Digital Engineering

Trained in industry by the 3D Systems materials specialist who became Head of RP Rapid Prototyping and Material scientist behind Red Bull F1 run of success, Beta SLA Bester tester experienced Engineers equivalent of MSc, and member of Rapid Prototyping manufactures Association members including Rolls-Royce.

Pioneer in Digital DesignPioneer in Digital Design
Fresh Strawberry, Toddler Bite Marks, Hand Crafted Shark Fin for client Michael Milloy, Central St Martins Jewellery Lecturer for New York Cat Walk

Digital design, engineering and AM additive manufacturing is used today to innovate in many fields from surgical planning to everyday consumer items where it is used to improve aesthetics, safety, and reduce tooling costs. Described as disruptive technologies, with the right planning and investment in training and technology, it can be a new tool in the box to provide new business opportunities, address Lean Manufacturing objectives, and help meet global initiative targets for sustainability, lowering waste and carbon emissions.

Built structured light 3D Scanner, for FEA Finite Element Analysis 3D Printed model from CAD DATA using Cloudcompare EDF R&D

Automotive Design

At The RSA The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in 2019 a member of The Automotive Council UK told me "Automotive will significantly changes over the next few years" and wanted me to be involved, in 2020 the UK Government announced plans to phasing out petrol and diesel engines in new verticals by 2030. See Smart City Eco Friendly.

Personally not a petrol head living in London used the clean, fast and reliable public transport system, the SEGAWorld animation was rendered on RISK chip Architecture server borrowed from the ThrustSSC Super Sonic Car team, the only car ever to go faster than the speed of sound, we hosted the live time trials breaking UK internet hosting records, I was trained in Industry by the Head of Red Bull F1 materials and Rapid Prototyping behind their long run of success, Ferries Senior Engine designer requested contact.

Invited to be partner with the design studio of the senior body work engineer for FORD motors UK, provided technical Advice to NDE Nissan Design Europe in the Rotunda in London, and personally knew Toyota 4X4 interior designer working in the Nice Studio on the french riviera, and trained along side Bentley Motors material Quality assurance tester, and communicated with the people involved in the H&S of Mega battery cell production plant to supply the automotive EV electric vehicles industry.

The 2015 Paris agreement and The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, in Scotland COP26, The Global focus in engineering is on reducing weight using FEA Finite element analysis software and AM Additive manufacturing, eliminating fossil fuel emissions and reducing plastic production, Global city incentivize adoption of cleaner cars to improve air quality, the price of crude Oil dropped below $20 a barrel April 2020, the West after 20 years of unpopular war in the Middle East, Russia acted like a thief stealing a £5 from a man not in the mood invaded the Ukraine triggering a energy crisis raising Crude Oil Prices to $110 in March 2022 War time profiteering, increasing the value of reserves for Oil producers.

Engine design Rapid Prototyping

Shared research on digital design Rapid Prototyping for Engine manufacturing with Prof Norman MacCallum DSc (relative) who's pioneering work on heat soakage during gas turbine transients gave him an international profile, through numerous international publications and several contributions to Rolls-Royce.

Norman Maccallum DSc, (left) circa 1992 left with uncle Alex at the Highland Games (Alex a tower crane operator)

As a teacher and examiner He taught large numbers of practising engineers, undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students, mainly at Glasgow University, but also in Carleton in Canada and Cranfield in England. The most fortunate had him as a research supervisor.  The Herald 30th June 2006

Norman's work had a direct impact on engine fuel economy and in turn reducing the rate of global warming from aviation which one of the highest contributors. turbomachinery and exhaust systems, gas turbine performance in test beds, combustion and gas turbine transient performance, a 30% fuel saving in one generation of engine circa 2000, I visited Japan during research seeing the World leading changes after the Kyoto climate summit took place, Aviation was not addressed in the Kyoto Protocol as it was too difficult at the time. (see Archt: Daylight Analysis)

Member of the (IDE) Institute of Digital Engineering

Member of (IDE) Institute of Digital Engineering based at Loughborough University's School of Automotive, Aeronautical, Chemical and Materials Engineering (AACME), which operates a 3D SYSTEMS VIPER Si2™ SLA® SYSTEM for Automotive and Biomedical engineering.

Carbon reduction "Since 2014, thanks to the Rolls-Royce digital twin, 85 million kilograms of fuel, equivalent to $40m, and over 200 million kilograms of  CO2have been saved."

Partner Organisations, Automotive Council UK, Advanced Propulsion Centre and the STFC Hartree Centre.

3D Systems VIPER Si2 SLA System at Weston Beamor

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd.

Had the Great Honor of being invited to visit Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd HQ in Denham. the World renowned Pioneers of the aviation ejection seat who's seats have recorded 7702 lives saved Globally since the first mid-flight ejections by flight test volunteer Bernard Lynch in 1946, today used by British, US, European, Commonwealth and many air-forces across the Globe. (see Med) (see Archt)

Met with some of the Quality team, and looked on the Wall of Fame of the all recorded Ejectee's. to the Best of my knowledge officially classes as a Royal Warrant Officer, where my technical writing was published with the Goldsmiths' Company Royal Charter upholding consumer protection printed on each page.

Distributed parts model

Met Fire service chief training officer at the fire station in the capital city of Trinidad Port of Spain who explained 7 years of drought, part corrosion from pumping salt water from the sea, the Burglar proofing commonly used and the need for a reliable supply chain of spare parts.

The European right to repair directive, became active 22 March 2023 technically repairable under EU law for products including washing machines TV etc to be easily serviced and repaired by consumers, to reduce cost and environmental waste, engineering and design industries aware of the changes for a number of years.

Mastering AM at MTC The National Centre for Additive Manufacturing,

Contacted the director of MTC The National Advanced Manufacturing Centre link and was given the go ahead to contact relevant parties about the Factory In A container Box (FIAB) project link, FIAB is the remote manufacturing of certified parts, using industry 4.0. link which also reduces the carbon footprint of the distribution supply chain. The pandemic then affected the Global supply chain, MTC focused efforts on the design and manufacture of a refrigerated cooling system for COVID 19 Vaccines.

Looked into 3D printing distributed parts model, data security and integrity to produce spare parts as the Pandemic affected the Global supply chain and international boarders locked down. (thanks to MTC for the offer of free training) message from India "the competition winner to design the locking clamps of containers gave the World the patent for free as it was the best design."

MTC Manufacture Technology Centre, met the founder of nTopology and discussed the 3MF file format, optimizing parts for increased strength while reducing weight.

Tools in the Environment of Space

Assisted STFC Space Cluster in develop concept for AM Additive Manufacturing tools, VR Virtual Reality Training in the Environment of Space. Phil Carvil Space and Life Scientist STFC.

Early in my career met an animator who coded organic forms growing on a tree which eventually became smaller than a pixel, who explained to me he was visited by a US Army General who thanked him for he had created the code to free ram used in guidance systems, clean code which free's RAM is the sort after in coding for CAD software which use Workstations with the largest amount of RAM possible to give room for the system to think and avoid system crashes. He warned me, my work would always be of interest to the authorities. who can just take it if they want or they can be polite and give credit.

A Net Zero future

Working towards removing CO2 producing fuels i.e. Natural Gas, Coal and Oil and provide sustainable, renewable energy to the National grid and transportation needs, Rolls Royce unveiled Fusion reactor design development plans to the public. link

Artisan pioneer in high value engineering who received training from Prof of Nuclear physics at Oxford University* (see Arch)

Manufactures summit 2022 A NET ZERO Future


Invited myself to Elutec Academy of design and engineering link, and was given a tour of the new facilities and discussed with the principal the problems they faced starting an engineering apprenticeship collage, its place in the education system and successes stories. Sponsors include the Ford Motor company, which I personally know a senior body work design engineer.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers AIMechE

Member of IMechE Rapid Prototyping Manufactures Association (RPMA) 2003-2005, fellow members included Royal Royce, from demonstrated industry experience, elected by The Trustee Board of the IMechE Institution of Mechanical Engineers link, to the class of Affiliate Member with pathway to full membership and the designation of MIMechE.

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