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Mental Health Discrimination BLM young Black men are 4 times more likely to be sectioned under the mental health act in England addressing disparity’s in healthcare and criminal justice system.

Feeling of belonging

Before the current interest around mental health when fewer were involved.

Rethink research on why there was higher rates of mental health issues with Afro Caribbean communities, one of the findings was the lack of belonging, from both their adopted country and also back in their place of birth/origin. Rethink 2001

Equal Rights ... equal rights and justice” released in 1977 by Peter Tosh one of the core members of Bob Marley’s band the Wailers (1963–1976) murdered in a home invasion in rising violent crime in Jamaica 1987.

As an independent consultancy with authentic leadership, our team includes a chartered business manager CMI Chartered
Management Institute, Backed by its Royal Charter CMI is the only professional body able to award Chartered Manager status, 75th anniversary report focused on dealing with discrimination in the workplace and IAM Institute of Administrative Management.

University presentation on Survey on wages in BAME work place discrimination

UK Gov PWC auditors of BAME Black, Asian and minority ethnic report on wage gap nationaly 10% average difference to non white British, lower financial wellbeing, major employer of BAME the NHS National Health service work force numbers

University presentation on Survey on wages in BAME work place discrimination

Comparison the most ethnicity diverse area of Trinidad is Arima and in it last census the white population was 1% before the pandemic

In the arts and healthcare community known number of friends and family return from working abroad with mental health issues from the racism faced, Phycatrists now understand Prolonged period of bad experiences are linked to mental well-being, The pandemic has shown.

Mental Health reform

My Wife is a remarkable woman continues the long history of Caribbean pioneers in medical care. She ran the Mental Health personalisation pilot in East London, a known area of serous concern and core to reform of the Mental Health Act. Mental Health Act Reform - addressing Race and Ethnic Inequalities, the disparity in race and disability.

A chartered manager in Administrative management, and Leadership for health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services, delivery and administration for children and young people with mental health, autism spectrum, learning disability, adults with drug and alcohol misuse and mental health diagnosis.

Involved in the personalisation pilot designed to improve Mental Health care in the UK, to safeguarding those who find themselves at a crisis point in their lives, core of Mental Health act and Criminal Justice System reform in England, set out in the Queen’s Speech 2022. still to gain Royal Assent.

Mass medical personalisation of personal health care for improved public well-being. Personalisation gives the patient /service user greater rights to choose how personal care funding is spent and there activities etc reducing institutionalisation. or institutional syndrome which refers to deficits or disabilities in social and life skills, which develop after a person has spent a long period living in mental hospitals, prisons or other remote institutions.

Mental Health reform

Some of the improvements include addressing discrimination, families being given greater rights to the care of autistic children..

service users are able now to elect a trusted advocate to act in there best interest, and have a choice in therapies, and prompter treatment of prison inmates.

It may surprise you that personalisation in care services in mental heath is not already a universal human right, addressing discrimination in health care, and the criminal justice system.

As it’s not just the body alone that is incarcerated, it’s also the mind, and to have them return after release as full members of society.

My family work for the leading mental health Charity Rethink Mental illness that found the link between the increase in THC in Cannabis and its link to psychosis, and the causes of higher rates of mental health issues in Afro Caribbean communities, Including the lack of a feeling of belonging in home or adopted country Rethink Mental illness Registered Charity No. 271028 (National Mental Healthi See @Ease)

See Educational background Dyslexia and ArtScience reforming offenders.

Safeguarding patients

UK parliament is looking at passing Ella’s law for therapist practitioners who abuse their patients to be sent to prison. Dawn Butler MP may 2024 Link

For example in Trinidad a newly qualified (online) Dr while preaching the health message, her family circle and friends deliberately withheld water from my family throughout the pandemic, depriving water during life threatening temperatures and basic hygiene, while walked around smiling at the suffering they caused.

Trust the translator: multi lingual healthcare translator

The Hartree Centre has helped SME Oh My Mood to build a multi-lingual digital application called Context to assist healthcare providers in monitoring and treating mental health conditions. link

See how the drug dealers profit while A million children in England were referred to mental health services last year, ITV News revealed. post pandemic,

while third world mental health services are under funded, if the funds reach the service users.

A middle aged person told me about pain in their elbow, and in another could see a back problem standing long hours bending cutting hair, i mentioned hot pepper gel to numb the pain nerve signals to the brain, no subscription pain killers or self medication leading to addiction.


Similar to an Ankle injury, Medication can be seen as a crutch during a time of trauma in life, a supportive environment and reduce stress can help reduce the triggers which remind of the trauma.


Daylight analysis
3D printed ADF Average Daylight Factor Analysis, Daylight and heat calculations

Viewing Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D, lifts mood, relieves pain and repairs nerve damage, prolonged periods without Sunlight, can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD a form of depression, i.e. going to work in the dark and returning home in the dark, and working in office spaces without access to windows and natural light.

Received one to one training in Daylight and Sunlight analysis from the professor of Nuclear Physics at Oxford University, arranged by leading UK legal expert on Daylight and Sunlight BRE Building Research Establishment Guidelines.

Daylight Analysis

Lead Researcher in daylight analysis for leading Chartered Surveyors in the field of party wall and Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight in the City of London with 200 years of experience, Validating Software used to analyze the impact proposed building developments have on their surroundings. i.e if a proposed new build impacts quality of life, compensation can be sort through the courts, alterations to the design to minimize the impact or have taken down. see Architecture.

SAD can be most acute during the winter months, and affects those from sunnier climates therapeutic treatment include a daylight light box with colour temperature 5000K kelvin LED's bulbs during daylight hours, night workers are often on a higher rates because it is unhealthy to be deprived of daylight. see MedicalTech

Guys hospital cancer centre thank you to supporters (left), 2019 texture map to pencil holder in CYMK colour space, (right) 2016


While involved in improving mental health for UK, was invited to the Bloomfield centre for children with Learning disabilities, on old site stands Guys hospital Cancer Centre, one of the leading centres in the country for cancer treatment and research. synergy between my lunch and learns for the creative and industry and Guys Cancer Centre Thank you to supporters posters.

(the borough group a collective of mid-20th-century Cubist artists from the Borough area of Southwark link) the Bloomfields Centre for Children with learning disabilities, Guys Hospital Cancer Centre and my sixthform in Peckham are all within The London Borough of Southwark.

Blue Orange

In 2000 Received tickets from the leading mental health charity NSF now Rethink Mental illness to represent them at first week performance of Blue Orange written by English dramatist Joe Penhal, an incendiary tale of race, madness and a Darwinian power struggle at the heart of a dying National Health Service.

Blue Orange Royal National Theatre production from 2000 Duchess Theatre poster 2001

Performed at the Royal National Theatre in the round on a small stage and ordinance the play went on to be studied in schools on mental health awareness and understanding. In The Green book.

Joe Penhall: ‘Having a play revived once is great –multiple times is a minor miracle’ The Stage oct 2021

I have enjoyed following Chiwetel Ejioforas career develop and win best film Oscar for 12 years a slave, win 2 BAFTA’s and 5 Golden Globes. The biographical story of a musician in 1853 offered a job only to be kidnapped into a slavery.

“While the conversation around mental health has certainly grown wider and louder since 2000,” “In 2014, the Guardian reported that black men in Britain are 17 times more likely than their white counterparts to be diagnosed with a psychotic illness”. Vice report may 2016 link

Political abuses

Joe Penhal also wright the screen play to Giles Foden's 1998 novel, that became 2006 film Last King of Scotland the tale of the decline into madness of African dictator Idi Amin who expelled Asians from Ugandan in 1972. The 2006 Oscar Award for best actor to Forest Whitaker in the role of Amin.

My family was working in NSF top office one of the UK’s leading mental health charities campaigning against mental health discrimination, and improved understanding.

Political abuses

I studied the political abuses carried out by psychiatrists over the decades I.e. during the Mc Carthy era communist witch hunts in the US, member of a union and the same went for those who believed in democracy in the former USSR. Today we have moved a long way in Politics equal rights in pay, worker safety and diversity and social inclusion of minorities groups are thunder-mental rights. We have so many cultures and sub cultures, that make up the fabric of our society today.

apparently I’m a social reformer, as a Judge also told me I’m a person of interest to the authorities.


Dating back over the past 20 years family worked within personlised mental health projects including @ease a website developed by Universities and the Mental Health Charity Rethink, funded by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund*, stress in our daily life can manifest themselves in health issues.

Especially affects those away from home for the first time coping with situations for the first time. Away from there normal support structure.

Focused on providing support to young people going through issues for the first time, providing solutions through a database of contact details for organisations from local authority help lines, support charities.

I personally demonstrated the website to the Director of NHS Digital for GP's to provide patient support i.e dealing with Loneliness, Drug addiction, etc. as the press where a no show, and the website didn't rank highly of search engines it was wrongly deemed a failure at the time. House of Commons report on the project link

the current EASE project in the Lebanon

“The STRENGTHS project is researching different psychosocial support programs for Syrian refugees. STRENGTHS partner War Child is testing the Early Adolescent Skills for Emotions (EASE) program which is focused on children and adolescents. Originally meant as a child version of PM+, EASE was developed following a large scale review of evidence-based methodologies, which revealed many commonalities in the methods. EASE was then synthesized using the common components of the psychosocial support programs.” By Nanna Sjørslev|August 15th, 2019

Online illegal Drugs

Hate Hearts Turpin / Bastard make your own link

3D print of sweet

Attended London Art Colleges at the height of rave era art colleges had a drugs epidemic, Leaving damaged people in its wake i.e. Drug Dealers targeted a daughter of wealthy family with opium dipped cannabis putting her on a path to heroin addiction, people having there drinks spiked on a evening out. More recently lived close to Barking where Gay serial Killer Stephen port dubbed the “Grindr killer” found victims on dating app, overdoses his victims of GHB. Link

Met young Trinidadian professionals in Clapham including a Rasta training for the bar the issues she faced as the first, and dentist's at a Third World concert, soon afterwards a young black man I met was found dead in a river in Paris after a deal went bad.

Online illegal Drugs

After seeing social media advertising claiming to source US medical grade MDMA, Shared information with Trinidad's trading standards for their CPD, on the UK charity The Loop link which tests illegal drugs at festivals, carnivals etc, and alerts the public, healthcare professionals, criminal justice and education of the potential harm of illegal drugs in circulation. i.e. Addiction, damage to the central nervous system, organ damage include brain activity, and perception of reality, Psychosis.

A drugs gang produced millions of counterfeit Xanax pills used anxiety and panic disorders in garden sheds and garages, selling them to customers across the UK and US. In 2019, a fake Xanax factory was discovered in Windsor Road in Tipton and a second manufacturing facility in a garage in Jeremy Road, Wolverhampton. Months earlier, Xanax manufacturer Pfizer had begun its own investigation into counterfeit sales by carrying out test purchases. BBC news 19/06/24 see online safety Tipton

Synthetic opioids are having a devastating effect of North America, Europe and the Middle East. Highly addictive thousand fold increase in power. Synthes opioids was classified on 20th march 2024 in the most harmful category of drugs class A.

Met a young man who while living in a children’s home objected to the dealing of illegal drugs, was attacked with a metal objects by the dealer damaging his skull and brain, leaving him as a child with brain damage.

Why Is Fentanyl Driving Overdose Deaths? 2024

A life-saving anti-overdose drug is to be made available for use at home in England without a prescription. The medicine, known as naloxone, will be given to addicts at risk of an opioid overdose for use in an emergency. BBC 13 May 2024

illegal Drugs are often started by children from primary school age its similar to giving sweets to some children, and before they know it the feel they have done something illegal and grow to become criminals when the people supplying it to them are. See Medicaltech Aids/HIV

History of Art: Modern Art

The first Horror film was made in 1920 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the truly disturbed created a fantasy ignoring the harsh realities of life and used that illusion of reality on others, Adolf Hitler started out as an unaccomplished artist in the biscuit tin style, first he went for what he saw as undesirables undocumented the Gypsy's ethnically Indian decent, the Gay's and when no one complained the Jews the rest is history.

The 7th Guest interactive horror movie puzzle adventure game, produced by Trilobyte and originally released by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in April 1993. Was one of the first computer video games to be released only on CD-ROM. The game received press attention for making live action video clips a core part of its gameplay, and its then-unprecedented amount of pre-rendered 3D graphics.

RA Royal Academy of the Arts Apocalypse, 2000 exhibition

Artists in my year at Central St Martins gained fame photographed climbing a tree Nude exhibited at the RA Apocalypse exhibition British Contemporary fine art shock tactics.

Compared to myself Global innovation design. Was Tech support retrieving the only digital copy of Thai Professor Moi PhD RCA cybernetics Thesis monitoring the heart rate and emotions well being of the wearer.

While there where wildly misleading headlines about Cybernetics.

Working in manufacturing industry upgrading technology used in medical developments and bio mechanical engineering,

Online safety of children reporting, campaigned to reduce self harm from online hate and partner with global medical research centre who’s super computer was leading global research in COVID 19 pandemic. While those around us attempted to profiteer during the situation.

Partial accelerator

Dismantled Particle Accelerator, the Accelerator was lined with a spectrum of colours, which inspired my work in Analysis of light, and understanding of colour. 1990

Partial accelerator

For example New Scientist magazine reported April 2024 Vital blood Oxygen level is 95% or above, after a UK Gov review of medical science it was found fingertip Oximeter blood oxygen meters that use LED light through the finger can be inaccurate with melanin levels as the sensor does not read as accurately, and secondary checks should be carried out. Devices are now in developed designed to compensate for tonal differences.

Dark Matter Garden

The Dark Matter Garden was rehoused at Daresbury after taking home gold at the 2015 Chelsea RHS - Royal Horticultural Society flower show. Now colleagues and young people on public engagement activities can enjoy it every day.

Rethink Mental illness Registered Charity No. 271028 (National Mental Health)