Innovations in Music

Cover art

Early 90's Involved in artwork for The Last Poets previously unreleased late 1960s African American Civil Rights spoken word, drum beats with Jimi Hendrix on guitar in some of his last recording sessions.

The Last Poets previously unreleased late 1960s African American Civil Rights spoken word.

Met Quincy Jones at Ronnie Scott's after his set and discussed the new ACID JAZZ label, knowing the AR person Jamiroquai had released their first EP "When we going to learn" from forth coming album "Emergency on Planet Earth".

Early Hip Hop

The British press and authorities campaigned for US HIP HOP to be band for its explicit protest content, i.e references to violence and drugs, the Parental Advisory explicit content stickers where introduced and today Rap is the biggest musical art form on the Globe.

Music played on 30 year old Rega Planner 3 turntable Music Fidelity Amp, Artcoustic Monitors the same brand Jay-Z uses in his office.

Was at lockdown at Public Enemy after show party in Brixton surrounded by MET Police., Early Hip Hop artists Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, etc often sampled the recordings of George Clinton Parlament-Funkadelic collective (Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards) without often paying full royalties, having the complete discography of early HIP HIP samples as mentioned on KISS FM, met George Clinton who draw in my skecthbook and signed a Rick James album to much hilarity.

Afro beats

Ghana Afro beats FBS...


When SUB POP started Bands including Navana didn't have posters and other merchandise, the gap was filled with boot legged merchandise at their concerts, met the men that produced and sold the merchandising after they returned to the UK, as Miami had become too dangerous, I imagine that they are now highly collectable.

Spent the evening in Camden with smashing pumpkins front man Billy Corgan discussing the arts and creativity before the release of the bands hit single 1979.

Intellectual Property

The Caribbean's the main focus of intellectual property is towards the Music industry, because of digital payment restrictions, sponsored Trinidad's the island of Soca and Calypso, Music Intellectual Property expert with a international recognized legal qualification, Protecting Music industry Artists legal rights and property.

Alison Hinds performing at Carifesta Island Beats!

The old accounts manager of Trojan records, would send me rare DUB box sets.

Intellectual Property

UNESCO Designates Reggae As 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' in 2018, Trinidad's unique Caribbean musical  cultural heritage Calypso, has its earliest recordings held in the BBC archives.

Calypsonian, Calypso Rose at the Jazz Cafe Camden 16 Nov 2016

Trinidad's archive facilities where deemed inadequacy to preserve them, the BBC recently enjoyed its 100th anniversary and opened the Archives to the public and researchers for the first time.

Christian Gospel

During Covid Lock-down assisted producing Christian Gospel Hymns in Caribbean. link very basic setup.

MTV generation

Was invited into the server rooms of MTV Europe in Camden lock during their early years of music videos. (family managed the server room)

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