30 years of ground breaking innovation

Stages of medical model of child size Heart, NFT certified as a unique digital asset using the Hive blockchain, used to build the decentralised Web 3.0. link

Craftsmanship, and Technical Author Goldsmiths' Company London, The Assay Office Hallmarks, consumer protection.

Discriminatory' mental health system overhauled Mental health and Autism (image credit BBC)

Battersea Powerstation
Battersea Powerstation, Professional Health and Safety, Site Training College improving local employment and site safety.

John Robertson an Artisan with 30 years of innovations in ACE Architecture, Computing and Engineering within STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Math, involved in Commercial, Education and Health Care. As an independent consultancy with authentic leadership, our team includes a chartered business manager CMI Chartered Management Institute and IAM Institute of Administrative Management.

John Robertson

Working largely anonymously in industry until In 2019 was Awarded Full Fellowship to the RSA, granted to individuals the RSA judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development, Newspapers describe becoming a full fellow of the RSA as having your name etched alongside past fellows, include Nelson Mandela, Tim Berners-Lee, Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, and David Attenborough.

Introvert before asking how it works, was told to sit in the lobby and talk about Social issues and it would draw people, 40 years they had not addressed the underlying issues in Society, including support for young children with learning disabilities and the discrimination in the mental health system, where they hold lavish banquets to celebrate the highest achievers, "when a society should be judged on how it treats it's most vulnerable."


Inquired about delivering TEDTalks and spoke to local Professors and was told its all commercial In Trinidad.

"I wanted to explain to them its not always about capitalist consumerism, take for example the Anti Cyber Bullying to reduce Teenage Suicides or reform of the Mental Health Act designed to reduce discrimination we have been involved in."

During the Pandemic developed this website to showcase projects we have been involved in and its positive impact on Society.

Thank you to site visitors who have given advise and support, from Legal advice on GDPR etc to useful info for Parents in connection to Cyber Bullying and flagging tech security issues.

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