Innovations in Food and Drink

Nutritional studies

Hospital nutritional studies prove health is closely linked to diet, the sugar TAX introduction in UK 2018 on sweetened carbonated drinks, designed by World Health Organisation WHO to lower Obesity and Cancer rates Nationally.

Propose to use the revenue generated from the sugar tax is used to fund national Argri production (STFC Hartree Argi food security call) to provide healthy free school meals, which I have personally witnessed in School Breakfast clubs, improve students concentration and Educational outcomes, as its often the only meal a child has throughout the day.

Nutritional studies

GP's are already seeing an increase in signs of malnutrition in children in the cost of living crisis, as families become more reliant on cheaper proceed foods.

London's mayor Sadiq Khan is providing £130m for free primary pupils meals extended to include holidays, expected to save families approx £440 per child over the year. (see Wellbeing)

High Sugar drinks on super market shelves

Food industry Benchmarking

Corporate industry research and development is strictly guarded for the competitive advantage, this can greatly hinder industry and society i.e. a company solves a common problem that's faced in food hygiene and creates a good practice which could benefit industry as a whole but would prefer to watch none competing companies fail in their attempts, this shared those good practices Globally.

Food and Drink industry

Beta tester for IC3D advances in packaging design software and advances in print technology, used in development and visualisation of food and drink packaging i.e printing Gold and Silver metallics embossing and debossing cardboard packaging for premium whisky's, flexible crisps and chocolate bags, cartons, labels and shrink rap, point of sale design and shelving arrangement, using real time raytracing of products and store interiors.

Bottle modeled for Lord Karan Bilimoria's Cobra Beer company showing the Indian Gurkha family design on the bottle for Channel 4 film festival. glass Cobra snake emerges through bottle.

Cobra Beer
Cobra Beer Bottle (2005) drink sensibly

Packaging Plastics

Their are approximately 6000 new chemical combinations in household products each year, which can trigger health conditions i.e. Asthma and skin conditions Etc. brands share their product formulas with each other for testing to minimize the risk to the public.

Hormone imbalance was once between a patient and their doctor, safe human exposure levels where set in the 1950's when little to nothing was known by science of human thresholds, Farming and Agri practices to the contraceptive pill passing into the water supply and plastic food and drink packaging BPA (bisphenol A) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate), trigger estrogen like hormone which can affect the fetus, reducing daily exposure can help reduce menopause symptoms.

Child development* Personlised care*

Bottle Mock Up for Labels

Food Security

ingredients testing of imported products which have ISO 9001 cert traceability for the largest supplier to Asian Super Markets and restaurants, and national safety recalls i.e cigarette butts found in rice bails, Soy source containing sulfuric acid etc. insert Facebook, Instagram photograph of a plate of food.

Identifiying compostable plastics

03/03/22 attended Trinidad National Trading Standards Virtual meeting on draft for Food Packaging Compostable Plastics, asking for easy Identification labeling for separating waste plastics, and sent information on the estrogen like hormone given off by plastic food packaging which affect humans and studies of their alternatives.

Food industry Benchmarking

Industry expert M.S.W. Associates, Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Association BCCCA international Bench-marking for British Gov, from Australia, Japan to Mexico. sharing best practices in hygiene and health and safety. Food factory layout design and return of investment.

Cultural Revolution

When the USSR starting opening to the West, Promoted November Beer from Moscow Brewery, named after the month in 1989 the Berlin wall fell, packaging designed in a Russian Revolution style, and Advertising included Moscow Emergency services surrounding a Statue in Moscow and a respected Russian Actor at the top of a high ladder holding a beer bottle to the Sky. (regional improvements included foil seal on bottle top)

Cannabis industry

As with many countries the US is ending cannabis prohibition, and Caribbean countries are preparing to meet that demand, after seeing an image created by a US Cannabis Marketing company, contacted the CEO and reminded him of their responsibility as an industry, to prevent religious and racial discrimination or glamorise drug use, and clear labeling and warning of the potential health risks.

Their is a need for clear warnings as with anything for human consumption which are regulated because of potential health risks: research carried out by the charity Rethink mental illness proved the link between THC in cannabis and psychosis which include paranoid delusions, commonly treated today in psychiatric departments. (see Wellness)

Children with learning disabilities can be influenced by glamorous marketing and be attracted to drug use before they fully developing. (see medical) (see Wellness)

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