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Bond Street Jewellers

"On returning from visiting my family in the Caribbean, spent some time transforming a secondary schools design technology department, a school close to where Sir John Ives the Head of Design for Apple grew up in London, this included inspiring the children's creativity, preparing workshops, and making there prized equipment work for the first time in 5 years (settings wrong), being a calming influence when violence erupted, Gluing school girls shoes together as they often have only one pair, at the same time I also demonstrated my skills to Bond Street jewellers below image, who would normally use photoshop to visualise, I kept HRH Queen Mother in mind as I created the piece below on a small second hand business laptop in my tea breaks, I was then head hunted by the creative industry, and I still miss the kids calling me Sick"

Three Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

Adult Skills Trainer, and Historic Building Awareness

"While training I specialised in teaching adults and life long learners Computer Aided Design, and I'm defined by Autodesk as a design competition mentor"

Design Competition Mentor

"WebGL VR model Georgian Door detailing, inspired by the the Georgian society."


Historic Building Conservation

John "Studying in Historic Building Conservation, to conserve and preserve sites of historic interest, research visits included to Venice,  The visit focused on the building crafts research on preservation and conservation of stone work and the removal of harmful pigeon guano to world heritage site"

"Short project 3D Study from Victorian Grand Tour notes of Andrea Palladio's San Giorgio Maggiore, the First WebGL VR model I published model on-line 7 years ago"

"Who knows one day I may retire to the place my birth and restore my Scottish Castle and watch the wild Red Deer in the Highlands"

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore Modelled from Grand Tour surveys,

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore: Modelled from Grand Tour surveys, and Daylight Radiance Render

ArtiWisdom – founded by David and Dragon to utilise John’s skillset

John “ We created the British website traffic record During the time trials of the Thrust Supersonic CAR, to this day the only car to achieve a speed faster than the speed of sound, site hosted on a risk machine with arm processors on loan from the ThrustSSC team, which included driver Andy Green & team leader Richard Noble”

Institution News Team. (2017). Bloodhound vs Thrust: How do the supersonic cars measure up?. Available: Last accessed 22 March 2019.

Thrust SSC - still the only car to travel faster than the speed of sound -

Computer Security

John "The design, development and manufacturing of the floppy disk drive lock used in the UK Banking sector and Middle East Aviation industries, one of the earliest computer security systems, and computer networking Emirates Airlines old HQ in Trafalgar square in London, which took place over a single weekend installing the highest speed network British Telecom broadband engineers has seen at the time at hand over at 8am on the Monday morning, when i took the bus to Tom Dixons (Habitat) vauxhall workshops to build some stage furniture for a rock Concert"

"John in photographed with the disk lock packaging had a friend who was a white activist for Indigenous Australians rights, I made her a gift of cooper earrings with the African sign for mother earth"

Floppy Disk Locks Packing

Paper, Models and tools

"My primary teachers father worked in the print industry and she explained the weights of paper from the roll and gave me an understanding and love of the process as the Japanese have for Origami paper and the textures of handmade paper.

Visiting Japan to buy workshop tools and go to the 5 story Yamashiroya model shop in Ueno district, while on the bullet train, as an artisans surrounded by corporate suits I explained how a fellow student of Sir John Cass I knew left the UK with £100 to visit Japan and returned a couple of years later after with more money having been training in metal work Mokume Gane techniques and sharing the technique in small workshop training sessions.

I recycled tins cans at Kyoto station as the train stopped as it only takes a few seconds to recycle, then arriving in Tokyo drank tea in the window at the top of the sky scrapper hotel used in the film lost in translation, while I was being observed how I make a cup of builders tea with the tea pot and fine cups”

Artwork for Jimi Hendrix last recordings: the Birth of Hip Hop

“The weeks before Hendrix died Jimmy recorded session material with the Last Poets, unreleased the Last Poets living in Paris didn't trust the music industry and the recordings where unreleased until the 90's, when Fungus Mungus asked me to get involved"

“The last poets have always claimed Nixon and his CIA where involved in Hendrix’s death as the last poets where with Jimi in the weeks before his death and say he was becoming more conscious of the civil rights movement and wanted to become more involved”

Artwork for Jimi Hendrix last recordings

3D Printing Specialist – Digital workflow and colour management experts

"Working for a Household name and Landmark in creative industry, directly with the founder and Direct of technology with over 20 years of print industry colour management and device profiling expertise"  "WebGL VR model of Adobe illustrator swatch ASE file."

Medical and Pharma industries

"One of my First Tweets: 3D Systems Bespoke Modeling, from £18 a month, MRI Dicom files to 3D printing ready files

"Liked by the Executive Editor, MAKE magazine. TV host on Discovery & Science Channel—How Stuff Works, Punkin Chunkin, etc."

Now in Sept 2019 with FDA approval

 Pre-Op bone model

Bespoke Pre-Op bone model - 3D Systems

Head of Pathology University Hospitals London “Thank you John for your help in 3D scanning the (object), it will make a good example in training”

Pharma industry packaging designers 'Thank you for such an informative talk on the developments in medical 3D printing!’

3D Printed Virus models Pharma

Show Studio: Nick Knight

"Created this 3D model of a downloadable dress template by top fashion designer, the dress was a free template for people to make their own fashion clothing including there own wedding dress and experiment with their own creativity, modelled long before the digital tools we have today to simulate textiles"

3D from pattern cut

Still pushing the limits

Lee Dockstader 3D systems VP, Business Development, Healthcare, 2015 “in the hands of Jewellery/3D Artist

John “3D scanned for the Crown Estates by partner CDRM, I 3D printed the file the size of a 10p and it was then used in 3D systems marketing material, Henry VIII Crown which he had made oversized and packed with felt to be embossing"

Henry VIII crown

Micro SLA : Henry VIII crown, the size of a 10p.

Senior Lecturer Engineering Surveying, UEL and The Building Crafts College

PL “How did you do that, I have used lots of surveying software not as good as that, but you did it by eye from a single photograph!”

Olympia Exhibition

Olympia Exhibition Hall

Cobra Beer

"2004 Concept for channel 4 film festival, the bottle tells the story of the beer and the Indian Gorkha regiment, to animate with King Cobra coming out of the side of the bottle in glass"

Head of design “You reverse engineered it by hand and eye, That's an amazing model John!, Beer?”

Cobra Beer

Cobra Beer Bottle

3D modeller for Artiwisdom – RTKL – SEGA

“3D modelled SEGAWORLD one of the world’s first architectural animations outside of IBM's Labs, Working with an award winning animator who was a refugee from war torn former Yugoslavia who spoke No English, 3D modelled the plans of central London building in DOS, as there was no training courses then, I was self-trained and as this was my first 3D CAD job it came with £10m 5 year Non-Disclosure Agreement and having to deal with US/Japanese New York lawyers who flew over to inspect work when design issues where needing to be raised, I intervened against Japanese tradition but saving the projects before the presentation, as there where many iterations that didn't relate to each other in the roof, as in Japanese culture you cannot complain about your manager for any wrong doing, observe in the animation Emirates Airlines airplane who I flew with extensively to Middle East, parts of Asia and Japan etc making: Metal Gear"

"As render times where in days per frame I would often return in the night to check the ARM RISK chip render server borrowed from Thrust Super Sonic and Noble Team, to see if the network had crashed by standing at the spot in the street and see the reflections of glass and mirrors"

"The Project was published in international publications including Social Spaces Volume I and broadcast on News Networks around the World!”


Sega World, The Trocadero for Architects RTKL 1994

SEGAWorld, Trocadero Centre, Piccadilly London