Innovations in Wellbeing

STFC Hartree Center

Partnership with the STFC Science and Technology Facilities Council, Hartree Centre link the UK centre of Supercomputing, AI and Quantum Computing.

Hartree Centre Business Development manager, Innovate UK

‘John Robertson has an international portfolio of innovation in design across multiple domains from Computer visualisation to physical materials’

Ordinarily approached to improve design for Autistic children at Alder Hey children's Hospital the first cognitive Hospital in the UK, designed to engage with introvert Autistic children who may feel isolated and be withdrawn when communicating with medical staff. and improve the built environment, assisted the Hartree Centre, in research and design panel to improve Mental Health in the UK, NHS Digital and policy advisers through the RSA Royal Society of the Arts.

Being linked to decades of the leading research and pioneering professional care practice published in the White Paper on Mental Health Reform link announced in the Queen’s Speech at the opening of UK Parliament on 10th May 2022, to address the disparity in the mental health act where children with Learning disabilities including Autism are often held against their families wishes, and young black men are disproportionately sectioned under the Act,  including addressing duty of care failings within the criminal justice system. i.e inmates receiving timely care intervention.

Historically patients would not be informed of treatment options, therapies, release plan or how personal care funding is spent i.e. choice of recreational activities or purchasing personal items, personalisation changes that informing patients and giving choices to safeguard mental health and well being, in the backdrop of historical sexual, political and religious abuses which have taken place within psychiatric care.

Reform of the Mental Health act 1983* easy read link

Online Safety Bill*

Wife lead the personilastion, (personalised care) pilot scheme (known area of concern East London), chartered manager in Autism and Mental Health children and Adults, and wider family with research at the charity rethink mental illness.

Anti Cyberbullying : Online safety


Involved in self producing the WORDS WOUND project for THE CYBERSMILE FOUNDATION link. Anti Cyberbullying raising awareness of the physiological harm inflicted by online hate and abuse by those hiding behind anonymity of the internet. meet a MET CID officer who attends after teenage suicide, campaign which was promoted through numerous creative and tech websites, one site alone with 1.5 million unique monthly visitors.

Online abuse - Regulating internet services - Online Safety Bill* report stage draft link

Diversity and Discrimination

Psychiatrists visited Caribbean for cultral understanding help document why people from Afro Caribbean backgrounds suffer higher rates as they can have many burdons. UK Gov BAME wages report on average 10% less than white counterpart for same job.. lack of inclusion and belong in society, and discriminating criminal justice system.

Historical mistrust of Pharma: Aids was from Dutch Polio development of vacine given to tribes in the Congo, and US experiments on Black men and sexualy transmitted diseases.

UK Gov BAME report on work place diversity and discrimination*

Rethink Mental illness report on belong*

Access to daylight Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons SAD can be more acute during the winter months, therapeutic treatment include a daylight temperature light box with 5000K kelvin LED's bulbs during daylight hours.

Trust for Urban Ecology

Parks and Woodland spaces in Cities, for the public to escape the city and enjoy volunteer activities.

Established and protected by the City and Guilds.


Prescription reordering system

Concept design for IOT prescription reordering system for a nutritional suppliment that reduces inflammation on the brain, for the Armed Forces and Pro Athletes who have sustained concussion and secondary impact from for example IED's. 2015

THC and psychosis

Modern Cannabis has been cross bread with strains increasing the THC levels, sometimes dipped in stronger drugs or cross contaminated with harmful chemicals, close family worked for the leading mental health charity Rethink Mental illness that undertook the research that proved the link between THC and psychosis, which a psychiatric nurse recently said its seen as common place today.

Largest seizure of Cannabis in British history was contaminated with petroleum.

Self-Medication illegal drugs

Currently psychotherapy medical trials are taking place micro dosing medical grade psychedelic drugs, MDMA for depression and high level THC cannabis for chronic pain treatment, their are concerns this could lead to public misconception of the harm these drugs cause and Self-Medication illegal drugs, which are often subsisted including horse tranquilizers and poisons, which can enough to stop an elephant and cause internal bleeding.

These are gateway drugs to harder drugs and the serous health issues and dependency associated with opioids which makes one susceptible to influence (Terrorism etc), and cocaine use for lost confidence and the high levels of violent crime associated. Shut Up And Dance - Autobiography of a Crackhead 92 link

Hospital volunteers

Met a disabled gentleman who explained, managed the hospital volunteers that do a wide selection of tasks that keep everything running smoothly, they replaced him with someone highly qualified and it all went wrong, Didnt understand people or the way things really run apposed to the books.

Info Graphics

Scottish & Trinidadian


GP's have 10min with patients to diagnose and treat the symptoms the patient describes, while often issues in a patients life cause stress and health issues to manifest. 1 in 4 people have a mental health issue at some point in their lives, that's a friend, family or work colleague.

The @ease Project link developed with support of Rethink Mental illness link, was an online soap opera and database concerned with providing support to young people going through issues in life for the first time and provide helpful solutions through a database of contact details for local authority helplines, organizations, charities, Policing and social activity groups.

The Princess Diana funded project was ground breaking, ignored by the press who focused on publishing headlines highlighting the small amount of extreme cases, after the Invited press didn't attend the launch, the website didn't rank highly in search engines, I demonstrated the website to the Director of NHS Digital.

Snap-shoot of the Help and INFO Directory download Link info correct at time of print.


Modern Art steams from the soldiers returning from the First World War who couldn't continue to depict biscuit tin Art after their experiences of the horrors of War.

Ending Stigma

Books are written by the winners often holding back knowledge, I.e. Churchill had depression he described as the Black Dog, locked in his office drinking alcohol (depressant) in possession the German Enigma Top Secrete code machine (Top Secrete until the mid 1990's) he found it difficult to cope with knowingly sending troops into battles they most likely would loss for victory in more decisive battles later, he was hospitalized.

Online Mental Health

The Cybersmile Help center link. gives Information, Help and support with topics including cyberbullying, digital abuse, gaming, mental health and online harassment.

Anti Cyberbullying Campaign*

Online Safety Bill* report stage draft link

Emotions without words

Technical support for RCA PHD project cybernetic jewellery monitoring the emotional state and heart rate of the wearer.

locked in syndrome.


Held Lunch and Learn event for the leading Pharmaceutical packaging design company, on the subject of Medical 3D printing and advances in Bio 3D Printing i.e creating an earlobe one of the most difficult processes for plastic surgeons, which normally requires multiple surgical procedures.

Pharmaceutical industry packaging rebranding, Flu Virus 4 colour logo 3D printed for launch event

Perscription drugs

The success rate of prescribed medications treating symptoms in the US is 1 in 25, their are many factors including establishing the cause from the patients description of Symptoms, treatments not being correctly administered i.e. taken on time or completing the course. Ref The Hidden Half by Micheal Blastfield.

Administer prescribed medication

The Pharma industry is looking into ways to monitor and remind patients when and how to administer a prescribed medication, from antibiotics to anti-psychotics with current focus being on complicated Cancer trials when patients are sent home from hospital following treatment.


Each indiviuals heritage and exposure to food, drink, drugs and chemical toxins makes intolances i.e people of japanese decent are often allergic to alchol as their body doesn't release alchol  through the skin in the same way, dairy and wheat are similar where the body builds up an intolance if eaten too regulerly, if something stimulates a craving it indicates an effect on the brains chemical ballance, no one enjoys their first cigeratte, but it continues to take their money and health.

Drug Testing

After finding social media advertising claiming to source US medical grade MDMA, Shared information with Trinidad's trading standards for their CPD, on the UK charity The Loop link which tests illegal drugs at festivals, carnivals etc, and alerts the public, healthcare professionals, criminal justice and education of the potential harm illegal drugs in circulation.

Hate Hearts

Hate Hearts Turpin / Bastard make your own link

Child development

Children are often used as Drug mules as they are less likely to raise suspicion, while they haven't fully developed similar to smoking stunting growth, drug use affects development and a fear and mistrust of the authority.

Child development and Mental Health*

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