John Robertson FRSA an Artisan with 30 years of achievements in innovation within ACE Architecture, Computing, Engineering, Education and Health Care.

As an independent consultancy with authentic leadership, our team includes a chartered business manager CMI Chartered Management Institute and IAM Institute of Administrative Management.

John Robertson

Industrial 3D printing ABB Robot - Rhino 3D Grasshopper algorithmic modeling - G-code to RAPID code

NFT certified as a digital asset to be unique using the Hive blockchain, used to build the decentralised Web 3.0. link

Bracelet, Flawless in structural form, showing flow dynamics, form without weakness.

Innovation in Architecture and Historic Building conservation, Classical order study

Digital Colour profiling, devices and paper Substrates brings out the true colours.

Robertson Crest
Family Crest

From the oldest officially recorded name in Scotland, decedents of Robert "Riabhach" ("Grizzled") Duncanson who captured the Assassins of James I King of Scots in 1437, (note) later King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England who in 1604 commissioned the official translation of the Holy Bible into English the KJV, and created the first uniformed police force in the World on the site of the old Scottish Embassy in London, the name stayed to this day Scotland Yard.

Light well in hallway seating area of William Murray home Kenwood House, restored after WWI and donated to the National Trust by the Guinness family housing fine art collection.

At a Burns supper wearing our kilts in the Middle East with local Arab Ululation at the sight, met the founder of the folk band that wrote the National anthem for Scotland, 'Flower of Scotland', retired Architect working in the Scottish courts.

The best advise I ever received was from Bill, who said keep copies of your work you may need them one day, and no higher praise than for Bill's recent comment that I have had a brilliant career..

One of the most important legal rulings in history was made by a Scottish judge appointed as Lord Chief Justice in 1754 in London who helped transform Britain’s legal system, when he outlawed the transportation of slaves in England across the Oceans in 1772, hoping to have done more in setting the path for the abolishment of slavery.

Family from Newton Stewart, notable as one half of the small Scottish town where James A. Mirrlees FRSE FBA was raised, who's work in a fair incentivized taxation to relieve Third World countries from the burden of debt, won him The Noble Prize in Economic Sciences in 1996, the same year that SEGAWorld opened its doors to the public. (see Arch)

Recommended by Autodesk Education manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Joined The RSA and was Awarded Full Fellowship, granted to individuals the RSA judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development, Notable past fellows include Nelson Mandela, Tim Berners-Lee, Benjamin Franklin, David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker, and Charles Dickens.

Innovation Awards

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