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Global mental health day

Princess Diana funded @ ease project

"1 in 4 people have mental health issues which has been on the rise over the past decades often a family member friend or loved one and its increasing, Doctors have on average 15 min with the patient to prescribe a treatment, studies show treatments work 1 in 24 because of this as well as other reasons, 20 years ago an internet Database with 5000 contributors from help charities and organisations, created a website called @ ease for the public, health professionals and services providers to support people and help them through there difficulties and not be put them automatically into the mental health system on medication, the press wasn't interested at the time because the stigma and it being well before its time it was very low down on search results impacting the excellent work done and vanished, My GP is the director of NHS digital loved the database, I kept a copy of its information and it can used today regionally across and globally"

"I was planning projects to improve mental health with the science technology council under the UK budget funding when I required surgery on my ankle taking me out of action"

Link to support sites: Helplines

Caribbean Burns unit

Caribbean Burns unit Bio Printing, for burns victims.

"Bio printing skin graph material to improve survival rates"

"Scanning skin tone to match tone for prosthetics limbs and scare and burns, to improve the mental and visible scaring"

"First in the third"

Charity Support: Children and young adults with learning disabilities

As a former student at Bloomfield learning centre and seeing today that £500 can make the difference for each child and limited funds mean that children with support needs are not receiving timely assessment and support they require and deserve and being left by the road side in education terms and are expected to learn as adults by which time they are alienated, frustrated and possibly turn to violent outbursts and crime, Young minds with the same learning disabilities as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Albert Einstein. by supporting children with learning disabilities early enough we are attempting to safe guarding children and young adults and break the cycle of the poverty, by increasing awareness of the situation to help improve educational outcomes, for children and young adults of some of the most socially and economically deprived families.

"We are now looking at developing apps to support the development of children and young adults"

United Nations charter on Child Protection

Thank you Pakistan for the Proposal for a new UN charter on child protection: Al Jareera report 14/10/19 on child protection

Sharing research and supporting one of the Caribbean's breast feeding councillors it shows what great work being done in the area in the Caribbean.

Official Breast feeding rates along the west coast of Africa is 10%< in the most part down to fashion wanting to be like the first world where a mother does not a single days leave from work in the US to look after there new born , the west coast of Africa where formula is often not officially distributed its impacting new born mortality rates,  Powder formula has for some time been imported in plastic bags on planes into Africa with no traceability and possibly cut with any other powder, the Baby has no immune system it is given by the mother in anti bodies.


Their are six thousand new chemical formulations a year personal and cleaning products etc.., thier is a issue of testing and saferty in relation to human reaction with the new forumals and their combination with other chem formulas as computers and testing takes place they have mother's to be and those with weakened immune systems minimise exposure to all possible chemicals.


The privileged middle classes use of class A drugs in the first world is turning the streets of London etc.. into an ever more dangerous place for the youth who have little or no options without education, these same middle class that use terms like social responsibility as the Major of London Sadiq Khan put it eloquently, but he was not received well by those same he was talking to, in fact the first worlds middle class use of drugs endangers life a cross the globe.

Cannabis is becoming more excepted globally for its pain and healing benefits today, we can see in the past illegal cannabis trade was in part funding terrorism in the UK as honey was in other parts of the world, and assumed association alienated communities that had little or nothing to do with it, recently I had to raise my concerns with US cannabis packaging and marketing industry after witnessing images darkening skin tones and using religious symbolism in there marketing without any warning, they are now looking at creating a code of conduct with visible warnings to those too young or experienced to understand.

The Dutch cultivated cannabis in the 80’s to raise HTC, the psychoactive element of cannabis, which has the highest impact on the mental health of the youth who see highly psychedelic weed as the norm and don't understand the impact on them, they should see it like a opioid dip that a friend who was a daughter of a Swiss banker was targeted with at Uni with and it destroyed her life.

Attention spans

Before the internet the attention span was a day, as you would give a book a day and the next day decide if its worth reading any more, the internet quickly reduced that to 7 seconds as you wait for a site to load if its not delivered you in a few short seconds you move on, social media have turn the internet of the library of the world into the likes of facebook algorithms profiling each of us and delivers what it assumes we want to see in advertising and the old sales tactic of shock marketing pushes a never ending stream of instant gratification, problem is its bias to your assumed profile fake articles are created to simply shock and make money though the add clicks but this leads to more extreme views around the world as people are not seeing as balanced view of the world which takes time. (a lie takes a moment but a long time to check, Henry Ford didn't ever say you can have and colour of car as long as its black)

Safe whorship for all

The white fare right is the biggest cause extremism in the UK today and it can easy be put down to lack of education:
for example the lies AIDS was created by Africans, The TRUTH is 150 years ago the Europeans created the polio vaccine in the great Apes in the Congo and injected the infected blood into the local tribes, every lie can be fall like a stack of cards.

My Family was organising the staff at the special Olympics in the UAE at which time of the fare right attacked the Muslims worshipping in New Zealand.

The British fare right anti Muslim leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon changed his surname to that similar to my own Robinson he now calls himself, I have been asked in church if there is any relation, simple answer NO, and the fare right have been hurting my friends since college days when it moved from Peckham to a white area and they accused the college of not excepting whites when the college was already full leading to a friend being shoot by the BNP before the death of Steven Lawrence when it was un reported, my own family is in fact around the world from the Caribbean to the Middle East and the Fare East.

Temple of Gold

Indian temples of Gold with such wealth.

"India has such wealth that it could impact the global Stock Markets in the same way Gordian brown sold the UK gold reserve affected South Africa when apatite was abolished crippling the country as it looked to a brighter future, India with humble respect and honour have turned to sites of important religious cultural heritage into museum."

Rameshwaram Temple Corridor in 1925, photograph courtesy of the Travancore royal family.

Being trained in the traditional crafts ways one of our text book was written by Oppi Untracht who studied Indian arts and crafts and later became an expert on the jewelry of India and Nepal, we learn the value is in how we treat each other, As the Buddha was a Indian prince who gave up all material belongings and wealth in search of enlightenment.


Congratulations to the United Arab Emirates for the first Arabs in space Oct 2019, a small nation such a great achievement, and there work for decades moon spotting to begine Eide, and  NASA's international space station load and docking expert from Trinidad Dr Allyne on her great works.

Rare Earth

The rare earth material in the film Black Panther is a real material called Tellurium, at the time of the conflict in Sierra Leone there was only two mines in the world one there and the other in Australia, making it a blood alloy similar to blood diamonds, (New Scientist 1999) At the time I contacted a major dealer in mobile phones in the UAE to make them aware of the trade and to ethically source the devices if possible through the supply chain.

The US didn't list the material at the time as a material it traded in, small plane midnight flights from Europe to Africa with millions of dollars secured the blood alloy as its used in microchip manufacture to reduce the heat, so it has been been everyones pockets for decades in the form of mobile phones, today China controls 80% of the market as its a by product of its copper mining in Africa. and US trade wars will impact its access to the vital material in modern technology.


The Media is full of violence and xenophobia (a specific race dislikes and looks down upon other races because they feel superior) for example the TV show NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (everyone is a terrorist) which is one of the highest in the viewer rankings in a country with passport holders in the 90's at 3% to 27 percent in 2007 and that has now increased to 42 percent, often only travelling to Canada or Mexico, while 76 percent of people in England and Wales have a passport. (forbes) while the US TV networks shows are shown around the world including the show Friends which was a failing tv show and then studies show was used as an alignment tool continuously broadcast across the globe since Sept 11th when 19 people attacked the US.

I contacted someone in New York at the time and informed them the UK had been living for decades with the New York pubs funding attacks in the UK having grown up with it happening on a weekly event at times.

A couple of years ago I walked passed in line of sight a one ton unexploded WWII ordnance as it was being disarmed at time at the end of city airport in London arriving to work and carried on my day with 1k students at work as normal as had been doing that for the best part of a year, I believe the US once had one FU-GO ballon strike out of 9300 sent at it by Japan in WWII which caused mass panic in the US.

Check first

I was prescribed powerfully anti depressants as pain relief therapy in the UK without a consultation just receiving a text to collect them, I looked and No#1 side effect is suicidal thoughts (in the Carribean now where you only get paracetamol thank God) I didn't collect them the same pills had lead to the death a close friend in the US years earlier.

I looked for this track for decades as I heard it in the early 90's as the best anti drugs anthem. I don't take drugs rarely drink alcohol unless its a good whisky for medicinal or smoke.  Spotify: Shut up and Dance Death is not the End 2009 Autobiography of a Crackhead

Warned by someone very highly respected in the Pride movement after being offered artist in residence at the club HEAVEN and the US bus tour (while he was fixing my cooker)

Today the BBC editorial is again damaging woman's and racial rights with reports tagging on at the end the feeling of LGBT lossing all importance, as GAY white man and can simply put on a suit and be the most privileged without opening their mouth, while still women and people of race other than white have never achieved an equal status, the lastest UK GOV audit shows the same job paid on average 20% less.


Gaming has become about makings soldiers or simply put cannon fodder with games like Fortnite which is free on all platforms and design to be highly addictive and it's without a story or breaks from in game shooting and killing, thankfully last week they created a black hole in the game and ended it by sucked in 6 million online live gamers into it hopefully not to return, without a rethink at least, after surgery I was invited to a early version of a game dev platform called Dreams where a child or adult can develop there own game, animation or 3D modelled environments using a child's own creative imagination and story telling and gain skills and share them with others. (Home work then 30min dev your own creative ideas)

Open Source Prosthetics Projects raising the bar

"Open source Brunel hand 2.0 by Open Bionics Labs, I have been in contact with Open Bionics on tech issue (not my work but well worth posting)"

Your hand is ready for you Luke...

Parts link: Brunel Hand 2.0

Witchcraft = Medicine man

The only things known to mankind that boosts the bodies own white blood cells is in Europe the Echinacea flower (can be taken for a week) and the African potato (can be used year round), an African witch doctor would make the ill person well by having them eat the African potato and get well and banish the evil spirits. (WebMD) the African wild potato is a plant. People use it to make medicine. The African wild potato is used for urinary tract disorders including bladder infections (cystitis), prostate problems including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer; other cancers; and lung disease.

Workers in chocolate factories never get colds and Flu or take days off through ill health, its not the workers eating the products, for thousands of years we have made our own penicillin within bread pultis. (we are the witch doctors gifted by the creator)


For decades authorises nationally have waited ten’s of years in a cycle and not invested in dealing with problem families making areas worse until the point they move on everyone dispersing the problems to new areas and redevelop the area “Gentrifying” with more expensive new properties, pushing out families and key workers the underlaying problems still remain, as there is resentment and the newly developed areas become hot spots of crime as the middle class rich moved into the poor areas.


Creative Caribbean arts festival in the Eastern Islands of the West Indies, met with UWI and UTT and witnessed the moving work of the first student with autism to graduate from a university in Trinidad and Tobago, met the animation tutors and the students mother and offered advice and encouragement on her long journey of inclusion.

Look away

The Moon

My telescope is now viewing the Caribbean sky at night.

I'm a Christian not Muslim, At the End of Ramadan their was confusion if the moon had been spotted as it seamed to early for the moon to be sighted, I invited my muslim neighbours around to observe the baby blue sky and new moon while Trump visited London (it stopped air space over London), the telescope has had its journey to the Caribbean, on the beach free private viewing for refugees and oppressed people.

Free Night Sky App: SKY Portal

The Sun

On a visit to UK I visited the place of my birth the West Coast of Scotland and where I learned to swim as a child to reach the small island university Marine Biological Station on Millport (UMBSM) who studied the Caribbean gulf stream (conchs eating the black star fishing damaging the coral), and reaching watched the sunrise over the islands on the last day of summer 2019 after spending the night in the Wemyss bay ferry terminal. (I was told no-one does that I had to turn away from its beauty)

Orthopaedic implants and surgery

Was in talks with the top orthopaedic implant company with EBM Laser or Electron Beam Melting (AM) Additive manufacturing hip joints etc. today I have 10 metal screws and plates in my own ankle and hold a good insight of the impact of surgery and pain/pain killers, and look at improving system and supporting medical research.

University Papers

“At university living behind Ian Valance the then MD of British Telecom and having the first DSL line in UK on the exchange I wrote a paper on the possibilities of Cloud Computing and its possible CAD design application with AutoDesk in 1992"

"and a Business Studies Marketing paper on the Marketing and Packaging Design of November Beer from the Moscow Brewery named after the month the Berlin Wall came down in 1991 ending the Cold War, the brand was marketed in cinemas and around the Elephant and Castle and at the Ministry of Sound” (Score 99%)


Family wrote the ticketing system for a Middle East airline and we reduced global warming though the math and manufacture process, support the STFC in design and medical research, where the photon was discover and Dark mater, the MET missed the warnings from Muslim community for the London bombings I called it in a day late, left me taking anti terror thought meds, and studying at Stockwell historic building conservation and them naming the it Cobra, after my recent project, an innocent young Portuguese man was shot on my way to his course at Stockwell tube, I continued to eat in the local Portuguese restraint hoping to speak to the family, later discovered the KKK was working inside the mental health system through staff taking clients money and abusing them, allowing homes to be used for drug dealing and belongings taken from, and police asking staff just sign the statement that he did it, the same goes for the place one of the bombers was from Tipton which I had visited years earlier and got to know as a fare right hot spot, where one child caused so much damage the art department the building was levelled, then set fire the the English department to distroy the cause work then blamed the BAME teaching staff, on moving to the east end I would receive cigars in the letter box (I don't smoke) from a local recovering mental health resident and local community youths around the flat, call outs in the street some rude at night honestly and the graduation photographs of the exceptional young gifted minds in the Muslim African community.

RSA Fellow

Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is an award granted to individuals that the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) judges to have made outstanding achievements to social progress and development.

"To make positive change in society through the international network of creative minds for the better good of the human race."

Notable past fellows include Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker, and Tim Berners-Lee. Today, the RSA has Fellows elected from 80 countries worldwide, I make it 81.


Saterlite technology is that European and US adult explicit channels are transmitted over the Holy Lands and temples of the world, the UK has developed digital filter technology that on default blocks adult content from new subscription for mobile phone and broadband this could possibly be used to stop the signals from being transmitted at source.


Arriving with only a mattress, a pillow and plastic chair, unable to drive, the bank cut my access to all of my personal money for over 6 weeks because of going over on one account by £1 when I tried to buy food, and no pain relief for 7 weeks the people of the Caribbean island helped for the arts and music festival we stayed in the Presidential Suite, she is from the North East simply had Jacuzzi and slept in Egyptian cotton sheets, I tidied up our things turned off AC to avoid hotel flu and aired the room, then queue in line with the hidden figures of NASA and I took her breakfast in bed, making the chef use the old pan to cook the food for flavour. I read a message written by Michelle Obama which was understood and gave me a new strength to my disablity and pain.

Alison hinds playing CARIFESTA XIV

Presentation on technology

"Over the past 5 years I have been regularly invited around the world to give talks on medical material science and advances in technology and share my research and thoughts and the stage with multiple Noble prize winners"

Applied Technology

Supplying specialist tech for the specialist 3D printing industry I discovered the profiteering taking place in the health services crippling it to the point operations where unable to take place in large trauma centres, cleaning swabs which I would supply to industry for £5 where being sold to the hospital supply chain for £99, we had a reasonable markup at £5 (@400% markup), understanding the supply chain requires traceability an encryption BITCOIN tech could reduce that to a fraction of the current cost. (Applied technology as everyone ponders if BITCOIN will ever be useful, It could easily reduce medical health cost not add to it globally and secure the supply chain)

I was told recently corporate america doesn't like you, Disruptive techniques I must be doing something right then.

Revealed not for Circulation: Free electricity for the poor

Role up solar panels (approx £100 instead of 10k+ of 10 years ago) with higher Coefficient over 80 degrees in third world and reusing batteries from electric cars giving the poor free electricity reducing power plant max output at peak times globally, when we have the numbers needed it will greatly reduce the green house gases output global.

Thank you Akon for your great works in Africa giving 600m people in sub Sahara Africa electricity with Lighting Africa. Link: Lighting Africa

Thank you Trevor Jackson for your invention of the single charge 1500 Miles / 2414 Kilometre recyclable electric Car / Van / Bus/ Home battery your now putting into production. (please design them as universal powercells, hot swop-able and chargeable from renewable solar power, we make a large percentage of the worlds population self surfactant, reducing global warming on the long term)

Revealed not for Circulation: Standardised Car power cells

I was trained by the best in F1 and aviation and I propose a standardised car power cells to be used as batteries in homes to store solar power and reduce power station output at peak times of the day reducing globally the carbon foot print daily.

Revealed not for Circulation: burns victims

Medical advances in Bio printing over the past 5 years porous skin now used in cosmetics industry instead of animal testing shows it greatly increases survival rates of the burns victims. 1 year to create a clean room to start the process. (I have a Certificate in Bio Printing human body parts)

Caribbean Nurse called Miss World since a teen was staying with us, she awoke in the night to find me down stairs communicating online globally on Bio Printing human body parts at 3:30am she simply said only you good night.

Computer @ home

Jetson NANO X24 more powerful than the last Generation using a graphics processor at the core, Mobile battery charger and a small bluetooth gaming keyboard, connect to any HDMI TV screen, running Ubuntu 15.04 on a micro SD card.

A computer for the third world to teach children coding at home, coding AI, my image below was liked by the Maker magazine and Science channel presenter (smart cars are programmed in the townships by African woman the best minds)

Revealed not for Circulation: Moon sky model

Aviation is the major cause it was not on the table at Kyoto but major advances have taken place  new advanced and practical tech is advancing in the pipeline to further improve the global situation, our only enemy is time so we can not rest on our laurels.

Globally the code is to look at reducing photon bounce rate from my previous research on glare and standardise  CIE Moon sky to reduce night energy vampires.

(Leonardo da Vinci codex: the Moon is illuminated by the Sun at night and that is cast down at night and that reflection illuminates the earth, The Da Vinci code is the Moon and our relationship to it hence given less importance by European christian church as the sabbath was moved to Sunday to attract the Sun worshippers)

New sky map of the Moon

Revealed not for Circulation: engine design

Optimisation of engine efficiency through design iteration and prototyping and small part replacement of old equipment in first and third world instead of replacing the whole assembly or buying new using reverse engineering and 3D Additive manufacturing technologies through current projects rolling out globally.

I know in one gen of aviation engine design we had a 30% improvement on fuel efficiency the code and design optimisation through RP, Reducing green house gasses given off by over 30% and it’s only got better since then the new designs look at even higher levels of reduction in fuel.... (lifting the lid for you as an insight into what we have done already)

Revealed not for Circulation: rain forest

Carpet bombing seedlings into the burnt area of the rain forrest which will absorb more x2+CO2 than large trees and release x2+ oxygen remove the unsustainable palm oil in virgin rain forrest and we do the same, helping our shared global lungs. (I volunteered to years surveying urban woodland environments and understand the bio diversity even in inner city urban areas, it comes back)

(thank you south America, Vietnam and Thailand)

Revealed not for Circulation: energy planning

I have discussed with the UK prison service reoffenders rehabilitation service the free CAD tools for smart city planning Relux which could lead to worth while skills which will be needed more in the future. a new approach is needed for the Moon sky illumination with new solar panels which can collect more ambient light possibly night lumens levels.

Back to sender

Thank you Church of England Bishop for lending me your ear while in Leyton on the subject of returning the ten commandments to their home, and designing my first pixel art on graph paper with coloured pencils in the vicarage in Brixton back in the 80's to design Daily Thompson Decathlon on the BBC micro B. 


Where are your window keys and if you cant find them where is your backup's to clear the air of smoke, exit or call for help.. you have 30 seconds to clear the air or let you and your family suffocate, make copies and carry them and keep them around the house. An Architect in the middle east once told me even in sky scrappers a window needs to be able to break to clear smoke and always check the fire exits if you only see a lift to get to your room leave and don't turn back.

IP man

Research showed the Chinese got so tired up in data that was wrong when planning logistics (seams common to all now) as the people commonly didn't trust the officials and lied about how many people lived in there home each visit the number went up and the areas where not supplied the required inferstructure causing mistrust.

IP theft my tutor at University did it to me and exhibited the result, the Chinese will make something and let you know it's not the original in a inteligent way a dilibrate mistake if you like. Its said copying is the highest form of flattery. So was the highly unusual request of the Hong Kong authorities to the UK trade associations that I visit and exhibit.


I have had a number of magazine requests for interviews which have been turned down after writing by editorial not fitting the agenda of the day, short sightedness missed the fact that not every home will have a 3d printer as making a replacement the material science of a cooker knob needs to meet design and safety standards, and the health and safety standards of resin and powder based machine need to meet strict airflow and storage standards even the wrong vacuum cleaner could take the roof off the building. students and public can and will do anything behind your back as short cuts and its not worth the risk telling them everyone can do it at home.

Recycling concrete is also a very good method in reducing the 2.2 billion tons of CO2 produced in it production which is equivalent to 8% of annual global output of CO2, it helps builders seeking LEED Green Building certification, reduces waste costs, projects have been developed using industrial 3d printing recycled concrete on small building like public toilets in the third world to increase public health standards.


Big cities have far more effeminate males, it's down simple to the Estrogen in the water from the female contraceptive pill being urinated into the water supply for past 60 years, and all plastics giving off the same female hormones, so from birth they are exposed to higher levels of female hormones.

It's important to avoid plastics touching your food for a females around the menopause, the new term for men is andropause.

Apples are coated with a plastic in the first world to preserve for up to a year to supply supermarkets as fresh, When a child says they are confused the hormone imbalance has started and need their diet looked at.

A male with a female hormone imbalance is not to be taken lightly as they are often first world big city middle class and have spending power as they often don't have children to spent on. (The old term pink pound) making them the highest demographics for marketing so it's normalised and promoted in the media etc.. when once hormone imbalance was a private medical issue.

Men are simply nasty and every time they hear LGBT (we don't need constantly reminded) in the news it plants the seed of thought of what they do in the privacy of their bedroom and it's promoting dangerous sexual activity at the end of the day.


In built obsolescence or PLM Product lifecycle management is the design of products to expire on a given day normally Expiring on The day after the warranty expires, for example two parts touch touching each other one part is weaker than the other, modern business ethos why make it last longer and materials cost a little more when you can get repeated custom,

My stereo i got a reward for passing my exams is 25-30 years old and is worth more today than when I got it, and the US has put 100% tax (trade war) in it for decades and it's never failed, the CD player vibrated after 6 months when I complained the engineer showed me how they started designing it into products and how to take care of things, with clean power supply and good oil etc.

The banana war was a trade dispute between the US and UK over the support of Banana producing countries, UK supporting countries that produce smaller Banana's as it was made harder for them to trade with US as they supported their own producers. (a lot of this going on today on a international stage, hurting only themselves, the tone arm is used on custom made US turntables that are then made too expensive for their own market.)

"Yes we have no banana" my favourite food I'm told is poor food, a banana sandwich, during WWII bananas where rare and my grandmother would make me a Banana sandwich with sugar as a treat knowingly it meant a great deal to her, they survived and got the boats through as the people of the commonwealth supported, and it will never be forgotten.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Same product Packaged for men cleaning product 8 cartridges packaged for the ladies 6 cartridges same price worded differently, one worded length in month next to male version with number of cartridges, who are we trying to kid here. The only difference is it smells slightly different the female version has 6 cartridges and the male version has 8. Word to the wise most people don't like flowery scent if it's not real flowers, and musk scent ladies prefer more often and can't get it.


Living in the small town where Sir James Alexander Mirrlees FRSE FBA (5 July 1936 – 29 August 2018) was a Scottish economist and winner of the 1996 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. (Berkley, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, as I understand he kept being moved on) (Taxation in relation to taking third world countries out of Debt) (Live Aid and supporting Ethiopia and the plans for Scottish Independence)

I tried to read the Nobel prize paper in the local small library and was told they didn't have a copy but I could have tea with his mum as she lives down the street, I later feel to my knees looking at the majesty of the solar system above my head, close to Moffat in Dumfries & Galloway which takes the title of Europe's very first Dark Sky Town.


"when upgrading workstation AUTODESK removed backwards support and but still attempted to find my Lic, we where unable to get the master coding test Lic file to work and they have kindly since apologised for losing the working lic key for my version of Softimage XSI when they purchased it from the Canadians developers, I'm told I have the best excuse ever to cr**k the obsolete software."


Reference model prelim studies


Aged 7 identified with learning disabilities, drawing a computer soon after being taken out of a class.

Put on the computer (BBC micro) drawing geometric patterns and filmed by LWT the London Weekend Television and sent to Bloomfield learning centre at GUY's hospital across the road from the first AIDS clinic, hearing tests helped lead to phonics.

Games developed include Pixel art for Daily Thompson Decathlon BBC micro version. @ around 11 sold games at Alexander Palace next to IBM, was asked by a dirty old man if I had any porn games unaware what it was, then swore I was going to get him and his kind.

Then attended the worst secondary school in UK next to Dulwich Collage, and watched the UK elite and there behaviour.

Visited recently and Dulwich prep acquired my workshops to turn it into a swimming pool, and the school was given 3D printing equipment but no one to operate it for years.