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RSA Fellow

Full Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is an award granted to individuals that the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

"To make positive change in society through the international network of creative minds for the better good of the human race."

Notable past fellows include Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker, and Tim Berners-Lee. Today, the RSA has Fellows elected from 81 countries worldwide.

Background in the Arts

Having studied every area of art and design before using a computer including fine Art, Photography, Textile, Jewellery and Sculpture, before the foundation at studying at Central St Martins, Camberwell and four years at Guildhall University in Silversmithing, Jewellery and Applied Crafts.


Building the prototype for the floppy disk drive lock for Stealth International for the banking and aviation industries, Artwork includes the Album cover for Jimmy Hendrix last recordings with the Last Poets for Fungus Mungus, and dress pattern template modelled in 3D for fashion photographer Nick Knight's SHOWstudio link, project to be creative and make your own wedding dress from the basic template, Vectorising the brush and ink illustrations of Minnie Mouse for Disney's style sheet artist, and man reverse engineering the Cobra Beer bottle for Cobra's creative director.

Cobra Beer Bottle 2005

Animated SEGAWorld

3D CAD modelled the design stages of one of the worlds first Architectural fly throughs link, SEGAWORLD the largest computer games arcade outside of Japan working with the Bosnian award winning artist animator Darko Predanic link, consisting of seven floors at the Trocadero centre in London's Piccadilly circus, the animation was produced for the games console company SEGA and the Architects RTKL. Broadcast globally and Published in Social Spaces Volume I.

Sega World, The Trocadero for Architects RTKL 1994

SEGAWorld, The Trocadero Centre 1994

Pioneering Rapid Prototyping

In 2003 Introduced Rapid Prototyping (RP) into the production model making process at one of Europe's largest and oldest jewellery companies and platinum casting companies. trained by the top engineers in Formula 1 and introduced RP into the production process and was given special statues by British engineering, in increasing the layer detail of a 3D Systems Viper Si2 industrial SLA rapid prototyping machine used primarily in Aviation, Medical, F1 and Automotive design, seeing improvements throughout when the devices features where upgraded from that of a £100K at the time to that of a £1m device. using my knowledge of design and liquid thermal dynamics in platinum casting producing the fundamentals collection today seen as design classics and exported to 120 countries for two decades.

5 stone ring, 3D Systems SLA Beta Test.

Technical Author

"I was commissioned by Peter Taylor MBE the director of training at the Goldsmith's Company, two papers which where combined to demystify the technical jargon associated with the 3D industry, and give an overview to the traditional industry as it looked at investing in new technology, this help lead to the establishment of the Goldsmiths Centre a training college for the trade which I hold a trusted supplier statues."

The Goldsmiths' Company, is one of the first Six Great Livery Companies that founded the City of London and received its first Royal Charter in 1327 giving it the right to enforce good authority, to uphold the Silver and Gold standards.

Technical Author for British industries

Collaborations include

Design development and production with Kaya Huang RCA Evening Standard interior design award at the Chelsea craft fair and Shell live wire award,  and working with Bill Turpin the Anti cyber bullying campaign WORDS WOUND for the charity Cybersmile, aimed at reducing teenage self harm caused by the negative impact on self image by social media and cyber bullying, viewed by over 1.5m+ people globally.

Side by Side Kaya Huang 2001


Jan Miynarcik, 3D printing CAD technician at Imakr . 2014

John is the 3D Printing Specialist at LGS where he is in charge among other things the service, maintenance and training for the 3D systems Projet 660 pro at the iMakr Ltd shop.

His special attention, precision, responsible manner, know-how and willingness to always do what was required to ensure the smooth running of the 3D printing service could be relied up, for me John really is a 3D printing GURU..


Scanned and 3D Printed


AutoDesk Education Design Mentor.

Google Campus Startups 3D Printing Mentor.


Within Architecture and Historic Building Conservation, visiting Venice and studying Palladio and the classical orders of form and measurement, and invited by Ca' Foscari University of Venice link to inspect the cleaning and restoration of the stone work from pigeon guano taking place to preserve the architectural buildings of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Study from Grand tour WebGL model

Day Light Analysis

From an early meeting with the developer of the render engine for 3D studio in DOS that all are based on today, to being a researcher in daylight analysis, creating a solar glare analysis system, new build creating the sun in your eyes approaching a pedestrian crossing, effects of the sun on architectural structures for leading chartered surveyors in the city of London.

Olympia Exhibition Hall from one photo

Olympia Exhibition Hall
Modelled from a single photograph, 2000

Colour management

Trained by the experts in digital workflow and colour management from the white point device calibration and colour profiling using many colour standards including motion picture Film academy standard, 3D scanning, CAD processing and texturing for 3D full CMYK colour 3D printing and post processing, training in clour managment the person who later became the head of 3d scanning at Pinewood Studios, who worked on filmes including the reboot of the Star War filmes.

3D CAD and printing Process

Design and Craftsmanship

Traditionally trained in the arts and crafts at Central St Martins and Guildhall University in the city of London.

VerticesEdge link my own creative design and craftsmanship including point of sale VR has featured in the pages of publications including Vogue, GQ and Good House Keeping, and showcased at international trade shows and exhibited at events showcasing the skills of the trade, and work for clients has exported globally for decades.

From 3D scan of Strawberry, the algorithm of the pattern of the seed inside and out.


In the past I have been invited to share the stage with medical noble prize winners, after Beta testing 3D systems SLA, a course in Bio printing human body parts and supplying training material to the start up 3D printing Prosthetic limbs in the Jordanian refugee camps, assisting with 3D scanning for the head of pathology at the University College London Hospitals, and designing a dental surgery in Dubai, with all objects removed from in the room which used a one way entry, exit system with negative airflow to eliminate the dust from the air when operating on the jaw bone which can help eliminate possible bone cancer.

Supplied training material to the NHS.

As a 3D Systems reseller to the creative industry in London, First tweet on Bespoke Pre-op software picked up by the Science Channel host in the US.


Mark Loy CEO and founder

"John has always had such an incredible imagination. I think imagination is better than knowledge and sometimes even more precious than reality … It inspires sense of admiration of possibilities within the limitations of facts."

Spring Studios

London - New York - Milan


3Ders 1.5 million unique online visitors per month.

Interview with John Robertson link


Words Wound Anti Cyber Bullying link

Wall Street Journal

Providing advice to the technical editor on 3D printing houses and the use of recycled concrete.


With the excellent support of chartered business manager Aterah Meltz CMgr CMI, we have won Awards include Global Award for innovation CEO Today, Financial monthly CEO Awards 2019, Total business European award 2018, declined to be in the printed publication as innovation goes unseen.

Supported charity

As a former student of the Bloomfield's learning centre at Guys hospital the worlds first dedicated centre for children with learning disabilities which first found the link with the home environment.

I support there continued work in providing child development for children from disadvantaged families, children with support needs can fall through the net as they become frustrated and alienated by school if they do not receive their assessment in time, schools do not send students this can be due to availability and funding issues and families from disadvantaged families are often worst affected as they can not afford the assessment from the specialist teachers to receive the learning support required.

As a child I had hearing tests at Bloomfields learning centre at GUY's hospital in London and was also filmed by LWT Friday night show drawing geometry on the the BBC Micro the first computer to be used in a primary school kept at the BFI television archive. the hearing tests helped increased understanding of the link between the written word and spoken sound which eventually lead to the tools that we have today which include Phonic Books link.


International Jewellery London Olympian, showcased work by Europes largest jewellery companies.

Jewellery and Watch, The Spring Fair, Birmingham NEC.

Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council.

Uniquely the British trade federation received a request from the Hong Kong authorities that I receive funding to exhibit at there largest trade show.


Clerkenwell Design week: 3D Printing Hype Verses Reality

Corporate and Creative Industries: Lunch and Learns

As featured in


Tatler Feb