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Tackling the challenges of our times and the Positive impact on many lives, I have 30 years of achieving social improvement goals.

The public get their information and understanding from social media, so i have opened up, sharing in the links below.

Education in creative industry, consumer protection, the Gold standard

Martin Luther King Blue Plaque, Historic Building Conservation

3D printing training arranged signed by inventor Chuck Hall, National Medal of Technology and Innovation

ArtScience cultural awareness, Trocadero centre central London Mosque

Architectural innovations in Social Spaces and workers safety,

From the design and planning of major architectural projects that took 8 million man hours and employed 1500 workers, and training of workers in health and safety, to reduce injuries and Upgraded technology delivering major innovations in manufacturing and healthcare.

for my achievements in industry was commissioned to write industry White paper equivalent to PhD, held by the NHS Digital.

Involved in initiatives in education, architecture, entertainment, workers health and safety, employment, health and online child safety that have lead to reforms.

in 2017 invited to partner with STFC SciTech Darsbury medical research centre that has been involved in Noble prize wining research, Chosen for my Honesty, openness and transparency. involved in improving design around mental health and autism spectrum. People with disabilities leading change.

After a police investigation.

2019 “Awarded Full Fellowship of The RSA the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce - an Award granted to individuals the RSA judges made outstanding achievements to social progress and development… Entitling the individual to use the life long post-nominal letters FRSA...." the RSA home of ideas and debate since 1754.
Received a bursary during the pandemic and a request to start new branch Link can you think of anyone in Trinidad eligable Registered Charity No. 212424

high security environment medical innovations

Personalise Public Health Well being

Public Health COVID 19, AIDS / HIV, Pandemic

Notable Fellows (before 1914, Members) include Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough, Judi Dench, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker, and Tim Berners-Lee.

Lived close to the Admiral Duncan and Applied for Architectural forensics role with the MET police the weeks before the London suicide Bombings and lived in close vicinity to a number of terrorist events carried out by highly disturbed individuals. Was then involved in upgrading technology used pre-op surgery and support the wellbeing of the innocent victims. See Architecture, MedicalTech and Wellbeing.

a judge asked me what I did, I told him and he stoped me at a single day saying thats enough. For peace in the community, A police officer told me I can’t even say where I was born to be fair on the criminals in court.

Online safety

Child Learning development

Breast Feeding Medal, for new Mum's for Caribbean councillor, Food security

To be a successful artist you have to be a Socialite, to meet people and then some will still get mad at you for one reason or other anyway and want to see you fall. While I worked in the background in a roll described as “hidden yet vital” to the creative community.

Music industry

Cultural connector

Background info

3D printed LGS pencil holder for Lunch and Learn clients including Goldsmith College Fine art print making technician

PechaKucha night Port of Spain an international arts common speaker series that has become an institution

Photogrammetry to 3D print

Industry benchmarking

Delivered lunch and learn sessions for the creative industries, professional experts within their own fields who wished to understand the technology and its practical application within their own industry, an open discussion entitled Hype vs Reality. Involved in British and international bench-marking reports, sharing findings and implementing good practice from the reports findings in 3D Printing: Queen Mary University of London and the Banking Sector.

Case Study of iMakr (LGS Business Partner 2013-2016) World's largest consumer 3D printing retail store. including comments from Romain Kidd, CEO MyMiniFactory.

iMakr Case Study
Case Study of iMakr link (LGS Business Partner 2013-2016)

RP Rapid Protyping Development achieved within industry.

2003 Introduced (ADM) advanced digital manufacturing, Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) into the production process at Weston Beamor, One of Europe's largest jewellery manufactures, Director of the Goldsmiths’ Centre, Peter Taylor MBE, explains: "one of the most respected and trusted names in the UK jewellery industry."

RP Rapid Protyping Development achieved within industry.

Platinum Diamond ring industry POS point of sale example of the work I produced

Industry technology and Training White Paper on Computer Aided Design

Industry White Paper, Print version ISBN #, CD Rom ISSN # and online Digital PDF version ISSN #.

Training material for Goldsmiths, Silversmithing, Coin and Medals

illustrations from Technical White paper for the Goldsmiths’ Company, jewellery, silversmithing and allied crafts

RP Rapid Protyping Development achieved within industry.

Trained in industry by British 3D Systems top SLA engineer who went on the be the head of materials and Chief prototyping engineer for Red Bull F1 for there run of F1 Constructors' Championships,

At the time only highly skilled users where chosen to work with the technology and I have the rare privilege of being Given a special statues and my training Certificate personally signed by Charles (Chuck) Hall inventor of SLA Stereolithography.

1983 Charles (Chuck) Hull produced the first Streolithography part. And in 1986 The standard 3D printing file STL format was created by Chuck.

Chuck Hall receiving the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from US President Biden, the highest honour to a US citizen for achievements related to technological progress.

High end industrial technology, in the right hands which filtered down into consumer devices when the US patents expired and opensource based consumer devices started development in 2014. (see Medicaltech and Digital Engineering)

Corporate Restrictive work practices, NCA Non compete agreement, now outlawed in the US, allowed companies to stop workers from working with there clients for three years after leaving a company.

for me that was every major Creative company in London my hands where tied and had to create my own startup. My creative work was Published in numerous magazines, helped train hundreds of University students and on the merit of work partnered with STFC Daresbury campus.

SEGAWorld Trocadiro Centre

Had major Involvement in one of the first commercial Architectural animations from Architectural plans outside of IBM's Labs, liaised with Architects and international lawyers to ensure the smooth delivery of the largest indoor theme park in the World, for Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company SEGA Amusements group ltd in London's Piccadilly Circus.

Sega Amusements Europe, Ltd. Supplier of arcade machines across Europe and later Africa and Russia.

Europe's first and the World’s largest indoor theme park, SEGA's flagship venue in Europe and the first SEGA theme park outside of Japan. £45m refit of the Trocadero Centre in London's Piccadilly Circus, equivalent to £92m in today's money, over 7 floors with a selection of 400+ arcade machines and 25 major attractions, attracting an estimated 4 million annual visitors at its height making it the Largest visitor attraction built in London for the decade the BBC described it as a major tourist attraction and The place to go in London for teenagers, a sensory room for many good childhood memories.

Corperate Restrictive work practice 5yr £10m NDA non disclosure agreement on my work (see Architecture)

Attended the first Computer Arts Magazine exhibition given VIP ticket along side Disney's style sheet artist. using Wacom, Elsa Nvidia Quattro graphics and 3D 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, and i1 solutions. Professional Industry drivers for software applications.

Supported charities through good Works

The RSA (THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE) Registered Charity No. 212424 (National improvements Society, Social Causes)

THE ARTS COUNCIL OF ENGLAND Registered Charity No. 1036733 (Arts and Crafts and Cultural Connector)