Innovations in Well-Being and Mental Health

Discriminatory' mental health system overhauled, Black people in England, 4 times more likely to be detained under the mental health act. BBC Jan 2021

Reform of the Mental Health act 1983, addressing Inequalities affecting people of race and those with learning disabilities. (see Med) Under the NHS National Health Service free Health care for all.

Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May 2017 budget focused on mental health reform link

My family are linked to decades of the leading charity research and pioneering professional care practice (personilastion) published in the White Paper on Mental Health 1983 Reform link announced in the Queen’s Speech at the opening of UK Parliament on 10th May 2022.

My Partner British / Trinidadian is a member of CMI Chartered Managers Institute and Member of IAM Institute of Administrative Management the standard for the court system, and Medical professional in the field of Leadership for Health and Social Care, Children and Young People’s Services, delivery and administration for children and young people with mental health, autism spectrum, learning disability, adults with drug and alcohol misuse and mental health diagnosis, leaving it better than she meet it.

The medical professional who lead the personilastion, (personalised care) pilot scheme in East London a known area of concern, i.e. managers attempted to jeopardise the work, she improved lives and improved Ofted outcomes in supported living for mental health, Autistic children's homes and learning development centre's.

Reform to the Mental Health Act see's personalisation take a major role, before these changes which build patient trust and life skills for independent living, patients had no legal right to be informed of their release plan and care, including input in their treatment / therapy options, or the ability to elect a trusted advocate to represent there interests, or have the rights to make simple decisions on how personal funding was spent i.e. from choosing every day items to leisure time activities, and patients often found it difficult to adjust to life after treatment. (becoming institutionalised)

Disruptive to the Healthcare and criminal justice system, creating safeguards for those experiencing trauma in their lives: Historically psychiatrists could go without seeing patients during medical reviews, solely making decisions based on notes of often prejudiced staff.

AI Artificial intelligence healthcare tool

Later the STFC Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation (HNCDI) funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) : Hartree Centre is the UK Centre for Supercomputing and AI, National Health Service DATA analytics scientifically proving discrimination in Mental Health services and the need for improvements in the Mental Health system, we where invited to be involved in improving design for Mental Health and Autism.

The Hartree Centre helped SME Oh My Mood develop a AI Artificial intelligence healthcare tool that translates languages to improve Mental Health patient care and understanding. link

Hartree Innovation Centre 24th Sept 2019, afterwards the COVID pandemic would lead to global mental health crisis.

Anti Cyberbullying : Online safety

Anti cyberbullying
Stop Cyberbullying Day Campaign

Prosthetics FX

Anti Cyberbullying
Keyboard Letters 3D printed in Gray to match the gray clay used in Sculpting

Involved in self producing the WORDS WOUND project for THE CYBERSMILE FOUNDATION link. after a militant vegan began a hate campaign against a film/TV industry prosthetics FX artist wrongly believing he used dead animals in the creation. his credits include Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator. (carried out for free)

Anti Cyberbullying raising awareness of the physiological harm inflicted by online hate and abuse on self image and self worth on young and impressionable minds by those hiding behind anonymity of the internet. meet a MET CID officer who attends after teenage suicide, campaign which was promoted through numerous creative and tech websites, one site alone with 1.5 million unique monthly visitors.

Online abuse - Regulating internet services - Online Safety Bill* report stage draft link

The Cybersmile Help center link. gives Information, Help and support with topics including cyberbullying, digital abuse, gaming, mental health and online harassment.

Hartree Centre Brief

Smart Cities sensor technology combined with increasingly powerful data analytical capability is driving innovation in domains such as Smart Cities and Smart Workplaces, which are increasingly affecting the public's mental health.

Viewing Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D, lifts mood, relieves pain and repairs nerve damage, prolonged periods without Sunlight, can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD a form of depression.

SAD can be more acute during the winter months, therapeutic treatment include a daylight temperature light box with 5000K kelvin LED's bulbs during daylight hours, night workers are often on a higher rates because its unhealthy. (see Arch)

Access to Daylight Analysis Townhouse with Winter Garden ADF

Electronic screens

Being constantly connected to work and family responsibilities and social networks, creates stress combined with the blue light given off by digital devices interferes with sleep patterns which fools the brain into believing its daylight disturbs sleep patterns.

During sleep our minds are fare more active than in the day, actively processing and rationalising the events in our daily life, which are often troubling and in-explainable, i.e. World events, the behavior of others and financial worries etc. avoid devices for an hour before going to sleep.

Psychiatry historically

History of Art lecturer at University described my work as the best and easily enter the RCA Royal Collage of Art, In the early 90's I researched historical abuses of Psychiatry, Globally used to silence descent, during the Cold War the US held Communists and the Soviet Union did the same to political objectors. Today their is mass internment of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in detention camps in China.

Mental health issues increase two generations after famine, seen across the World from rationing in the UK, Israel and the genocide of the Jews in WWII, The Great depression in the US, Ethiopia and elsewhere in the World, including Eastern Europe under Stalin, and the Great Chinese Famine. (see Food and Drink)

Work-in-progress (WIP) UN Breastfeeding Medal Foil sticker for certificate in Caribbean.

History @ease

GP's have 10min with patients to diagnose and treat the symptoms the patient describes, while often issues in a patients life cause stress and health issues to manifest. Mental Health Affects us all, 1 in 4 people have a mental health issue at any given point this could be a family member, friend or co-worker, and suicide being the highest cause of death in young men.

@ease was Web-based resource for young people under stress or worried about their thoughts and feelings, Funded by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and developed with support of Rethink Mental illness link, providing helpful solutions through social media comic strip, and database of contact details of helplines, for organizations, charities, Policing and social activity groups.

The Press didn't attend the launch being more focused on negative headlines, I demonstrated the website the Director of NHS Digital Dr S. Miller, to help in the delivery of personalised patient care and support. Snap-shoot of the Help and INFO Directory download Link info correct at time of print. and 2003 case study Link into the success of @ease.

Diversity: discrimination audits

Met Psychiatrist visiting Caribbean for cultural understanding, Afro Caribbeans community suffering higher rates of Mental health issues in the UK, documented causes include.

UK Gov report addressing national wage discrimination, finding people from black, Asian and minority ethnic BAME backgrounds are on average paid 10% less than white counterpart in the same job..

Childbirth: lower quality of health care leading to higher rates of death in childbirth for poorer black woman, and the impact on those families.

Post natal depression triggered by culturally incentive cycle cell screening, when sickle cell trait is discovered, NHS calls to the new mother to be to discuss termination. Sickle cell trait (SCT) is not a disease, but having it means that a person has inherited the sickle cell gene from one of his or her parents. People with SCT usually do not have any of the symptoms of sickle cell disease (SCD) and live a normal life.

The lack of a feeling of belonging and inclusion in an adopted society and also place of origin where there can be issues steaming of belonging, Rethink Mental illness report on belonging*

Well documented discrimination in the criminal justice system.

PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers at embankment who carried out the BAME pay audit, and who find pay gap issues internally.


Recent CARICOM conference In the Caribbean, focused on Post COVID Public mental health, and the link with Violent Gun crime from imported US firearms and the high cost to the Health Service, Policing and Criminal Justice system ect.. after experiencing the pandemic for ourselves its easy to see why their is a rate of Mental health issues from Debt worries to isolation from the fear of crime to education being greatly affected.

Victim support

New guild-lines are proposed for the support of Victims of crime.

New inter agency mental health guild-lines i.e. social workers etc are being drawn up to improve best practice and free the police from attending where there presence may not necessarily be required or cause further distress etc..

Under reform of the Mental Health Act and Criminal justice system

The Police Authorities of England report 2021-2022 approx 300% increase in Police call outs involving members of the public and mental illness. (impact of Covid)

MET Police are from Sept 2023 the MET Police are going to attended fewer Mental Health call out, Piloted by the Force in Manchester, England Right Care. Right Person (RCRP) since 2020 where mental health calls are dealt with by mental health professionals.

Prison inmates are to receive an improved service of care to provide timely support to prisoners facing Psychiatric issues.

In Caribbean: SWOT team instructor outside the prison over heard me mentioning drug use, and that drugs wear off he commented that he would normally say "Get over it Man". triggering a discussion on drugs and mental health.

Arts Therapy

Modern Art steams from European soldiers returning from the First World War WWI who couldn't continue to depict biscuit tin Art after their experiences of War, PTSD post traumatic stress disorder, depression and often couldn't cope with family life and eventually lived on the streets. Had the honor of meeting traveling family and invited to give encouragement to their creative Dyslexic Daughter.

Modern Art was a form of therapy, your not meant to like the Art but relate to the artists message, the first Horror film was made in post WWI Germany in 1920 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silent black and white film using highly contrasting angles and lighting (juxtaposition) which created a sense of fear, unease and disorientation.

Education: Portrayal in Film and Theatre

Media headlines and film have created a misconception of Mental Health and of treatments for extreme case used in the last century. educational studies now include.

Play write Joe Penhall Play Blue / Orange in 2000 at Royal National Theatre, starring Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean) as Robert, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead) as Bruce and Chiwetel Ejiofor CBE (12 Years a Slave) as Christoper. National Theatre education pack Link the play was later adapted for television.

Synopsis: In a London psychiatric hospital, Christopher an enigmatic patient claims to be the son of an African dictator - a story that becomes unnervingly plausible. BLUE/ORANGE is an incendiary tale of race, madness and a Darwinian power struggle at the heart of a dying National Health Service.

Joe Penhall last King of Scotland, Hollywood 2006 historical drama, set around military officer Idi Amin, president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979, Amin expelled Asians a majority of whom were Indian-Ugandans, and the decline of his Mental Health.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Birds Mural Art, subject Bird Phobia.


In 1992 was involved in the Artwork for the Last Poets recordings with Jimi Hendrix, African American Civil Rights spoken word session recordings with Jimi Hendrix. digitally scanning Photography and Artwork. the recording had been left unpublished as the Last Poets didn't trust the Recording industry. (Music of the Black Panther movement)

Hendrix died from a Heroin overdose on Sept 18th 1970 weeks after recording with the last poets at a time he was becoming more involved in the Civil right movement in the United States, the Last Poets have claimed US Presidents Richard Nixon's CIA was involvement in his death, that wouldn't be a surprise to many.

The Last Poets previously unreleased 1970 African American Civil Rights spoken word

Self-Medication of illegal drugs

Psychotherapy / physiotherapy medical trials are taking place micro dosing medical grade psychedelic drugs, MDMA for depression and high level THC cannabis for chronic pain treatment, their are concerns this could lead to public misconception of the harm even prescription pain killers (opioids) can cause and Self-Medication illegal drugs, which are often substituted with horse tranquilizers and poisons, which can enough to stop an elephant and cause internal bleeding, similar to brewing hooch causing alcoholics to go blind.

They are gateway drugs to harder drugs and serous health and social issues of dependency and the high levels of violent crime associated. Shut Up And Dance - Autobiography of a Crackhead 92 link

Cannabis, Policing and Mental health

Modern strains of Cannabis with high levels of THC where developed by the Dutch cross breading a strain from Afghanistan, at the time the IRA was involved in the distribution in the UK, to reduce the funding to the terrorist group, Police used stop and search targeted cultural association Afro Caribbean communities, Creating further division which manifests increased mental health issues from the increased stress, the Higher THC strain caused increased levels of Psychosis. affecting the community two fold. A psychiatric nurse recently informed me drug induced psychosis is now common place today in the UK.

Family worked for the leading mental health charity Rethink Mental illness that undertook the research that proved the link between THC and psychosis, the largest seizure of Cannabis in British history was contaminated with petroleum, involving South London and Russian's I know this as it took place while I was at school.

Drug testing

Hate Hearts Turpin / Bastard make your own link

After finding social media advertising claiming to source US medical grade MDMA, Shared information with Trinidad's trading standards for their CPD, on the UK charity The Loop link which tests illegal drugs at festivals, carnivals etc, and alerts the public, healthcare professionals, criminal justice and education of the potential harm of illegal drugs in circulation. i.e. damage to the central nervous system, organ damage include brain activity, and perception of reality.

The Pharma industry is in active pharmaceutical development using 3D printing to custom made tablets in an attempt to reduce opioid miss use and remotely produce pharmaceuticals, future importance of local lab drug testing.

Child development

Children are often used as Drug mules by Adults as they are less likely to raise suspicion, while they haven't fully developed similar to smoking stunting growth, drug use affects development and being involved in something classed as illegal creates a fear and mistrust of the authorities.

Word of 2022

Word of 2022 Merriam-Webster dictionary chose ‘gaslighting’.

manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.
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