Online safety

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Online safety for children and young people

Internationally recognised authority of Digital Art and Design, who's worked on Projects for SEGA and Disney, found illegal indecent images of children being traded online, turned away from reporting by the local Police Station, took it to Scotland yard, 6 months later there where 100 coordinated arrests globally, campaigned for a Safer internet for young people and children with the FX artist of Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan.

the director happily kept in the dark said it was the most rewarding thing she was ever involved in.


Involved in self producing the WORDS WOUND project in 2014 for THE CYBERSMILE FOUNDATIONlink. after a militant vegan began a hate campaign against Bill Turpin a film/TV industry prosthetics FX artist wrongly believing he used dead animals in creating his work, his credits include Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator. (carried out for free)

AntiCyberbullyingraising awareness of the physiological harm inflicted by online hate and abuse on self image and self worth on young and impressionable minds by those hiding behind anonymity of the internet. meet a MET CID officer who attends after teenage suicides, Almost 10 years on and the online safety Bill, law in the UK is to give Authorities access to Social media and messaging accounts after the death of teens. Online safety bill keeping illegal content away from users. now Trolls who encourage serious self-harm face jail.

Trusted with a side project on high end equipment all other projects set aside, senior management kept in the dark still retouching was complete so as not to impact the creative process, the marketing industry had unease and distancing themselves, we promoted the campaign through large network of creative industry and numerous tech websites, one website alone had 1.5 million unique monthly visitors. One Direction where the week’s superstar DJs on the #PositivePlaylist! Released on the Cybersmile Spotify channel, unknown to us at the time Bloomfields Learning centre director was One Directions manager (see about)

Prosthetics FX

Anti Cyberbullying
Keyboard Letters CJP ColorJet Printing 3D printed in Gray tone for the clay Sculpture

Jan 1, 1983 is considered the official birthday of the Internet, cyber bullying and illegal images of victims have been traded online for the past 30+ years, technology and the law is catching up with illegal content and the psychological harm caused to its victims, sedation for the trauma experienced where once the only cause of action. the Online Safety Bill became Law on 26th Oct 2023 in the United Kingdom. See online Safety

reform of the Mental health act 1983, 40 years on 26th Oct 2023

Online child safety Social media

The internet is similar to the high street where some stores are not for children to enter.

Social media apps have always had age restrictions reluctance for using official ID verification in opening social media accounts. The digital identity wallet in the UK to verifies the identity of account owners when using online services.

Its extremely important to setup parental controls for children’s mobile devices, google parent account to control child account restricting the installation of apps and content viewed by children including Kids YouTube age restrictions for the suitable. and restrict adult content on internet browsers.

Jan 1, 1983 is considered the official birthday of the Internet, cyber bullying and illegal images of victims have been traded online for the past 30+ years, technology and the law is catching up with illegal content and the psychological harm caused to its victims, sedation for the trauma experienced where once the only cause of action. the Online Safety Bill became Law on 26th Oct 2023 in the United Kingdom. See online Safety

reform of the Mental health act 1983, 40 years on 26th Oct 2023

Before the internet there were local video stores renting out cassettes often with an official list and then a pirates and illegal collection on including porn and snuff videos turning death into entertainment. Bear in mind these are the areas of London where the killers of Steven Lawrence came from.

IWF: eliminating child abuse online

The findings of the 7 Year £186m Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual abuse created in the Wake of the high profile Jimmy Savile scandal link, where the Children's TV personality used his fame and influence to have access to children in a Mental health Hospital and sexually abused them at night, and the failings of the press including the BBC in regard to allegations of Abuse in England and Wales - both Past, and today, Chairwoman Prof Alexis Jay described an "epidemic that leaves thousands of victims in its poisonous wake",

The enquiry revealed Shocking details about how a pro-paedophile group lobbied the government to normalise sex between adults and children. the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), operated between 1974 and 1984.

It came to light that nearly every major British public personality of the 70’s and 80’s was involved abuses.

the inquiry has called on the government to urgently introduce a system of "Mandatory reporting" a new law placing a duty to report child abuse on anyone who witnessed or was told about it by children or perpetrators. BBC news link 20/10/22 It is reported there has been a 1000% increase in online child porn during the Covid Lock down.

Described as controversial The UK's Online Safety Bill, Following agreement by both Houses on the text of the bill received Royal assent on on 26th Oct 2023. The bill is now an Act of Parliament (law) in connection with the regulation by OFCOM the UK's communications regulator putting duties on certain internet services, the new rules are focused on protecting children from online harm by placing more responsibility on tech companies to prevent and remove illegal and harmful content.

Platforms will also need to show they are committed to removing illegal content including:

  • child sexual abuse
  • controlling or coercive behaviour
  • extreme sexual violence
  • illegal immigration and people smuggling
  • promoting or facilitating suicide
  • promoting self-harm
  • animal cruelty
  • selling illegal drugs or weapons
  • terrorism

Other new offences have been created,

Trolls who encourage serious self-harm to face jail

including cyber-flashing - sending unsolicited sexual imagery online -

the sharing of "deepfake" pornography, BBC News 26 October 2023 link

Feb 2024 the first conviction of cyber-flashing a Essex man flashing on WhatsApp a minor.

US politicians have called for new laws to criminalise the creation of deepfake images, after explicit faked photos of Taylor Swift were viewed millions of times online.

Scotland Yard, took it to the Medieval Scottish Embassy, where the Worlds first uniformed police force was created.

Over 20 years ago First assisted a young lady (teen) in a harrowing situation of physical sexual violence, thankfully the culprit was sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, soon afterwards discovered indecent images of children being traded online, was turned away by the local police station when attempting to report, not excepting no for an answer or torrents took the discovery in person to New Scotland Yard who had me anonymously report the find to the Internet Watch Foundation IWF link one of the only organizations legally permitted to view such material, then returned to the local police station not before printing out the correct procedure for their official records. 6 months later there where 100 coordinated arrests Worldwide which coincided with the database numbers, and later helped in the conviction of a man who left a young Chinese lady in a vegetative state, stabbing her in her private parts and face, a short distance from my front door. Complete stranger told me I looked like an episode of The Wire tv show.

INTERNET WATCH FOUNDATION Registered Charity No. 1112398

My family lived behind one of the founders of the IWF British Telecom CEO Lord Ian Valance FRSA and was on one of the first DSL exchanges in Britain.

Wavering anonymity in a hope this write up helps in safeguarding children and the access to Children and the most vulnerable in Society, and members of the public report any other cases of bad practice and wrong doing. History of IWF link I'm particularly interests as a child I attended a centre for children with learning disabilities who are at higher risk of being the target of predators. see Background Bloomfield centre.

A Judge, explained "you have to bare with us as it takes time for the law catch up"


41 years after the inception of the internet, First person to be convicted in England and Wales jailed for 54 weeks for cyber-flashing pictures of his gentiles to a 15 year old girl and Woman. On 19th March 2024

Anime Caribe World Premiere Oct 28 2021: OPAL, Caribbean tale Directed by Alain Bidard, about the psychological healing of a young woman who was sexually abused by her African father. link

New restrictions on digital service providers are part of the Online Safety Bill, under the Bill, IT managers and Web Masters are now held legally liable if they do not take all necessary measures to stop Online child abuse, and terms of condition have changed for digital services providers including Google LLC, what it takes to be a IT manager/ webmaster today.

The IWF uses AI to identify the content of illegal images which it has learned to identify from its 20+ years database, and create meta data and report to authorities in relevant jurisdictions with the powers to remove from servers and websites in a mater of hours across the globe, as apposed to months stopping the repeated victimization of people abused in childhood, making the internet a safer place. (see AI super computing)

Since the Online Safety bill's introduction, there have been convictions including, Ex-rabbi Yuval Keren, 56, after Dropbox said he uploading suspicious images, the National Crime Agency (NCA) They found 1,694 indecent images of children on his devices, of which 189 were the most extreme in category A. BBC report link

Wired magazine Matt burgess

the last two years, Pornhub has worked with the Internet Watch Foundation and the Lucy Lucy Faithfull Foundation to run a chatbot on its websites. Whenever anyone searches one of 34,000 terms linked to child abuse a large warning has appeared and the chatbot which offers people help for their behavior

4.4 million users saw the warning page after searches and 2.8 million saw the chatbot. This ended up with scores of people seeking support.

Pornhub's parent company Aylo has announced it is to comply with new standards of good practice, drawn up by UK charity the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) after pornhub the British website was found to have images that breached child protection rules. In BBC interview called OnlyFans Uncovered.

The IWF is a key part of the UK's fight against online child sexual abuse material (CSAM), enabling people and organisations to report suspected online child abuse content.

UN General Assembly

Trinidad and Tobago appointed President of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

Trinidad recently had a social media trend sharing sexual, inappropriate and cyber-bullying content of minors over social media, including posted sexually explicit content and non-consensual images of minors and adults while sharing personal information such as school names and phone numbers on their subjects. which is illegal within the country link

For example Digital service providers would have been legally required to filter and block the illegal content, when social media accounts have no age or ID verification hide behind the anonymity of fake accounts. web 3.0 using NFT's content creators have ID verification.

UN General Assembly

I’m a veteran of hate towards me from members of LGBT+ community if you mention reduce grooming activists accuse of homophobia, in there attempts to normalise alternative sexual life styles to children, while children with autism and learning disabilities especially girls are the target of grooming and suffer higher rates of abuse.

New gov guidelines are that children below the age of 9 are not to be have lessons on gender identity in England.

Digital Security: Middle East Aviation and UK financial Sector

Designed and developed the floppy disk drive lock forStealth Internationalin 1991, physically securing computer ports for Middle East Commercial Aviation industry and the UK financial Sector as staff at the time where found attempting to install games from home to play in their breaks. (started working in Stealth Mode)

Others involved went on to become civil servant in office of Windrush descendent Tottenham labour MP David Lammy now Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of United Kingdom, and on to work in police complaints. who invited me to whats turned out to be BBQ by immigration officers, I was soon ejected after highly objecting to there islamophobic talk.

Packing disk locks for delivery, with son of founder of British communist party

In 1993 networked Emirates Airlines London Head Quarters @ 125 Pall Mall, St. James's, London with one of the UK's fastest Ethernet networks, Enjoyed Lunch at the chief of polices home in Dubai. Invited into the cockpit of international flights alert system of objects on the runway, and called from Middle East commercial aviation as 9/11 started to unfolded.

Airbus A380 Flight simulator at the Emirates experience O2 London. 2015 titled Mandorian and Grogu

Security of counterfeit software

While writing the technical White paper, trialed thesoftwareavailable on the market for the MATRIX including from NASA and DELCAM etc, After discovering CAD CAM software on sale for $1 in a shopping mall in South East Asia, was invited to Delcam HQ (Acquired by Autodesk) in Birmingham UK, the Aviation CNC engineering software was analysed and was found to have essential code missing and Malware inserted.

A Delcam intern from the Ukraine in 2013, within 5 days of his arrival in the UK targeted Mosques, planted bombs in the Tipton Area killing an elderly Muslim gentleman. Ukrainian intern was a white supremacist terrorist named Pavlo Lapshyn, Neo Nazi's have been on the rise across Europe, and has been partly blamed by Russia for its invasion of the Ukraine.

its a reminder of Neo Nazi David Copeland who in 1999 nail Bombed the admiral Duncan pub in Soho, the next street over from where I had lived, Brick lane a short distance from where I had studied at University and Brixton where I would enjoy an evenings out.

Counterfeit next to original from Delcam

I had warned colleagues that the area was going to the course of social unrest years previously as far right problem area, a child broke into the school burning the English course work damaging educational outcome and when the art department so badly damaged by a child it it had to be knocked down giving no creative outlet to the children, one of the July 17th 2005 bombers was a local youth worker, the creative industry told me if only they knew they would have done something about it. Wonder if that’s in the official enquiry into the cause and events.

the RSA built and ran a educational academy in the town afterwards.

Western advanced CAD software was often pirated and distributed with Malware, recently a spider-man film became the highest pirated film in history, it contained Bitcoin mining code, hijacking in the background millions of computers.

Autodesk and other CAD Software companies introduced Education and low price Hobbiest Lic* i.e. Pro-E software was £30K and with the introduction of the WIldfire version the price reduced to £3k to increase adoption and reduce piracy. Delcam developed the Spark Open Software platform for 3D printing build preparation and AutoDesk the Ember DLP Digital Light projector SLA technology, all in the theme of igniting the third industrial revolution link after the patients for 3D printing eased and the consumer devices appeared on the market circa 2014.

The third industrial revolution link the Economist Aug 2012: The digitisation of manufacturing will transform the way goods are made—and change the politics of jobs too

Online illegal Drugs

After seeing social media advertising claiming to source US medical grade MDMA, Shared information with Trinidad's trading standards for their CPD, on the UK charity The Loop link which tests illegal drugs at festivals, carnivals etc, and alerts the public, healthcare professionals, criminal justice and education of the potential harm of illegal drugs in circulation. i.e. Addiction, damage to the central nervous system, organ damage include brain activity, and perception of reality, Psychosis. when reports published online by the authorities, on the Caribbean reassembling adverts for users. Synthetic opioids are having a devastating effect of North America, Europe and the Middle East. Highly addictive thousand fold increase in power. Synthes opioids was classified on 20th march 2024 in the most harmful category of drugs class A.

A life-saving anti-overdose drug is to be made available for use at home in England without a prescription. The medicine, known as naloxone, will be given to addicts at risk of an opioid overdose for use in an emergency. BBC 13 May 2024

illegal Drugs are often started by children from primary school age its similar to giving sweets to some children, and before they know it the feel they have done something illegal and grow to become criminals when the people supplying it to them are.

Hate Hearts Turpin / Bastard make your own link

3D print of sweet

Attended London Art Colleges at the height of rave era art colleges had a drugs epidemic, Leaving damaged people in its wake i.e. Drug Dealers targeted a daughter of wealthy family with opium dipped cannabis putting her on a path to heroin addiction, people having there drinks spiked on a evening out. More recently lived close to Barking where Gay serial Killer Stephen port dubbed the “Grindr killer” found victims on dating app, overdoses his victims of GHB. Link

Met young Trinidadian professionals in Clapham including a Rasta training for the bar the issues she faced as the first, and dentist's at a Third World concert, soon afterwards a young black man I met was found dead in a river in Paris after a deal went bad.


The UK is a high international target for sophisticated Fraudsters who often target the vulnerable and those less technologically sophisticated, phishing fake identity, promises of get rich quick schemes, including from within the church, email spam, telephone scams, etc

Often Affecting the vulnerable in financial situations who wrongly blame themselves for the immoral and illegal actions of others, creating issues of self confidence, Depression, and Debt meeting bills for Food, Rent, Heating etc. (see wellness)

Recently announced its being treated as a National security issue.

THE CYBERSMILE FOUNDATION Registered Charity No 1147576 (anti online Hate)

INTERNET WATCH FOUNDATION Registered Charity No. 1112398 (combat online child abuse content)

Rethink Mental illness Registered Charity No. 271028 (National Mental Health)

THE LOOP DRUG CHECKING SERVICE registered Charity number: 1200533