Innovations in Food and Drink

Food industry Benchmarking

Partner Industry expert M.S.W. Associates, Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Association BCCCA international Benchmarking for British Gov, from Australia, Japan to Mexico. sharing best practices in hygene and health and safety. Food factory layout design and return of investment.

Findings: Corperate industry research and development is strickly guarded for the competative advantage, this can greatly hinder industry and soceity i.e. a company solves a common problem thats faced in food hygene and creates a good practice which could benifit industry as a whole but would prefer to watch none competing companies fail in their attempts. this shared those good practices Globally.

3D Printing Chocolate

3D Printing Chocalate Molds Case Study page 2

Food and Drink industry

Beta tester for advances in food packaging the hardware and design software, used in development and visualisation of food packaging including cardboard boxes, flexibles, bottles, cartons and labels and shrink rap and metallic foils, point of sale design and shelving arrangement and real time raytracing of product packaging and store interiors.

Cobra Beer
Cobra Beer Bottle (2005) drink sensibly

Bottle modeled for Lord Karan Bilimoria's Cobra Beer company showing the Indian Gurkha family design on the bottle for Channel 4 film festival.

Food Security

ingredients testing of imported products which have ISO 9001 cert tracability for the largest supplier to Asain restraints and Super Markets, and national safety recalls i.e cigerette butts found in rice bails, Soya source containing sulphuric acid etc. insert Facebook, Instagram photograph of a plate of food.

Food and plastics

03/03/22 attended National Trading Standards Virtual meeting on draft for Food Packaging Compostable Plastics, asking for easy Identification labeling for separating waste plastics, and sent information on the estrogen like hormone given off by plastic food packaging which affect humans and studies of their alternatives.

Bottle Mock Up for Labels

Cannabis industry

As with many countries the US is ending cannabis prohibition, and Caribbean countries are preparing to meet that demand, after seeing an image created by a US Cannabis Marketing company, contacted the CEO and reminded him of their responsibility as an industry, to prevent religious, and racial discrimination or glamorise drug use, clear labeling and warning of the potential health risks that it can cause as with anything for Human consumption which are regulated, they will not only be seen in their domestic market.

Children with learning disabilities can be influenced by glamorous marketing and be attracted to drug use before they fully developing.

Child development and learning development.*

Their is a need for clear warnings as with anything for human consumption which are regulated because of potential health risks: research carried out by the charity Rethink mental illness proved the link between THC in cannabis and psychosis which include paranoid delusions, commonly treated today in psychiatric departments.

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