Innovations in ArtScience


Invited to be on MANGA's expert panel on the future of Robotics design after the screening of Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion at the CURZON Cinema in SOHO.


Met the lead FX artist for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, at his MAYA industry training event at the Prince Charles Cinema, China Town London.

3D Scanning and reverse engineering

Met the UK Passport identity expert in 2015 and discussed geometry ratio studies of the face, created optimised high detail Virtual Reality model for use with mobile devices, annotations include medical observations i.e. Eye vains and Dilation, small scares, skin conditions, colour accuracy High Dynamic Range HDR Image and lighting.

Fine detail Digital Twin online Interactive VR 3D scan with thanks to Cannon UK, and 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios link

Hollywood Film stars are now stating in their contract clauses that the technology is not used as it highlights where they have undergone cosmetic surgery.

3d scanning booth
MiniYou Digital Twin Photogrametry rig at iMakr 2014

Technical colour advice to film industry FX artist, Head of 3D Scanning at Pinewood Studios work includes James Bond and Star Wars films to name a few.

Creative industries

Provided Professional 3D Printing technology and tech support to Architects, Engineering companies the film industry Prop makers, design prototypes and awards makers, who design household brands and props which have featured in Hollywood blockbusters.

Dental device, Micro SLA model, 3D scan of Henry VIII Crown by CRDM (partner) for the Crown Estates. 2cm Diameter

NFT Rare Digital Art

Gallery of some of Rare Digital Art link with identity verified and NFT certified as a digital asset to be unique using the Hive blockchain, which is being used to build the decentralised Web 3.0. link

Stages of making a Micro SLA 3D Print of infant size Heart

Early work

Study from my Great Grandfathers sketchbook 1909, Saltcoats Scotland, Borough surveyor for Ayrshire, my grandfather went on to donate the ground floor of his home in Saltcoats to the British Red Cross and today it is the NHS volunteer centre HQ for Ayrshire in Scotland.

Still from 1999 Animation

Attended Central St Martins and Sir John Cass / Guildhall University and provided technical support to graduates of Royal College of Art.


K9 Model, Animatronics, (circa 2000)


Artwork by Max Calò

Cultural and creative advise on the artwork for the official mascots of the Asian Cup held in the UAE in 2019, i.e. the image of Manshour the Official Mascot checked, that it is not in anyway insulting as it shows the under side of the shoe, an old cultural disrespect it was deemed OK as it was an action pose.

Médecins Sans Frontières: Anti Landmine campaign

Winnie the Poo I painted on wall of emerging tech managers wall in the UAE

In the darkness of a Dubai film studio witnessed the director self produce MSF Médecins Sans Frontières Anti Landmine campaign (UN Ottawa Treaty) finishing post production, The Add went on to be screened Globally before Lord of the Rings in Cinemas.

3D printing for Amputees*

Professional service

Personally providing Professional 3D printing Technology, Training, Consumables and Technical support to iMakr the Worlds Largest consumer 3D Printing retail store Printing services, 3D printing model network and 3D print media and industry Awards. established 2013.

Jan Miynarcik, 3D printing CAD technician at IMakr. link

"the iMakr store I found I could really on his positive proactive approach to solving whatever problems I faced as they occurred.

His special attention, precision, responsible manner, know-how and willingness to always do what was required to ensure the smooth running of the 3D printing service could be relied upon, for me John really is a 3D printing GURU.."

3D printing specialist

3D printing specialist for LGS part of the London Graphic Centre specialist for the creative industry in London, the Digital Colour management, workflow, and print specialists, Clients included the major Architectural, Automobile, Product and Packaging design studio's and Creative Design and Branding agencies including WPP Ltd.

Self portrait 2012 3D Scan for 3D print, the Inspiration for the iMakr MiniYou figurines project

Held creative industry Lunch and Learn events, talks and was a spokesperson to the media, including the Wall Street Journal, GQ, The Gadget Show and Print industry journalists.

Guardian news
The Guardian newspaper, the model husband link

In partnership with iMakr Ltd consumer retail store, 3D printing Bureau service and production of MiniYou Figurines, models of people and objects that where 3D scanned at luxury department stores John Lewis, Harvey Nickles, Selfridges.

Jon Richardson (left) 8 Out of 10 Cats is a British comedy panel show broadcast on Channel 4


Designed and 3D printed of prototype Stamps for the Royal Mail.

Promoting Digital Colour Accuracy.

3D specialist for LGS London Graphic Systems leading supplier to the creative industry in London, received Digital colour management training from technical director with 21 years experience, the founder of LGS.

Primarily used in the creative industries, colour management has an important role in Photography, Publishing, Packaging, Product, Fashion design and medical imaging for precision imaging and colour accuracy.

Colour Gamets
CYMK 3D print in Colour Gamets 3D Space

Every digital imaging device has its own unique colour profile a three dimensional shape for the colours that it produces, colour management adjustments output to reproduce the required colour values.

The Adobe 1998 ICC profile was designed to encompass most of the colors achievable on CMYK color printers, using RGB primary colors on a device such as a computer display.


© Disney

illustrations for industry production, publications and web design, worked closely with Disney style sheet (Original reference Artwork) artist / illustrator Max Calò converting brush and ink artwork into the digital version for industry reproduction for Disney Paris office.

Digital publishing

Lego sample model 3D printed on Projet 660 Pro

Attended an industry Adobe Photoshop and illustrator course at the London College of Print in the 1990's, and was interviewed by the print industry publication, Print Week magazine in 2014 on full Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black CYMK 3D printing.

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