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Daresbury Tower, formally NFC Nuclear Structure Facility Developed the ION Beam today combined with Digital 3D imaging is used in deep tissue cancer treatment at the Cockcroft Centre. See MedicalTech.

Partner with Double medical Nobel Prize winners

Partnered with Hartree at Daresbury labs in 2018 below are photographs of when I assisting the last technical glass blower in UK the only person capable of making custom made lab equipment that in early AIDS/HIV research 1989

The first of its kind, the SRS enabled research that has improved the quality of our lives in so many ways. This included research into diseases such as HIV and AIDS, as well as motor neurone disease, to name just a few examples.Link

Custom made lab equipment in the Fight to Cure AIDS/HIV

What lead me to be a technician was shadowing and assisting the only person capable of producing custom made lab equipment used in early medical research into HIV / AIDS. he was the last remaining Glass Technician in the UK in 1988-89 working alone in the basement of the South Bank University he told me i had the aptitude required to be his apprentice, when HIV/AIDS was considered the Gay Plague,

Technical glass blower in UK making custom lab equipment for AIDS/HIV Universities and Science exploratory research, while working the Torch Lathe circa 1989 my first photographs

Last professional technical glass blower in UK making lab equipment for AIDS//HIV research before retirement. unable to retire in search of an apprentice who had the required skills.I owe him a great deal for mentoring me. He believed I would help in the fight against Cancer.

Custom made lab equipment in the Fight to Cure AIDS/HIV

When I went for fuel for a lamp burner the shop owner took the lamp from me and accusing me of being a gang member and told me to bring the police to get it back. Didn’t have time for that. Shop owner steal my tool in Tulse Hill. And have volunteered to take part in police line ups after working throughout the night in central London workshops

For context 1989 the Berlin Wall fell marking the end of the former Soviet Union and British R&B band Soul II Soul featuring Caron Wheeler. released the multi Grammy award winning “Back to Life” link and it filled the air as it was produced in a studio next to Brockwell Park on the edge of. Hern Hill. At the end of the road from where I lived and it was played on every radio and bootleg copies on every car sound system before release. See Music

It wasn't until 1991 that Diana Princess of whales campaigned for public understanding when she shock hands with a AIDS patient without wearing gloves.

princess diana shaking hands with one of the residents

I learned a lot from him using a liquid in solid form where surface tension that can shatter the piece when cooling, industrial diamond finishing and skills which cant be learned from books, SLA Stereolithography was invented in 1986 and I went on to upgrade industrial SLA workhorse used in medical innovations reducing its cost of High resolution See MedicalTech

he was a calm humble gentleman to work alongside. The two of us in the basement of the university he arranged for my first engineering technical drawing board. He seamed to believe I would one day help Oncologists. (Cancer treatment)

Found this image of a counter weighted steel A1 architect's drawing table made in the 1950s by Franz Kuhlmann, Is Very similar to the one he found for me in the store room in the basement

I kept his work close to my chest as public mob mentality fear of the "Gay Plague" in news paper headlines were at its height. As the public would have only made his work more difficult. small glass blown pipes became synonymous with Crack Cocaine and the instant addiction associated.

1992 was involved in artwork for Jimi Hendrix recording with the Last Poets, Hendrix had a drugs related death. See music.

the university sent me on placement to a blacksmiths in Vauxhall, who had injection markings and was shocked not have a female sent, I made it clear in a report to my fellow students he was hypodermic drug user expecting to be sent young ladies as free workers, The message I received back was “that what we want to know.”

Met the men that produced bootleg SUB POP merchandise at “NAVANA” concerts Kurt Cobain suicide a week after overdose almost took his life, they had to leave Miami as the city had become too violent, 1989 was also the year in New York Orange Juice Jones & Sam Sever produced the Anti Crack Cocaine song PIPE DREAMS for JUICED UP MUSIC/DEF JAM MUSIC, INC./SAM I AM MUSIC (ASCAP) and in London in 1991 Shut and Dance produced Autobiography of a Crackhead.

We now know HIV screening for all blood donated in the UK only began on 14 October 1985. Lead to blood transfusion infection of patients.

in 2014 over 2.5million hypodermic needles where distributed to addicts and patients in London and Based on the data, roughly 30 per cent of the needles distributed end up in public places. Recently it was announced that families of heroin users who are at risk of fatal overdoses are to be trained to use life-saving Naloxone kits by ambulance crews in Glasgow. See online safety

While I volunteered with the trust for Urban ecology, which included collecting and disposing of hypodermic needles discarded by drug users in public spaces, one of the small army of volunteers reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS for the public.

Reused hyperaemic needle in coffin shaped box, Rynd's hypodermic syringe, steel with ivory handle, in maroon leatherette case, by Weiss, London, 1860-1880. whole object on grey background. Colour Profile: Adobe RGB (1998) 
Gamma Setting: 2.2

at Uni I made a small sculpture with food colouring needle filled with red oil paint in ergonomic medal box (coffin) the form was displayed by my tutor contemporary British silversmith Howard Fenn at the 11th Goldsmiths Fair as silver candle sticks with my permission. See food Security

During a hospital visit in 2018, I met a young man having his second leg amputated because of his addiction to dirty heroin.

Gay and Bi sexual men where blocked from donating blood and until November 2017 when an implemented 3-month deferral policy on all gay/bi men having the same partner who want to donate their blood.

There is an interesting story of how antiretroviral drugs, where produced and sold by Cuba to Nelson Mandela’a government in South Africa avoiding the high US patient costs. If I find the documentary will add here link

Fight Aids@home

From 2009 Volunteered my workstation and PS3 to Folding@Home, and FightAIDS@Home screen saver and utilizing idol processor cycles while playing music and watching films etc to simulate protein structures, the project discovered 2 breakthroughs in 2010, Global PS3 consoles contributed over a Petaflop of computing power.

The term folding refers to vibrating protein structures to move molecules into new variations and test how they interact with known viruses.

I later worked alongside one of Sony PlayStation’s most senior female business executive. Named my daughter’s middle name after her.

The Folding@home™ Distributed Computing Project at Stanford University

Folding@Home PS3 FightAids@home closed 2012

Fight Aids@home

The current Folding@Home project is using the Hartree Centre's Scafell Pike Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer to remove bottle necks for Folding@Home folding protein structures to develop patent free therapeutics for COVID variants. link
see Public Health Pandemic

There have many medical advances in treatment of HIV (antiretroviral therapy or ART) and prevention including (PrEP) Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, while there is no cure for HIV, but you can control it with HIV treatment and prevention.

Antiretroviral therapy can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood to levels that are undetectable with standard tests.

achieving and maintaining a “durably undetectable” viral load (the amount of HIV in the blood) not only preserves the health of the person living with HIV, but also prevents sexual transmission of the virus to people without HIV.

Today 1 in 10 (higher undiagnosed) have Aids in Trinidad, There was a reported increase in preventable new cases of STD’s sexually transmitted diseases post pandemic, in the local hospital a woman told she had AIDS but wouldn’t give it to a police officer, some are not as considerate.

Always health screen before starting a new relationship and wear protection. see Healthcare Pandemic financial plans

Administering medication

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Administering medication

2015 Concept design for WIFI IOT internet of things prescription reordering system for next day delivery. Not to miss medication supplies. One button supplies ordering device

The Pharma industry is looking into ways to monitor and remind patients when and how to administer a prescribed medication, from AIDS/HIV, Cancer drugs to anti-psychotics with current focus being on complicated Cancer trials when patients are sent home from hospital following treatment at the Cockcroft institute, Daresbury Scitech Campus.

STFC Daresbury Campus

Cockcroft Institute develop ION beam research for the treatment of Cancer

Daresbury Tower Dec 2018, formally NFC Nuclear Structure Facility Developed the ION Beam today combined with Digital 3D imaging is used in deep tissue cancer treatment at the Cockcroft Centre. MedicalTech.

The Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation (HNCDI)

Powerhouse of the North, The Hartree Centre part of Daresbury Campus which has been involved in Nobel prize winning research, and Medical training the Nuclear Structure Facility (NSF) Ion beam Tower and the Cockcroft Institute at Darsbury Campus has pioneered ION beams used in cancer therapy, combined with advanced digital medical imaging, precisely targeting deep Cancerous tissue, and monitoring systems for patients treatment.


In 1991 I dismantled the particle accelerator, with fellow Uni technicians Phil and Fraser the base was from a WWI battleship gun turret and of high value for medical X-Ray imaging as it was forged before the first atomic test’s on earth. guaranteeing the metals low levels of radiation and clearer medical imaging. See MedicalTech

the Chernobyl disaster, in 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the former Soviet Union, the worst disaster in the history of Nuclear power generation, that spread radioactive material across Europe, live stocks where destroyed as radioactive clouds rained on grass across Europe, Japans strict food standards Scottish Aberdeen Angus was the only European beef imported into Japan after measures. See Food security

Because of the Chernobyl disaster In 1996, Ukraine lost its status as a nuclear state, when authorities transferred the last nuclear missiles to Russia, fulfilling the Budapest Memorandum.

TRUST FOR URBAN ECOLOGY Registered Charity No: 278601 (wellness)

CANCER RESEARCH UK registered Charity number: 1089464

NATIONAL AIDS TRUST registered Charity number: 297977

THE BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY Registered Charity number: 220949