Innovations in Cyber

Net neutrality

Attention spans today are less than 3 seconds as if a website doesn't load in that time 70% of people look elsewhere. while before the internet the attention span would give a book a Day before deciding if it was worth reading.

Leading Academic including in the UK and Caribbean are concerned, websites and services that pay for faster delivery (ending Net neutrality) fill search rankings, i.e corporate companies,  porn, marketing and political propaganda etc. other sites and services are lower ranked slower, making public and academic research slower or diverting attention.

Security of counterfeit software

While writing the technical White paper, trialed available software on the market for the MATRIX including from NASA and DELCAM etc, After discovering CAD CAM software on sale for $1 in a shopping mall in South East Asia, was invited to Delcam HQ (Acquired by Autodesk) in Birmingham UK, the Aviation engineering software was analyzed and was found to have essential code missing and Malware inserted.

Western advanced software was often pirated and distributed with Malware, recently a spider-man film became highest pirated in history film contained Bitcoin mining code, in the background hijacking millions of computers.

CAD Software companies introduced Free Education and low price Hobbiest Lic*

Later Delcam's intern program invited a Ukrainian intern, who within 5 days targeted Mosques, planted bombs in the Tipton Area killing an elderly Muslim gentleman. (Ukrainian intern was a Far Right extremist)

Online Safety Bill* anti cyber bullying (online hate crime against Race, Sex and religion)

Online Hate, Bullying

The Anti Cyberbullying campaign aims at reducing online Cyberbullying the “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.” link and its impact on emotional well being, the Online Safety Bill is going through UK Parliament in the Autumn 2022 aimed at regulating internet services.

Anti Cyberbullying
Keyboard shaped Letters 3D printed in Gray tone for the clay Sculpture, for prosthetics makeup Artist Bill Turpin

Online safety Guide for parents

A comprehensive Guide link for parents and teachers with tips and actionable steps to help keep children safe online at wizcase by Ben Pilkington.

IWF: eliminating child abuse online

20 years ago discovered 100 illegal online contact details databases including images of child abuse, turned away by the local police station when reporting, took the discovery to New Scotland Yard who had me anonymously report the find to the Internet Watch Foundation IWF link one of the only organizations legally permitted to identify illegal images of child abuse, returned to the local police station with the correct procedure.

6 months later their where arrests across the globe, Ethical hackers would have simply taken down the servers and lost the data. previously lived in SOHO link and had got to know people involved in the editorial of the strictly regulated adult industry. The editor of lads mag Loaded and letter editor for Paul Raymond publisher.

Scotland Yard, named after the Medieval Scottish Embassy, Created the Worlds first uniformed police force.

As a child while selling computer games we developed in the early 1980's next to IBM stand at Alexander Palace, predatory men would ask if we sold digital porn.

Today the IWF uses AI to identify the content of illegal images, the meta data created Age etc reported to authorities in relevant jurisdictions with the powers to remove from servers and websites in a mater of hours across the globe, stopping the repeated victimization of people abused in childhood, making the internet a safer place, new restrictions on digital service providers are proposed as part of the Online Safety Bill scheduled for the Autumn.

The findings of the 7 Year £186m Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual abuse created in the Wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal link, examined how institutions including the BBC responded to allegations of Abuse in England and Wales - both Past, and today, Chairwoman Prof Alexis Jay described an "epidemic that leaves thousands of victims in its poisonous wake", the inquiry has called on the government to urgently introduce a system of "Mandatory reporting" a new law placing a duty to report child abuse on anyone who witnessed or was told about it by children or perpetrators. BBC news link 20/10/22

It is reported there has been a 1000% increase in online child porn during the Covid Lock down.

Safeguarding Children - regulating internet services - Online Safety Bill* report stage draft link

Safeguarding the vulnerable in society - Reform of the Mental Health act 1983*

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