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"As a member of the (IMechE) institute of mechanical engineers (RPMA) Rapid Prototyping manufactures association sharing my knowledge and research findings with non competing industries including Medical, Rolls Royces, F1 etc.. and sharing my research with the Scottish engineer who didn't like name dropping (modest, religious and humble man who has passed away of old age) who single handily reduced global warming more than anything in history, over 30% in aviation alone and possibly why we have Scottie on Star Trek, the engineers in the background the unseen and unknown heroes"

Pre Operation models for planning

"My SLA research in doubling the layer detail on a industrial SLA device, turning a £120k device into a device with the features of a £1m device overnight the technology which was used pre operation in the surgeries separated Iranian twins, complications later which lead to the twins death"

"known to visit NEC, MMR conferences to raise awareness in the tech, while I lived in Scotland caring for my gran, Materialise granted me a Lic for MIMICS to convert medical DICOM files to soft and hard tissue model STL files and the creation of SLA RP model: the lasers power changes the colour of the resin: red vain's in side the clear skull for example"

"Later becoming a business partner with Materialise the makers of mimics while working as the 3D printing specialist at LGS in Covent Garden, while providing 3D technical consultant advice to Wall Street Journal and court experts, pharmaceutical development, and Pathology"

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson with Pre-Model for Iranian twins.

British Engineering – Research and Development

British Engineering RP RnD, Hardware, Software and materials Beta Tester, Trained by the Best in Formula One R&D.

"Working in what could only be described as stealth mode in the UK factory, and globally backed by the Worlds best engineers, I drew the supports by hand and eye and never had a bad build, we doubled the Z resolution for industrial SLA, turning a solid state laser industrial device worth 120K into one on the market costing £1M, overnight improving the quality of medical, automotive and aerospace small to medium parts, I then wrote the training manual for my colleges and replacement"

"After a few short months I was Beta testing industrial devices, normally it takes a 1 year device use and 6 months specialised training in the US, I was granted special statues by the worlds top Engineers to beta test at the time"

"My first certificate in Rapid Prototyping is signed by the founder of 3D Systems Chuck Hall (NIHF) the inventor of the solid imaging process known as stereolithography (SLA), the first commercial rapid prototyping technology, and the industry standard STL file format"

BETA test

The Beta Test RP Model 3D Systems, Viper Si2

Collaborations with artists and designers

"Collaborations Including with Kaya Hoang who After graduating from the Royal College of Art in silversmithing and jewellery, as a fellow former student at Sir John CASS (Guildhall Uni) and being artist in residence there, requested that I provided technical assistance in establishing herself, and in a small workshop in cockpit studios London we both worked on her designs ideas and developed pieces which won many major design award including from the GOLDSMITHS' company, Winning the Shell Live Wire Award, a Formula one team member (I believe McLaren F1) purchased the piece below at Chelsea crafts fair where it won the interior produce design award with the Evening Standard newspaper, and we exhibited at 100% design, one awards ceremony was Filmed and broadcast on Southeast Asia TV channels"

Kaya "Without John it wouldn't have been possible, he was then head hunted by the UK biggest jewellery manufacture to make the production masters, using the latest CAD CAM technology"

Evening Standard Interior product design award

Social, Economics

"While visiting Arabia I got an invite from a close friend inviting me to BK, her father was a senior officer, at the time healing from wounds from patrolling the Thai/Vietnam boarder while in police chopper, I had helped her friend at the RCA on her PHD in cybernetic jewellery, including recovering her thesis data, arriving in BK her mother and sisters took me to Patpong and told me of the corruption (The market owner running for mayor on anti corruption ticket) and tried to get me to enter the live shows etc, I refused and later we walked the streets of BK, while the street gangs did not even bat an eye at us, walking out the darkness into the hotel the airline attempt a fake a staff pass, no need as my friend had a word with the desk in Thai, (I don’t drink alcohol) then searched the hotel room for hidden flight crew alcohol, on returning met by members of the airlines Thai aircrew I knew"

"I stayed with locals the rest of the stay and visited the sites of Asia, which included visiting a museum with the largest collection of Chinese artefacts outside of China, Shaolin temples and the Islands made from ceramics by the artisans and watched the craftspeople in there own homes create beautiful works of art”

Pirate software

“While living in Scotland at the end of the Carribean gulf stream writing the Industry CAD Tech paper living in the largest protected forest in Europe where the African birds migrate, which has dark sky status living with my grandmother (WWII RAF spitfire repair engineer at prestwick airport bombed nightly she only revealed in her 80th year) helping her in her final years, she gave up smoking at 80 and started swimming again 20 lengths having not swam since she was 16, I was invited by Emirates to anywhere and choice where I would like to go,

On one of my first visits to UAE arriving at the hotel walking across the desert sands of the empty quarter in full Robertson Hunting Tartan Kilt for a Robert Burns night supper with the technical director of Emirates Airline, with the founder of the Band the Corries (Flower of Scotland) entering to the sounds of Ululation howling or wailing sounds,

While on the visit to a World Wild life Fund Orangutang feeding station in the rain forest of Borneo to see the Bear Cats and seeing the Orphaned Orangutangs (poaching) come down from the trees tops to feed, I asked the WWF feeding warden if there was anything plants like Japanese nut week affecting the rain forrest, the confused reply was its the Rain Forest! (Unsustainable Palm Oil today)

I discovering pirated high end engineering software in software shops in the shopping malls in KL for $1 a disk, I raised this to the attention of leading British aviation software giant who scrutinised the code finding the missing parts of code, and injections of malware which damaged the softwares reliability and security. I then received a DELCAM hardware Dongle in the post and asked to crack it and it’s yours” "Delcam was later acquired by AutoDesk, after a Ukrainian student working there was given life for murdering 85 muslim Mohammed Saleem after bring in the Uk for only a week and for plotting to bomb mosques in Birmingham."

"When Gran passed away at 93, years ealier the smile on her face when she saw the Royal Charter Standard on my tech publication will never leave me, she was cremated near Lockerbie to the sounds of Bob Marley's "Thank you Lord for what you have done for me"


"As the only full time technician for around a thousand students from all social and economical backgrounds delivering training and tech support for a finically strapped (Low birth rate cycle) leading University in the ACE college of, Architecture, Construction and Engineering which also embraced all the creative Arts subjects.

laser cutting, 3D printing and large scale 3D printing and CNC using ABB robotic arm, building partnerships with manufacturers  and software developers in VR, digital fabrication and creation of content for the creative industries

The student had visited Cuba and studied the original architecture her CAD drawings needed a custom workflow and was running to tight deadline, she delivered on time.

University talks, UK designers and business leaders of the future on new technology and design innovation

"Thank you Aterah and John, we all found that very interesting and informative, I know we had never thought about the design and materials in that way I know I can say we all wish we could be involved in what you're both doing!"

The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council

Showcased Piece

"to encourage, stimulate and promote the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and design amongst all those in the United Kingdom who work within silvermithing, goldsmithing, jewellery and the allied crafts."

 Promoting Excellence In Craftsmanship & Design

the Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards

International Exhibitions

"Pieces chosen to be showcased by UK's largest jewellery manufacturer as an example of UK technical innovation and design excellence at IJL, International Jewellery London"

Showcased at IJL, by one of Europes largest platinum casting companies.

"I was highly honoured to have had my work chosen and displayed at International Jewellery London Sept 2016, next to the the British Legions Poppy Lapel Pin marking 100 years anniversary of the battle of the Somme, Poppy pins made from recovered shells and enamelled containing soil from the Somme, to forever remember the fallen of all conflicts across the globe, and as we look to a brighter future together globally"

The British Legions Poppy Lapel Pin marking 100 year anniversary of the battle of the Somme

Arabian Architecture

"from advanced Swiss medical hygiene research, I designed a concept project for two floors of Doha tower on Sheikh Zayed Road and gained a understanding of social society, art and design and the local business culture, after explaining the foundations of the Burj Al Arab, which where designed to be flexible because of the high winds of the air cycle of the warm air cooling creating winds from the mountains along the Wild Wadis, Across desert sands to the Arabian Gulf, and apologising for showing the underneath of my shoe as I sat down, The local Arab business man that built the hotel in the sea in the shape of an Arabian Dhow Sail, made me an honorary Local with a Dishdasha infused with the aromatic and complex scent that was gifted by the wise men to Jesus.", March 24, 2017

"Throughout his varied career, Robertson has managed to balance exhibitions and creative projects whilst somehow working in every corner of the technical 3D printing world—a rare feat in a field that sometimes appears split between the techies and the creatives."

"3Ders interview, with around 1.5 million unique visitors per month"

Protecting Architectural Heritage

"Even before studying historic building conservation and the SPAB guidelines, On my travels when faced with it, I have pointing out, that removing historical architectural elements and replacing with new or pastiche to make coffee tables etc, damages important cultural heritage"


Chief trainer in SLA, and ex head of Rapid Prototyping Red Bull FORMULA ONE

"If you have spare capacity, could you print our small parts!"

3d printing

Digital image technology

John "IWF 100 is the child abuse count of offenders globally captured through a single report in person of a abuse site find to Scotland Yard and the Internet Watch Foundation, bringing in a new age of reporting 20 years ago, from an age of Pro lobby groups looking at removing the age of consent with access to Gov and police to an age of active online capture, later meeting Al Jazeera reporters on a radio game show in the UAE and discussed digital image and video watermarking"