John Robertson is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Scottish Pioneer in Digital Design and 3D printing, with an international portfolio of innovation in design across multiple domains from visualisation to physical materials, an Independent Consultant and Adult skills trainer, below is a small background blurb for your perusal.


All projects are automatically treated with the strictest of Privacy and Confidentiality, as an independent consultant we pride ourselves on our non bioast ethos in business, stated below are past and present partnerships, affiliations, some projects and personal background.

Member of the Good Work Guild

The RSA + Autodesk Foundation link Good Work Guild link. a diverse global network of Fellows working to tackle the most pressing issues related to economic security and labour-market transforming technologies.

3D Printing and Consulting

Supported the launch of the UTT TTAP Factory, link (Tamana Technology & Animation Production Factory) The most advanced blended education and commercial facility in animation in the Caribbean and Central American region.

Received Special Thanks for setting up workshop and 3D Printing Model of Professor Kenneth S. Julien founder of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), by Kayden James.

Breast feeding medal

Work-in-progress (WIP) a medal requested by a breast feeding councilor for a UN breast feeding project in the Carribbean, Breast is best, as it passes the good antibodies to the new born from the mothers immune system, creates a greater bond as well as many other benefits.

Digital Twin Hub

Innovator Member of the Digital Twin Hub link

UK Gov National Digital Twin programme (NDTp), hosted by the University of Cambridge, Project to examine the impact of extreme weather on energy, water and telecoms networks, and how a collaborative, data-sharing approach can improve their resilience to climate change. link

Certified spare parts for the Emergency Services in the third World

Spending the COVID 19 Lockdown, rehabilitation in the Caribbean, I was affected seeing people having to live behind bars because they are in a conduit of the Cocaine Corridor from South America to the US, and seeing footage of children burning behind bars because of the drug habits of the First World. link

Awarded Full Fellowship of the RSA

June 2019 Awarded Full Fellowship of the RSA link (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) an award granted to individuals that the RSA judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

Pioneer in Digital Design

Joining notable past fellows including Nelson Mandela, Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, David Attenborough, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker, and Tim Berners-Lee.

STFC Hartree Center

Business Partner since 2018 with the world-class research facilities for the UK, the STFC Science and Technology Facilities Council Hartree Centre link, part of the internationally renowned Daresbury Laboratory link, The Hartree Centre Super Computers are at the global forefront of antiviral therapeutics research to tackle COVID-19 link.

Photo Permission Granted by the Scientists, who wish to reveal their work to the public, this includes the most advanced 3D models of Cancer Cells.

3D/4D Printing, Advanced Materials

With decades of experience in CAD, RP and AM, and with diverse training and certificates including BioPrinting: 3D Printing body parts, I have been invited to present at international conferences on 3D/4D Printing, Advanced Materials and AM Additive Manufacturing and its applications. Described as Dr John Robertson by the Chinese organisers.

3D process cycle
3D CAD and printing process cycle

Member of Institute of Digital Engineering.

The IDE link, at Loughborough University link which has a Viper Si2 for automotive design prototyping.

The automotive sector is undergoing dramatic global change. Technology is creating new opportunities for innovative companies. Digital engineering solutions will play a critical part in the journey to develop the (‘net-zero’) mobility products and services of tomorrow.

Bioprinting: 3D Printing human body parts

Certificate in Bioprinting: 3D Printing human body parts. from University of Wollongong Australia. link

Rare Digital Art

Gallery of some of Rare Digital Art link with identity verified and NFT certified as a digital asset to be unique using the Hive blockchain, which is being used to build the decentralised Web 3.0.

Stages manufacturing from medical scan

British Library: Antiquities

In 2019 was invited to the British Library, to meet the Project Manager, British Library Labs, and the Digital Curator for the Asian and African Collections at the British Library/Museum to discuss their work creating non contact 3D scanning (photogrammetry) of the rarest antiquities and embedding them online link to give the World free access.

Adult skills trainer

While supporting approximately one thousand students with their creative projects in 2018 helped establish the UEL Digital Fabrication Lab (DFUEL) link training centre within ACE Architecture Computing and Engineering and the ARTS, with trusted partners including Laser Lines Ltd link and Autodesk Design Academy link, providing Fusion 360 training, Drone design and Auto Topology to staff and students.

Laser Lines © Stratasys Platinum Partner

ID Technology

Fine detail online Interactive VR 3D scan

After meeting the UK Passports ID Expert and discussing the issues of 2D ID images and the possibilities of 3D printings, created a high detail WebGL 3D Virtual Reality model link, for use with model devices and VR headsets, it has annotations and environmental lighting, with thanks to Cannon UK, and 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios, and published on the Epic Games Sketchfab platform.

3D Scanning and Reverse engineering

Self 3D Scan which was Inspiration for the MiniYou project

3D Printing Specialist for iMakr MiniYou Project, technical staff on the project Jan Mlynarcik and Lorna Barnshaw who went onto be Head of 3D Scanning for propshop at Pinewood Studios and film industry FX artist working on James Bond and Star Wars films to name a few.

3d scanning booth
MiniYou Photogrametry rig at iMakr

Improving parts through reverse engineering, precision engineering using hand instruments and 3D scanning, and digital engineering.

Design and Craftsmanship

My creative design and craftsmanship with VerticesEdge Ltd using generative design, flawless in structural form designed to show dynamics of flow and structural form without weakness, Hallmarked with a unique customised laser and marketed online using interactive VR Virtual Reality link

Design and Craftsmanship
Flawless in structural form designed to show dynamics of flow and structural form without weakness. Geometry algorithm generated by 'Sculpture Generator 1' Carlo H.Sequin, UC Berkeley'.  Silver Bangle

Had published online interviews with industry experts and luxury fashion magazines and Featured in the pages of publications including VOGUE, THE WORLD of INTERIORS, GQ, TATLER, and Good HouseKeeping, House of COCO.

3D printing specialist

As the 3D printing specialist for LGS London Graphic Systems (acquired by Ethos integration 2016), the digital workflow, Colour management and print specialists described as a forth emergency service by the creative industries in London, for its swift expert response to technical and service issues.

Clients include the major Architectural practices, Car design studio's, Product and Packaging design studio's and Creative Design and Branding agencies and more, As the 3D printing specialist, CAD consultant, skills trainer, technician, I held creative industry Lunch and Learn events, talks and was a spokesperson to the media.


Created illustrations for my own publications and web design, and have worked closely with Disney style sheet (Original reference Artwork) illustrator Max Calò converting his brush and ink artwork into the digital version for industry reproduction.

© Disney

Technical Author

Commissioned by Peter Taylor MBE the director of training at The GOLDSMITHS' Company, two papers which where combined and published in 2005 link and cited by the World Gold Council as authority on the subject.

700 year old Royal Charter, to uphold the Gold Standard

"Designed to demystify the technical jargon associated with the 3D industry, the jewellery industry was an early adopter of 3D printing, termed as a disruptive technology which helped quietly revolutionise the industry, following the publication The GOLDSMITHS' Centre link was established."