Innovations in Engineering

Digital design, engineering and AM additive manufacturing

Digital design, engineering and AM additive manufacturing is used today to innovate in many fields from surgical planning to everyday consumer items where it is used to improve esthetics, safety, and reduce tooling costs.

Described as disruptive technologies, with the right planning and investment in training and technology, it can be a new tool in the box to provide new business opportunities, address Lean Manufacturing objectives, and help meet global initiative targets for sustainability, lowering waste and carbon emissions.

Distributed parts model

LFB engine

The water authority described the 7 year of below rainfall, with the approaching pandemic met Fire Service chief training officer in the Capital Port of Spain, Discussing the need to pump Sea Water and the increased corrosion and the importance of reliable supply chain, and the intruder protection commonly used nationally. Sadly a short distance away children passed away locked behind intruder protection.

Looked into 3D printing distributed parts model, data security and integrity to produce spare parts as the Pandemic affected the Global supply chain and international boarders locked down.

East London 2018 Invited Fire Service home inspection, had created multiple copies of windows keys kept around the home, to clear smoke and easy exit. the Fire Chief said it was the smartest thing he had ever heard.

3D Scanning and Reverse engineering

Producing the new parts using Additive Manufacturing, and inspecting the parts for dimensional accuracy and from the CAD data.

Pioneer in Digital Design
Fresh Strawberry, Toddler Bite Marks, Hand Crafted Shark Fin for client Michael Milloy for New York Cat Walk

analysised Storm troopers helmet
Built structured light 3D Scanner, for FEA Finite Element Analysis 3D Printed model from CAD DATA using Cloudcompare EDF R&D

Member of the (IDE) Institute of Digital Engineering

3D Systems VIPER Si2 SLA System

Trained in industry by the head of RP rapid prototyping and material specialist for Red Bull F1 behind their run of championship wins, Institute of Digital Engineering (IDE) based at Loughborough University's School of Automotive, Aeronautical, Chemical and Materials Engineering (AACME), which operates a 3D Systems Viper Si2 for Automotive and Biomedical engineering,

Partner Organisations, Automotive Council UKAdvanced Propulsion Centre and the STFC Hartree Centre.

Carbon reduction "Since 2014, thanks to the Rolls-Royce digital twin, 85 million kilograms of fuel, equivalent to $40m, and over 200 million kilograms of CO2 have been saved."

ACE Architecture Computing and Engineering

While Providing technical support for approximately a thousand ACE Architecture Computing and Engineering students, established (UEL) University of East London Digital Fabrication Lab (DFUEL) which lead to long sort after improvements in workshop H&S.

Building Partners including Autodesk Design Academy providing training in Fusion 360 drone design and Leica Geosystems Architectural 3D laser scanners.

3D printing public pavilion structural components using plastic pellets, Similar projects include humanitarian 3D printing using recycled concrete to build small Public Toilets to help avoid Typhoid and Cholera in flood waters in the Third World.

Helping manufacturing SMEs adopt Industry 4.0

Pointed to the use of IoT internet of things, Industry 4.0 and its use in monitoring workshop Health and Safety, cleaning, preventative maintenance, and servicing of workshop equipment.

Info graphics

Info graphics demystifying the stages of the 3D Printing process, in the shape of a volumetric Pixel, (Voxel) cube used in medical scans i.e. ultrasound DICAM data can be turned into 3d printable CAD model


Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd.

Had the Honor of being invited to visit Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd HQ in Denham. the World renowned Pioneers of the aviation ejection seat who's seats have recorded 7691 lives saved Globally since the first mid-flight ejections by flight test volunteer Bernard Lynch in 1946, met with some of the Quality team, and looked on the Wall of Fame of the all recorded Ejectee's.

Royal British Legions Poppy Lapel

Remeberance day poppies
the Royal British Legion, Metal Poppy pin.

Extremely humbling to have pieces of my work displayed at the centre of IJL International Jewellery London Sept 2016, next to the Royal British Legions metal Poppy Lapel Pin that honors the fallen of our World Wars, commemorating 100 years since the beginning of the battle of the Somme in WWI, made from brass artillery shells cases and soil from the Somme mixed in the enamel. learn more Forces TV link

Hype vs Reality

Japanese Boiler room

Clerkenwell Design Week link talk in the Gallery on 3D printing entitled Hype vs Reality link, meeting a director of BIM Objects link, free library of BIM Building Information Modeling architectural elements and a member of the customization design team for Jaguar Land Rover link.

Royal Charter: The Gold Standard

Page 16 of tech white paper on CAD: Cherry blossom illustration from Visit to Chiyoda City, Tokyo Japan.




Commissioned by Peter Taylor MBE who was the director of training at The Worshipful Company of GOLDSMITHS', two papers one on CAD terminology and the other a Software Matrix which where combined and published as a industry white paper in 2005 industry reference book held in university libraries around the World, and cited by the World Gold Council. industry equivalent to PhD.

Using practical industry experience designed to reduce the steep learning curve by demystify the technical terminology associated with the 3D industry, the jewellery industry was an early adopter of aesthetic digital design, precision engineering and AM Additive manufacturing (3D printing), termed as disruptive technology which helped quietly revolutionise the industry, following the publication The GOLDSMITHS' Centre link was established to provide training and workshop spaces.

High Value Manufacturing

5 stone ring, 3D Systems SLA 0.025mm Beta Test, 2003

Introduced advanced digital manufacturing (ADM) RP Rapid Prototyping using Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) into the production process at Britain's oldest investment casting company in Birmingham England with Investment from the Department of Trade and Industry.

Described as disruptive technology in traditional industry, working closely with master craftsman established the complete production process, then commissioned by the The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths to write White paper on CAD for British Craft industries.




Concept to Reality

The production masters produced are regarded as design classics and have been in production for the past two decades and exported to jewellery retailers in 120 countries, and continue to create UK trade, revenue for the treasury and generate taxes in the local countries.

The first commercially available CAD/CAM "one stop" bureau service in the UK, utilized the technical process I established within high value industry, used by thousands of businesses and students from esteemed colleges and universities including RCA students.


Engine design Rapid Prototyping

Norman Maccallum DSc, left with uncle Alex at the Highland Games (Alex crane operator who built the Early Nuclear Power stations)

Member of IMechE Rapid Prototyping Manufactures Association (RPMA) Shared Engine design Rapid Prototyping research on QuickCast, with Prof Norman MacCallum DSc (family) Engineering at Glasgow University who's pioneering work on heat soakage during gas turbine transients gave him an international profile, through numerous international publications and several contributions to Rolls-Royce.

Norman's work had a direct impact on engine fuel economy and in turn reducing the rate of global warming from aviation one of the highest contributors. turbomachinery and exhaust systems, gas turbine performance in test beds, combustion and gas turbine transient performance, 30% fuel efficiency in one generation of engine in late 1990's.


iMeche Library and Members Hub

From demonstrated industry experience, elected by The Trustee Board of the IMechE Institution of Mechanical Engineers link, to the class of Affiliate Member with pathway to full membership and the designation of MIMechE.

Cloud CAD

Wrote a paper at university on using broadband internet for remote CAD, Cloud computing in 1993* while living behind the CEO of British Telecom BT and on the first exchange to receive ADSL.


Invited myself to Elutec Academy of design and engineering link, and was given a tour of the new facilities and discussed with the principal the problems they faced starting an engineering apprenticeship collage, its place in the education system and successes stories. Sponsors include the Ford Motor company, which I personally know a senior body work design engineer.

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