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3D process cycle

3D CAD types and printing process cycle


Design and 3D printing Skills training and technical author


Design service to meet the needs of the Corporate and Creative industries


Professional 3D Printing and finishing service to meet the clients requirements


Renders, fly throughs, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality

Arts and Crafts training

John:  “I firstly choose to study in North Peckham with my school art teachers all (RCA) Royal College of Arts graduates in Fine Art (Bobby Sharavich), Textiles, Photography, and (Arnold Palmer) Jewellery and Sculpture (only student taking the course as it was deemed not a career) surrounded by the best creative talent in the 1980/90's, in European classical style of fine art, the golden mean in composition, perspective in line and colour, later I started over with north African art of Egypt and body adornment of different tribes and cultures around the world, The geometry of the tiles of Mosques and the Kabuki theatre of Japan the hand made paper and wood cuts of the crashing waves and it’s symbolism."

I painted this on a babies wall in the UAE

John "I became involved in the digital arts early while I was still studying at Central St Martins, before there where any courses, I searched out talks and met the pioneers in 3D, the coder of first ray tracing system used in animation and discussed geometry and photons of daylight light, and met and worked with cartoon artists including Disney style sheet artist.”

Charity Support: Children and young adults with learning disabilities

John:  "As a former student we are proud supporters of the charity Bloomfield Learning Centre formerly part of the first purpose built centre in the world for children with learning disabilities at Guys' Hospital, which through its history have supported children and young adults with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, I personally had hearing tests that helped in understanding and develop the phonics reading system, Bloomfield Learning centre work is primarily with children from poor socio-economic backgrounds whose families are unable to pay for specialist literacy teaching, and they receive no statutory funding"
"I was extremely lucky that my primary school had one of the first computers which I would sit and draw when taken out of lessons, soon I using it to draw complex geometry patterns and filmed by (LWT) London Weekend Television then sent me to the experts at Guys hospitals' Bloomfield Learning centre a short distance away"
"in the 1980's I attended a deprived and struggling secondary school next door to the world famous Dulwich Prep, we had an catchment area of Brixton, Herne Hill, Streatham and the surrounding areas, I passed more subjects than any other student, the school it is now recognised as a flagship school in London"
"At Uni I had a Dyslexia Test while unwell and on medication, then received a letter excitedly apologising that they opened my private medical report and that my IQ was so high and they had never seen before, I didn't have the heart to tell them I was the Alpha, The test subject for the dyslexia test, I had never had the test before and I was returning to education"


John ”Today limited funds mean that children are not receiving timely assessment and support they require and deserve and being left by the road side in education terms and are expected to learn as adults by which time they are alienated, frustrated and possibly turn to violent outbursts and crime, Young minds with the same learning disabilities as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Albert Einstein. by supporting children with learning disabilities early enough we are attempting to safe guarding children and young adults and break the cycle of the poverty, by increasing awareness of the situation to help improve educational outcomes, for children and young adults of some of the most socially and economically deprived families

Science and Technology Facilities Council, STFC

T "John Robertson has an international portfolio of innovation in design across multiple domains from Computer visualisation to physical materials."
John "The SFTC is the home of the UK super computer, and has pioneered many of the major scientific and medical developments over the last 65 years, including the large hadron collider CERN accelerator and below identifying and recently 3D visulising for the first time the cork screw shaped virus that causes tummy cramps, which I photographed on the 3D Virtual Reality screen which fills the entire research presentation room"

Stomach virus identified

CEO Award for innovation

John "As i work in innovation and to strict moral and business ethics, my first reaction was who are you and who told you about me, as NDA's normally cover my work except for the work shown on these pages, as clients don't tend to disclose who produces the work for them"

"Thanks solely to my Partner, she prefers to stay behind the senses, and is a Chartered Manager CMI and AM, We have won multiple Business awards over the past few years including Global CEO Award for innovation"

CEO Awards 2018

CEO and founder of Spring Studios

ML “John has always had such an incredible imagination. I think imagination is better than knowledge and sometimes even more precious than reality … It inspires sense of admiration of possibilities within the limitations of facts.”

VerticesEdge Ltd

VerticesEdge Ltd, Heart Pendant

As featured in British GQ

'VerticesEdge specialize in exquisite and meticulously produced pieces by designer John Robertson, who has helped pioneer 3D printing in the jewellery industry.’

GQ Britain Nov

As featured in Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is the UK’s biggest selling women’s monthly lifestyle magazine.

Good Housekeeping

Senior CAD/CAM Lecturer at British Academy of Jewellery, 9th March 2017

Jack Meyer  “Indeed, it seems pretty much every piece of jewellery he sells on his site is a marvel of technical innovation.”

Passion Ring

Liquid thermal dynamics, Spruing & Super cooling

WORD WOUND Anti Cyberbullying Campaign

John "Anti cyberbullying campaign for the charity Cybersmile to help reduce teenage suicides, the striking artwork we produced for the Campaign is a reminder that words of hate over the internet affect young minds greatly, as they are yet to grasp they are perfect in themselves and the images they see online of perfection are fake and unobtainable in the real world, we are all floored in one way or another, as the skin seen in the image is not real and no animals where harmed as the online haters thought, 1D created the playlist for the day"

Anti Cyberbullying campaign

Photography Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist, Bill Turpin, 3D printing John Robertson, retouching by Stefano at Happy Finish.


PrintWeek online: Jo Francis, 14 July 2014

‘He (journalist Simon Eccles) is also fulsome in his praise for the expert advice and assistance of John Robertson at LGS.’

Simon Eccles

Wedding Cake Model, Simon & Rosalind Eccles, iMakr Mini you

3D Printing Expert, iMakr Ltd

Jan 3D expert at iMakr  “His special attention, precision, responsible manner, know – how and willingness to always do what was required to ensure the smooth running of the 3D printing service could be relied upon, for me John really is a 3D printing GURU….”

John "In the very early days a great small core team in the shop at iMakr, Lorna went on to lead 3D Scanning at Pinewood studios and the have her name on the credits on the 2015 Bond film SPECTRE"

iMakr_3d scan

iMakr Photogrammetry Rig

TCT Magazine on twitter

‘TCT Magazine @3DPrintReality Famous! @TCTShow‘

3d scanned couple

3D Scanned Couple, iMakr figurine concept & production Prototype.

Creative industry talks: London

John "Delivering creative industry talks on 3D printing in small discussion meetings, clients including Architects, Car manufactures, packaging design companies, Universities and Banking sector researchers etc.."

John "3D printed model of the VR CYMK colour space model is with The GOLDSMITHS' University Fine Art print studio workshop technition"

Press release, October 21, 2013

Press release associate press "The LGS 3D Printing division is headed-up by industry specialist John Robertson. John has been 3D CAD modelling for 20 years and rapid prototyping for over a decade," continues Chris. "With his experience in 3D modelling, printing and prototyping John makes the ideal go-to resource for anything 3D-related"

Product Presentation Technology

John - "your using a photograph of a piece I made the production master of, see how my CAD overlays your photograph"

Reply -"........."

Concept to Reality

RICS, Historic Building Conservation, Right to Light

John "As technical researchers for the leading chartered surveyors specialising in architectural light and daylight analysis, researching and developing analysis systems that focus on architectural developments and the impact they have on the quality of life for public and businesses and compensate them in English Courts or have the works removed whether it be a party wall or sky scrapper, which is increasingly important in regards to mental health and well being, used in town planning, Solar farm, Solar glare and the analysis of the heat and radiation created by the Sun"

Clerkenwell design week - archiproducts 2012

"The Gallery has invited John Robertson - a specialist in architectural CAD modelling, rapid prototyping and 3-D printing - to host a talk on 3-D printing"

Member: RICS, Historic Building Conservation – Tech Researcher in Daylight analysis, Right to Light.

Daylight analysis

3D Print of Covent Garden offices - Average Daylight Factor Analysis


John "Working with the style sheet artist vectorising the original master IP ink drawings of Mickey and Mini Mouse etc"

Style sheet artist "You have not done anything John!, wait a moment thought I was looking at the original, you made it look exactly as the original ink!"

© Disney

John "when upgrading workstation AUTODESK removed backwards support and but still attempted to find my Lic, we where unable to get the master coding test Lic file to work and they have kindly since apologised for losing the working lic key for my version of Softimage XSI when they purchased it from the Canadians developers, I'm told I have the best excuse ever to cr**k the obsolete software."


Prelim studies - TIGGER 3D Reference model

Pre Operation models for planning, Pathology and Prosthetics

John "Having personally witnessed the making of the anti land mine campaign for the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the UAE, (shown before each screening of Lord of the Rings) when it came to my attention the ARAB MIT projects I attempted to support by provided the early training material for the Jordanian Start-ups 3D printing Prosthetic Limbs for the Over 100K civilians affected by the conflicts in the region"

The GOLDSMITHS’ Company.

Forward by Peter Taylor, Director Technology & Training "Even those of us who have a little knowledge in relation to the subject are still often baffled by the terms used by the salesmen who wish to encourage us to take on board their particular product."

John "I was the sole author and illustrator of the industry white paper designed to demystify the technical jargon associated with the 3D industry, knowing the UK industry I visited the United Arab Emirates to visit workshops meet craftsmen and Japan photographing the cherry blossom in spring for the illustrations, and meet the lead animator of Lord of the Rings, this lead to the second paper the software Matrix, testing a very wide range of software on the market from NASA to Japanese custom made, I was not the salesman's friend"

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, more commonly known as the Goldsmiths' Company, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and received its first royal charter in 1327.

Technical Author for British industries



John "As a member of the (IMechE) institute of mechanical engineers (RPMA) Rapid Prototyping manufactures association sharing my knowledge and research findings with non competing industries including Medical, Rolls Royces, F1 etc.. and a key Scottish engineer who didn't like name dropping (modest, religious and humble man who has passed away of old age) who single handily reduced global warming more than anything in history, possibly why we have Scottie on Star Trek, the engineers in the background the unseen and unknown heroes"

Pre Operation models for planning

John "My SLA research in doubling the layer detail on a industrial SLA device, the technology used pre operative in the surgeries separated Iranian twins, I didn't smile for a long time after complications later lead to the twins death"

"I was known to visit MMR conferences to raise awareness in the tech, while I lived in Scotland caring for my gran, Materialise granted me a Lic for MIMICS to convert medical DICOM files to soft and hard tissue model STL files and the creation of SLA RP model: changing the lasers power changes the colour of the resin: red vain's in side the clear skull for example"

Pre-Op Model for Iranian twins.

British Engineering – Research and Development

British Engineering RP RnD, Hardware, Software and materials Beta Tester, Trained by the Best in Formula One R&D.

John "Working in what could only be described as stealth mode in the UK factory, and globally backed by the Worlds best engineers, I drew the supports by hand and eye and never had a bad build, we doubled the Z resolution for industrial SLA, turning a solid state laser industrial device worth 100K into one on the market costing £1M, overnight improving the quality of medical, automotive and aerospace small to medium parts, I wrote the training manual for my college who replaced me"

John "My first certificate in Rapid Prototyping is signed by the founder of 3D Systems Chuck Hall (NIHF) the inventor of the solid imaging process known as stereolithography (SLA), the first commercial rapid prototyping technology, and the industry standard STL file format"

BETA test

The Beta Test RP Model 3D Systems, Viper Si2

Established RP at WB, now part of Heimerle + Meule Group

John "As the production CAD masters model maker, working in the traditional workshops alone side the master Goldsmith and finisher John and Paul I introduced Rapid Prototyping into one of Europe's largest Platinum casting companies utilising my skills and knowledge of traditional jewellery making techniques, advanced computer aided design, Liquid thermal dynamics and super cooling of Platinum, the production masters I produced are considered the modern classics and have been exported to 120 countries for the past two decades"

"One of the owners at the time Patrick Fuller is JRR Tolkien’s God son, we made rings in connection to the Lord of the rings film, engraving the rings by hand (not easy engravers said never again) the famous twin towers of Birmingham where close by and outside the workshop was a black boulder said to be volcanic from the earths crust and moved or thrown there some time in the long distant past”

CAD team “John you can say anything you like, we still use your process!”

Ordering "I know that name, oh yeah I see it on the screen every time there is an order!"

Production RP CAD - 7 stone platinum ring

John "The Diamonds, all of my designs are not from a CAD software library, I model them all myself from the stone cutters reference books of the Master Stone Cutter from the Gem Rock museum in Scottish boarders, the books which have his hand written notes of corrections where given to me when he past away, have you ever seen a collection of semi precise stones in ultra violet glowing vivid colours as the dark side of the moon"

Protecting Architectural Heritage

John "Even before studying historic building conservation and the SPAB guidelines, On my travels when faced with it, I have pointing out, that removing historical architectural elements and replacing with new or pastiche to make coffee tables etc, damages important cultural heritage"


Arabian Architecture

John "from advanced Swiss medical hygiene research, I designed a concept project for two floors of Doha tower on Sheikh Zayed Road and gained a understanding of social society, art and design and the local business culture, after explaining the foundations of the Burj Al Arab, which where designed to be flexible because of the high winds of the air cycle of the warm air cooling creating winds from the mountains along the Wild Wadis, Across desert sands to the Arabian Gulf, and apologising for showing the underneath of my shoe as I sat down, The local Arab business man that built the hotel in the sea in the shape of an Arabian Dhow Sail, made me an honorary Local with a Dishdasha infused with the aromatic and complex scent that was gifted by the wise men to Jesus."

Collaborations with artists and designers

John "Collaborations Including with Kaya Hoang who After graduating from the Royal College of Art in silversmithing and jewellery, as a fellow former student at Sir John CASS (Guildhall Uni) and being artist in residence there, requested that I provided technical assistance in establishing herself, and in a small workshop in cockpit studios London we both worked on her designs ideas and developed pieces which won many major design award including from the GOLDSMITHS' company, Winning the Shell Live Wire Award, a Formula one team member (I believe McLaren F1) purchased the piece below at Chelsea crafts fair where it won the interior produce design award with the Evening Standard newspaper, and we exhibited at 100% design, one awards ceremony was Filmed and broadcast on Southeast Asia TV channels"

Kaya "Without John it wouldn't have been possible, he was then head hunted by the UK biggest jewellery manufacture to make the production masters, using the latest CAD CAM technology"

100% design

Social, Economics

John "While visiting Arabia I got an invite from a close friend inviting me to BK, her father was a senior officer, at the time healing from wounds from patrolling the Thai/Vietnam boarder while in police chopper, I had helped her friend at the RCA on her PHD in cybernetic jewellery, including recovering her thesis data, arriving in BK her mother and sisters took me to Patpong and told me of the corruption (The market owner running for mayor on anti corruption ticket) and tried to get me to enter the live shows etc, I refused and later we walked the streets of BK, while the street gangs did not even bat an eye at us, walking out the darkness into the hotel the airline attempt a fake a staff pass, no need as my friend had a word with the desk in Thai, (I don’t drink alcohol) then searched the hotel room for hidden flight crew alcohol, on returning met by members of the airlines Thai aircrew I knew"

John "I stayed with locals the rest of the stay and visited the sites of Asia, which included visiting a museum with the largest collection of Chinese artefacts outside of China, Shaolin temples and the Islands made from ceramics by the artisans and watched the craftspeople in there own homes create beautiful works of art”

Pirate software

John “While living in Scotland at the end of the Carribean gulf stream writing the Industry CAD Tech paper living in the largest protected forest in Europe where the African birds migrate, which has dark sky status living with my grandmother (RAF spitfire repair engineer) helping her in her final years, she gave up smoking at 80 and started swimming again 20 lengths having not swam since she was 16, I was invited by Emirates to anywhere and choice where I would like to go,

On one of my first visits to UAE arriving at the hotel walking across the desert sands of the empty quarter in full Robertson Hunting Tartan Kilt for a Robert Burns night supper with the technical director of Emirates Airline, with the founder of the Band the Corries (Flower of Scotland) entering to the sounds of Ululation howling or wailing sounds,

While on the visit to a World Wild life Fund Orangutang feeding station in the rain forest of Borneo to see the Bear Cats and seeing the Orphaned Orangutangs (poaching) come down from the trees tops to feed, I asked the WWF feeding warden if there was anything plants like Japanese nut week affecting the rain forrest, the confused reply was its the Rain Forest!

I discovering pirated high end engineering software in software shops in the shopping malls in KL for $1 a disk, I raised this to the attention of leading British aviation software giant who scrutinised the code finding the missing parts of code, and injections of malware which damaged the softwares reliability and security. I then received a DELCAM hardware Dongle in the post and asked to crack it and it’s yours”

"Gran was buried in Lockerbie to the sounds of Bob Marley's "Thank you Lord for what you have done for me"

ArtiWisdom – founded by David and Dragon to utilise John’s skillset

John “ We created the British website traffic record During the time trials of the Thrust Supersonic CAR, to this day the only car to achieve a speed faster than the speed of sound, site hosted on a risk machine with arm processors on loan from the ThrustSSC team, which included driver Andy Green & team leader Richard Noble”

Institution News Team. (2017). Bloodhound vs Thrust: How do the supersonic cars measure up?. Available: http://www.imeche.org/news/news-article/bloodhound-vs-thrust-how-do-the-supersonic-cars-measure-up. Last accessed 22 March 2019.

Thrust SSC - still the only car to travel faster than the speed of sound - imeche.org

Computer Security

John "I was involved in the design, development and manufacturing of the floppy disk drive lock used in the UK Banking sector and Middle East Aviation industries, one of the earliest computer security systems, and computer networking Emirates Airlines old HQ in Trafalgar square in London, which took place over a single weekend installing the highest speed network British Telecom broadband engineers has seen at the time at hand over at 8am on the Monday morning, when i took the bus to Tom Dixons (Habitat) vauxhall workshops to build some stage furniture for a rock Concert" "John the in photograph was linked to makers of the quantum leap"

Floppy Disk Locks Packing

Artwork for Jimi Hendrix last recordings: the Birth of Hip Hop

John “The weeks before Hendrix died Jimmy recorded session material with the Last Poets, unreleased the Last Poets living in Paris didn't trust the music industry and the recordings where unreleased until the 90's, when Fungus Mungus asked me to get involved" “they have always claimed Nixon and his CIA was involved in Jimmy’s death as he was becoming more conscious of the civil rights movement and wanted to become more involved”

Artwork for Jimi Hendrix last recordings

Creative industries

John  "I was the specialist in 3D printing for the creative industries in London, working in the group of companies that owned the London Graphic Centre, which was down stairs and a land mark in the creative community an art material shop the Harrods you could say of the art world in Covent Garden London"

National Health Service: NHS Digital

John  "It can be confusing, to support UK industry I wrote a white paper for the GOLDSMITHS' company with an explanation of all the technical terminology associated with CAD design, I believe I have permission to give it to you"

NHS Digital:   "I would like that, Thank you John"

British Library: 3D

John "Create real world HDR Lighting environment maps for the photogrammetry 3D scanned antiquities, interactive WebGL online for the public around the world to see the antiquities and where they where found"

British Libary and British Museum, Head of antiques Middle East, Africa and Asia:   "Nice idea John"


MTC The Manufacturing Technology Centre

John “the 3MF is a Microsoft 3D file format it is like a complicated version of access and according to TCT 5 years back I believe it is has three versions for 3D modelling, bureau 3D printing management and is based on an older standard called AMF which is not used often”


RSA Fellow

Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

John "To make positive change in society through the international network of creative minds for the better good of the human race."

"Enlightenment and change is not easy, but to see the problems and do nothing when you have been given the skills, I rise to it"

Notable past fellows include: Charles Dickens , Benjamin Franklin , Stephen Hawking , Karl Marx , Adam Smith , Nelson Mandela , David Attenborough , William Hogarth , John Diefenbaker , and Tim Berners-Lee.

Orthopaedic implants and surgery

John "I was in talks with the top orthopaedic implant company with EBM Laser or Electron Beam Melting (AM) Additive manufacturing hip joints etc. today I have 10 metal screws and plates in my own ankle and hold a good insight of the impact of surgery and pain/pain killers, and look at improving system and supporting medical research"

Presentation on technology

John "Over the past 5 years I have been regularly invited around the world to give talks on material science and advances in technology and share my research and thoughts and the stage with multiple Noble prize winners"

Culture and heritage

John “Before the modern day conflicts I visited the Museums, historic buildings and cultural sites including the museum of Geometry and Algebra in Arabia and being blessed to see the Desert Panther, and visiting the temples of the East, and world heritage sites. Within historic building conservation the head of the building crafts college (BBC) in London described me as a modern day Filippo Brunelleschi, who also studied the Greek classical orders and started as a Goldsmith before his innovations in renaissance architectural design."

Remains of French Legionnaire Fort

“My design ethos is inspired by Leonardo’s codex, he does not explain his small design concept sketches as in the wrong hands it could be used for Evil purposes.” “Who God Bless, No Man can Curse”

Tech Certificates

John “I have a wide experience and training in CAD including AutoDesk (AutoCAD, fusion 360 etc) CAM CAM for the creative Arts industries (NURBS modelling) Rapid prototyping (RP) 3D systems stereolithography (SLA) and micro SLA, Full CMKY colour 3D printing, Bio 3D printing human body parts and Materialise and others for data processing and digital workflow software"

ID Tech development: John Robertson / Gentle Giant Studios / 3D Systems

John "A conversation with a forensics expert on passport security on 3D printing models from passport ID photographs, and Michelangelo pencil studies of the dimensions human face"

John "Agile interactive WebGL model creating a true likeness with accurate colour and all distinguishing marks, Photogrammetry 3D Scan of John Robertson FRSA. 3D Systems, Gentle Giant Studios, Pinewood Studios team.

John Robertson FRSA
by VerticesEdge

WISE Campaign.

The campaign for gender balance in science, technology and engineering, from the classroom to the boardroom.

Affiliate Member

John "Having studied in the arts and crafts with the majority of my fellow students being female and not dating them as a personal policy seeing their excellent knowledge and skills, and had to deal with race and equality issues in industry, it is glaring that the gender gap in the UK Sciences and Engineering fields had only risen to 18 percent in 2018, which was a sudden jump from the previous years, showing the Wise campaign is showing a contribution in correcting the imbalance"

European Business awards

John "Thanks solely to my Partner, she prefers to stay behind the senses, Aterah is a Chartered Manager CMI and AM, We have won multiple Business over the past years including European Business of the Award"

"Individuals nominated (voted for) their most respected companies and leaders. Nominations are open worldwide to all EU businesses and their Business Owners / Managing Directors from private or public companies. Researchers at TB Magazine determine the respectability of the company and its management structure based on their achievements"


Game Changers Award

John "Thanks solely to my Partner she prefers to stay behind the senses, Aterah is a Chartered Manager CMI and AM, We have won multiple Business over the past years including Game Changers Award"

Game Changer 2019

UK Business awards

John "Thanks solely to my Partner, she prefers to stay behind the senses, Aterah is a Chartered Manager CMI and AM, We have won multiple Business over the past years including CEO Today, United Kingdom Award for innovation 2018"

CEO wards UK 18 Logo

The Goldsmiths’ Centre:

The Goldsmiths' Centre is a charity founded by the Goldsmiths' Company, one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and received its first royal charter in 1327.

The Goldsmiths’ Centre is the UK’s leading charity for the professional training of goldsmiths. bring together emerging and established goldsmiths with those interested in jewellery, silversmithing and the allied industries. Directory Supplier Listing here.

Directory of Suppliers Listing


John "As the only full time technician for around a thousand students from all social and economical backgrounds delivering training and tech support for a finically strapped (Low birth rate cycle) leading University in the ACE college of, Architecture, Construction and Engineering which also embraced all the creative Arts subjects.

laser cutting, 3D printing and large scale 3D printing and CNC using ABB robotic arm, building partnerships with manufacturers  and software developers in VR, digital fabrication and creation of content for the creative industries

The student had visited Cuba and studied the original architecture her CAD drawings needed a custom workflow and was running to tight deadline, she delivered on time.

As featured in British Vogue

'VerticesEdge creates a collection of bold and timeless pieces. Jewellery designer John Robertson is know for impeccable craftsmanship!’

University talks, UK designers and business leaders of the future on new technology and design innovation

"Thank you Aterah and John, we all found that very interesting and informative, I know I can say we all wish we could be involved in what you're both doing!"

The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council

Showcased Piece

"to encourage, stimulate and promote the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and design amongst all those in the United Kingdom who work within silvermithing, goldsmithing, jewellery and the allied crafts."


 Promoting Excellence In Craftsmanship & Design

the Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards

International Exhibitions

John - "My work was chosen to be showcased by UK's largest jewellery manufacturer as an example of UK technical innovation and design excellence at IJL, International Jewellery London"

Showcased at IJL, by one of Europes largest platinum casting companies.

John - "I was highly honoured to have had my work chosen and displayed at International Jewellery London Sept 2016, next to the the British Legions Poppy Lapel Pin marking 100 years anniversary of the battle of the Somme, Poppy pins made from recovered shells and enamelled containing soil from the Somme, to forever remember the fallen of all conflicts across the globe, and as we look to a brighter future together globally"

The British Legions Poppy Lapel Pin marking 100 year anniversary of the battle of the Somme

3ders.org, March 24, 2017

"Throughout his varied career, Robertson has managed to balance exhibitions and creative projects whilst somehow working in every corner of the technical 3D printing world—a rare feat in a field that sometimes appears split between the techies and the creatives."

John "3Ders interview, with around 1.5 million unique visitors per month"


As featured in TATLER

The original social media, - First published in 1709, Tatler is a powerful mix of glamour, fashion, society and features.


Chief trainer in SLA, and ex head of Rapid Prototyping Red Bull FORMULA ONE

"If you have spare capacity, could you print our small parts!"

3d printing

Digital Device colour profiling: Capture – Screen – Texture Map – Print

John "adjusting digital device colour properties (profiling) to get the closest accuracy to the source material to finished output, its what is needed to get professional level colour reproduction, Skin tones are the most subtle and difficult as subtle differences we easily see easily there are limits (screen RGB colour space 16.7 million colours) to what can be produced compared to the human eye, and the printed output and simple put advanced equipment is used to compensate to closely match the source and output"

Left colour profiled, right un profiled device, Profiled 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro full CMYK colour 3D printer

Bond Street Jewellers

John "On returning from visiting my Caribbean family, I spent some time transforming a secondary schools design technology department, a school close to where Sir John Ives the Head of Design for Apple grew up in London, this included inspiring the children's creativity, preparing workshops, and making there prized equipment work for the first time in 5 years (settings wrong), being a calming influence when violence erupted, Gluing school girls shoes together as they often have only one pair, at the same time I also demonstrated my skills to Bond Street jewellers below image, who would normally use photoshop to visualise, I kept HRH Queen Mother in mind as I created the piece below on a small second hand business laptop in my tea breaks, I was then head hunted by the creative industry, and I still miss the kids calling me Sick"

Three Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

3D Printing Specialist – Digital workflow and colour management experts

John "Working for a Household name and Landmark in creative industry, directly with the founder and Direct of technology with over 20 years of print industry colour management and device profiling expertise"  "WebGL VR model of Adobe illustrator swatch ASE file."

As featured in World of Interiors

The World of Interiors is the most influential design magazine. Always relevant, always unpredictable, it doesn't so much fit into the market as define it.

The World of Interiors 2016


Medical and Pharma industries

One of my First Tweets: 3D Systems Bespoke Modeling, from £18 a month, MRI Dicom files to 3D printing ready files

John "Liked by the Executive Editor, MAKE magazine. TV host on Discovery & Science Channel—How Stuff Works, Punkin Chunkin, etc."

 Pre-Op bone model

Bespoke Pre-Op bone model - 3D Systems

Head of Pathology University Hospitals London “Thank you John for your help in 3D scanning the (object), it will make a good example in training”

Pharma industry packaging designers 'Thank you for such an informative talk on the developments in medical 3D printing!’

3D Printed Virus models Pharma

Show Studio: Nick Knight

John "I created a 3D model of a downloadable dress template by top fashion designer, the dress was a free template for people to make their own fashion clothing including there own wedding dress and experiment with their own creativity, modelled long before the digital tools we have today to simulate textiles"

3D from pattern cut

Still pushing the limits

Lee Dockstader 3D systems VP, Business Development, Healthcare, 2015 “in the hands of Jewellery/3D Artist


John “3D scanned for the Crown Estates by partner CDRM, I 3D printed the file the size of a 10p and it was then used in 3D systems marketing material, Henry VIII Crown which he had made oversized and packed with felt to be embossing"


Henry VIII crown

Micro SLA : Henry VIII crown, the size of a 10p.

Adult Skills Trainer, and Historic Building Awareness

John "While training I specialised in teaching adults and life long learners Computer Aided Design, and I'm defined by Autodesk as a design competition mentor"

Design Competition Mentor

John "WebGL VR model Georgian Door detailing, inspired by the the Georgian society."


Historic Building Conservation

John "Studying in Historic Building Conservation, to conserve and preserve sites of historic interest, research visits included to Venice,  The visit focused on the building crafts research on preservation and conservation of stone work and the removal of harmful pigeon guano to world heritage site"

"Short project 3D Study from Victorian Grand Tour notes of Andrea Palladio's San Giorgio Maggiore, the First WebGL VR model I published model on-line 7 years ago"

"Who knows one day I may retire to the place my birth and restore my Scottish Castle and watch the wild Red Deer in the Highlands"

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore Modelled from Grand Tour surveys,

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore: Modelled from Grand Tour surveys, and Daylight Radiance Render

Senior Lecturer Engineering Surveying, UEL and The Building Crafts College

PL “How did you do that, I have used lots of surveying software not as good as that, but you did it by eye from a single photograph!”

Olympia Exhibition

Olympia Exhibition Hall

Paper, Models and tools

John "My primary teachers father worked in the print industry and she explained the weights of paper from the roll and gave me an understanding and love of the process as the Japanese have for Origami paper and the textures of handmade paper.

Visiting Japan to buy workshop tools and go to the 5 story Yamashiroya model shop in Ueno district, while on the bullet train, as an artisans surrounded by corporate suits I explained how a fellow student of Sir John Cass I knew left the UK with £100 to visit Japan and returned a couple of years later after with more money having been training in metal work Mokume Gane techniques and sharing the technique in small workshop training sessions.

I recycled tins cans at Kyoto station as the train stopped as it only takes a few seconds to recycle, then arriving in Tokyo drank tea in the window at the top of the sky scrapper hotel used in the film lost in translation, while I was being observed how I make a cup of builders tea with the tea pot and fine cups”

Cobra Beer

John "2004 Concept for channel 4 film festival, the bottle tells the story of the beer and the Indian Gorkha regiment, to animate with King Cobra coming out of the side of the bottle in glass"

Head of design “You reverse engineered it by hand and eye, That's an amazing model John!, Beer?”

Cobra Beer

Cobra Beer Bottle

3D modeller for Artiwisdom – RTKL – SEGA

John “3D modelled one of the worlds first architectural animations, Working with an award winning animator from war torn former Yugoslavia who spoke little English, 3D modelled the plans drawings in DOS, as there was no training courses then, i was self trained and this my first 3D CAD job it came with £10m 5 year NDA and having to deal with US/Japanese New York lawyers"

"The Project was published in international publications including Social Spaces Volume I and broadcast on News Networks around the World!”



Sega World, The Trocadero for Architects RTKL 1994

SEGAWorld, Trocadero Centre, Piccadilly London