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Cognitive learning

Having attended the World’s first dedicated centre for child phycology and learning development at GUY’s hospital as a child. See Dyslexia

Alder Hey Children's HospitalA Process of continuous improvement, Cognitive learning to improve current best practice, and sharing what is learned.

i was invited to Advise the Hartree Centre on the design of an App for Alder Hey Children's Hospital the UK's first cognitive hospital, link an entertainment app designed to to keep children occupied and monitor children's wellbeing and physical health during their hospital stay, Simple feedback.

Focusing on Autistic children who may have communication issues or may feel intimidated by medical staff, designed and share best medical practice.

built on IBM Watson – the World’s first commercially available cognitive computing system.

2017 Partnered STFC Sci tech Darsbury International recognized Medical research facilities, who’s Computer scientists wished me to share there work to meet the challenges of our time, see public wellbeing and pandemic

Mini Mouse Style sheet artwork for Disney

Planning rigging, inverse kinetics, boning parents and children

Style sheet Prints, Panton Colour Profiling Digital file, Quality Paper, and printing device really brings out the beauty in colours.

Winnie the Poo murral painted on wall of Emirates Airline emerging technologies managers wall in the UAE

Artwork by Max Calo 2018

As Art and Culture connector, advised on the artwork for the official mascots of the Asian Cup held in the UAE in 2019. Image of Manshour the Official Mascot, checked that in no way Cultural appropriation or insulting as it shows the under side of the shoe, deemed OK as it was an action pose, after hurried calls to the UAE at the early concept stage.

AFC Asian Cup UAE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES legal tender 1 Dirham - Khalifa AFC

Author of White paper on Computer Aided Design CAD for the GOLDSMITHS' COMPANY, inspectors of the work of the Royal Mint, and background Early and Late starter literacy support.

The 2019 AFC Asian Cup was the 17th edition of the men's AFC Asian Cup, the quadrennial international football championship of Asia organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). and held in the United Arab Emirates from 5 January to 1 February 2019.

The last big international sporting tournament shortly before the Pandemic, The defending champions Australia were eliminated by the hosts UAE in the quarter-finals, Qatar gained there first title becoming champions beating Japan in the final. post pandemic Qatar won the 2024 AFC Asia Cup betting Jordan 3 - 1. On 10 Feb 2024.

I have never followed football not getting involved in the team rivalries, my grandmother was a cook in a large Orphanage on the West Coast of Scotland, for the children of Glasgow for various reasons, cannot be cared for by their biological families, and to engage with the Boys she learned the teams and players, never attended a match but kept that interest for life. so encourage you to think of the less fortunate.


Pearl fisher partnership with child Right to Play the installation raised £1 a visitor for organisation Right to Play, which champions the power of play to educate and empower children around the world. link

Epalesy warning

Built time of flight and structured light scanners, scanner calibration grid. Animation kept small to prevent viewer epilepsy trigger.

Digital arts

Life poster The Holstee Manifesto, 10 years on we are united in our differences. quotes for millennials

life poster for studio art worker

CDW design winner design competition winner

Award Winner desk, 3D Printed model and material selection
Clerkenwell design week Studio Furniture design Award Winner, prize was for the concept model to be 3D printed by John Robertson

CDW design winner design competition winner

Award Winner desk, 3D Printed model and material selection
Clerkenwell design week Studio Furniture design Award Winner, prize was for the concept model to be 3D printed by John Robertson

Royal British Legion: Remembrance poppy

Remeberance day poppies
Honor of Work showcased at IJL International Jewellery London next to the Royal British Legion, Poppies commemorating 100 year since the beginning of the Battle of the Somme in WWI. made from shells from the Somme produced by ex colleagues.

Charles D Robertson sketchbook 1909, Saltcoats Scotland, Digitally re-imagined

Digital arts

My Great Grandfather was turn of the twentieth century Scottish Master painter Charles Dolton Robertson who's father was the borough surveyor for Ayrshire, My grandfather after WWI was close friends with the famous tramp who wrote the book explaining the markings the homeless ex-servicemen used on walls of homes in Scotland to inform the next visitor the welcome they would receive i.e. will provide shelter, a meal, beware of the dog, don’t abuse hospitality of kind family.

Shortly after the NURBS core engine in Rhino.2 was acquired by Autodesk Maya for its NURBS modelling Engine. I met the lead animator of the fantasy film Lord of the Rings at his Autodesk MAYA training event in a Cinema in China Town, with Pedro Arroyo, at the time the biggest budget film in history.

Coincidently the co-owner of Western Beamor the jewellery company where i worked was J.R.R. Tulkins godson and produced commemorative rings documented on the BBC east midlands a short distance from the inspiration for the books.

And I was present during production, to MSF Doctors Without BordersMédecins Sans Frontières, Doctors Without Borders anti landmine campaign screened before the Lord of the Rings in Cinemas Globally.

Described as a Digital Guru in the creative industry.

Using render engines since the first ray tracing plug-in for 3D studio, use Maxwell render, V-Ray and Radiance HDR. today know the creators of real-time raytracing software.

NFT Non Fungible Tokens Decentralized web 3.0

Stages of 3D printing Heart model, NFT Showroom Decentralized web 3.0 Uphold Verified Artist Creator link

Decentralized web 3.0 NFT's Creative Artists, Writers, Poets, Film makers and Music artists own the full rights to their content and not internet Corporation Social Media companies including Meta, Google inc which make large amounts of revenue from creative content posted on their platforms, Digital art use NFT non fungible tokens unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain, assigned unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from other tokens. NFT Showroom Decentralized web 3.0 link HIVE Crypto earned while browsing the internet on web 3.0 internet Browser Brave, Uphold verified Artist creator. the value of Crypto can go and down this is not financial advice.

Time of flight 3D scan, USB 3 Windows 8.1 using Kinect SDK

Digital imaging innovation in the Arts

Was at a screening of Square pictures 2001 computer-animated science fiction film directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, Final Fantasy the Spirit within, when it was released at the South Bank, Afterwards walked past Scottish Actor Brian Cox while discussed the future of 3D scanning of Actors likeness and human emotions and its possible future role TV and Film, since we have seen the development of DeepFake technology, its illegal use using the likeness of celebrities to sell porn, and development of digital tools to identify it. see Cyber security Online Safety Bill.


Met the UK Passport identity expert in 2015 and discussed geometry ratio studies of the face from Photo ID and 3d printing, created optimised high detail Virtual Reality model for use with mobile devices, annotations include medical observations i.e. Eye veins and Dilation, small scares, skin conditions, colour accuracy High Dynamic Range HDR Image and lighting

Hollywood Film stars are now stating in their contract clauses that the technology is not used as it highlights where they have undergone cosmetic surgery.

In the past Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) code was used in CAD software to utilise multiple processors, using multi threading cycles, today complex graphics processor hungry tasks including image recognition photogrammetry utilise multi core CPU and GPU cores in modern graphics processors, this example uses Nvidia CUDA cores to increase the thread count the calculations carried out at once greatly reducing processing time.

Graphics processor CUDA, Raytracing or Tensor cores are used for AI image processing.

Technical colour advice to film industry FX artist, Head of 3D Scanning at Pinewood Studios work includes James Bond and Star Wars films to name a few.

Gentle Giant Studios 3D Systems, Canon UK 15 x 5ds cameras and 4 x Rotolights. Based at Pinewood Studios

Who owns the legal rights to your digital twin, alive or dead, Deep faking is being used to create images and video from only a few images while digital tools develop to identity them.

Fine detail Digital Twin online Interactive VR 3D scan with thanks to Cannon UK, and 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios

Met British video game developer Lionhead studio’s limited who where looking to 3D print aviators from within the game title, I attended presentations from top law firms on the IP intellectual property issues relating to 3D printing and creators infringement of rights.

Creating Props from top games titles and selling online the legal responsibility of distributing the files, from hosting company to the content creators,

The lawyers ran out the room when hearing presentations from hobbyists trying to make money online at the time as it’s was a legal minefield of intellectual rights infringements.

With the popularity of custom paint jobs of old little pony models and figures, industry saw an increase in popularity through fan made artwork, breathing new life into older creative IP. Pony creator link

Celebrating LGS’s 21st Birthday

3D printing specialist

3D printing specialist for LGS part of the London Graphic Centre, specialist for the creative industry in London, the Digital Colour management, workflow, and print specialists, Clients included the major Architectural, Automobile, Product and Packaging design studio's and Creative Design and Branding agencies. Held creative industry Lunch and Learn events, talks and was a spokesperson to the media, including the Wall Street Journal, GQ, The Gadget Show and Print industry journalists.

Self portrait 2012 Time of flight 3D Scan for 3D print, the Inspiration for the iMakr MiniYou figurines project

iMakr_3d scan
Photogrammetry 3D Scanner

In partnership with iMakr Ltd consumer retail store, 3D printing Bureau service and production of MiniYou Figurines, models of people and objects that where 3D scanned at luxury department stores John Lewis, Harvey Nickles, Selfridges. 3D printed models included the high profile television presenters in UK, Europe and the most popular to presenter in Latin America.

“His special attention, precision, responsible manner, know - how and willingness to always do what was required to ensure the smooth running of the 3D printing service could be relied upon, for me John really is a 3D printing GURU..." production technician

Students and home Hobbiest, FDM 3D printing has carcinogenic particles equivalent to Teflon frying an egg and needs adequate ventilation, SLA resins are hazardous to the environment and have to be disposed of properly in waste disposal and can cause skin sensitisation and asthma, sintering powders are also harmful and should be used only in controlled workshop environments.

Making the perfect husband the Guardian

Guardian journalist entering scanning photogrammetry booth, the industry standard to create digital twin for film, gaming and museum artifices.

Photogrametry has now become the industry standard in film and Games industry character and object creation.

Could the mini-me make 3D-printing mainstream?
Printing workshop iMakr's arrival in Selfridges signals 3D technology's entry
into the high street

Telegraph At last! A 3D mini-me to put on the mantelpiece Will 3D modelling become the new portraiture? Xanthe Clay discovers an extra dimension to 'selfies’

Digital Colour Management

Trained in digital colour management by the top creative industry experts at LGS London Graphic Systems, (Part of the London Graphic Centre croup in Covent Garden) top DAM Digital Asset Management solution provider to creative industry, work flow. Used by many household names in food and drink packaging design.

Proofing for sign off and digital imaging e.g. Camera's, Monitors, and Printers, Calibration and ICC profiling in the digital workflow, Rip servers, for FOGRA and other sub straights, spot colours and metallics, accurately reproducing colours and brightness values across digital imaging devices, large format printers, digital watermarking, independent of manufactures. Digital colour CIE colour space and daylight brightness values.

"I found John to be very well connected, diligent and knowledgeable. In his role he displayed an excellent ability to communicate and train both our team and clients," "I learned a great deal from John and greatly appreciated his contribution."
Commercial Technical Director

Lego Car and colour swatch, and before and after 3D print

image Credit BAFTA The British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award (The British Academy Award is based on a design by Mitzi Cunliffe)

The BAFTA’s are widely considered as the U.K. equivalent of the Oscars.

Creative industries

Provided Professional 3D Printing technology and tech support to Architects, Engineering companies the film industry Prop makers, design prototypes and awards makers, who design household brands and props which have featured in Hollywood blockbusters.

Met the team who used The Viper Si2 and Clear ACCURA resin to create the orange BAFTA Award The international popular public voted rising star award 2010 Kristen Stewart, star of Adventureland and Twilight. and 2011 Awarded to Tom Hardy for inception link respectively. The award, was created in honour of the late Mary Selway, highly respected casting director.

Fulcrum model makers Client: Orange link care tips: keep away from UV sunlight and high humidity.

Met US television executive who explained they will fund anything from the Caribbean as long as it doesn’t contain Gun violence or Drugs, a sanitized version of reality.

3D Printed Stamp

Royal Mail
Concept Art 3D printed stamp for the Royal Mail CJP ColorJet Printing.

Royal mail Stamp

Working closely with the Head of Design and Editorial at the Royal Mail, produced a prototype to the Worlds first 3D printed Stamps from the original photograph of the plaster cast produced by Arnold Machin in 1966 of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the British definitive stamps, to Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Machin design.

Machin design of the late HRH Queen Elizabeth II

illustrations for industry production, publications and web design, worked closely with Disney style sheet (Original reference Artwork) artist / illustrator Max Calò converting brush and ink artwork of Mini Mouse etc into the digital version for industry reproduction for Disney Paris office.

RIGHT TO PLAY UK LIMITED registered Charity number: 1112404

THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION registered Charity number: 219279