Innovations in Architecture

SEGAWORLD: Trocadero centre, London

ArtiWisdom Architectural 3D Computer Aided model and Animation of SEGAWORLD link for architects RTKL Associates Inc.

Self taught before degrees in the subject, co-worker had little to no English, communicated in 3D and sometimes 4 dimensionally (time). liaising with international lawyers from New York to ensure the delivery of £45m project, with 5 year £10m confidentiality clause.

One of the first Architectural computer animations outside of IBM's labs, SEGA Europe’s indoor VR Virtual Reality theme-park link, £45m refit of the Trocadero centre in London's Piccadilly circus. (equivalent to approx £90m in today's money) commercial equivalent to an MSc.

SegaWorld, Trocadero Centre for Architects RTKL

Animation for Architects RTKL Associates Inc, the Rocket-Shot escalator SEGAWorld Trocadero Centre Piccadilly Circus, London. for RTKL Associates inc. presentation Animation to SEGA for SEGAWORLD Trocadero Centre link

ArtiWisdom founded to showcase creative talent, myself and Bosnian architect / animator Darko Predanic, 3D modeled the interior using 3D studio v1, 66mhz processor and 8mb of RAM in DOS, in comparison to modern mobile phones commonly at over 2.5 GHz and 8 GB of Ram.

SEGAWORLD Trocadero Centre 1994 link

While illuminating the scene was visited by the Norwegian computer scientist who developed Blinn Phong renderer which photo-realistic Real-Time Ray Tracing simulations utilise with modern GPU's.

Rendered on RISK chip Architecture server borrowed from the ThrustSSC team, the only car ever to go faster than the speed of sound, we hosted the live time trials breaking UK internet records at the time.

BBC Instagram

bbc_archive #OnThisDay 03/09/1996: Segaworld was getting ready to open its doors to the public. 👾👾🕹🕹🎮🎮 link
The Trocadero off Piccadilly Circus was once a major tourist attraction and The place to go in London for teenagers.

Social Spaces Vol I

London's hub for the built environment, The Building Centre, home of Architecture, Engineering and Construction AEC specialist and industry bookshop, discovered the international architectural pictorial journal Social Spaces Vol I, containing my architectural CAD designs.

Urban Ecology

Volunteered with the trust for Urban Ecology, maintaining public Woodland spaces for the public to relax and enjoy tranquil Nature and escape the hectic Modern Metropolis, protecting Biodiversity and indigenous tree/plant and insect species in a pocket of Woodland of the Great North Woods.

Architectural Daylight Analysis

Traveled to Oxford to receive one to one training in Daylight and Sunlight analysis from the professor of Nuclear Physics at Oxford University, Malcolm Macpherson MA DPhil (Oxon), arranged by UK BRE legal expert.

Lead Researcher in daylight analysis for top Chartered Surveyors in the field party wall of Rights to Light in the City of London, analyzing the impact proposed building developments have on their surroundings. i.e if a proposed new build impacts access to daylight, compensation can be sort through the courts, alterations to the design to minimize the impact or have taken down.

Arch model
Olympia Exhibition Hall, from single photograph Circa 2000, example of personal work as analysis for clients strictly confidential as they include highly sensitive buildings

Reporting research directly to the leading UK legal expert, and informed that I was two degrees of separation from the person that manages Masjid al-Haram also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Daylight Analysis uses geographical location, and global scientific measurements of the Sun to analysis calculations of architectural alterations, rendered HDR High Dynamic Range images include brightness and heat radiation, used to analyse Solar Glare for planning of solar farms on flight paths and near landing approaches for aircraft.

Developed an analysis process to show the impact of solar glare reflected off glass architectural structures, in line of sight of drivers at pedestrian road crossings etc. i.e low level light in mornings and evenings in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.. and identify focus points of reflected sunlight as their had been instances of damage to vehicles.

Daylight analysis
ADF Average Daylight Factor Analysis, Daylight and heat calculations 3D printed

The 3D printed Average Daylight Factor ADF model of a print industry showstudio in Covent Garden which at its centre has a Winter garden environment, the Sun's rays enter through skylights and glass walls trap heat similar to the Greenhouse effect, while the Victorian warehouse building lacks window openings for natural light throughout the rest of the floor,  Analysis model produced for Clerkenwell design week talk.

Viewing Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D, relieving pain by repairing nerve damage and stimulates mood receptors in the brain.

Sunlight is one of the most difficult areas of science as its a wavelength at the same time a particle, Heat Radiation, colour spectrum and brightness values.

Analysis minimizes computer workload, by utilizing reverse raytracing, tracing the photon rays from the scene back to its source, its how Global warming is calculated. apposed to conventional raytracing which calculates photons emitted from a light source.

Received technical training presentations from Architectural survey firm which utilizes FARO technology seen in Discovery channel documentary on the Bali Bombers forensics investigation, which captures 360° environment including each leaf on a tree and colour data, before clean up and remodeling from point cloud reference data.

Social impact

Architecture is the design and process of constructing buildings, it is not considered a social science, and had in my option wrongly social impact element removed shortening professional training, my work in architecture has focused on Architectures interaction with society.


Applied for architectural forensics position at the Met Police the weeks before the London Bombings in 2005.

Since a child lived in places that have seen acts of Ultraviolence carried out by individuals, and extremist groups from the IRA, White Separatism, Libyans to Al-Qaeda inspired, caused by a very small number of highly disturbed individuals. (Nature vs Nurture) is someone naturally inclined or have they been influenced by life's experiences, the media and their surroundings.

Flew Iran/Iraq boarder on the eve of Gulf War II, to pay medical bill for Grandmother in US hospital and visited a family friend in Dubai who's home was the UN forensics investigation HQ into War Crimes against the Muslim population in Bosnia Herzegovina.

The term "Ultraviolence" comes from Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange, the film director Stanley Kubrick withdrew (self imposed censorship) from the UK because of copy cat events to fictional film.

Regulating internet services - Online Safety Bill* report stage draft link

Reform of the Mental Health Act*

3D printing prosthetics limbs for Amputees*

Historic Building Conservation

On the inaugural Historic Building Conservation (FdSc) Foundation of Science Degree, (distinction) at Kingston University, which included inspection and remedial work using traditional building crafts skills, i.e. stone masonry, Smithing, Lime Mortar techniques and stained glass work, which allows for special mortgage arrangements on listed buildings as it guarantees sympathetically undertaken conservation work, i.e restoring castles in Scotland.

Invited up the scaffolding at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Prime Meridian Longitude 0º when conservation work was carried out to the Roof.

Carefully and respectfully surveyed the mausoleum of Comte de Vezlo, Guilaume Henri, who died aged 7 in 1901, and his mother, Annette Rosamonde Basio, the Comtesse de Vezlo, who died in 1938.

On a visit to Venice, Ca' Foscari University of Venice link Invited to inspect their research into new cleaning and restoration approach to stone work of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Piazza San Marco.

Meeting the Craftsman involved in creating the technique used to Gold leaf the staircase at Buckingham Palace after The Queens disaproval of garish newly layed Gold leaf on Historic Architectural detailing.

Palladio's St.Giorgio Maggiores Church from The Grand Tour 17th century notebook sketches.

A European art collaboration project requested the WebGL VR version link of Palladio's St. Giorgio Maggiore’s Church in Venice to help explain to the monks a proposed art installation on the site.

View over Palladio's St.Giorgio Maggiores Church in Venice

Sustainability Materials

Concrete has been used since the Romans, today it contributes 16% of global CO2 emissions from its production (liquid stone), recycling concrete and adding aggregates including Ash and polymers reduces use of rare materials and CO2 emissions, and produce lighter materials for taller buildings.

Concrete absorbs heat in the summer releasing it during the Night, artificially raising the temperatures of towns and cities, and in Winter absorbing low temperatures and cooling homes and offices requiring additional heating.


Associate Member recognised work-based experience and vocational qualifications, It shows qualified, regulated and trusted, whilst providing a stepping stone to full chartered status (MRICS) Approved for Assessment of Professional Competence and full chartership of the RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and MRICS designation. (5000 word essay)

Bureau service

Independent and confidential 3D Printing Bureau service for design iterations for the approval process for Architectural practices.

Architectural detail roof structure: Airport model

Had the pleasure of being Invited to Foster and Partners model making workshops on the banks of the River Thames next to the new RCA Royal College of Art site.

Housing and local authorities

European far right tactics, include deliberate provocation to then use local authorities legal and complaints procedures, tying up departments into wasting time and resources which could be better spent on vital services, misusing democratic and civil rights which if given the chance they would remove for others.

Smart Cities: Energy saving and Light pollution monitor

2019 submitted Proposal to the STFC, ground measurements of the position and physical illumination of Moonlight, planning solar farms the latest generation of solar panels work at night, monitor light pollution and Reduce power consumption of Smart Cities, creating a CIE Moon sky dome link as their is for the Sun recorded at key locations including major airports around the globe, used in Physically Based Render (PBR) lighting environments. the UAE send up a Airplane above cloud cover to officially observance the Moon to end Ramadan and declare the start of Eid al-Fitr.

Blackfriars, London Light Pollution making the sky void of stars.

Dr Christopher Kyba, a scientist from the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, told the BBC: "Our view of the stars is disappearing". 2023 conclusion of 12 years of amateur astronomers and citizen scientists going out at night to count the stars, almost 10% annual increase in sky brightness every year. According to a 2022 study by the European Space Agency link the relatively low cost of LED lighting is also contributing to the problem.

Milky Way, Bio-sphere of Night Sky, Galloway Forrest Park, Scotland international Dark Sky Park, Murry's Monument.

To improve light pollution to enjoy viewing the stars in the Night Sky with the naked eye. Provided details of free Architectural lighting design software RELUX which contains a library of two million luminaires from manufactures used by architectural planners to manage brightness levels and reduce power consumption, to prisoner reform member of the RSA. Digital Twins smart city reduce power usage and Light pollution*

The health of the Bazillion Rain Forrest was monitored using plate photography, ground based images taken of the Forrest Canape.

Industrial Laser Cutting and Robotics

3D printing public pavillion, ABB - G-code to RAPID code

Technician for UEL Architecture department, industrial Laser Cutting casting formers and 3D printing public pavilion structural components using plastic pellets to three dimensionally extrude filament, similar projects include humanitarian 3D printing using recycled concrete to build small Public Toilets to help avoid Typhoid and Cholera in flood waters in the Third World.

Archeological Survey mapping

A German 500-kilogram WWII un-exploded ordnance (UXBs) was discovered during preparation work for the extension work to London City Airport, across the Royal Docks from UEL University of East London.

London City Airport (left) across from East London Uni Library (right) at the Royal Docks, US team accommodation during London 2012 Olympics.

Afterwards visiting the Hartree Centre identified the location on their newly developed 3D interactive archaeology CAD survey of the UK from planning records, and geography indicators developed to help protect archeology and help avoid unforeseen costly construction development delays.

Innovator: improve resilience to climate change

National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) link, created by the Centre for Digital Britain at the University of Cambridge and housed at the Connected Places Catapult.

A free collaborative, data-sharing approach designed to improve resilience to climate change, Examining the impact of extreme weather on energy, water and telecom's networks, now adopted by 77 countries around the World.

Mistrust of the Chinese authorities, lead its Communist Gov to face issues planning resources i.e. Water, Hospitals etc, as the one child policy the public would often return surveys which where inaccurate in fear of prosecution.

The Apollo Protocol: cross-sector use of digital twins, improving resilience of vital infrastructure Water, Power and communications to the extremes of climate change.

Nasa Coastal Climate Central, Below Flood level by 2030 Click to enlarge. potential regional humanitarian crisis within 8 years.

The 3D model is the easy part, gathering information from organizations past their NDA's and finding ways to use the data that can be challenging part.

Regeneration: Skills Trainer

2006 Studying Historic Building Conservation FdSc, was approached by the Head of School and Prof of BIM/Heritage Survey to share knowledge gained, assisted running a satellite college in the grounds of Battersea Powerstation site link, and provide site CSCS Health and Safety and training and assessment to the local unemployed residence.

Delivering on a requirement on the developer of the Grade II* listed decommissioned coal-fired Power Station, to provide training and employment to local unemployed trades-persons, Project visited by The Rt. Hon Gordan Brown FRSE the United Kingdom's Prime Minister of the day.

Battersea Power Station and Electric Boulevard shopping and leisure destination opened Autumn 2022, located on the south bank of the River Thames, developed in partnership with stake holders including the developers and local Authority employment centre.

The development of the high value site, provided improvements in local transport infrastructure in the Northern line extension through Nine Elms, and funding to the local authority to maintain housing stock for local residents.

Urban Regeneration: Planning

The Channel 4 documentary Tower Block of Commons highlighted the need for the redevelopment of dilapidated crime ridden housing estates, after it aired in 2010 they where torn down and redeveloped to improve the lives of those affected on the Goresbrook Village iconic 'Legoland' set of three tower blocks built in 1969 in Barking, redeveloped as private, shared ownership and local authority homes.

Within close proximity to Beckontree Estate the UK’s biggest council estate, and the largest estate in Europe until 1977, designed and built in 1921 to home ex-service men in the immediate aftermath of WWI, crime, and social issues steamed from lack of access to employment, health care and local amenities in town planing stages.

The Architectural redevelopment for Goresbrook Village estate was showcased to the public as part of London's urban redevelopment at the hub for the built environment, The Building Centre.

Urban Regeneration: 10,800 new homes

As a cultural connector promoted the concept of providing H&S, skills training and percentage of employment to the local residents, to architects and developers, adopted at Battersea power station met site manager of Barking Riverside Ltd. link apartments developed by L&Q on the 179 ha former site of Barking coal fired Power Station, alongside 2km of south facing Thames river frontage with 10,800 new homes, the Idea was adopted by Barking Riverside establishing links with the local Job Shops and skills training centres.

Barking Riverside Ltd, SLA master plan model May 2017

Barking Riverside promotional site master plan model measuring 3.60m x 2.6m x 1m, produced to development of the project was 3D printed on the largest SLA 3D printer in the UK – a 3D Systems iPro 9000 XL by Hobs 3D team at Here East in Stratford link. (know members of the team)

Owners identity and the source of funds

After Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, The UK Gov introduced long sort after Anti money laundering legal reform, measures to identity the source of Funds and the of true owners / buyers in property purchases.

Foreign Investment in the London property market, behind holding companies was artificially inflating the property market and creating higher rents with many properties left unoccupied, Canada has since followed suit with a ban on foreigners owning properties.


Today computational ocean modeling key tool in oceanographic and climate research, and python code for validation of oil spill modelling are carried out by the STFC Hartree centre. link

Oil industry Lobbyists sowed doubt over the past 30 years, today the evident of climate change is irrefutable.

Newlyn Tidal Observatory, Calibrated and set Sea level height zero on Ordnance Survey maps. photo credit National geographic.

Spent time studying the British library's finest treasures, Leonardo da Vinci's: Codex Arundel, at A Mind in Motion exhibition link. sketchbooks containing studies of the Moon and its cause and effects on water.

Asked what do I see in them, Written left handed in the mirror to disguise his observations as he would have been seen as a heretic to Catholic Church doctrine, putting his life at risk.

Smart Cities: Air pollution

London is within the Thames valley, the accumulation of lethal dense smog caused the creation of the clean air act of 1956, The act established smoke-free areas throughout London and restricted the burning of coal in domestic fires and industrial furnaces. i.e Battersea and Barking power stations.

Moon sighting
Moon's illumination taken East London 15/02/19.

Monitoring of harmful particles from vehicle exhausts has lead to restrictions on engine types entering London with the Ultra Low Emission Zone ULEZ 2021, extending August 2023 to include all London boroughs, the £12.50 fee daily fee is designed to encouraging drivers to adopt newer cars with better emission controls.

Transportation: Crossrail

Master plan model of Cross Rail Elizabeth Line construction through central London, Canary Wharf in the Foreground, at The Building Centre.

Civil engineering planning survey model for Crossrail, The largest study to monitor building subsidence in British history, the buildings along the entire route of Crossrail where surveyed for subsidence from excavation works, the 3D CAD model and VR of the tunneling drill was produced by Hobs 3D team for Crossrail H&S training.

Resources: Planning Water

Dec 2019 met Trinidad scientist from the Adopt a River Program, who asked for ideas to assist the water authority through the seven years of lower than expected annual rainfall and daily temperatures of 35°C, leading to national water rationing, highly subsidized water $68sq meter to provide while charged at $304 per quilter last increased in 2019 from $108 set in 1993, the main course of problems is the align infrastructure which often undermines roads.
After seeing the scale of home gardening/farming and irrigation on social media, ideas included methods to economise use, collection of rain water, storage and irrigation methods i.e. reusing water to flush toilets, flow regulators on taps and education projects in schools.

National Power: Energy vampires

Our disposable, consumerist driven society continues to produce household and handheld devices that on standby drain electricity i.e. Games consoles, televisions, Microwaves etc. the technical term is Energy vampires and they increase energy bills and CO2 emissions.

Power stations need to meet peak demand to avoid outages, i.e. electric Kettles simultaneously switched on across the nation during popular television show advertisement breaks (boil only the required amount to save gas or elec), turning on lights and Air conditioning at dusk across hot countries, reducing unnecessary electricity use reduces demand on suppliers and the production of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels.

Global population: Migration to Cities

Migration from the countryside to the cities, today more people live in the cities of Sub Saharan Africa than the whole of Europe and North America combined, a younger population with up to 80% access to the internet and online education, high percentage for developed countries, small habit changes on a large scale can make a significant difference.

Sustainability: Renewable energy

Had Solar panels generating the majority of electricity used, with feed in tariff paid to exported electricity to the national Grid (in Gray old England), using electricity smart meter managing kW kilowatt-hours used, using power hungry electrical appliances only on Sunny days.

Co-efficacy has improved generating for electricity in higher temperatures than previously and the price has dropped significantly in the past decade.

Survey: Humidity and condensation

Modern building materials seal in layers apposed to traditional buildings which breathed, combined with central heating / Air conditioning systems which can dry the air in living areas, create sore throats leading throat and chest infections and through mold spores in the air in other areas of the home.

Simply solution is opening windows east and west each morning, improving humidity and ventilation issues a principle of Bauhaus 1919 - 1933 concrete Modern architecture, small cup of water next to central heating can reduce sore throats from central heating.

Heritage Sites

Registered as Associate changed to Preferred member of the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago,  attempted to find a remarkable historic retractable roof for drying cocoa beans remembered from previous visit, sadly informed it had been knocked down, the National trust protect merely 51 buildings and added the Post Office in Sande Grande in 2019.

The Post Office in Sande Grande 2019

Currently theirs a 4 year American University study 3D scanning heritage sites and interviewing local experts to document the past, and invited climate experts to give public talks.

The National Trust is the only government department which generates income from tours and boat trips etc, and accounts where used to fund Covid 19 financial support at the beginning of the pandemic.

Smart Cities: Smart devices

Witnessed the moments after a black teenager was stabbed in the wrist in East London, and the growing trend for basic mobile phones, saving on the high cost of regularly obsolete/damaged and the trauma from street crime especially on children who are at key stage in develop, hatred and discrimination from losing Birthday or Christmas presents.


This is already impacting manufactures the last three months of 2022 Samsung expect their profits to fall by 69% to lowest levels in eight years. I worked with prototype render artist for Nokia in 2003 and watched mobile phones continuously rise in value, while there is growing need for food banks / stamps to feed families.

OEM devices without bloatware, which are not rooted and are kept up to date with recent OS security patches are more secure for personal data security.

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