Cultural Appreciation


Removing sand with my hands unearthed a sculpture garden, large African head carvings on a coconut tree root buried on the beach and wood sculptures concealed in the trees in Tobago, some looked created by tripped out surfers while others had greater cultural significance, the twin islands culture is famous for voodoo, a practice of using drugs and fear to make someone susceptible to being taken advantage of.

Warned by leading Carribean Academic, Good minds regularly return damaged by those trying to find out information by using drugs.

All Beaches closed during Covid lockdown

The late Trinidadian Actor Geoffrey Holder famously portrayed the Voodoo man in the Bond film Live and Let Die, and his brother the prolific contemporary artist Boscoe Holder paintings can be found in the National Museum and Art Gallery link in the Capital Port of Spain and the Hilton Trinidad, which has in it reception a collection of Ken Morris copper chasing, depicting the rich history and culture of the islands.


Visiting Japan enjoyed tea while staying at The Park Hyatt Tokyo famous for its role in the film lost in translation visiting model making district and recycled in Kyoto from the Bullet Train. (30sec)

Master Grade model from Tokyo

From primary school visited the Artists for science fiction comic 2000 AD at IPC Magazines, and was shown the large format camera used in the photo-etching process to convert their artwork into production print plates, attended the first screening in the UK of Japanese Anime Cyberpunk Classic AKIRA at the ICA, and was invited to be on MANGA's industry panel on the future of Robotic design after the screening of Neon Genesis Evangelion at the CURZON Cinema SOHO.


ZCorp Training at 3D Systems HQ in Le Mans.


Invited to Thailand by family of a Thai officer, turned down an offer to enter the seedy Patpong explicit market. stood among the statues of the Shaolin Styles and looked upon the Buddha Mountain, at the largest collection of Chinese artifacts outside of China, devout Buddhists touching in reverence the cast metal statues of the Buddha have caused the fine detailed decorative patterns to fade over the centuries making them only visible to the trained eye.

Middle East: UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Oman

On the eve of the Gulf War II flew the IRAQ/IRAN boarder onboard the last flight before the full embargo, met a family friend who's home was used as the HQ for UN forensics investigation team into War crimes in the former Yugoslavia, and the local owner of the structural engineering company which build the Burj Al Arab and received a dishdasha infused with Arabian Oud.

Visited Museums holding some of the oldest Arabian books of Geometry and Astrology.

Desert mountain top

Italy: Venice

Invited to Venice, Historic Building survey and restoration visit.

St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) Venice Stone cleaning.


Kuala Lumpur Malaysia visited the Petronas Twin Towers, and to Borneo staying in a WWF World Wide Life Fund hotel and visited the Orangutan rehabilitation centre before Palm Oil deforestation, Asking the staff "whats affecting the forest".



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