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K9 dog
Animatronic study of childhood dog, animations using Havok Physics and cloth on NVidia cards direct X, robotic animal in testing in Scottish country side.

Involved in the start of a new art form

Started digital design in the vicarage in Brixton South London the vicars son went on to work for computer games giant US Gold and later Tetras. The vicar I believe became Bishop for the diocese of Southwark.

Interviewed by LWT London Weekend Television in 1983, drawing geometrical patterns at primary School on the Aylesbury Estate close to the Elephant and Castle in Southwark London.

Marvel Comics art ink work compared to the actual size of the Comic Book

At primary school sent a drawing to the British comic 2000 AD at the IPC media group HQ, the next week they published an editorial, saying they wishing to publish drawings but couldn't because some are in pencil and needed to be black ink for the publishing process,

invited to the Comic Book Studio's a short distance from school returning a number of times to meet the artists and shown inside the walk in Camera which transferred their oversized artwork into photo etched aluminum plates for print production, the Victoria and Albert Museum held a retrospective on the history of British graphic novel art of 2000AD.

Attended what Ofsted described as the worst performing sschools in the county that went on to be transformed into the most successful and sort after School in London. “The Kingsdale School transformation is a groundbreaking educational project to reinvigorate a failing institution, recognised by central government as a unique model of national relevance.“ identified as one of the most popular secondary schools in the Country in Aug 2013.

Tower Bridge The future is steeped in the past, mixed digital media AutoDesk 3D Max, Adobe Photoshop illustrator 1999

Print industry training at the London College of Print at the Elephant and Castle, Photoshop illustrator for use with Quark express of publishing.

My mentor Bobby Sharavich the head of the Art department studied with the English painter David Hockney OM CH RA at the Royal College of Art (she was Borough group inspired), The Sixthform art department moved to a dedicated center on Commercial Way, North Peckham estate South London, one of the most deprived residential areas in Western Europe 1989-1991, "where my interest in social issues, including improving housing and local access to education and employment was born"..

As a student was courier of graphic design material to the printers from London to Leeds and back studying on the long train journey. Then Fractal image compression was used to compress extremely large digital images and send them over the early internet with 56k telephone modem connections, So yes everything you see can be reduced to its fractal pattern.


Learned an advanced knowledge of paper and card from school teacher who’s father was in the newspaper industry, working in the creative industry creating paper with custom sub-straights and profiling them manually for print accuracy.

Years of Fine Art Life drawing evening classes on North Peckham and the old Goldsmith College studying human anatomy and postures, male vagrants and students struggling financially. The reason why I can understand posture and its link to the pain it causes.

A photographer in the class had a photographic exhibition in Peckham of daily life in rural Ireland and it was closed down by the authorities as being pro IRA at the heights of censorship. He was exasperated. It now seams a fare cry from the current politics in Ireland.

Morley College
Henry Moore Sculpture Studio

My subjects included Fine Art, Textiles printmaking, Jewellery and Sculpture, and SLR Photography, and trained Camberwell School of Art and at Pelham Hall, Henry Moore Sculpture Studio Lambeth walk, by BBC Doctor Who's FX artist 1960-70 that worked on the Daleks, remember an elderly lady urinating on pieces of copper for surface oxidation tests later published in a book of metal patina.

While at Sir John Cass Uni was commissioned to make unique ear rings for a civil rights activist for the Australian Aboriginal people, and more recently helped launch Caribbean Digital Art Uni department on land donated by the Arawak indigenous peoples of northern South America and of the Caribbean.

Arnold Palmer, Tutor and GOV Educator, A level Jewellery and Sculpture, BTEC in Graphic Design, Commercial Way North Peckham BTEC Higher Nationals vocational skill-based course pathway to higher education. 1989

Arts and Crafts Studies

Attended Central St Martins where the likes of Jarvis Cocker front man of Britpop band Pulp ‘Common People’ and Helen Folasade Adu CBE lead singer of Soul/Jazz band Sade attended a couple years previous, and the music was full of positive Vibes,

The classes on the top floor of the Old Daily Mirror building at Back Hill, Clerkenwell where very small compared to today in Kings Cross, strict selection the year before their where 36 students on the foundation today the numbers are in the thousands, having been invited around the workshops recently ranked second in the World for Art and Design in the 2023 QS World University Rankings® second only to the RCA Royal College of Art.

The London Art School traditionally seen a middle class finishing school for young ladies, I stood shoulder to should with disabled friend who faced financial, physical and mental health issues and discrimination from including slurred speech by elitist over privileged students, showing them by being another class of quality, out of the blue Many Years later was remembered and honored to be invited to his wedding.

The equivalent to a musician from the ghetto at the World’s top music school on the access course asked to preform to the graduating degree students and teach them.

At University I was the only male in the year, studied with international female students not dating any for three years, keeping professional respecting their creativity and intellect.

Animating the the Worlds largest indoor theme part for Japanese entertainment company SEGA.

Personally 3D Modelled the first of its kind projection and video wall and the rest of the interior in DOS software in 1993

Life drawing at Goldsmiths’ College with Disney artists Carlos and the director of British animated children's television series, Roobarb and Custard Bob Godfrey.

DANGER MOUSE Original Official Logo, Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television. (1981-1992) David Jason was the voice of Danger Mouse and Terry Scott voiced Penfold, highest viewing figures in UK when it originally aired. David Jason famous for his role in TV comedy Only Fools and Horses set in Peckham.

Later rewarded myself for upgrading industrial SLA living alone in a new city, I don't drink so didn't go out celebrating alone, instead I spent me small savings on the Original hand painted cell of the Iconic Credits Logo from the Cartoon Danger Mouse, a British animated television series produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television. featuring the eponymous Danger Mouse who worked as a secret agent a parody of British spy fiction, particularly James Bond.

involved in digitizing original art work for Disney, style sheets.

London Graphic Systems supplier to the creative industry 3D printing specialist Covent Garden

“Don’t simply work for others, I have used the creative arts to improve myself and benefit society”

Discovered that is also at the core of Marxism after discovering Carl Marx’s tomb in Highgate cemetery on afternoon walk.

Capitalism has long worked by exploiting creatives, in the past freelance artists where paid a low wage by the hour for work that went on to generate fortunes for the companies they did the work for.

Freelance artists have more legal rights today to the work they produce for corporations.