Innovations in Architecture

Daylight analysis
ADF Average Daylight Factor Analysis, Daylight and heat calculations 3D printed using BRE standards

Arch model
Olympia Exhibition Hall, 3D model from single photograph Circa 2000, (change in lens size) 3D Max using Alpha channel mapping, games industry technique to reduce render times

SegaWorld, Trocadero Centre for Architects RTKL 1993

Architectural forensics

The Average Daylight Factor (ADF) is the mean daylight factor on the horizontal working plane and is given by the following equation:

T is the diffuse visible transmittance of the glazing;
Aw is the net glazed area of the window;
θ is the angle of visible sky;
A is the total area of all the room surfaces (ceilings, floors, walls and windows);
R is the area-weighted average reflectance for the room surfaces.

Reporting research directly to the leading UK legal expert, and informed that I was two degrees of separation from the person that manages Masjid al-Haram also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Living space analysis before and after impact of new development (AutoCAD)

Lead Researcher in daylight analysis for top Chartered Surveyors in the field of party wall and Rights to Light in the City of London, analyzing the impact proposed building developments have on their surroundings. i.e if a proposed new build impacts access to daylight, compensation can be sort through the courts, alterations to the design to minimize the impact or have taken down. (see wellness)

Traveled to Oxford to receive one to one training in Daylight and Sunlight analysis from the professor of Nuclear Physics at Oxford University, arranged by UK BRE legal expert.

Developed an analysis process for the impact of solar glare reflecting off Architectural glass surfaces on line of sight of drivers at pedestrian road crossings etc. i.e low level light through the sessions blinding drivers view.

Daylight Analysis is the process of analysing real world physics properties light and heat values of daylight created by an Architectural structure or building using global location (GIS) Global information systems, this is used also in calculate the the Sun's Glare when planning Solar farms on flight pathways and landing approaches for Aircraft at Airports.

Example of Architectural Solar Glare, Holbon Central London

Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE)

One of two technicians supporting to UEL School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE) part time lecturers and approx a thousand students, established Digital Fabrication University of East London (DFUEL) Lab and long sort after improvements in workshop H&S. the other technician an ex student working solely on a personal robotics project. award-winning architecture department enjoys an international reputation for excellence, in 2022 Architecture ranked the highest in London for overall student satisfaction.

RIBA Royal Institute of British Architecture accredited courses, Building Education Partners with Autodesk Design Academy training in Fusion 360 drone design and Leica Geosystems Architectural 3D laser scanners. showcased 3D printing public pavilion structural components using plastic pellets, Similar projects include humanitarian 3D printing using recycled concrete to build small Public Toilets to help avoid Typhoid and Cholera in flood waters in the Third World.

Final year Architecture student spent summer in Havana Cuba surveying historic buildings, found file compatibility issues (solved) course Lead Architect for Zaha Hadid Architects.

Archeological Surveying

A 500-kilogram WWII un-exploded ordnance (UXBs) was discovered during preparation work for the extension work to London City Airport, across the Royal Docks from UEL University of East London.

Identified the Location on their newly developed 3D interactive archaeology CAD survey of the UK at the Hartree Centre created from planning records, and geography indicators developed to help protect archeology and help avoid unforeseen costly construction development delays.

London City Airport (left) across from East London Uni Library (right) at the Royal Docks, US team accommodation during London 2012 Olympics.

Fire Safety advice

Lived on a housing estate in East London named after a family who lost their lives in Islamophobic fire bomb attack, and after the tragic Grenfell Tower Block disaster in 2017, Invited Fire Service to carry out a home inspection of New build estate town house.

Created multiple copies of windows keys kept around the home, to clear smoke and easy exit in case of fire.. The Fire Chief said it was the smartest thing he had ever heard. (see Arch) Sadly during COVID in Trinidad a short distance away children passed away locked behind intruder protection unable to find the Burglar proof keys to escape.

Bio printing skin
Safety Advice: Staying somewhere and there appears to be only one exit find somewhere else, New build office block with car park below and what appears to be a single exit into car park.

Urban Regeneration: 10,800 new homes

At a cultural connector meeting the Site Manger Barking Riverside promoted the concept of providing local residents CSCS, skills training and employment as provided by Battersea Power Station.

It was adopted by L&Q developing Barking Riverside Ltd. link 10,800 new homes on 179 ha former site of Barking coal fired Power Station alongside 2km of south facing Thames river frontage.

Barking Riverside Ltd, 3D printed master-plan model (see Eng)

CSCS Construction Safety Skills Trainer

Ran satellite training college for Lambeth College onsite in 2006-2009 CSCS training centre and construction skills, Obtained Professional design management CITB construction Industry Training Board CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme pass. Proof that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on site. By ensuring the workforce are appropriately qualified the card plays its part in improving standards and safety on UK construction sites.

Battersea Powerstation
Battersea Powerstation, Lmabeth College saterlite training Centre

Health and Safety, professionally Qualified Person

i.e. ensuring everyone working onsite is adequately skilled and can Identifying and use the different types of fire extinguishers, The correct PPE personal protective equipment is provided and worn at all times, electrical equipment is handles and stored correctly, and manual handling is carried out in a safe and proper manner.

Musculoskeletal disorders (see Med) Stress related (see Wellbeing)

Diagram Shows reduction in work related illnesses over 10 year period since the introduction of H&S measures. largest reduction was in Musculoskeletal disorders and there was an increase in stress related conditions.

SEGAWORLD: Trocadero centre, London

One of the early pioneers of Architectural 3D Computer Aided Design, before their was courses nearly all self taught, 3D Animation of SEGAWORLD link for architects RTKL Associates Inc. One of the first Architectural computer animations outside of IBM's labs.

Architectural 3D CAD model Communicating in 3D, liaised with Architects and international lawyers to ensure the delivery of largest indoor theme park in the World, built for SEGA over 7 floors with 25 major attractions, the Largest visitor attraction built in London that decade.

SEGA Europe’s indoor VR Virtual Reality theme-park, the Trocadero centre in London's Piccadilly circus. was operated as a joint-venture between Chorion, the owners of the Trocadero, and Sega.

SEGAWORLD for architects RTKL Associates Inc Emirates Airline Airplane on video wall (see Cybersecurity)

ArtiWisdom founded to showcase creative talent, myself and Bosnian award winning architect / animator Darko Predanic, a refugees as war raged in Europe, (sound familiar) who's English was limited so we communicated in 3D.

The Authorities investigated the work being carried out, and their was press intrusion including steeling the office waste. meanwhile under a £10m five year NDA Non Disclosure Agreement.

3D modeled the interior using 3D studio v1, 66mhz processor and 8mb of RAM in DOS, in comparison to modern mobile device commonly with over 2.5 GHz and 8 GB or more of Ram.

Architectural Animation Promotional Presentation link for Architects RTKL, SegaWorld for Trocadero Centre London.

Rendered on RISK chip Architecture server borrowed from the ThrustSSC team, the only car ever to go faster than the speed of sound, we hosted the live time trials breaking UK internet records at the time. While illuminating the scene was visited by the computer scientist who developed Blinn Phong renderer which photo-realistic Real-Time Ray Tracing simulations utilise with modern GPU's.

SegaWorld Closed in 2000, the site continued to operate as a amusements park, gradually winding down and having well publicised problems with Teenage gang anti social behavior before its ultimate closure in May 2011.

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