Innovations in Cybersecurity

Digital Security: Middle East Aviation and Banking Sector

Family and friends lived a short distance from the Lockerbie in Scotland famous for the air disaster, Pan Am flight 103 in 1988 which took the lives of 259 passengers and crew members and eleven local residents.

Designed development and manufacturing of the Floppy disk drive lock (1991) for Stealth International, designed to physically secure computer ports for Middle East Commercial Aviation industry and the UK Banking Sector as staff at the time where found attempting to install games from home to play in their breaks. physically securing the computers.

Airbus A380 Flight simulator at the Emirates experience O2 London.

Family Member met Bill Gates and was awarded one of the first beta test license agreements for .NET ASP Advanced Server Protocol, behind Microsoft's MSN Messenger video calling and development of Early Emirates Airlines Ticketing System, reported in Middle East tech industry publications, later the World would change following the events of 9.11.

the Hartree Centre: The Rise of AI

Hartree Centre Global leader in Supercomputing and AI the importance of the development of AI and good governance the need for Global standards of practice, offered to donate my signed photograph from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The press, media and even some experts! are calling for a pause or even a stop to the development of AI.

Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film still 2001: A Space Odyssey (Signed) with Certificate of Authenticity..


Met the UK Passport identity expert in 2015 and discussed geometry ratio studies of the face from Photo ID and 3d printing, created optimised high detail Virtual Reality model for use with mobile devices, annotations include medical observations i.e. Eye veins and Dilation, small scares, skin conditions, colour accuracy High Dynamic Range HDR Image and lighting.

Hollywood Film stars are now stating in their contract clauses that the technology is not used as it highlights where they have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Technical colour advice to film industry FX artist, Head of 3D Scanning at Pinewood Studios work includes James Bond and Star Wars films to name a few.

Fine detail Digital Twin online Interactive VR 3D scan with thanks to Cannon UK, and 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios link

Net neutrality

Before the internet the attention spans where a day, giving a book a Day before deciding if it was worth picking up again the next day, Attention spans today are less than 3 seconds as if a website doesn't load in that time 70% of people look elsewhere, Leading Academic including in the UK and Caribbean are concerned, websites and services that pay for faster delivery (ending Net neutrality) fill search rankings, i.e corporate companies, porn, marketing and political propaganda etc. other sites and services are lower ranked slower, making public and academic research more time consuming and diverting attention.

Fire Arms

Met UK premium shootgun manufacturer in a hotel room in 2004 to discuss a role CNC engraving, after I told the master Gunsmiths the public are often at the wrong end, they felt I held them responsible. online distribution of 3D printable firearms by a lawyer from Texas and Defense Distributed started in 2013 as the internet is without boarders it has been an ongoing problem for global law makers and law enforcement, a subject 3d printing talks touch upon.

Government is "actively considering" a proposal from Mexico for Caricom countries to join with it in seeking to hold manufacturers and distributors of guns and assault weapons in the United States legally liable for the "mayhem that those weapons have unleashed in our societies". link

The guns seized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Security of counterfeit software

While writing the technical White paper, trialed available software on the market for the MATRIX including from NASA and DELCAM etc, After discovering CAD CAM software on sale for $1 in a shopping mall in South East Asia, was invited to Delcam HQ (Acquired by Autodesk) in Birmingham UK, the Aviation engineering software was analyzed and was found to have essential code missing and Malware inserted.

A Delcam intern from the Ukraine in 2013, within 5 days of his arrival in the UK targeted Mosques, planted bombs in the Tipton Area killing an elderly Muslim gentleman. Ukrainian intern was a white supremacist terrorist named Pavlo Lapshyn, Neo Nazi's have been on the rise across Europe, and has been partly blamed by Russia for its invasion of the Ukraine.

Counterfeit next to original from Delcam

Western advanced CAD software was often pirated and distributed with Malware, recently a spider-man film became highest pirated in history film contained Bitcoin mining code, in the background hijacking millions of computers. Delcam is Now Own by Autodesk and CAD Software companies introduced Free Education and low price Hobbiest Lic*

Online Safety Bill* anti cyber bullying (online hate crime against Race, Sex and religion)


Offered artist in residence for the Drum Club Bus tour of the United States, commemorating the anniversary of Aldous Huxley's the Doors of Perception, the Drum Club was held in the World famous Heaven Night Club. (declined for safety concerns)

I lived close to where homosexual serial killer Stephen Port lived who drugged and killed 4 men in early 20's and a string of other assaults on young men, and in bohemian Soho around the corner from The Admiral Duncan Pub where Homophobic pub bombing took place in which killed 3 people in 1999 by Neo Nazi David Copeland, which lead to changes in the UK law on Gay rights.

Sign on Door Meard Street in Soho, London.

IWF: eliminating child abuse online

The findings of the 7 Year £186m Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual abuse created in the Wake of the high profile Jimmy Savile scandal link, Priests and entertainment industry and the failings of the press including the BBC in regard to allegations of Abuse in England and Wales - both Past, and today, Chairwoman Prof Alexis Jay described an "epidemic that leaves thousands of victims in its poisonous wake", the inquiry has called on the government to urgently introduce a system of "Mandatory reporting" a new law placing a duty to report child abuse on anyone who witnessed or was told about it by children or perpetrators. BBC news link 20/10/22

Scotland Yard, named after the Medieval Scottish Embassy, Created the Worlds first uniformed police force.

20 years ago discovered 100 illegal online contact details databases including images of GAY child abuse, turned away by the local police station when attempting to report, Ethical hackers said they would take down the severs and possibly loss the evidence chain, not excepting no for an answer took the discovery to New Scotland Yard who had me anonymously report the find to the Internet Watch Foundation IWF link one of the only organizations legally permitted to view and identify illegal images of child abuse, created a complain ticket for being asked to view and submit each individual page, then returned to the local police station not before printing out the correct procedure for their records.

The IWF uses AI to identify the content of illegal images which it has learned to identify from its 20+ years database, and create meta data and report to authorities in relevant jurisdictions with the powers to remove from servers and websites in a mater of hours across the globe, as apposed to months stopping the repeated victimization of people abused in childhood, making the internet a safer place. (see AI super computing)

New restrictions on digital service providers are proposed as part of the Online Safety Bill, under the Bill, IT managers and Web Masters will be held legally liable if they do not take all necessary measures to stop Online child abuse, and terms of condition have changed for digital services providers including Google LLC, It is reported there has been a 1000% increase in online child porn during the Covid Lock down. encrypted messaging services Whatsapp etc recently joined in objecting to legalizing AI access to identify images of child porn.

OPAL Caribbean tale about the psychological healing of a young woman who was sexually abused by her African father. (see Wellness)

Recent Evidence That Nine Autistic Women Out of Ten Have Been Victims of Sexual Violence, with over 50% of them aged 15 or younger when first attacked link Young victims were also at high risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. (see wellbeing)

UK Prime minister Rishi Sunak criticises political correctness over grooming gangs, Victims of grooming gangs have been ignored because of political correctness, Rishi Sunak said as he set out plans for a police taskforce. BBC news link

Safeguarding Children - regulating internet services - Online Safety Bill* report stage draft link

Safeguarding the vulnerable in society - Reform of the Mental Health act 1983*

Child protection

Family was involved in Architectural Engineering information technology for international company involved in rebuilding country's after disasters, humanitarian emergencies when infrastructure is damaged, known as a dangerous time when child sexual abuse takes place.

Stated some of my experiences, and was accused of Homophobia by LGBT+ Activists when suggesting "reduce grooming" attempting online censorship, removal from the RSA.

The English Education system introducing LGBT+ studies in sex education as mandatory, Western internet is unfiltered access to pornography exposing young children who have not reached maturity confusing them on sexual identity especially those with learning disabilities and supports behavior it produces, Many families especially those of faith have opted for home school their children.

UK Prime minister Rishi Sunak states political correctness hindered investigations into child abuse.

Sex education

The first census to take place shows there are more than 1.3 million people in England and Wales identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, of England and Wales approx 59.6 million population. The term Pink Pound is a marketing term denoting Gay, educated with high disposable income, without children, Key demographics for business.

Been at the receiving end of unprovoked Heteronegativism (LGBT+ atittude towards heterosexuals), designed to damage family values and faith, goading into being accused of homophobia, From having my parental leave rejected and laughed at by lesbian HR manager at the birth of my daughter, HR got drunk and inappropriately touched female staff when she left, other events include older LGBT+ goading, flaunting public drug aduse with a barley legal. (a romance apparently)


The UK is a high international target for sophisticated Fraudsters who often target the vulnerable and those less technologically sophisticated, phishing fake identity, promises of get rich quick schemes, including from within the church, email spam, telephone scams, etc

Often Affecting the vulnerable in financial situations who wrongly blame themselves for the immoral and illegal actions of others, creating issues of self confidence, Depression, and Debt meeting bills for Food, Rent, Heating etc. (see wellness)

Recently announced its being treated as a National security issue.

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