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Food industry Benchmarking

Involved in Food industry Benchmarking with Industry expert M.S.W. Associates, British Food and Drink federation Bench-marking for British Gov, from Australia, Japan to Mexico and America. sharing best practices in hygiene and health and safety.

"Turtle" Official Present to my family from Australia for Food industry bench marking 2001,

Food industry Benchmarking Findings

Corporate industry research and development is strictly guarded, this can greatly hinder industry and society i.e. a company solves a common problem faced in food hygiene and creates a good practice which could benefit industry as a whole but would often prefer to watch non competing companies fail in their attempts, for a small competitive advantage, this shared good working practices Globally.

Food factory layout design and return of investment, Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Association BCCCA international and CABATEC distance learning chocolatier training for the staff for the confectionery industry.

Innovation Creating chocolate Mini-You’s.

iMakr 3D Printing Case Study page 2

iMakr Partnership with Rococo Chocolates, successful in creating chocolate Mini-You's Over Easter.

“The Chocolate Mni-You's were a great success for both us and Rococo” and generated a lot of interest from public and Press alike, Our chocolate Mini-You's were featured in the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard. We Simply Would not have been able to create this Product, Nor Generate this Level of exposure without the Projet 660.”

Partner with National Food safety Expert

Prof M Whieldon Associates Food Safety Auditing and HACCP a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

Health and safety ingredients testing of imported containers, products with ISO 9001 traceability certificate, Allergy, Suitability information i.e. Vegan, Coeliac, lactose intolerant and those adhering to their Faith, Halal Cert i.e halal humanely slaughtered and not containing pork or alcohol, for one of the largest Food service companies in the UK supplying over 3,500 specialist and general food ingredients from around the World supplied wholesale to European, Asian, Middlle East, Afican and South American restaurants, hotels, catering facilities and ingredient for food manufacturers for the major super markets.

Nutritional studies

Hospital nutritional studies prove health is closely linked to diet, the sugar TAX introduction in UK 2018 on sweetened carbonated drinks, designed by World Health Organisation WHO to lower Obesity and Cancer rates Nationally.

GP's are already seeing an increase in signs of malnutrition in children in the cost of living crisis, as families become more reliant on cheaper proceed foods.

London's mayor Sadiq Khan is providing £130m for free primary pupils meals extended to include holidays, expected to save families approx £440 per child over the year. (see Wellbeing)

High Sugar drinks on super market shelves

Many countries that have introduced suger tax on unhealthy soft drinks etc, which can be used to generate funds for free school meals to start poorer children’s day improving educational outcomes paying local farmers to produce healthy crops, reducing transport costs and co2 map of countries with Suger Tax link


The School where i worked had a free Breakfast food club for the students, so the students didn't start the day struggling with concentration from hunger and staff where on hand to assist with home work club, that parents maybe unable to help with, improving grades.

Healthy start

Breast Feeding Medal, for new Mum's commissioned by Caribbean breast feeding councilor foil sticker for certificate title “the Bond”

Trained in engraving by the master engraver who hand made plates for the Bank notes for the Bank of England. Design for certificates for new mothers when they complete breast feeding training course in the Caribbean. self funded the specialist staff some with 16 years experience were made redundant, after high adoption rates of breast feeding with new mothers.

Importance of good early Nutrition

Pregnancy and early child development and the importance to good nutrition, the Un fund projects to improve nutrition, Global Research shows there is a link between famine in the modern age and a rise in mental health issues two generations afterwards, Israel had the holocaust, the Soviet republic of Ukraine had Holodomor, Ireland had the potato famine, China had the great famine and the UK had WWII food rationing.

3D printed Bottle Mock Up for labels

Plastics and food packaging

Plastics have been in the food chain since the 1940’s food and drink packaging exposure can seep Bisphenol-A an estrange like hormone into what we consume, Safe levels where set in the 1950’s when little was known, theycan have an impact on the menopause in women, avoiding plastic packaging, removing the packaging when arriving home and looking for BPA free water and drinks bottles to can help reduce exposure and help balance hormones.

Sent information on alternative to BTA plastics to trading standards when they where reviewing clear labelling on packaging and shopping bags de-compostable plastics.

For example the European Union blocked US imports of morpholine or other amines as a coating of fruit including apples since 2011.

Packaging Design

Beta tester for packaging design software and advances in print technology, used in development and visualisation of food and drink packaging i.e printing Gold and Silver metallics embossing and de-bossing cardboard packaging in premium drinks packaging, flexible crisps and chocolate bags, cartons, labels and shrink rap, point of sale design and super market shelving arrangement, using real time raytracing of products and store interiors.

Roland flex pack and Metalics colour printing

3D models that are converted into flat card cut and crease fold lines in Matalic inks silver and Gold on multiple substrates.

Note. Anime and gaming cosplay fans use Japanese software Pepakura to built costumes celebrating the Characters they admire out of card and foam.

Packaging mock-up with Pantone, cut and crease

Cobra Beer
Cobra Beer Bottle (2005) Softimage ISX

Modeled using Softimage ISX for Pedro Arroyo Head of Brand Marketing for Cobra Beer, Channel 4 film festival Cobra snake emerges through bottle. design of cobra bottle contains Symbols from Lord Karan Bilimoria's fathers career Lt. General FN Bilimoria's battalion 2/5 Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force) drink sensibly.

Bottle stopper Micro SLA prototype

Formula milk

Interviewed by Australian radio in what’s started in a light hearted covert off the cuff recording at the Rugby 7's, Dubai with rugby fans wearing the new Scotland football shirt in 2000 on the subject of breast feeding Formula milk, it had to be recorded twice as the station was concerned about law suits.. what I was saying was recently fully substituted with medical research recently published "Little evidence to support health claims made on formula milk" link

Extract of un-broadcast interview “West Africa has some of the lowest Breast feeding rates in the World, influenced by unhealthy Western lifestyle, formula milk was poured into the thickest plastic shopping bags in the World in an attempt to stop it spilling on the airport floor on route to African countries without Formula distribution agreements. and bulked out, cut with? soon lactation stops and the baby becomes dependent on Formula.”

Something light hearted

Asked for a joke, a dietary study at a university was taking place and the car was broken into and study bags where stolen little did the thrives know the bags contained the subjects stools.

Stain removal

Resized detergent bottle

IGES CAD model of detergent bottle for 3D printing

Had a presentation from chief scientist at Unilever on the process of modelling viscosity of the liquid to design the detergent bottles and how the formulas is safety tested.

Cultural Revolution

After the reunification of German with the fall of the Berlin wall, and collapse of the former USSR The Soviet Union, Promoted Beer from the Moscow Brewery, close to the Ministry of Sound the beer was named after the month in 1989 the Berlin wall fell, packaging design was inspired by Russian abstract design, and cinema Advertisement included the Moscow Fire service encircling a well known Statue in central Moscow with a highly respected Russian Actor a top a fire ladder holding a beer bottle to the Sky. (regional improvements included foil seal on the bottle top to improve hygiene in transportation)

Old friend of the son of the founder of the British Communist party, who spent his childhood with his father being arrested every time there was Union activity in the UK.

Asked to become involved in innovations in car design the oil price reached $1 a barrel, as the drive to replace focal fuels increased, Russias invasion of the Ukraine, triggered a global energy crisis raising oil prices and as the wheat basket of Europe and Africa a food crisis raising the cost of living crisis. As transport and manufacturing and ingredance became more expensive,

try to avoid wheat in your diet and you will find it in nearly every packaged food.

Something light hearted

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