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Hospital of the future

Technology New scientist magazine described as “hospital of the future” link. Nov 2023

Quality of life, numerous medical Innovations

"In the hands of an Artist" Lee Dockstader head of 3D Systems Medical division

2017 Partnered STFC International recognized Medical research facilities, who Computer scientists wished me to share there work to meet the challenges of our time.

below are two of the largest overhauls of the legal systems to safeguard the most vulnerable in society.

Jan 1, 1983 is considered the official birthday of the Internet, cyber bullying and illegal images of victims have been traded online for the past 30+ years, technology and the law is catching up with illegal content and the psychological harm caused to its victims, sedation for the trauma experienced where once the only cause of action. the Online Safety Bill became Law on 26th Oct 2023 in the United Kingdom. See online Safety

reform of the Mental health act 1983,  40 years on 26th Oct 2023

Mental Health reform

My Wife is a remarkable woman continues the long history of Caribbean pioneers in medical care. She ran the Mental Health personalisation pilot in East London, a known area of serous concern and core to reform of the Mental Health Act. Mental Health Act Reform - addressing Race and Ethnic Inequalities, the disparity in race and disability.

A chartered manager in Administrative management, and Leadership for health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services, delivery and administration for children and young people with mental health, autism spectrum, learning disability, adults with drug and alcohol misuse and mental health diagnosis.

Involved in the personalisation pilot designed to improve Mental Health care in the UK, safeguarding those who find themselves at a crisis point in their lives, core of Mental Health act and Criminal Justice System reform in England, set out in the Queen’s Speech 2022. still to gain Royal Assent.

Mass medical personalisation of personal health care for improved public well-being. Personalisation gives the patient /service user greater rights to choose how personal care funding is spent and there activities etc reducing institutionalisation. or institutional syndrome which refers to deficits or disabilities in social and life skills, which develop after a person has spent a long period living in mental hospitals, prisons or other remote institutions.

Some of the improvements include addressing discrimination, families being given greater rights to the care of autistic children.

Addressing the historical and well publicised  political abuses in psychiatry i.e China and US holding Muslims in camps without trial, in the McCarthy ira communist faced forced treatment, the same happened in the USSR, service users are able now to elect a trusted advocate to act in there best interest, and have a choice in therapies, and prompter treatment of prisoners.

It may surprise you that personalisation in care services in mental heath is not already a universal human right, addressing discrimination in health care, and the criminal justice system.

Research presentation on diversity in healthcare. 2018

Healthcare diversity in the England NHS work force 78% of employees are white, 5% black or mixed and 8% Asian.

The Gov national audit designed to address wage disparity carried out by PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers on BAME Black, Asian Minority Ethnic showed an average 10% wage gap in the national work force for the same job.

Post Pandemic

There was hype and hysteria surrounded the Pandemic, the last public health report 51.% where fully vaccinated. May 2023, as the NHS advised the mortality rate of a bad flu season was approx 3% of those infected.

As a small island international isolation was simple, Lock-down was early and measures were prolonged and draconian, all non essential businesses and schools closed the only access to learning was distance learning, 2 years international and social isolation where countries including Ghana had two weeks or less. The words of popular Soca ”it’s safe on the inside i an’t going outside”

the public avoided treatment sites in case of contact, At the end of the SoE State of Emergency of Emergency, Volunteered at multiple local health events offering free health screening to the public to improve health and well-being, in community centers organized by the SDA community hospital. an NGO non governmental organisation non profit private hospital opened in 1962, to supplement the two national hospitals the year of independence.

(some questioned why volunteer to be around sick people)

Post Pandemic to improve public health and well-being Medical professionals, Carrying out free health screening and vitals in Community Centers some in the more deprived areas across the region.

health fares reported that the Global Higher temperatures had affected many, high temperatures can lead to hypertension raised blood pressure avoiding drinks that are diuretic cause dehydration Alcohol and Caffeine, Energy drinks and carbonated soft drinks etc, and keeping Hydrated by drinking water can help reduce hypertension and the risk of Hypertensive heart disease that can happen when your high blood pressure (hypertension) is un-managed.

A pandemic originating from Asia was an eventuality taught to us at school, Asian communities suffered from a backlash in the following global Mental Health crisis, See Mental Health Act reforms, and stop online Cyberbullying, see Cybersecurity.

Post Pandemic

As soon as I arrived in Trinidad I was asked to volunteer ideas to help solve the many social problems by their university prof's and scientists involved in education, advising authorities and policy makers and inform the public.

years in a prison like environment at the hands of hustlers, gang-master and there connections with local professionals, Living through many adversities, at first one was looking get his friend out of the cells, then wanting to use my name as a front to dubious business activity, there is no extortion unit to the police. police quoted as saying a old man looking for drug money where everyone knows or are related to one another  observe everything. who learn Intolerable and cruelty as children beaten in anger and frustration, becoming immune to punishment and grow into adults who treat others with no feelings,

they closed the local police station and the British Embassy. no extortion unit in a society where corruption is rife playing into to the hands of those that benefit. Having to use civil court under own time and experience, petty crooks looking for a pension out of a business, looking for a Payday just as the National security where only interested in. Visitors are easy targets. The men in Trinidad where voted recently most likely to be givers in LGBT+ community. in mental health terms its Similar to ignoring male rape and just handing out Aid's pills, as someone put it no one wants to hear what toilet like.

American told me “they wouldn’t like me are they are about commercialism” and “I would find Barbados nice, the corruption and fraud in Trinidad is similar to living in Russia”.

I supported National Education and Healthcare projects.

Cognitive treatment

Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Advised Hartree Centre on the design of an App for Alder Hey Children's Hospital the UK's first cognitive hospital, link an entertainment app designed to monitor children's wellbeing and physical health during their hospital stay, focused on Autistic children who may have communication issues or feel intimidated by medical staff, designed and share best medical practice. built on IBM Watson – the World’s first commercially available cognitive computing system.

The Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation (HNCDI)

Powerhouse of the North, The Hartree Centre part of Daresbury Campus which has been involved in Nobel prize winning research, and Medical training the Nuclear Structure Facility (NSF) Ion beam Tower and the Cockcroft Institute at Darsbury Campus has pioneered ION beams used in cancer therapy, combined with advanced digital medical imaging, precisely targeting deep Cancerous tissue, and monitoring systems for patients treatment.

They where also famously involved in Dr. John Walker Noble Prize for Chemistry 1997 research on data collection using SRS Synchrotron Radiation Source (Science museum Bio link) they discovered the harmful particles in vehicle exhaust emissions, and developed therapeutics treatments for Alzheimer's, HIV/AIDS. and discovered the cause of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), or Mad Cow Disease the cause of vCJD in humans.

Multi-lingual Mental health care within personal and cultural context

The Hartree Centre has helped SME Oh My Mood to build a multi-lingual digital application called Context to assist healthcare providers in monitoring and treating mental health conditions. link

STFC Super Computer screen photo permission granted by the Hartree Centre computer Scientists Feb 2018 innovation workshops and training events.

Powerhouse of the North, international medical research centre, Invited as 3D specialist to be panel of experts and met the team of scientists and computer scientists, soon their work reached a new global importance with the COVID pandemic. description: multi cultural team of international experts, communal spaces and offices with small un suite library.

VR model of corkscrew shaped stomach virus, including the highest detail 3D model of a cancerous cell. Feb 2018 photo permission granted by Scientific team who wished me to raise attention of there work.

As a 3D specialist for LGS, in the creative industry known as the forth Emergency service, in case of public emergency provided the technology to clearly communicate information to the public.

Invited to meet leading scientists and personal screening of projects to share work

The Hartree Centre is supporting global efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic through partnering with the Folding @ Home project, led by the Washington University School of Medicine, in order to simulate protein behaviour using their Scafell Pike a Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer, Tightly coupled Intel and Nvidia architectures Which Includes 24,960 Intel “Skylake” cores, Direct liquid-cooled compute nodes.

The government, via UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), has agreed to invest £172 million over five years, met with a £38 million in-kind contribution from IBM. 4 June 2021 link

Folding @ Home empower anyone with a computer and an internet connection to become a citizen scientist and contribute their compute power to help fight global health threats like COVID 19, Alzheimer’s Disease, and cancer.

Hartree Centre Scafell Pike|Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer removing the bottlenecks in global research into therapeutics for COVID 19 variants.

the previous IBM Blue Gene/Q Blue Joule Supercomputer officially named the number one supercomputer in the UK and thirteenth most powerful in the World in 2012. upgraded in 2017, Scafell Pike has the capability of performing around four quadrillion calculations per second and is composed of Intel® Xeon® (Skylake) and many core Xeon Phi™(Knights Landing) processor technologies. It has been designed to accommodate blade systems for Deep Learning, GPU and ARM based computing. peak performance of 4329 TFLOPS. That means it’s capable of performing 4.3 quadrillion calculations per second!

"gaining a deeper understanding of these mutations at the molecular level and how they provide the virus with an evolutionary advantage." latest findings Improving the way we prepare for future COVID-19 variants:link

CovidSIM is one of the data modelling tools used globally, epidemiological model for COVID-19 developed by Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team, to Determine the variability of the duration of the course of disease. link

When it was installed in 2017 it had a World ranking of 60 in top 300 since then they have added a thousand fold increase in calculation with hybrid-Quantum Supercomputer, link other projects include improved Weather systems modelling. For agriculture.

"At the Hartree Centre, we have explored how our quantum-integrated workflow can provide an advantage in virtual drug discovery. Similarly, we have also explored how we can model the molecule reactions in more detail with quantum machine learning, helping to discover potential medical treatments and new materials."

Asthma Call

During Pandemic Asthma Call on air quality in schools: Advised them Pediatricians first look around a child's airways for signs of Glitter and Sand in case it has been inhaled, during play at school which can trigger breathing difficulties.

Advice to Asthma sufferers: Rinsing the mouth with water after using a Asthma inhaler, to help reduce the risk of the steroid it contains leading to throat, then chest infections and pneumonia.

Historic buildings used materials and fireplaces which breathed and ventilated buildings, Modern buildings and materials seal-in layers, combined with central heating system can dry the air causing dry throats and throat infections, having a small cup of water under radiators can reduce this.

Modern home Ventilation systems are often not installed correctly or managed by home owners, I.e the leading British double glassed company provided training, drizzle vents are designed to manage condensation, they are often installed incorrectly, blocked over time or closed for heating, this can cause condensation and mould to develop.