John Robertson

ACE innovation, Awarded Full Fellowship of the RSA link (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) an award granted to individuals that the RSA judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

Interviewed by GQ Men's watch magazine, asked if 3D printers would be in everyone's home in the future, my response was No! because of the technical skills required, Health and Safety concerns, material standards i.e. food hygiene and flame retardant properties for consumer products, and the issue in disposing of environmental waste.

The creative fields and engineering have helped many through the Pandemic, from personal enjoyment as a creative outlet during the social isolation, to meeting the design and engineering challenges of the new normal, including new work practices which are important as we build a healthier, inclusive and more sustainable future.

Design and Craftsmanship

Artisan Jewellery designs for VerticesEdge Ltd using medical, algorithmic and generative design, marketed using interactive VR Virtual Reality link on social media, Interviews published with fashion websites and industry experts. Featured in the likes of Vogue, GQ, Tatler, and Good Housekeeping.

Flawless in structural form designed to show flow dynamics and structural form without weakness.

Blended Education and Commercial

While providing technical support to approximately one thousand students with their creative projects in 2018, established the University of East London (UEL) Digital Fabrication Lab (DFUEL) link training centre within ACE Architecture Computing and Engineering and the ARTS, with trusted partners including Laser Lines Ltd link and Autodesk Design Academy link, providing Fusion 360 training, Drone design, and Topology / Shape Optimization to staff and students.

Adult skills trainer
Final year architect studying under course lead working for Zaha Hadid Architects.


Artwork by Max Calò

Cultural and creative advise on the artwork for the official mascots of the Aisan Cup held in the UAE in 2019, i.e. the image of Manshour the Offical Mascot checked, that it is not in anyway insulting as it shows the under side of the shoe, which is a old cultural disrespect it was deemed OK as it was an action pose.

Breast feeding medal

Lock-down Work-in-progress (WIP) a medal design requested by a Breastfeeding councilor, initiative for a UN breast feeding project in the Caribbean, to improve infant nutrition.

Trained in engraving at Guildhall Uni by the craftsman who hand engraved the plates for £5 note for the bank of England, and I later worked closely with the CNC test bed centre which made the first prototypes of the Digital Bank Notes for the Royal Mint.

Unreported for a number of years to the UN, the Caribbean is attempting to buck the global trend on healthy infant development through Breastfeeding.

Stamps of HM Queen Elizibeth II

Had the Great Honor of working closely with the Head of Design and Editorial at the Royal Mail, to produce a prototype to the Worlds first 3D printed Stamps from the original photograph of the plaster cast produced by Arnold Machin in 1966 of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the British definitive stamps, to Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Machin design.

Machin design of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Mail.

3D printed stamps

Royal Mail
3D printed Stamps for the Royal Mail

3D Scanning and Reverse engineering

Producing the new parts using Additive Manufacturing, and inspecting the parts for dimensional accuracy and from the CAD data.

Pioneer in Digital Design
Fresh Strawberry, Toddler Bite Marks, Hand Crafted Shark Fin for client Michael Milloy

Contacted by the head of pathology at the University Hospitals London to arrange 3D scanning of small object for training of medical professionals.

analysised Storm troopers helmet
Z Corp Model 3D printed, 3D scanned and Deformation Analysis

The British Library was interested in exhibiting my work and I inquired into TEDtalks before Covid, during lockdown developed this website.

Member of the RSA Good Work Guild link tackling the most pressing issues related to economic security and labour-market transforming technologies.

Promoting Digital Colour Accuracy.

Primarily used in the creative industries, colour management has an important role in Photography, Publishing, Packaging, Product, Fashion design and medical imaging for precision imaging and colour accuracy.

Colour Gamets
CYMK 3D print in Colour Gamets 3D Space

Every digital imaging device has its own unique colour profile a three dimensional shape for the colours that it produces, colour management adjustments output to reproduce the required colour values.

The first defined quantitative links between physical pure colours values was calculated by the international commission for illumination CIE, CIE 1931 colour space.

The Adobe 1998 ICC profile was designed to encompass most of the colors achievable on CMYK color printers, using RGB primary colors on a device such as a computer display.

iccMAX link was approved by the International Color Consortium ICC and was published as ISO 20677 link in 2019. iccMAX "enables new ways of openly communicating about light, color and appearance."

3D Printing Process

Design and 3d printing
Stages of the 3D Printing process

Lock down: Spare parts for the emergancy services

Met a scientist involved with Adopt a River Program, requesting volunteer ideas to assist the water authority which had gone through seven years of lower than expected annual rainfall, national water rationing, ideas included education projects in schools on water collection, saving and irrigation methods. (the root cause being ailing infer-structure)

Attended Mastering AM at MTC The National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, included meeting CEO of nTopology.

Met Fire Service officers in the Capital, who described the need to pump Water from the Sea to fight Fires there, and the increased corrosion from Salt water on parts and the importance of reliable supply chain for spare parts for the pumps.

Looked at solutions including MTC Advanced Manufacturing Centre link Factory In A container Box (FIAB) project link, FIAB the remote manufacturing of certified parts, using industry 4.0. link designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the distribution supply chain. The pandemic soon after affected the Global supply chain, and MTC focused efforts into designing and manufacturing a refrigerated cooling system for COVID 19 Vaccines.

Intellectual Property

The main focus of intellectual property In the Caribbean is towards the Music industry, because of restrictions of online digital payment systems I sponsored Trinidad's leading academic and Music industry IP Intellectual Property expert with the international recognized legal qualification, Protecting Music industry Artists legal rights.

Lock down: infrastructure planning

Asked by leading UWI academic what can be done about the flooding in the Capital.

Feb 2022 Trinidad and Tobago National 12 hours link Power Outage, (accredited to tree falling on the line) shared details of the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) for planning resilience in vital infrastructure model (Water, Power, and Communications) with Trinidad's National Information and Communication Technology Company Limited iGovTT for national digitization to protect vital infrastructure.

Lock down: Pre surgery 3D printing

Speaking to a leading academic Prof Persad link highlighted the need for low cost sustainable consumables and the current focus on medical personalised pre-surgery planning models using affordable fused deposition modeling (FDM) devices, my response was to look at recycling PLA Polylactic acid Class 7 recyclable, compostable plastic, into pellets for extruding filament for FDM Printing which they currently have the technology for.

Prof Persad paper in the Caribbean medical journal link points to the need for training of Radiographers / Other Medical Professionals.

Met a local ultrasound technician and discussed medical imaging DICOM file data, volumetric pixels called Voxels into 3D CAD model using STL file for 3D Printing, used for creating model of fetus for blind pregnant mothers to be.

Free Open source medical imaging link Software and Training for 3D slicer link and MeshLab link.

Lock down: Custom camo

Connected with start up cosmetics company DCYPHER link, developing a bespoke foundation range with 1 million tones to match the clients unique skin tone, prior to lockdown ran remote tests and attempted to look at its application in health care, covering scare and burn tissue more prevalent in darker skin tones to improve the wellbeing of patients, DCYPHER my custom foundation was awarded a Cosmopolitan 2021 Beauty Award!


Met the UK Passport identity expert in 2015 and discussed geometry ratio studies of the face, created photogrammetry Virtual Reality model optimised for high detail use with mobile and VR devices, including observation annotations and HDR environmental lighting.

Fine detail online Interactive VR 3D scan with thanks to Cannon UK, and 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios link

NFT Rare Digital Art

Gallery of some of Rare Digital Art link with identity verified and NFT certified as a digital asset to be unique using the Hive blockchain, which is being used to build the decentralised Web 3.0. link

Stages of making a Micro SLA 3D Print of infant size Heart

STFC Hartree Center

Partnership with the STFC Science and Technology Facilities Council, Hartree Centre link the UK centre of Supercomputing, AI and Quantum Computing.

Hartree Centre Business Development manager, Innovate UK

‘John Robertson has an international portfolio of innovation in design across multiple domains from Computer visualisation to physical materials’

The first VR visualisation of the corkscrew shaped stomach cramps virus, permission granted by the Scientific team wishing to reveal their work, including the most highly detailed 3D visualisation of a cancerous cell ever achieved.

The Hartree centre is part of the STFC Daresbury laboratories which has been involved in Noble Prize winning research, discovered harmful partials in vehicle exhaust emissions, therapeutics for Alzheimer's and Aids/HIV, currently involved in research Folding Protein structures to develop patent-free antiviral therapeutics treatments for patients who have contracted COVID-19 for the [email protected] link computer network.


Held Lunch and Learn event for the leading Pharmaceutical packaging design company, on the subject of Medical 3D printing and advances in Bio 3D Printing, interesting subject was touched upon their serious concerns of the issues faced by patients correctly administering complicated Cancer trial medications when they are at home.


The charity rethink mental illness carried out the research that discovered the link between THC in cannabis and Psychosis, Skunk the Dutch cross bread a strain from Afghanistan at a time the IRA was involved in distribution in the UK, Afro Caribbean communities where disproportionately affected with racial discrimination through cultural association by the authorities, and young Black men sectioned under the mental health act at higher rates, As a gateway drug THC the psychoactive chemical effects the nervous system creating a loss of mental stability and confidence, which can lead to Cocaine use and the dangers associated.


Prescription reordering system

Concept design for prescription reordering system for a nutritional suppliment that reduces inflammation on the brain, for the Armed Forces and Pro Athletes who have sustained concussion and secondary impact. 2015

3D printing specialist

As 3D printing specialist for the creative industry in London, the digital workflow, Colour management and print specialists, Clients included the major Architectural, Automobile, Product and Packaging design studio's and Creative Design and Branding agencies.

Pharmaceutical industry packaging rebranding, 4 colour logo 3D printed for launch event

Held creative industry Lunch and Learn events, talks and was a spokesperson to the media, including the Wall Street Journal, GQ, The Gadget Show and Print Week industry journalists.

Anti Cyberbullying


Involved in self producing the WORDS WOUND project for THE CYBERSMILE FOUNDATION link. which was promoted through numerous creative and tech websites, one with 1.3 million unique visitors.

Anti Cyberbullying
Keyboard shaped Letters 3D printed in Gray tone for the clay Sculpture, for prosthetics makeup Artist Bill Turpin

The Anti Cyberbullying campaign aims at reducing online Cyberbullying the “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.” link and its impact on emotional well being, the Online Safety Bill is going through UK Parliament in the Autumn aimed at regulating internet services.


GP's have 10min with patients to diagnose and treat the symptoms the patient describes, while often issues in a patients life cause stress and health issues to manifest.

The @ease Project link developed with support of Rethink Mental illness link, was an online soap opera and database concerned with providing support to young people going through issues in life and help provide solutions through a database of contact details for local authority help lines, organizations, charities, I demonstrated the website to the Director of NHS Digital.

Snap-shoot of the Help and INFO Directory download Link info correct at time of print, which also included local authority support and Policing and help lines and social activity groups.


3D Hubs hosted Meetup event link in 2014. '3D Printing in Architecture & Design' at Google Campus London link where I joined as a 3D Printing Mentor for stratups, Presentation from Zaha Hadid Architects computational Design research group on 3D Printing.

Design Week Talk: Hype vs Reality

Presented a talk at Clerkenwell Design Week link on 3D printing entitled Hype vs Reality in the Gallery link in Clerkenwell London, meeting a director of BIM Objects link, free library of BIM Building Information Modeling architectural elements and a member of the customization design team for Jaguar Land Rover link.

The Gallery Architectural Interior furniture design Award, Winners prize was to have scale models of their design 3D Printed (by myself) and Manufactured in new materials.

Accredited Supplier to the Trade

Accredited supplier to The GOLDSMITHS' Centre, the UK's leading charity for the professional training of Goldsmiths, offering Silversmithing and jewellery courses in London.

Design showcased at Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards

Royal British Legions Metal Poppy Lapel Pin

Extremely humbling to have pieces of my work displayed at the centre of International Jewellery London Sept 2016, next to the Royal British Legions metal Poppy Lapel Pin that honors the fallen of our World Wars, commemorating 100 years since the beginning of the battle of the Somme in WWI, made from brass artillery shells cases and soil from the Somme mixed in the enamel. learn more Forces TV link

Remeberance day poppies
Work showcased at International Jewellery London next to the Royal British Legion, Metal Poppies commemorating 100 year since the beginning of the Battle of the Somme in WWI.




Technical advise on system to integrate 3D printed Tools for VR Virtual Reality space training.

Helping manufacturing SMEs adopt Industry 4.0

Pointed of the use of IoT internet of things, Industry 4.0 and its use in monitoring workshop Health and Safety, cleaning, preventative maintenance, and servicing of workshop equipment.

Naval design

Advised on design improvements to naval engineering.

Institute of Digital Engineering (IDE)

Member of the Institute of Digital Engineering (IDE) link based in Loughborough University's School of Automotive,  Aeronautical, Chemical and Materials Engineering (AACME) operate Viper Si2,  Digital twin white paper link in partnership with the Advanced propulsion centre UK.

Carbon reduction "Since 2014, thanks to the Rolls-Royce digital twin, 85 million kilograms of fuel, equivalent to $40m, and over 200 million kilograms of CO2 have been saved."

Aviation Vernier Calipers

Rapid Prototyping Support

Director of RPS link, engineers and Designers of the Neo® stereolithography 3D printing Global leader in Polymer Additive Manufacturing Solutions, provider of industrial 3D printing hardware, material and support solutions, which drive industries to transform digital manufacturing and industrial production.

"We have been working with John Robertson of VerticesEdge Ltd several years, he is an industry recognised level of expertise in the following areas: Creative design Skills, Technical knowledge CAD Design, Additive manufacture, 3D Printing Colour."



Visited Nissan Design Europe and met studio manager at London HQ The Rotunda. Invited to Ford Motor Company senior bodywork design engineers at their studio, and 3D printing workshop, entered through Product Life cycle Management (PLM) official sustainability software supplier to the FIA The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body of world motorsport and the federation of the world's leading motoring organizations.

Maker Space

Sept 2015 sent training material to the organisers establishing a Maker Space for the design and manufacture of prosthetic limbs for the 80 thousand+ amputees from the conflict in Syria, in the Worlds largest refugee camp located in Jordan.


iMeche Library and Members Hub

From demonstrated industry experience, elected by The Trustee Board of the IMechE Institution of Mechanical Engineers link, to the class of Affiliate Member with pathway to full membership and the designation of MIMechE.

Member of IMechE Rapid Prototyping Manufactures Association (RPMA) Shared research on Rapid Prototyping car engines with Scottish Prof Norman Maccallum DSc who's pioneering work on heat soakage during gas turbine transients gave him an international profile, through numerous international publications and several contributions to Rolls-Royce.

Recently Rolls Royce went into production with UltraFan increasing fuel efficacy by 25% on the first generation Trent engine.

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd.

Had the Honor of being invited to visit Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd HQ in Denham. the World renowned Pioneers of the aviation ejection seat who's seats have recorded 7681 lives saved Globally since the first mid-flight ejections by flight test volunteer Bernard Lynch in 1946, met with some of the team, and looked on the Wall of Fame of the all recorded Ejectee's.

Social Media

2013 First tweet as 3D Printing Specialist at LGS was on 3D Systems Cloud based Bespoke affordable pre-surgery medical models from DICOM scan data and was picked up by a presenter for Science Channel in the US.

TCT Mag, 3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing

Industry benchmarking

Involved in British and international bench-marking reports, sharing findings and implementing good practice from the reports findings in 3D Printing: Queen Mary University of London and the Banking Sector.

iMakr Case Study

“We have created a number of Mini-You’s of celebrities as well, including Richard Ayoade, Jay Rayner, Ed Vaisey – The Minister for Culture, - and a few other notable MP’s, once again generating great publicity for us,” says iMakr's Rees Calder "The Mini-You scanning booth has been featured at both Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, and has garnered a great response. This again was in an attempt to present 3D printing in a new setting, making it more accessible to members of the public as a whole.”

Case Study of iMakr (LGS Business Partner 2013-2016) World's largest consumer retail store.

Pioneering Rapid Prototyping

2003 Trained by 3D Systems top British SLA engineers from Automotive (F1) and Aviation, training Certificate Signed by Chuck Hall the inventor of SLA Stereolithography, While working in a highly secure environment Beta testing successfully increased the Accuracy of the Viper Si2 turning the £100k machine into the Accuracy of a device costing £1m at the time.

Sept. 16, 2004, SLA Pre Surgery model in the hands of Dr. Ben Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, (Boston Globe Photo/Chris Gardner) illustration purposes.

Used primarily in Aerospace, Bio-mechanical engineering, F1 and Automotive design, many are still in service, Vipers Si2 Case study of Dimensional Accuracy of the Skull Models link, also used in design development of diabetes blood sugar testing devices by Bayer Healthcare link as well as other medicine and healthcare corporate brands. images of the Viper currently used in medical design development link.

Invited to The Royal College of Art (RCA) Kensington to meet technical staff operating their Viper Si2 in the rapid prototyping workshops link. the RCA is the No.1 ranked university Globally for art & design. the only entirely postgraduate institution of university status devoted to research and knowledge exchange, teaching and practice in art, design, communication and humanities in the UK.


Design for a dental practice for Swiss dentist in Dubai, using pioneering research in hygiene, the interior had hospital corners with tools and storage in a small adjacent room through a one way negative air flow system, reducing particles from drilling etc from exposure to surfaces, as particles in the air can potentially be Cancer forming when operating on bone.

SEGAWORLD: VR Virtual Reality theme-park

ArtiWisdom Architectural 3D Computer Aided Design and Animation of SEGAWORLD link for architects RTKL Associates Inc. One of the first Architectural computer animations outside of IBM's labs, SEGA Europe’s indoor VR Virtual Reality theme-park link, £45m refit of the Trocadero centre in London's Piccadilly circus. (equivalent of £90m today)

SEGAWORLD Trocadero Centre 1994 link

Refurbished atrium animation for RTKL Associates Inc, the Rocket-Shot escalator SEGAWorld Trocadero Centre Piccadilly Circus, London. for RTKL Associates inc. Pitch Animation to SEGA for SEGAWORLD Trocadero Centre link

ArtiWisdom founded to showcase creative talent, Working with Bosnian architect / animator Darko Predanic, 3D modeled the interior using 3D studio v1, 66mhz processor and 8mb of RAM.

While illuminating the scene was visited by the Norwegian computer scientist who developed Blinn Phong renderer which photorealistic Real-Time Ray Tracing simulations utilise with modern GPU's.

Rendered on RISK chip Architecture server borrowed from the ThrustSSC team, the only car ever to go faster than the speed of sound, we hosted the live time trials breaking UK internet records at the time.

With a restrictive practice 5 year £10m non disclosure agreement NDA on the work.

BBC Instagram

bbc_archive #OnThisDay 03/09/1996: Segaworld was getting ready to open its doors to the public in London. 👾👾🕹🕹🎮🎮 link


Applied for architectural forensics position at the Met Police the weeks before the London Bombings in 2005.

Since a child lived in numerous places that have experienced riots, targeted by extremism, from the IRA, White Separatism, Libyans to Al-Qaeda inspired, caused by a very small number of highly disturbed individuals, susceptible to being influenced (often through drugs) hate, conspiracy theories and propaganda making them feel victimized.

Historic Building Conservation

On the inaugural Historic Building Conservation (FdSc) Foundation of Science Degree, (distinction) at Kingston University, which included inspection and remedial work carried using traditional building crafts skills, ie stone masonry, Smithing, Lime Mortar techniques and stained glass work, which allows for special mortgage arrangements on listed buildings as it guarantees sympathetically undertaken conservation work.

Invited up the scaffolding at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Prime Meridian Longitude 0º when conservation work was carried out to the lead work on the Roof.

On a visit to Venice, Ca' Foscari University of Venice link Invited us to inspect their research into new cleaning and restoration approach to stone work of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Piazza San Marco.

Palladio's St.Giorgio Maggiores Church from The Grand Tour 17th century notebook sketches.

A European art collaboration project requested the WebGL VR version link of Palladio's St. Giorgio Maggiore’s Church in Venice to help explain to the monks a proposed art installation on the site.


Associate Member (AssocRICS) recognised work-based experience and vocational qualifications, It shows qualified, regulated and trusted, whilst providing a stepping stone to full chartered status (MRICS) Approved for Assessment of Professional Competence and full chartership of the RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and MRICS designation. (5000 word essay)

Regeneration: Skills Trainer

2006 Studying Historic Building Conservation FdSc, was approached by the Head of School and Prof of BIM/Heritage Survey to share knowledge gained, assisted running a satellite college in the grounds of Battersea Powerstation site link, and provide site CSCS Health and Safety and training and assessment to the local unemployed residence.

Delivering on a requirement on the developer of the Grade II* listed decommissioned coal-fired Power Station, to provide training and employment to local unemployed trades-persons, Project visited by The Rt. Hon Gordan Brown FRSE the United Kingdom's Prime Minister of the day.

Daylight Analysis

Researcher in daylight analysis for leading Chartered Surveyors in the field of Rights to Light in the City of London, received one to one training from the professor of Nuclear Physics at Oxford University, analysing the impact proposed building developments have on their surroundings.

Reporting research directly to the leading UK legal expert, and informed that I was two degrees of separation from the person that manages Masjid al-Haram also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Arch model
Olympia Exhibition Hall, from single photograph Circa 2000

Daylight Analysis uses geographical location, and global scientific measurements of the Sun to analysis calculations of architectural alterations, rendered HDR High Dynamic Range images include brightness and heat radiation, used to analyse Solar Glare for planning of solar farms on flight paths and near landing approaches for aircraft.

Lighting and SAD

LED bulbs allow for lower Watts power consumption, when selecting LED light bulbs the work place environment is 400 LUX the CIE standard value for ambient Daylight brightness is 9000 LUX. 1 Lumen is equivalent to one candle brightness, and kelvin is the colour temperature from warm to cool colour.

Daylight colour temperture being 5000k which helps treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons SAD can be more acute during the winter months, therapeutic treatment include a daylight light box with 5000K kelvin LED's bulbs during daylight hours.

Foster + Partners

Invited to meet the Partner who operated the Viper Si2 at the RCA, responsible for model making at Foster + Partners link, and given tour of model making workshops and CAD design facilities.

Planning excavation works

A German 500-kilogram WWII un-exploded ordnance (UXBs) was discovered during preparation work for the extension work to London City Airport, within line of sight of UEL University of East London at the Royal Docks, afterwards visiting the Hartree Centre identified the location on their newly developed 3D interactive archaeology CAD survey of the UK from planning records, and geography indicators developed to help protect the Nations archeology and help avoid unforeseen costly construction development issues.

Daylight Analysis in the design process

Developed an analysis process to show the impact of solar glare reflected off glass architectural structures, in line of sight of drivers at pedestrian road crossings etc. over a fixed period if time i.e low level light in mornings and evenings in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.. and identify focus points of reflected sunlight as their had been instances of damage to vechicals in the past.

Daylight analysis
ADF Average Daylight Factor Analysis, Daylight and heat calculations 3D printed

The 3D printed Average Daylight Factor ADF model of a print industry showstudio in Covent Garden which at its centre has a Winter garden environment, the Sun's rays enter through skylights and glass walls trap heat similar to the Greenhouse effect, while the Victorian warehouse building lacks window openings for natural light throughout the rest of the floor,  Analysis model produced for Clerkenwell design week talk.

Urban Regeneration: Planning

The Channel 4 documentary Tower Block of Commons highlighted the need for the redevelopment of dilapidated crime ridden housing estates, after it aired in 2010 to improve the lives of those affected the Goresbrook Village estate built in 1969 in Barking was redeveloped as private, shared ownership and local authority homes.

Within close proximity to Beckontree Estate the UK’s biggest council estate, and the largest estate in Europe until 1977, designed and built in 1921 to home ex-service men in the immediate aftermath of WWI, crime, and social issues steamed from lack of access to job opportunities and local amenities in town planing stages.

The Building Centre, Master Plan model of Cross Rail Elizabeth Line construction through central London, Canary Wharf in the Foreground.

The Architectural redevelopment for Goresbrook Village estate was showcased to the public as part of London's urban redevelopment at the hub for the built environment. The Building Centre, home of business partner AEC specialist Cadventure and the industry bookshop where I discovered the international architectural pictorial journal Social Spaces Volume I, which contains my pioneering architectural CAD designs.

Urban Regeneration: 10,800 new homes

As a cultural connector promoted to architects and developers the concept of providing skills training and employment to the local residents, which was adopted on Barking Riverside Ltd. link apartments developed by L&Q on the 179 ha former site of Barking coal fired Power Station, alongside 2km of south facing Thames river frontage with 10,800 new homes, the site master plan SLA 3D printed model was produced by Hobs 3D team at Here East in Stratford link.

Foreign investors have been using London's property market to launder the proceeds of criminal activity inflating prices, Russa's invasion of Ukraine brought forward planned Anti Money laundering legislation where buyers have to provide evidence of the source of funds and now disclose the true identity of the owner.

Innovator: the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp)

National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) link, created by the Centre for Digital Britain at the University of Cambridge and housed at the Connected Places Catapult.

Environment Agency, Projected Thames Flood Map. link

A collaborative, data-sharing approach designed to improve resilience to climate change, Examining the impact of extreme weather on energy, water and telecom's networks, now adopted by 77 countries around the World.

The 3D model is the easy part, gathering information from organizations past their NDA's and finding ways to use the data that can be challenging part.

In the past mistrust of authority lead the Chinese Communist Gov to face issues in planning for Water, Hospitals etc, as the one child policy the public would often return surveys which where inaccurate in fear of prosecution.

Example: Environment Agency flood eventuality map of the River Thames flooding, showing A13 next to Goresbrook Village where ground water flooding is common link

Flood plane before the Thames Barrier, proposed tunneling development pedestrianising (Chinese construction) 1.3KM of the A13 Ripple Road (Green) next to submerged major rail and cargo links connecting London, East London and South Essex, Barking Riverside construction and National Grid Substation partially flooded.

Smart Cities: energy saving

London is along the banks of the river Thames and within the Thames valley, the accumulation of lethal dense smog caused the creation of the clean air act of 1956, The act established smoke-free areas throughout London and restricted the burning of coal in domestic fires and industrial furnaces, Today monitoring of harmful particles from vehicle exhausts has lead to restrictions on engine types entering London with the Ultra Low Emission Zone ULEZ 2021.

Moon sighting
Photo taken East London 15/02/19 The Moon's illumination.

Spent time studying the British library's finest treasures, Leonardo da Vinci's: Codex Arundel, at A Mind in Motion exhibition link. sketchbooks containing studies of the Moon and its cause and effects on water, today computational oceans modelling is carried out by the STFC Hartree centre. link

Proposed to the STFC, ground measurements of the position and physical illumination of sunlight reflected off the Moon's surface, for planning lighting for Smart Cities to reduce needless energy consumption and record light pollution values to improve viewing of the night sky, giving global official sightings of the Moon.  creating a CIE Moon sky dome link as their is for the Sun recorded at key locations including major airports around the globe, for planning solar farms as the new generation of solar panels work at night. creating Physically Based Render (PBR) lighting environments.

One Canada Square
Night View from 50 storey One Canada Square skyscraper in Canary Wharf London, looking towards the City of London. 30/08/13

Technical Author: British Industry

Commissioned by Peter Taylor MBE the director of training at The Worshipful Company of GOLDSMITHS', two papers one on CAD terminology and the other a Software Matrix which where combined and published as a industry white paper in 2005 link and cited by the World Gold Council.

Designed to demystify the technical terminology associated with physics and engineering in the 3D industry, the jewellery industry was an early adopter of aesthetic digital design, precision engineering and AM Additive manufacturing (3D printing), termed as disruptive technology which helped quietly revolutionise the industry, following the publication The GOLDSMITHS' Centre link was established."

Page 16 of tech white paper on CAD: Cherry blossom illustration from Visit to Chiyoda City, Tokyo Japan.

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths', commonly known as The GOLDSMITHS' Company link, are one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies founders of the City of London, which received its first Royal Charter in 1327 giving it the authority to uphold the Silver and Gold standards.

London Assay Office, Unique Laser Hallmarks carrying the Makers Marks, Handmade Silver Ring

The statutory function of the Company continues as consumer protection through the operations of The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office. All items sold within the UK with elements of gold, silver, platinum or palladium are legally required to be tested by an assay office laboratory and hallmarked link, Other responsibilities of Assay Office London include the annual examination of coins manufactured by the Royal Mint, and hold the Chancellor to account described as the trial of the Pyx.

Platinum Industry

Studied Jewellery, Silversmithing and Applied Arts at Guildhall University, under the Lord Mayor of London's Master Goldsmith, came to the attention of the head of Fashion Jewellery at Central Saint Martins who advised that my work suited Platinum.

CAD CAM model making for Platinum industry, Diamonds modelled from notebooks donated by the Gem Rock Museum Creetown Scotland

Introduced RP Rapid Prototyping using Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) with Investment from the Department of Trade and Industry, into the production process at one of the largest platinum jewellery casting companies in Europe.

The production masters produced have been in production for the past two decades and exported to jewellers and retailers in 120 countries, and continue to create UK trade, revenue for the treasury and generate taxes in the local countries.

Design development

Start-up with Kaya Huang MA RCA, from the conceptual stages, design development and production of Objet D'art. Exhibiting at 100% Design and Chelsea crafts fair, Winning the London Evening Standard interior design award at the Chelsea Craft Fair and Shell Live Wire Award 2001, and Showcased on Japanese television.

100% Design stand at Olympia Exhibition Hall

Light box acrylic was donated by RCA graduate, Italian Sculptor and interior designer at Toyota 4x4 design studio in Nice on the French Riviera, some of the work sold to members of the McLaren F1 team, and the acrylic was later used to make daylight light boxes.

Chelsea Crafts Fair, Kaya Hoang MA RCA

Food Security

Partner Industry expert M.S.W. Associates, BCCCA international Benchmarking for British Gov, food factory layout design, Supplier of imported foods for Super Markets and restraints, testing ingredients with ISO 9001 cert and national safety recalls i.e Soya source containing sulphuric acid etc. insert Facebook, Instagram photograph of a plate of food.

Album Artwork

Artwork for Fungus Mungus 199* Clapham Junction London

91' was invited by Fungus Mungus in Clapham Junction to be involved in artwork for The Last Poets previously unreleased late 1960s African American Civil Rights spoken word, drum beats with Jimi Hendrix on guitar in some of his last recording sessions.

MSF Médecins Sans Frontières

When visiting Dubai witnessed the director of MSF Médecins Sans Frontières Anti Landmine link campaign finishing post production (2000 In UAE United Arab Emirates), which went on the be screened Globally before Lord of the Rings in Cinemas, also met the lead animator of the Fellowship of the Rings at his MAYA industry training event at the Prince Charles Cinema, China Town London.

Food and Drink industry

Beta tester for developments in food packaging the hardware and design software, used in design development and visualisation of food packaging including cardboard boxes, flexibles, bottles, cartons and labels and shrink rap and metallic foils, point of sale design and shelving arrangement and real time raytracing of product packaging and store interiors.

Cobra Beer
Cobra Beer Bottle (2005)

Bottle modeled for Lord Karan Bilimoria's Cobra Beer company showing the Indian Gurkha family design on the bottle.

Digital security

Design development and manufacturing of the Floppy disk drive Lock in the early 1990's for Stealth International, designed to physically secure computers for the Middle East Aviation industry and the UK Banking Sector as staff at the time where found attempting to install games from home to play in their breaks, also installed one of the first Gigabit networks in the UK at Emirates Airlines Haymarket HQ, which funded living in Soho, tertiary arts education at Central St Martins and contemporary Arts and Crafts degree at Guildhall University.


Invited to China to present 3D Printing success stories at conferences, followed by invites to cities across Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and the Hong Kong authorities contacted the UK trade federation making the "highly unusual" request to use UK Gov funding for an exhibition of my design and craftsmanship at the biggest industry trade show in Hong Kong.

Royal visit

Had the Honor and great pleasure and of escorting members of The Travancore royal family (was the ruling house of the Kingdom of Travancore.) in the southern part of Kerala, India. the custodians of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Hindu Temple on visits to the Queens Gallery in the Royal Collection, at Buckingham Palace and for tea in Soho.


On the eve of the Gulf War II flew the IRAQ/IRAN boarder onboard the last flight before the full embargo, met a family friend who's home was used as the HQ for UN forensics investigation team into War crimes in the former Yugoslavia, and the local owner of the structural engineering company which build the Burj Al Arab and received a dishdasha infused with Arabian Oud.

Visited Museums holding some of the oldest Arabian books of Geometry and Astrology.

Visiting Japan enjoyed tea while staying at The Park Hyatt Tokyo famous for its role in the film lost in translation visiting model making district and recycled in Kyoto from the Bullet Train.


Invited to Thailand turned down an offer to enter the seedy Patpong explicit market, instead stood among the statues of the Shaolin Styles and looked upon the Buddha Mountain, at the largest collection of Chinese artifacts outside of China, devout Buddhists touching in reverence the cast metal statues of the Buddha have caused the fine detailed decorative patterns to fade over the centuries making them only visible to the trained eye.

In Malaysia visited the Petronas Twin Towers, Borneo stayed in a World Wide Life Fund hotel and visited the Orangutan rehabilitation centre.

Spare time activities

In the summers months studied sculpture in Henry Moore's studio a working living studio of experimentation with no tests or exams, mentored by the special FX effects artist for the 1960's Doctor Who Television program, Time Lord traveler in Time and Space.

Morley College
The Henry Moore Sculpture Studio at Pelham Hall, Morley College Lambeth Walk, Lambeth London

I had the pleasure of shadowing one of the last technical glass blowers in the UK, making experimental laboratory equipment used in Advances in HIV/AIDS Medical Research.

Traveled across Scotland to study the architectural and interior masterpieces of Charles Rennie Macintosh including the Glasgow tea room's, the School of Art and Hill House.

As a technician dismantled the particle accelerator at the Southbank University discovery a rainbow of colours lining the inside of the chamber, which inspired my creativity.


North Peckham housing estate 1989 London Evening Standard photograph.

Attended the Worst Performing Secondary School in London, the only pupil to pass all chosen GCSE subjects, and onto Sixthform on the North Peckham estate.

Held in the British Film Institute (BFI) archives is an London Weekend Television (LWT) interview while at primary school (Victory) drawing geometry patterns on the BBC Micro computer, soon afterwards designed the pixel graphics for Daily Thompson decathlon on the BBC Micro.

Early work

Early study from my Great Grandfathers sketchbook 1909, Saltcoats Scotland, Borough surveyor for Ayrshire, my grandfather went on to donate the downstairs of his home in Saltcoats to the British Red Cross and today it is the NHS volunteer centre HQ for Ayrshire in Scotland.

Still from Animation of AutoDesk 3D Max inverse kinematics.

Place of Birth

Scottish Roots my family lived for many years in Newton Stewart, one half of the small Scottish town where James A. Mirrlees FRSE FBA link was born and raised, who's work in incentivizing taxation to relieve Third World countries from the burden of debt, won him The Sveriges Riksbank Prize (Noble Prize) in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 1996. the local library didn't hold a copy of his paper but the librarian knew his mother and said i could have tea with her.

Galloway Forest Park the fourth Internationally designated Dark Sky Park in the World. link mudflats at Big Water of Fleet, Gatehouse of Fleet an important feeding grounds for migrating birds from Africa and the Mediterranean. 360° view link 2016

Due diligence

Due diligence will be carried out to prevent attempts to defraud, compromise integrity, or security.

Supported Charity : Children and Young adults with learning disabilities

As a child I attended the Bloomfield learning centre link at Guy's Hospital to receive learning support for Dyslexia, Opened in 1973 the Bloomfield clinic of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, was the first purpose built centre in the World for child development, which proved the link between the home environment and child learning development and mental health.

Bloomfields Learning centre 2019

Bloomfield's continues to provide children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds professional assessment and learning support, alumni include engineers, barristers and journalists.

Without early professional assessment and learning support young Children can become frustrated and disillusioned with education and fall through the net, become exploited by others I.e. gangs and drugs limiting their future prospects.

Members of the Professional Teaching support staff have produced books and learning tools to support Parents and Teachers Phonic Books Link

IQ Score

The University test for learning support was stopped when the IQ test reached 130, as it meant I could workout the test and give them the results they wanted, being in the 98% percentile of the UK population, the University sent a letter of apology for opening the confidential results, explaining how rare the results are.

Disclosure and Transparency

Working while observed through glass walls in studios and workshops, eligible organisations or companies can request UK Home Office Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced disclosure and certificate of character are available on request.

Support: IWF Internet Watch Foundation

IWF link one of the only organizations legally permitted to identify illegal images of child abuse and remove from servers and websites on the internet and stop the repeated victimization of people abused in childhood, making the internet a safer place, new restrictions on digital service providers are proposed as part of the Online Safety Bill scheduled for the Autumn.

Supported Charity : WISE Campaign

WISE link is a UK Charity established to Create a Culture of diversity and inclusion in STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math, Associate member.


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