed OK as it was an action pose.

Album Artwork

Invited by Fungus Mungus in Clapham Junction in 91 to be involved in artwork for The Last Poets previously unreleased late 1960s African American Civil Rights spoken word, drum beats with Jimi Hendrix on guitar in some of his last recording sessions, this was at a time the UK press and authorities looked at banning US Hip Hop. at the time met Quincy Jones at Ronnie Scotts after his set and discussed UK ACID JAZZ label, Jamiroquai had released his first EP "When You Gonna Learn?" from his future album "Emergency on Planet Earth" and I knew the A&R for the label.

The Last Poets previously unreleased late 1960s African American Civil Rights spoken word

Last Day of Summer

Last day of Summer 2019 traveled to Edinburgh on to Glasgow and spent the night in the beautiful Wemyss Bay Ferry terminal and Train Station, watching the Sun Rise over the West Coast of Scotland and the gulf stream waters from the Caribbean, I knew it would be some time before I would see the sight again it was breathtaking and had to turn away.

Met a traveler family on the train, and was invited to encourage their dyslexic highly creative daughter. (pass the baton)

Supporting children and young adults with learning disabilities*

Burns supper

At a Burns supper in Dubai wearing my family tartan kilt with local Arabs Ululation at the sight, met a founder member of the folk band that wrote the Scottish National anthem, 'Flower of Scotland', an Architect for the Scottish courts, recently he commented that I have had a "Brilliant career", and the best Advice I ever received was from Bill "Keep copies of all your work, one day they may need to be shown to the public".

Divine Enlightenment Light well in hallway seating area of William Murray home Kenwood House. click photo to download.

William Murray was the Scottish Judge the most powerful jurist in Britain who reformed the legal system and moved to abolishing slavery with the Somersett Case in 1772.

William Murray's home Kenwood House was restored after WWI and donated to the National Trust by the Guinness family to house their fine art collection, it was the scene of the famous Dido Belle Painting. and has a legally protected unobstructed view of St. Paul's cathedral on his path through Hamstead Heath. free entry.

Place of Birth

Family lived for many years in Newton Stewart, one half of the small Scottish town where James A. Mirrlees FRSE FBA was born and raised, who's work in incentivizing taxation to relieve Third World countries from the burden of debt, won him The Sveriges Riksbank Prize (Noble Prize) in Economic Sciences in 1996, the same year the SegaWorld Opened its doors to the public.

Galloway Forest Park Internationally designated Dark Sky Park. link mudflats at Big Water of Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet important feeding grounds for migrating birds from Africa and the Mediterranean. 360° view link 2016

Royal visit

Had the Honor and great pleasure of escorting members of The Travancore royal family (was the ruling house of the Kingdom of Travancore.) in the southern part of Kerala, India. the custodians of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Hindu Temple on visits to the Queens Gallery in the Royal Collection, at Buckingham Palace and for tea in Soho.

Gardens of Buckingham Palace

"Don't just listen to what you want to hear, blaming others for your own problems is the dirty politics that Hitler used to get into power."

Those where the wise words of my grandfather who was a police officer called down from Scotland to deal with Mosleys, black shirts between the Wars.

Disclosure and Transparency

Working while observed through glass walls in studios and workshops, eligible organisations or companies can request UK Home Office Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced disclosure and certificate of character on request.


We invite the internet into our homes, personal devices and businesses, we respect your privacy and only collect data to plan delivery to our visitors, stop malicious requests, and create the safest browsing experience.

Due diligence

Due diligence will be carried out to prevent attempts to defraud, compromise integrity, or security.

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