Jewellery, and Allied Crafts

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Jewellery & Watch Lookbook 7

As stated I would show how a small designer luxury brand was built from design concepts, to manufacturing and marketing.

Showcased at Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards, the GC&DC Competition Awards show at Goldsmiths' Hall, Promoting excellence in Craftsmanship & Design.

Silver Bracelet, Flawless in structural form designed to show flow dynamics and structural form without weakness.

Member of NAJ The National Association of Jewelers every member abides by the Association's Code of Conduct, based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Spring Fair NEC National Exhibition Center annual trade show for the next retail session.

Technical Author of British industry white paper on Computer Aided Design, for The GOLDSMITHS' Company, British Trade and Industry (see Innovation) and Accredited education suppler to The GOLDSMITHS' Centre.

Flawless in structural form designed to show flow dynamics and structural form without weakness.

Brides magazine Wedding Dress Catwalk VIP

The industry keeps track of Wedding trends The institution of marriage: Weddings are at the lowest rate since records began in England, the last 10 years has seen legalization introducing Gay and lesbian marriages, since 75% of their divorces are lesbian couples and the main reason given is intolerable behavior.

Free designer Wedding dress template from the iconoclastic, avant-garde fashion house, founded in Paris in 1988, Maison Margiela.

Requested by SHOWstudio the home of fashion film. Founded and directed by Nick Knight CBE, the award winning fashion website that has consistently pushed the boundaries of communication, since it was established in 2000.

Created this 3D model of a downloadable wedding dress template by French avant-garde fashion house, Maison Margiela, free template to experiment for creative customization, in 2004

3D model from Dress Pattern for SHOWstudio

Traditional trained in Jewellery and Silversmithing and Allied Crafts @ Sir John Cass College of Arts and Science / Guildhall University internationally recognised for its high quality teaching, excellent facilities and unique interdisciplinary opportunities, in the Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in Aldgate East, Whitechapel London.

On the foundation degree the head of fashion jewellery degree found me working alone in the jewellery workshop of central St Martins, cutting and forming aluminium sheet and asked if she could present my work to the final year students, telling them my skills and understanding of form put them to shame and that I had to work in platinum, And that they could learn so much from me.

Curvaceous oval

Branded luxury packaging

Design studio

Produced for DAVID MORRIS London New Bond Street.

I walked out of university in the third year out of four when the history of art lecturer told me my work was the best and could easily go to the RCA Royal Collage of Art, If only I read and memorise all the books on the shelf, I’m dyslexic, so I walked and gained a normal US degree and worked in industry using my skills and wrote the technicalbooks putting a book on the shelf for industry and provided tech skills and support to St Martin’s tutors and RCA graduates

The degree today is now only two years.

The Gem Rock Museum in Creetown, Dumfries and Galloway Scotland gave me the Master Gem Stone Cutters hand notated reference books when he passed away, Software stone libraries at the time where primitive and inaccurate I used them to model the correct refraction index etc, the owner showed me his workshop and felt it was a fitting home for them when I visited.

Trained in business by the head of marketing for De Beers who created the campaign “Diamonds are forever” I receiving distinctions, In an industry where trust means a great deal I’m an authority in the technology.

Western Beamor Diamond Setter

Medical model of human Heart, Silver pendant with patina

Love your Heart pendant, 2016 Marketing using VR Virtual Reality, VR link requires WebGL enabled Browser

Asia house London craft show

The Hong Kong organisers of the largest trade show in Asia, requested the British Trade Federation use UK Gov funding to fund a showcase of my work, they described how highly unusual it is to be asked for by name.

Social Media: Silver Ear rings, 3D scan of Strawberry algorithmic parametric form and texture, Light weight to comply with religious restrictions

Jack Meyer CAD Jewellery Skills

It's not easy to find an example of generative jewellery design which has successfully cracked the fashion market. But for this month's edition of Something Beautiful in Jewellery, we found one.

Generative algorithmic modeling

The First Piece of Jewellery I produced was a copper bracelet for a arthritic elderly lady who was a Red Cross Nurse worked in Egypt during the Second World War, though small glass domes depicting her life story, the glass made with the technical glass blower see MedicalTech

Olga Red Cross nurse in Egypt during WWII

As a one man company many years of training, skills, creativity, time and effort, fashion magazines and social media campaigns, Facebook business account was hacked switching telephone number to one in Egypt. the Company name was not registered Globally, andreceived email informing me that name IP intellectual property was being registered in China and I had a chance to stop its use by others there, a form of Cyber squatting.

For security reasons used a forwarding address was accused by HMR revenue as being a fraudulent company as watchdogs had identified companies using forwarding addresses where often used by scammers.

Independent crafts-persons today have to spend time creating regular engaging social media content, As with fashion design we spend sometimes months developing unique new creative design ideas to the highest standards possible, within weeks of launch there inferior counterfeit version start hitting the streets.

GOLDSMITHS' Hall London, Exhibition of Crafts Excellence

Print industry journalist Simon Eccles Wedding Cake 3d Printed models CJP ColorJet Printing

3D specialist for the LGS London Graphic Systems, specialists colour management and print technology for the creative industries in London.

"He is also fulsome in his praise for the expert advice and assistance of John Robertson at LGS, which owns the 3D printer used" Print Week

Delivered presentations to university Business studies students, on entrepreneurship, design development, new technology, marketing and running a small business, interviews interviews published with industry websites, and fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Concept to Reality
Photography POS Point of Sale technology showcases work I produced the production masters for. Displayed online and in high street retail.

After the passing of the master Stone cutter at the gem rock museum, Creetown Scotland I was gifted his books this one with printed notes on the mistakes published and hand written corrections to diagrams. books are often wrong on any given subject as we develop a greater understanding.

London Assay Office Hallmarks

Craftsperson’s have a drive to keep traditional craft skills alive, I studied with a craftsman who became highly skilled in Mokume-gane a Japanese metalwork technique, moved to Japan and helped train people in evening classes, modern life has many working in office jobs and a long commute to work.

Trained in traditional Arts and Crafts skills including Textiles, stained glass, stone masonry, carpentry, and fine metal work.

YSG Young Solicitors Group 2005 annual Pro Bono Award, Cockpit Workshops for Kaya Haung MA RCA

YSG Young Solicitors Group 2005 annual Pro Bono (for the public good) Award Visualization of and laser etching and cutting, YSG Young Solicitors Group now Junior Lawyers Division of the Law Society; London, England, UK

Supporting the crafts

Having Supported Crafts men & women in Studio workshops producing for exhibitions and development of collections, including Cockpit workshops, 401 studios Vauxhall, Gypsy Hill Workshops Crystal Palace. To name a few and within industry written technical publications to support the cottage industry of skilled individuals, makers of hand crafts. Achieved accreditation for training and Education for industry. The Goldsmiths' Center.

Cockpit Studios,

At the heart of the craft community, we are ardent champions of social justice. Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We bridge that gap, opening up pathways for new talent. see education

Kaya Hoang MA RCA Bowl
Kaya Hoang MA RCA Bowls submitted to NAJ National Association of Jewellers Awards while undertaking Engineering degree Module in CAD CAM alongside designers for Wedgwood Ceramics at Birmingham City University

ACE Arts Council England

Conceptual design development and production of Objet D'art. with Vietnamese Born British Craftsperson Kaya Hoang MA RCA, called on my skills having studied together at Guildhall Uni.

Exhibiting at GOLDSMITHS' FAIR, Goldsmiths' Fair is regular in the new season's calendar, and takes place 29 September to 5 October - 2003 exhibition marked its 21st anniversary.


100% Design the exhibition of contemporary design's most important United Kingdom.

Chelsea crafts fair, One of the longest running and most established contemporary craft and design fairs in the UK craft calendar.

Open Studio at Cockpit Studio, Cockpit Arts London. And Dazzle the best of Contemporary Jewellery Exhibitions in Edinburgh and London.

Chelsea Crafts Fair, Kaya Hoang MA RCA
Chelsea Crafts Fair, Kaya Hoang MA RCA

Winning the London Evening Standard interior design award at the Chelsea Craft Fair and Shell Live Wire Award 2001, and Showcased on Japanese television, and built craft trade links between the UK and Vietnam.

100% design
100% Design Olympia Exhibition Hall, Kaya Hoang Light Box Acrylic was later used to build Day Light Box's to manage SAD

Relaxed metal
Render 1999

Work displayed at Expo JW Marriott Grosvenor House London Filmed and broadcast by Japanese television

NAJ National Association Jewellery trade Designer / Craft person Membership, selection consists of providing 3 years of financial records and multiple industry recommendations on the Quality of work and Professionalism.

Demonstrate your honesty, integrity and professionalism.

The Goldsmiths’ Company Registered Charity No. 1175593 (Education and support the Crafts industry)

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JEWELLERS EDUCATIONAL TRUST. Registered Charity No: 1040651 (Education and Benevolent society)

THE ARTS COUNCIL OF ENGLAND Registered Charity No. 1036733 (Arts and Crafts and Cultural Connector)