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Erected in memory of Alexander Murray on top of a remote hill in the Galloway Forrest, Scot’s Pine first largest forest in Britain.

A monument to his memory was erected In 1835 and when it was damaged in a storm in 1929, a crowd of 600-700 people from the surrounding countryside gathered to mark completion of restoration works miles from the closest village or town.

To the distaste of the locals population the area is most famous today as the set of the 1973 British Cult folk Horror classic the Wicker Man. The story of a police officer who travels to a Scottish Iseland village in search of a missing girl where the locals are involved in Witch Craft and murder, see Public health Pandemic.

When there are no books on the subject

From Newton Stewart the Small Scottish town in the Galloway Forest, home of Alexander Murray FRSE FSA (Scot) D. Div doctor of divinity (1775-1813) a local shepherd boy who with only a year of formal Schooling became Professor of Oriental Languages at Edinburgh University, in 1811 translated, with approbation, a letter to the monarch George III from the prime minister of Ethiopia Egwala Seyon carried by Henry Salt the Abyssinia envoy. Context the Italo-Ethiopian War was 1887–1889 onwards.

Publications: Edited Bruce’s Ethiopian Journal and wrote his life..

he knew distinguished abolitionist Henry Brougham PC, FRS who became Lord High Chancellor and played a prominent role in passing the 1832 Reform Act and 1833 Slavery Abolition Act.

Info with assistance from Sir Geoff Palmer human rights activist.

Also where Sir James A. Mirrlees FRSE FBA was born and raised who's work on a Fair taxation system to relieve third World counties from burden of Debt, won him the Noble Prize in Economics in 1996. the same year SEGAWorld opened it doors to the public. (see Archt) and the IWF internet watch foundation was founded. (See Cybersecurity) and Daresbury labs discovered the cause of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) see MedicalTech.

Dumfries and Galloway mudflats important feeding grounds for migrating birds from Africa and the Mediterranean. the end of the Gulf Stream, overlooking Murrays Isles. 360° view link 2016

The local library didn't have a copy of James A. Mirrlees papers but the librarian said I could have tea with his mother, to discuss early child development. See Dyslexia

On James A. Mirrele work on a fair taxation system, Recently Michael Banner a leading academic, and reparation campaigner in Britain calling for compensation to be paid to Caribbean nations for the past crime of slavery. Has calculated Scotland owes Caribbean nations £20 billion in slavery reparations. Link

Scotland’s national book town Wigtown is close by, which holds an annual book festival Scots, Gaelic and International Poetry Prize

As an Arts and Cultural connector met with the Arts Council England to provide funding for Arts and Cultural projects through National Lottery funding to deprived areas of London.

Was invited to the British Library Labs and met the Lab manager and had a tour including the Qatar Foundation 2018 and met the digital curator of the Asia and Africa collections, 2019, 3D scanning artefacts and sharing and giving free access online,

Expert in the protection and management of cultural heritage resources in the specific region of planning strategies and policies, her dissertation examined existing Israeli and Palestinian archaeological and architectural inventories covering the occupied West Bank. Recent Israeli military operations in GAZA raises the serous importance of those records. Digitising the Maison Bonfils photographs, Lebanon

An old friend M Mitchenal was sent to China by the British Libary to assist the local Chinese archiving historical artefact’s when MS Windows was not in Chinese and had to find a work around.

Following the meeting digital curator of African and Asian artifacts I promoted the return of the Ethiopian tabots. to member of clergy of Church of England. In fact Openly mocked by the public while discussing the subject in East London with a member of the clergy as including links to bishops.

An Elder in Ethiopian Church in Caribbean, told me the Church grew in popularity during the Second World War because of Rome's close links to Italian fascism, Second Italo-Ethiopian War 1935 – 1937

The Ethiopian Bible is the oldest and most complete bible on earth.

Written in Ge'ez an ancient dead language of Ethiopia it's nearly 800 years older than the King James Version and contains over 100 books compared to 66 of the Protestant Bible.

The King James Version was commissioned in 1601 by Scottish King James VI as the officially translated Holy Bible into English, he inherited the English crown in 1603 on the death of Queen Elisabeth and became James 1st of England and the first edition of the KJV was published in 1611.

“Westminster Abbey agrees ‘in principle’ to return sacred tablet to Ethiopia, Carved wooden tabot has been at Abbey since British forces looted it at Battle of Maqdala in 1868. “”There have been successful returns of tabots held in British institutions.” “One was sent back to Ethiopia soon after it was discovered in a church cupboard in Edinburgh 23 years ago”. Lanre Bakare the Guardian Link 19 Feb 2024

the British Museum is now being investigated for the 11 wooden and stone Tablots it has held under lock and key for past 170 years so sacred that no one including academic researchers and allowed to study them. April 2014

Visit to Scotland with creative community friends from Vietnam, Brazil and Germany

apparently related to a Dr Robertson in Girvin that poet Robert Burns wrote a barbed piece about his place in the Kirk (church) and his medical practice, it seams the only mention of the profession in the poets work. my grandfather John my name sake (builder) water pump stands in the Robert Burns Gardens in Larges, Ayrshire. where The Pencil monument stands, commemorating the defeat of a Viking fleet in 1263.

Bowen Craig Walk, Battle of Largs monument commemorating the defeat of a Viking fleet in 1263. the Pencil

It’s so important to involve young people and explain marine biology and research, I was lucky as a child to visit The University Marine Biological Station Millport (UMBSM) Millport a short ferry journey across from Larges a small Iseland on the West Coast of Scotland at the other end of the golf stream the warm waters from the Caribbean flow there the turtles go to fest on jelly fish and nurturant rich waters return in the continues cycle of the Ocean. Studies including the causes of bleaching of the coral reefs, that became prominent in the 1990’s

Trocadero centre Mosque

On my travels people knew my interests where arts and culture and visiting the museums in the UAE with books of the islamic Golden Age (8th–15th centuries), of geometry and astronomy in...

The home of SEGAWorld the Trocadero centre Grade II listed iconic central London building will have an Islamic community centre created in its basement. The Trocadero will be home to a place for prayer and "local community initiatives", after plans were approved by Westminster City Council. BBC July 2023

London’s muslim community has been waiting for a large central London mosque for quite a few years. Proposals for a 1,000-capacity mosque on the site were withdrawn in 2020 following backlash from far-right groups and some residents. But Westminster Council has now approved a planning application for the smaller centre for worship. TIMEOUT July 2023

new London Museum

In 2017 the Goldsmiths’ Company Charity and the London Museum announced that the Charity was to become a Founding Partner of the new London Museum, in Smithfield. The Charity’s donation of £10million going towards the Museum’s plans to create a spectacular new home for the history of London and its people in the beautiful and historic market buildings in Smithfield Grade II listed building, leading up to the 700 anniversary of the Goldsmiths’ company in 2027.

The Goldsmiths’ Company Registered Charity No: 1175593 (Education and support the Crafts industry)

THE ARTS COUNCIL OF ENGLAND Registered Charity No. 1036733 (Arts and Crafts and Cultural Connector)