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Established RP at Domino WB The Creative Jewellery Group part of Heimerle + Meule Group

"As the production CAD masters model maker for one of Europes latest platinum casting companies, working in the traditional workshops alone side the master Goldsmith and finisher John and Paul I introduced Rapid Prototyping into production process utilising my skills and knowledge of traditional jewellery making techniques, advanced computer aided design, Liquid thermal dynamics and super cooling of Platinum, the production masters I produced are considered the modern classics and have been exported to 120 countries for the past two decades"

"One of the owners at the time Patrick Fuller is JRR Tolkien’s God son, we made rings in connection to the Lord of the rings film, engraving the rings by hand (not easy engravers said never again) the famous twin towers of Birmingham where close by and outside the workshop was a black boulder said to be volcanic from the earths crust and moved or thrown there some time in the long distant past”

CAD team “John you can say anything you like, we still use your process!”

Ordering "I know that name, oh yeah I see it on the screen every time there is an order!"

Production RP CAD - 7 stone platinum ring

"None of the Diamonds in my designs are not from a CAD software library, whether they are Cushion or Princess cuts stones they are modelled personally from the stone cutters reference books of the Master Stone Cutter from the Gem Rock museum in Scottish boarders famous for supplying the Natural History Museum,  the books have his hand written corrections they where given to me when he past away, have you ever seen semi precise stones in ultra violet glowing vivid colours as the dark side of the moon"

Senior CAD/CAM Lecturer at British Academy of Jewellery, 9th March 2017

Jack Meyer  “Indeed, it seems pretty much every piece of jewellery he sells on his site is a marvel of technical innovation.”

Passion Ring

Liquid thermal dynamics, Spruing & Super cooling

WORDS WOUND Global Anti Cyberbullying Campaign

"Anti cyberbullying campaign for the charity Cybersmile to help reduce teenage suicides, the striking artwork we produced for the Campaign is a reminder that words of hate over the internet affect young minds greatly, as they are yet to grasp they are perfect in themselves and the images they see online of perfection are fake and unobtainable in the real world, we are all floored in one way or another, as the skin seen in the image is not real and no animals where harmed as the online haters thought, 1D created the playlist for the day"

Anti Cyberbullying campaign

Photography Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist, Bill Turpin, 3D printing John Robertson, retouching by Stefano at Happy Finish.

PrintWeek online: Jo Francis, 14 July 2014

‘He (journalist Simon Eccles) is also fulsome in his praise for the expert advice and assistance of John Robertson at LGS.’

Simon Eccles

Wedding Cake Model, Simon & Rosalind Eccles, iMakr Mini you

Photogrammetry and 3D Printing iMakr


3d scanned couple

Figurine Prototype

‘TCT Magazine @3DPrintReality Famous! @TCTShow‘

"In 2010 using the Kinect for the xbox 360 device I produced the 3D scans of myself and my partner (Above) for 3D printing on ZCorp 3D Printing device, this image was shown to the production manager at iMakr in the first weeks in 2013 they opened office he offered me a Job and said "we can make these"  I never heard from him again, when they opened the shop they had a scanning booth from Holland, working with LGS I arrived to survey there the shop to install a Projet 660 Pro as as project partner company to the mini-you project to produce the figurines a short few months later.


South American presenter

The figurines where in every major newspaper and TV station around the globe, I remember discussing the history with the gadget show presenter and 3D printing objects that where MMR scanned inside the sealed Mummy Sucofocus of Ancient Egypt at the British Museum case study info here..

"In the early days a great small core team in the iMakr shop, Lorna went on to lead 3D Scanning at Pinewood studios and have her name on the credits on the 2015 Bond film SPECTRE, and Jan went on into industry "

Jan 3D expert at iMakr  “His special attention, precision, responsible manner, know – how and willingness to always do what was required to ensure the smooth running of the 3D printing service could be relied upon, for me John really is a 3D printing GURU….”

Tech Certificates

I have a wide experience and training in CAD including AutoDesk (AutoCAD, fusion 360 etc) CAM CAM for the creative Arts industries (NURBS modelling) Rapid prototyping (RP) 3D systems stereolithography (SLA) and micro SLA, Full CMKY colour 3D printing, Bio 3D printing human body parts and Materialise and others for data processing and digital workflow software"

Pre Operation models for planning, Pathology and Prosthetics

"Having personally witnessed the making of the anti land mine campaign for the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the UAE, (shown before each Cinema screening of Lord of the Rings) when it came to my attention the ARAB MIT projects I attempted to support by provided the early training material for the Jordanian Start-ups 3D printing Prosthetic Limbs for the Over 100K civilians affected by the conflicts in the region"

Bench Marking reports

”Similar to my own story supporting child development, Companies often fail because of lack of support when trying to solve problems while other companies have solved and choose not to share findings with non competing industries.

This is the reason I shared my Expert knowledge by writing a technical publication explaining technical terminology of a important and complex subject, which is so much more important today, which has helped in sectors  including medical, safety systems and humanitarian projects across the globe.”

Google + 3D Hubs

"Meeting 3D Hubs as start up at Google London, I signed up with Google as a 3D printing mentor for their start up incubator projects"

Culture and heritage

“Before the modern day conflicts I visited the Museums, historic buildings and cultural sites including the museum of Geometry and Algebra in Arabia and being blessed to see the Desert Panther, and visiting the temples of the East, and world heritage sites. Within historic building conservation the head of the building crafts college (BBC) in London described me as a modern day Filippo Brunelleschi, who also studied the Greek classical orders and started as a Goldsmith before his innovations in renaissance architectural design."

Remains of French Legionnaire Fort

“My design ethos is inspired by Leonardo’s codex, he does not explain his small design concept sketches as in the wrong hands it could be used for Evil purposes.” “Who God Bless, No Man can Curse”

WISE Campaign.

The campaign for gender balance in science, technology and engineering, from the classroom to the boardroom.

Affiliate Member

"Having studied in the arts and crafts with the majority of my fellow students being female and not dating them as a personal policy seeing their excellent knowledge and skills, and had to deal with race and equality issues in industry, it is glaring that the gender gap in the UK Sciences and Engineering fields had only risen to 18 percent in 2018, which was a sudden jump from the previous years, showing the Wise campaign is showing a contribution in correcting the imbalance"

ID Tech development: Canon imaging / Gentle Giant / 3D systems

John : “A conversation with a forensics expert on passport security on 3D printing models from passport ID photographs, and Michelangelo’s pencil studies of the dimensional ratios of the human face”

“Agile interactive WebGL model creating a true likeness with accurate colour and all distinguishing marks, photogrammetry 3D scan of john Robertson FRSA, Curtesy of friends at Cannon imaging Europe HQ in England, 3D Systems, Gentle Giant Studios, Pine wood studio Team."

by John Robertson FRSA

The Goldsmiths’ Centre:

The GOLDSMITHS’ Centre is the UK’s leading charity for the professional training of goldsmiths. bring together emerging and established by the GOLDSMITHS' Company for those interested in jewellery, silversmithing and the allied industries. Directory Supplier Listing here.

The GOLDSMITHS' Centre is a charity founded by the GOLDSMITHS' Company, one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and received its first Royal Charter in 1327.

The Goldsmiths' Centre Directory of Suppliers Listing

Creative industry talks: London

"Delivering creative industry talks on 3D printing in small discussion meetings, clients including Architects, Car manufactures, packaging design companies, Universities and Banking sector researchers etc.."

"3D printed model of the VR CYMK colour space model is with The GOLDSMITHS' University Fine Art print studio workshop technition"

RICS, Historic Building Conservation, Right to Light

"As technical researchers for the leading chartered surveyors specialising in architectural light and daylight analysis, researching and developing analysis systems that focus on architectural developments and the impact they have on the quality of life for public and businesses and compensate them in English Courts or have the works removed whether it be a party wall or sky scrapper, which is increasingly important in regards to mental health and well being, used in town planning, Solar farm, Solar glare and the analysis of the heat and radiation created by the Sun in Global warming and the green house effect on the earths temperatures"

“Moon version of the CIE SKY, moon sighting and globally for planning smart city to reduce vampire light at night, white point calibrated from space and then on earth to monitor the light quality through upper atmospher, Lab value colour managent calculating correction will show the diffrence in light quality (brightness and colour) at night, are the photons return into space at night or is the atmospher trapping the heat further”

Clerkenwell design week - archiproducts 2012

"The Gallery has invited John Robertson - a specialist in architectural CAD modelling, rapid prototyping and 3-D printing - to host a talk on 3-D printing"

Historic Building Conservation – Light Analysis - Looking for API

Daylight analysis

3D Print of Covent Garden offices - ADF Average Daylight Factor Analysis


"Working with the style sheet artist vectorising the original master IP ink drawings of Mickey and Mini Mouse etc"

Style sheet artist "You have not done anything John!, wait a moment thought I was looking at the original, you made it look exactly as the original ink!"

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