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CEO Today UK Award 2018

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Game Changer 2019

3D process cycle

3D CAD types and printing process cycle


Design and 3D printing Skills training and technical author


Design service to meet the needs of the Corporate and Creative industries


Professional 3D Printing and finishing service to meet the clients requirements


Renders, fly throughs, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality

Arts and Crafts training

Choosing to study in North Peckham with my school art teachers all (RCA) Royal College of Arts graduates in Fine Art (Bobby Sharavich), Textiles, Photography, and (Arnold Palmer) Jewellery and Sculpture (only student taking the course as it was deemed not a career) surrounded by the best creative talent in the 1980/90's, in European classical style of fine art, the golden mean in composition, perspective in line and colour, later I started over with north African art of Egypt and body adornment of different tribes and cultures around the world, The geometry of the tiles of Mosques and the Kabuki theatre of Japan the hand made paper and wood cuts of the crashing waves and it’s symbolism.

Painted on a babies wall in the UAE

Becoming involved in the digital arts early while I was still studying at Central St Martins, before there where any courses, I searched out talks and met the pioneers in 3D, the coder of first ray tracing system used in animation and discussed geometry and photons of daylight light, and met and worked with cartoon artists including Disney style sheet artist.

Charles D Robertson 1909 reimagined.

CEO Award for innovation

Chartered Manager CMgr MCMI, IAM AM

As the business manager of VerticesEdge, Aterah is a Chartered Manager CMgr MCMI and IAM AM, who is dedicated to total quality, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, We have won multiple Business awards over the past few years including Global CEO Award for innovation. (turned down being in the published pages of the publication)


Computer @ home

Jetson NANO X24 more powerful than the last Gen using a graphics processor at the core, SD card Mobile battery charger and a small bluetooth gaming keyboard, connect to any TV screen, Ubuntu 15.04.

The third world a computer at home, coding AI, create a global network of creative positive people, my imaged below was liked by the maker and science channel presenter create a node network (smart cars are programmed in the townships of Africa)

Revealed not for Circulation:

Aviation is the major cause it was not on the table at Kyoto but major advances have taken place  new advanced and practical tech is advancing in the pipeline to further improve the global situation, our only enemy is time so we can not rest on our laurels. (Plan your rest days and enjoy them) (quantum computing will be assisting)

Class (Globally the code is to look at reducing solar glare from previous research and standardise the CIE sky and a new Moon sky reduce day and night energy vampires, focus on elimination and sun light absorption panels to reduce bounce rate until the upper atmosphere disperses long term)

(Leonardo da vinci codex: the Moon is illuminated by the Sun at night and that is cast down at night and that reflection illuminates the earth.)

(Carpet bombing seedlings (thank you south America, Vietnam and Thailand) in the rain forrest which will absorb more x2+CO2 than large trees and release x2+ oxygen remove the unsustainable palm oil in virgin rain forrest and we do the same, helping our shared global lungs)

(Optimisation of engine efficiency through design iteration and prototyping and small part replacement of old equipment in first and third world instead of the assembly through current projects)

(Medical advances in Bio printing over the past 5 years porous skin now used in cosmetics industry instead of animal testing to increase survival rates of the burns victims)

(Role up solar panels (approx £100 instead of 40k of 10 years ago) with higher Coefficient over 80 degrees in third world and reusing batteries from electric cars giving the poor free electricity reducing power plant max output at peak times globally, when we have the numbers needed it will greatly reduce the green house gases output global)

(New solar panels can collect more ambient light possibly night lumens levels. free tools for smart city planning Relux new approach is needed for the Moon sky illumination)


(Keep below radar don't waist time explaining on those that don't understand the issues like the price going up, even though most will be free, even if we are wrong, I pray we are wrong as its our only planet)

Charity Support: Children and young adults with learning disabilities

As a former student at Bloomfield learning centre and seeing today limited funds mean that children with support needs are not receiving timely assessment and support they require and deserve and being left by the road side in education terms and are expected to learn as adults by which time they are alienated, frustrated and possibly turn to violent outbursts and crime, Young minds with the same learning disabilities as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Albert Einstein. by supporting children with learning disabilities early enough we are attempting to safe guarding children and young adults and break the cycle of the poverty, by increasing awareness of the situation to help improve educational outcomes, for children and young adults of some of the most socially and economically deprived families

Presentation on technology

"Over the past 5 years I have been regularly invited around the world to give talks on material science and advances in technology and share my research and thoughts and the stage with multiple Noble prize winners"

CEO and founder of Spring Studios

John has always had such an incredible imagination. I think imagination is better than knowledge and sometimes even more precious than reality … It inspires sense of admiration of possibilities within the limitations of facts.

VerticesEdge Ltd

VerticesEdge Ltd, Heart Pendant

RSA Fellow

Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

"To make positive change in society through the international network of creative minds for the better good of the human race."

Notable past fellows include Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Hawking, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker, and Tim Berners-Lee. Today, the RSA has Fellows elected from 80 countries worldwide.

Creative industries

As the specialist in 3D printing for the creative industries in London, in the group of companies that owned the London Graphic Centre, a land mark in the creative community, the Harrods you could say of the art materials world in Covent Garden London.

Global warming

Particle physics and light since our first meeting on ray tracing in 1993? charlotte street London for drinks with Bline (not sure of spelling Norwegian) inventor of 3D studio ray tracing, photons of light reflect off surfaces and disperse in a number of manners today Radiance real world materials are lab value HDR environments take more processing heat radiation, light but they save time by working backwards and only calculating the photons needed ie the object effected. (science standard used in court I was principal researcher in glare)

The suns photons reflect off the sea making the sky blue and reflect back to earth by the upper atmosphere this bounce is happening too many times, the Green house effect.

Hartree Centre


Creative Caribbean arts festival in the Eastern Islands of the West Indies, met with UWI and UTT and witnessed the moving work of the first student with autism to graduate from a university in Trinidad and Tobago, met the animation tutors and the students mother and offered advice and encouragement on her long journey of inclusion.

The telescope is now viewing the Caribbean sky of west indies: At the End of Ramadan confusion it stopped air space over London when viewing the baby blue new moon while trump visited London before its journey its the Caribbean, on the beach free private viewing for refugees and oppressed people, On returning I visited the West Coast of Scotland and watched the sunrise over the islands on the last day of summer.


Objects inside the Sucofocus of the mummies at the British Museum, MMR scan, then 3D data from Dicom medical file data Voxel model was converted into STL file and printed on work 3D Systems/ZCorp Projet 660 pro by Jan at iMakr, recently after approximately 7 years 3D Systems received FDA approval for medical models.

National Health Service: NHS Digital

"It can be confusing, to support UK industry I wrote a white paper for the GOLDSMITHS' company with an explanation of all the technical terminology associated with CAD design, I believe I have permission to give it to you"

NHS Digital:   "I would like that, Thank you John"

British Library: 3D

John "Create real world HDR Lighting environment maps for the photogrammetry 3D scanned antiquities, interactive WebGL online for the public around the world to see the antiquities and where they where found"

British Libary and British Museum, Head of antiques Middle East, Africa and Asia:   "Nice idea John"

MTC The Manufacturing Technology Centre

“the 3MF is a Microsoft 3D file format it is like a complicated version of access and according to TCT 5 years back I believe it is has three versions for 3D modelling, bureau 3D printing management and is based on an older standard called AMF which is not used often”

The GOLDSMITHS’ Company.

Forward by Peter Taylor, Director Technology & Training "Even those of us who have a little knowledge in relation to the subject are still often baffled by the terms used by the salesmen who wish to encourage us to take on board their particular product."

John "As the sole author and illustrator of the industry white paper designed to demystify the technical jargon associated with the 3D industry, knowing the UK industry I visited the United Arab Emirates to visit workshops meet craftsmen and Japan photographing the cherry blossom in spring for the illustrations, and meet the lead animator of Lord of the Rings, this lead to the second paper the software Matrix, testing a very wide range of software on the market from NASA to Japanese custom made, I was not the salesman's friend"

"the GOLDSMITHS' Company technical report on CAD Design has the Royal Charter that upholding the World Gold Standard printed in Gold on each and every page of the publication"

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, more commonly known as the Goldsmiths' Company, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies that founded the City of London and received its first Royal Charter in 1327 giving it the right to enforce good authority, to uphold the Silver and Gold standards, so powerful they founded GOLDSMITHS' art college for the poor and the Leopard ultimately helped bank roll the abolition of slavery when compensation was agreed to the slave owners which negatively effected the economy of the day fare more than any modern financial crisis.

Technical Author for British industries

Orthopaedic implants and surgery

in talks with the top orthopaedic implant company with EBM Laser or Electron Beam Melting (AM) Additive manufacturing hip joints etc. today I have 10 metal screws and plates in my own ankle and hold a good insight of the impact of surgery and pain/pain killers, and look at improving system and supporting medical research.

Undisclosed "Your the million dollar man"

Undisclosed "The trials of life made him a superman"