Colour Management

Profiled 3D Colour Space CMYK Gamut

Trained by the one of the UK's top experts in digital colour management, Colour profiling, Digital Device calibration used in workflow to accurately reproduce colours by some of the largest corporations and creative brands, used in design development, proofing, production, and software development and testing, matching production materials colours and techniques.

Food and Drink industry

Food and drink packaging design and development, Alpha and Beta testing of industry leading packaging design and virtual presentation software.

Cobra Beer Bottle for Cobra 2001, showing the Indian Gurkha family design on the bottle.

Corporate Creative industry design development of packaging concepts for Bottles, Cartons, Flexible Bags: and prototyping production tools for colour management including metallic foils, for labels, cut and crease for cardboard and flexible packaging.

Industry benchmarking

Involved in British and international bench-marking reports, and sharing findings and implementing good practice from the reports findings.

  • 3D Printing: Queen Mary University of London and the Banking Sector.
  • Food and Drink: Food and Drink Federation.
  • Chocolate, Cake and Confectionery industry: BCCCA British Chocolate, Cake and Confectionery Association.

Case Study iMakr

Too often important problems are solved and the information is not shared with non competing companies and as a result industry suffers globally, for example safety or hygiene in food manufacturing for the competitive advantage, COVID 19 has shown the importance of sharing findings globally.


At Artiwisdom we broke UK internet records (1m hits in 10min) hosting the live time trials of the ThrustSSC link supersonic land speed record attempts, ThrustSSC was a British-designed and built World Land Speed Record car. ThrustSSC holds the current World Land Speed Record set in October 1997, accomplishing a speed of 763 mph, the first land vehicle to officially break the sound barrier.


3D Computer Aided Design and Animation of SEGAWORLD link for architects RTKL, SEGA Europe’s indoor Virtual Reality theme-park link, £45m refit of the Trocadero centre in London's Piccadilly circus, Working for Artiwisdom with Darko Predanic link, Bosnian award winning artist animator, created one of the Worlds first Architectural fly throughs outside of IBM's labs from the design inception in 1994, (the year the internet was invented)


Browsing the web In 2000 an adult cartoon webpage flooded my PC with pop ups containing illegal child sexual exploitation subscription websites, it contained 100 subscription databases, took it to New Scotland Yard the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, in person after being turned away from the local police station in London and finding ethical hackers would only take down the servers and lose intel.

Digital security

Product development, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly of the floppy disk drive lock for digital security company Stealth International in 1991, the product was designed to improve digital security for the UK financial sector and Dubai UAE based Emirates Airline, which I assisted in networking its central London HQ in Trafalgar Square in 1994 delivering the network ready for British Telecoms engineers before going back to Tom Dixon's workshop on Monday morning.

Art College

Visiting Scotland with Creative Friends from Brazil, Germany and Vietnam

With the development of the Disk Lock, Art College years was spent living in SOHO, walking the halls of Central St Martins with the likes of Stella McCartney and Creative projects including the artwork for Jimi Hendrix recording with the Last Poets link (Birth of HIP HOP).


Attended Foundation Degree at Central St Martins (CSM) Art College, Four year joint Bachelors of the Arts: Business Studies and Jewellery, Silversmithing and Applied Crafts at Guildhall University in the City of London under the Lord Major of the City of London's Jeweller, and business studies by the Debeers marketing designer, receiving a DipHigher (US Degree Level) as leaving in the final year as became involved in CAD.

Great Grandfather Charles D Robertson sketchbook re-imagined

First use of Computer

Aged 9 Filmed by LWT London Weekend Television at Victory primary school the first school computer, drawing Vector Geometry patterns on a BBC Micro, footage now at the BFI archive.

Aged 11 in the Brixton vicarage, designed the pixel graphics to a BBC Micro B version Daley Thompson Decathlon link, we then had a stand a Alexander Palace computer show next to IBM, the Vicars son went on to work for games company US GOLD.

Supported Charity Bloomfield Learning Center

As a former student of the Bloomfield Learning Center link, at Guys Hospital in London, the first dedicated center in the World for children with learning disabilities, (pupil of Mrs Pick from age 9 traveling across London alone to attend the appointments) I support its vital role in providing learning support to children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities for families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Guy's Hospital taken on my late visit to Bloomfields Learning Centre visiting staff in 2019

"Disadvantaged families often find it difficult to meet/or receive the funding required for prompt professional assessment (around £700) and the learning support for their children, leaving them vulnerable, and frustrated and can fall through the net."

I received support before there was the tools we have today including phonics, it was not a homework club I received learning learning support to reach a minimum standard, this included hearing tests which lead the experts to greater understanding.

Supported charity Wise Campaign

Wise Campaign, link affiliate member improving Diversity and the Gender imbalance in STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.