We provide design and consultative services, support and independent impartial advise and support to industry experts, As an independent consultant, were not affiliated with any manufacturer, therefore impartial in all my business ethos.

Providing an independent 3D printing consultative service, to the corporate and creative industries, Informing decision makers and stake holders on industry developments and enabling learners with the skills required to produce high quality 3D printed models.

Providing creative CAD and 3D printing bureau services, which produces CAD designs to the highest standard using professional and production grade 3D Printing equipment, finished to the highest exacting standards.

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John Robertson our Design and tech expert has collaborated on industry bench-marking reports, presented talks to the corporate and creative industries on diverse subject areas including architectural model making, and medical preoperative 3D printing, was the sole author of British Industries publications commissioned by the GOLDSMITHS’ Company on Computer Aided Design and the software of industry available, aimed at demystifying the technical terminology and processes and its associated for British industries when embracing new technology in the design and manufacturing process.

His work with VerticesEdge has been featured in the pages of VOGUE, TATLER, British GQ and Good Housekeeping  and shown at international trade events, and showcased at the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council as an example 'of excellence in craftsmanship and design.' and can be found here.

Learn more about our designer and the brand VerticesEdge Ltd, in our interviews with millennial boutique publication House of COCO. and the European 3D printing technology news website 3Ders.org which has 1.5 million unique monthly readers.

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