Mark Loy, CEO and founder of Spring Studios

“John has always had such an incredible imagination. I think imagination is better than knowledge and sometimes even more precious than reality … It inspires sense of admiration of possibilities within the limitations of facts.”

Jack Meyer, Senior CAD/CAM Lecturer at Holts Academy of Jewellery / British Academy of Jewellery, 9th March 2017

“Indeed, it seems pretty much every piece of jewellery he sells on his site is a marvel of technical innovation.”

Jan Mlynarcik, 3D Printing Expert, iMakr Ltd

“His special attention, precision, responsible manner, know – how and willingness to always do what was required to ensure the smooth running of the 3D printing service could be relied upon, for me John really is a 3D printing GURU….”

Andrew Wheeler, 3D Printing Industry, 16 Dec 2014

Words Wound: Anti Cyberbullying ‘London Graphic Systems’ (LGS) 3D printing guru, John Robertson’, March 24, 2017

"Throughout his varied career, Robertson has managed to balance exhibitions and creative projects whilst somehow working in every corner of the technical 3D printing world—a rare feat in a field that sometimes appears split between the techies and the creatives."

PrintWeek online: Jo Francis, 14 July 2014

‘He (journalist Simon Eccles) is also fulsome in his praise for the expert advice and assistance of John Robertson at LGS.’

LYNCMigration, October 21, 2013

"The LGS 3D Printing division is headed-up by industry specialist John Robertson. John has been 3D CAD modelling for 20 years and rapid prototyping for over a decade," continues Chris. "With his experience in 3D modelling, printing and prototyping John makes the ideal go-to resource for anything 3D-related."

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