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Preparing to Teach Lifelong Learner Sector PTLLS

Good Work Guild the RSA & Autodesk “Make Anything” is Autodesk's tagline.

Good Work Guild 2021

Joined the Good Work Guild a diverse global network of Fellows working to tackle the most pressing issues related to economic security and labour-market transforming technologies, and Developed this site to share the innovations I have been involved in and hopefully encourage and inspire others

Blended education and commercial

3D printed the presentation model of the founder of UTT Professor Kenneth S. Julien. for 2021 launch of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) TTAP Factory (Tamana Technology & Animation Production Factory), The most advanced blended education and commercial facility in animation in the Caribbean and Central American region.

Watch Wendy Fitzwilliams present the Official Launch of TTAP Factory, I Received Special Thanks in the Credits for supporting the Launch.

Developed by Camille Abrahams and the Ministry of Education for UTT BFA Bachelors of Fine Art in Digital Media Arts in partnership with Anime Caribe which is celebrating its 22nd Anniversary in 2023.

An outsourcing centre for audio-visual, and digital services for the entertainment and ICT sectors, Providing employment to graduates of BFA in Digital Media Arts and promoting economic growth for SME businesses, with support from the Inter-American Development Bank.

New UTT University of Trinidad and Tobago Tamana Campus mix use Educational, Gov and Commercial, building displaying sunlight and rainfall management design see architectural

Business studies startups

Presentation to university business studies students on Startup’s developing design ideas into manufacturing, marketing campaigns online retail sales etc..

Accredited education supplier

Accredited education suppler to The GOLDSMITHS' Centre.

Accedited Supplier

ACE Architecture Computing and Engineering

Student Thank you
Final year architect studying under course lead working for Zaha Hadid Architects.

Final year Architecture student spent summer in Havana Cuba surveying historic buildings, found file compatibility issues (solved)

“One of two technicians myself and a PhD student working on his own project supporting to UEL School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE) and the Arts department for Approx 1000 students, students represent over 160 different nationalities from across the globe, diversity in Race, religious denomination, disability and sexuality” John Robertson

3D printing public pavilion, ABB - G-code to RAPID code

“As a Design Mentor Arranged with the Autodesk, Inc Education manager for EMEA - Europe, Middle East and Africa for free on sight Fusion 360 training to be delivered to students and academic staff at UEL University of East London.” John Robertson

Robot tool end
ABB Robotics

Civil Volunteering stand

“Involved in Establishing Digital Fabrication University of East London (DFUEL) Lab launched May 2018. while working on long sought after improvements in workshop improvements in H&S to HVAC standards. lecturers and approx a thousand students, 3D printing, and developing online training courses Local SME small and medium sized enterprises to have access to technology and build the local economy..” John Robertson

Award-winning architecture department which enjoys an international reputation for excellence, in 2022 Architecture ranked the highest in London for overall student satisfaction. UEL ranks first in London for student satisfaction in architecture in 2022.

King Charles receives a gift from Irfana Kottikulam-Aboobacker in 2023 on the 125th anniversary of UEL

Refugee Maker Space

The Innocent are affected the most in times of conflict at the moment in the Ukraine, Israel and Gaza in Palestine reminds us for Engineers in maker communities to support refugee projects with grass root training and provide humanitarian aid and Medical support. i.e. projects to build prosthetic limbs link including Open bionics link and example below.

Refugee Maker Space

Sept 2015 sent training material to the organisers establishing a Maker Space for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs for the 80 thousand+ amputees from the conflict in Syria, in the Worlds largest refugee camp located in Jordan. refugee openware link

Middle East Maker Space

The stages of 3D Printing

Design and 3d printing
Stages of the 3D Printing process in the shape of a volumetric Pixel, (Voxel) cube used in medical scans i.e. ultrasound DICAM data can be turned into 3d printable CAD model. See Medicaltech

Supporting Startups

Became a 3D Printing Mentor at Google Campus for Startups since 2014, where I Met the 3D Hubs founder Filemon Schöffer a descendant to the engineer who built Guggenheim press, the Printing Press. After discussing my technical white paper inspired him to write the 3D Printing Hand Book published in 2017.

3D printing handbook

3D Printing Rules in CAD design

Magazine article 3DMake & Print

LGS 3D Systems Projet 660pro at iMakr

Schools health and safety accredited

Schools Health and Safety Accredited with D&T The Design and Technology Association.


Invited myself to Elutec Academy of design and engineering link, and was given a tour of the new facilities and discussed with the principal the problems they faced starting an engineering apprenticeship collage, meeting the Head and at a meeting with the dean of the local university UEL opened doors, the dean is a consultant with Ford motors.

at first they where sent student from a local region who didn’t fit into the academic education system.

Improving their place in the education system and successes stories. The college is Sponsored by the Ford Motor company, which I personally know a senior body work design engineer who’s an trainer for Ford.

Schools Skills training

Was sent into struggling secondary school in Enfield area of London where Sir Jony Ives HonFREng RDI former chief design officer for Apple inc was raised, servicing and demonstrating workshop equipment, one of best pieces of design equipment had not worked for 7 years and within 15 min back operational needing termination, transforming educational outcomes.

Standing between female teachers and boys tools who had been expelled for drug dealing and allowed to take their practical exam in the workshop.

Skills training

FDM part assembly
FDM Part assembly for chair prototype

While working in industry was supplying surplus Art materials and requested find a home for traded-in devices i.e. the Zcorp CJP printer at Zaha Hadid a home in a deprived secondary school.

the IfL Institute for Learning

Voluntary member of the IfL Institute for Learning, teaching life long learners.

Reforming young offenders through animation.

Was technical assisted to Animator, who's work in the Prison system reforming offenders through animation, a creative outlet and a way to communicate their ideas and stories through the arts.

Recently saw a picture of her with Sri Lankan writer Shehan Karunatilaka celebrating his 2022 Booker Prize win for The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida.

Goldsmiths company
The GOLDSMITHS' COMPANY Royal Charter. Charity number: 1175593

Supporting the Craft industries

Commissioned by Peter Taylor MBE who was the director of training at The Worshipful Company of GOLDSMITHS', two papers designed to demystify technical terminology associated with the CAD industry Improving scientific and engineering literacy for national industry, and a Software Matrix which where combined and published as a industry White paper in 2005, reference book held in University libraries around the World.

Referenced by World Gold Council as an Authority (2009). Gold: Science and Applications. Florida: CRC Press. 214.

Using practical industry experience designed to reduce the steep learning curve by demystify the technical terminology associated with the 3D industry, the jewellery industry was an early adopter of aesthetic digital design, precision engineering and AM Additive manufacturing (3D printing), termed as disruptive technology which helped quietly revolutionise the industry, following the publication The GOLDSMITHS' Centre link was established to provide training and workshop spaces.


The first part of a two White paper series on Digital technology the second was on the current 3D printing technology in 2005 written by Frank Copper, Associate Head for Industry and Enterprise Birmingham City University School of Jewellery also Centre for Digital Design and Manufacturing.

“Even those of us who have a little knowledge in relation to the subject are still often baffled by the terms used by the salesmen who wish to encourage us to take on board their particular product. This report will, we hope, provide the reader with a basic guide to which they can refer when faced with this situation and allow them to ask the pertinent questions that will allow them to arrive at a meaningful decision when considering purchasing software.” Peter Taylor MBE

The Goldsmiths' Company carry out one of the oldest judicial procedures in the United Kingdom, 775 years of consumer protection The Trial of The Pyx. inspect the coins of the Royal Mint, since 1248 The modern Trial is conducted in accordance with the Coinage Act of 1971.
This year included limited edition coin designs that cover themes from the 75th Anniversary of the NHS National Health Service, and J.R.R Tolkins Lord of the Rings.

Assay office testing Coins produced by the Royal Mint

No Goldsmith shall henceforth make or cause to be made any manner of vessel, jewel or any other thing made of Gold or Silver, except it be of true alloy… Statute of King Edward I in 1300 AD (28 Edw. I c.20)

As a Pioneer in High value manufacturing, I introduced Rapid Prototyping, production master maker into one of Europe's largest Platinum jewellery casting companies, WB Western Beamor that today have on site Birmingham Assay office independently hallmarking items.

Produced the fundamentals collection of wedding rings a collection seen as modern classics, which have been supplied to retailers Globally for two decades, generating local sales tax helping pay for local services. and spawned many imitations.

Trading standards

Wedding ring London Assay Office Hallmarks, independently tested Guarantees that it conforms to all legal standards, where the piece was hallmarked, what the article is made from, and who sent/Maker of the article for hallmarking and year.

Assay office Hallmark punch

Trading standards

Hallmarking one of the oldest official mark of authenticity.

legislation has been refined over many centuries and is now so sophisticated that it permits a classification of fake items. The hallmark itself also plays a unique role with scientific testing and connoisseurship in the detection of fakes.

i.e. “providing Trading standards training to identify market suspected Chinese suppliers items falsely branded with trademarks, such as Tiffany, Chanel and Links of London for around £25 per item.” “The jewellery was not sterling silver despite appearances but was actually base metal vastly inferior to the genuine article.”

Today the role continues to support charity causes being the venue for the Hardman Trust Awards. former prisoners striving to re-enter society. And host of Unlocked Annual Lecture focussing on building a movement for change within the prison sector. See MedicalTech mental health reform and Educational background Dyslexia

Benchmarking: Sharing good work practices Globally.

Commercial Industry often strictly Guards its Research, for the competitive advantage, and industry can often suffer, where non competing companies repeat the same costly trials and failures. Important developments are shared globally through University and Government industry bench-marking building on the good practice, making improvements which are shared for the good of global industry, which are often turned into documentaries to inform and enlighten the public on current developments.

Input in international bench marking reports and sharing good working practice. including America, Australia, Mexico, Japan.

Wise campaign

Wise Campaign
Supporter of the WISE campaign

Training in schools and universities Support diversity in STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math coming from a predominantly female industry knowing the high level of skill and talents, UK woman in STEM has risen to 16% after years of campaigning, to increase inclusion and diversity.

In the UK 18% belong to a black, Asian, mixed or other ethnic group (2021 Census data). And An estimated 3.3% of the UK population aged 16 years and over identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) in 2022

Supported charities through good Works

The Goldsmiths’ Company Registered Charity No: 1175593 (Education and support the Crafts industry)

THE GOLDSMITHS CENTRE Registered Charity No: 1120113 (Training of the crafts)

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JEWELLERS EDUCATIONAL TRUST. Registered Charity No: 1040651 (Education and Benevolent society)

The RSA (THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE) Registered Charity No: 212424 (National improvements Society, Social Causes)