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Music played in the design studio

Stanley Smith central st martins

British Jamaican artist Stanley Smith who’s older brother was a session musician with the Wailers, described me as John Henry, short film link

Carifesta Island Beats! Alison Hinds performing, last major Caribbean concert of top artists before the Pandemic.

Protecting Music industry Artists legal rights

In the Caribbean the prime focus of intellectual property is towards the Music industry, because of restrictions of online digital payment systems I sponsored Trinidad's Music industry IP Intellectual Property expert with a international recognized legal qualification, Protecting Music industry Artists legal rights.

Calypsonian, Calypso Rose singing acoustic version of Boney M's Rivers of Babylon at the Jazz Cafe Camden 16 Nov 2016

UNESCO Designates Reggae As 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' in 2018, Trinidad's unique Caribbean musical cultural heritage Calypso, has its earliest recordings held in the BBC archives. Trinidad's archive facilities where deemed inadequacy to preserve them, the BBC recently enjoyed its 100th anniversary and opened the Archives to the public and researchers for the first time.

During Lock-down assisted producing Christian Gospel Hymns “I have fixed my mind on another” time link

The Last Poets previously unreleased late 1970 African American Civil Rights spoken word, the likes of Lauryn Hill grew up lessening to at home. 1998 The miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released the same year the SEGA Dreamcast was released in Japan. See Architectural

In 1992 worked on Artwork for the Last Poets recordings with Jimi Hendrix, African American Civil Rights spoken word session recordings with Jimi Hendrix on Guitar, I was asked if I wished to be involved as I would become a person of interest to the Authorities, Sounds strange now the British press had a campaign to ban US HIP HOP at the time, The Last Peots was Black power movement music of 1970's recorded in the weeks before Jimi Hendrix death in 1970 from "Inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication." the recordings had been left unpublished as the Past Poets didn't trust the Recording industry. digitally scanning Photography and Artwork on a commercial flat bed SCSI scanner using the Knoll brothers Photoshop V2.

involved as I was attending Central St Martins alumni including Helen Folasade Adu CBE of SADE released there forth studio album Love Deluxe and single No Ordinary Love in 1992 and knew the operators of a Vegan restaurant in Clampham Junctions with connections to Jools Holland band squeeze famous for songs including "Up the Junction" with lyrics "I never thought it would happen with me and the girl from Clapham" Jools Holland is famous today for the Annual Hootenanny on the BBC where he invited his special musical guests to performs.

While attending Central St Martins, alumni includes lead singer of Sade and Jarvis Cocker, Met Quincy Jones after his set at Ronnie Scott’s in Soho a short distance from Cental St Martins in 1992, discussed UK ACID JAZZ Galliano had released "In Pursuit of the 13th Note" I knew the labels AR Artist Representative, Jamiroquai released his first single the same year "When You Gonna Learn" Sony Records soon signed JK with biggest record deal in history, releasing "Emergency on Planet Earth" 14 June 1993 under Sony Soho Square, Quincy Jones had not long conducted Miles Davis & Orchestra at the Montreux jazz festival - Summertime link

Pink Floyd Animals Remix Artwork

(Image credit: Warner Music) PINK FLOYD Animals (2018 Remix) artwork Reconstruction work to Battersea Power Station, ran skills training centre for local workforce to carry out works. Documentary to making of album cover shoot link

The flying Pig on the original Album broke loose and stopped flights at Healthrow airport. BBC article "The floating pig that became a sign of protest" link Loosely based on George Orwell's political fable Animal Farm, rehearsal recordings left off the album "Raving and Drooling" and "You've Got to Be Crazy" "The members of Pink Floyd, were traumatised by the effect that LSD had on their colleague Syd Barrett, who was excluded from the group in April 1968 as he became catatonic and unable to perform." See MedicalTech Mental Health reform, Animals 2018 remix album is being released on Dolby Atoms in May 2024.

SUB POP Grunge Rock

Spent an evening with Billy Corgan the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins in a bar in Camden discussing creativity in 1993, the Grunge Rock label SUB POP bands including NAVANA who’s frontman Kirk Cobain famously had a nearly fatal drug overdose in Rome and was found dead one month later in Seattle in April 1994 and knew those involved in producing SUB POP merchandising at the concerts. Miami had become dangerous and had left the US.

Origins of UK Drum and Bass

the club attracted many people not interested in the snobbery in music including ex punks. A safe place to party in the build up to the weekend,

Origins of UK Drum and Bass

Was invited to be Artist in residence for the drum club in Sound Shaft, the back room of Heaven it’s little sister club US Tour 1991, A GAY MIXED CLUBNIGHT FEATURING THE VERY BEST IN PROGRESSIVE DANCE MUSIC.
Invited me to be artist in residence for the anniversary bus tour of Aldous Huxley’s book the doors of perception starting in New York. Turned it down as I soon after became involved in modelling and animating the plans of the Trocadiro Centre, SEGAWorld for Architects RTKL, And good memories for a generation of teenagers.

This was a period when crack cocaine was introduced in the US and within six months was influencing street crime and increasing violence on the streets of central London. Shut Up and Dance Autobiography of a Crackhead. Link

London became one of the cocaine capitals of the World, today Londons night clubs have almost disappeared from the Map.

Origins of UK Drum and Bass


MTV Europe

Before YouTube when MTV music television focused solely on played music videos at their Christmas party was invited into the server rooms of MTV Europe in Camden Town in the old Breakfast Television Centre building.

Musical artist found to be a success they needed a good music video, spending budget linked to success dires straights started the trend of big budget 3D animation, Peter Gabrial, Talking Heads, Pet Shop Boys invested in high quality video editing. Key demographics audience of teenage boys music videos showed flesh of semi dressed woman and swearing to increase sales. Explicit content labels where applied for mature content.

Attended one of the first performances by Rick Ashley singing “never going to give you up” capital radio in Battersea park the song that became the viral rickroll meme. The including US President Obama in 2008.


These recent reports of Sean Combs, also known by stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or Diddy being investigated remind me when word reached me, from members of the US Black film and entertainment industry concerned about Whitney Houston increased drug use and string of female partners introduced to their relationship by Bobby Brown before her death.


Was Asked today if I ever met Amy Winehouse, not a silly question my party was filmed by Dutch television as the Camden Town culture of jazz, hip hop, soul of the early 90’s spending time around recording studios that Amy Winehouse later made famous in the early 2000’s with back to black and better go to rehab. How we keep losing the best to evils of drugs. Including Prince and Micheal Jackson.


Had an arts workshop on the work of Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, life and works at the serpentine gallery, he had aisthesis medical condition that meant one sense could trigger another he could visually see sounds, the public would best know copies of his prints hanging from McDonald’s walls in old corporate retail strategy to move on dinners sit on hard plastic chairs. (Do fries come with that shake)

Tower records Piccadilly Circus

Tower Records Piccadilly Circus

The best advice I ever received was from the founders of the Scottish Folk Band that wrote the Scottish National Anthem "Flower of Scotland" met at a Burns night Supper In the UAE United Arab Emirates,

visiting him in Edinburgh working together over a weekend on a night out enjoyed the singing of male crooners, a soft intimate style made possible by the introduction of microphones and amplification. Similar to spending the night with Sinatra and his friends.

he told me to "keep copies of your work as one day the public would be interested". most recent visit to Edinburgh to meet bill was in Sept 2019