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Middle East: Maker Space for prosthetic limbs

The Innocent are affected the most in times of conflict at the moment in the Ukraine, Israel and Gaza in Palestine reminds us for Engineers in maker communities to support refugee projects with grass root training and provide humanitarian aid and Medical support. i.e. projects to build prosthetic limbs link

MSF Doctors Without Borders anti landmine campaign

I was the last onboard the final commercial flight before the full flight embargo, at the start of Gulf War II flying along the IRAQ/ IRAN boarder.

A friend’s family Home was used as the UN head-quilters for the forensic investigation into the War crimes in the former Yugoslavia. Bosnia, the attempted genocide of the Muslim population.

had tried to explain the west can’t simply imposed democracy the people have to choose it, regions with a long history of kingdoms and dictatorship it would destabilize and involve neighboring countries as the would feel threatened. Was encouraged to stay silent in case i was seen as a synthesizer

As pertinent today with Isreal carrying out germicide in GAZA in retaliation, Francesca Albanese, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories “there are reasonable grounds to believe that the threshold indicating the commission of the crime of genocide against Palestinians as a group in Gaza has been met".

One of my in-during memories was being present during the post production of MSF Doctors Without BordersMédecins Sans Frontières, Doctors Without Borders anti landmine campaign shown in Cinemas.

In the empty darkness of a Dubai film studio post production room In 2000, witnessed the final stages of to the MSF Médecins Sans Frontières Anti Landmine campaign. the highly respected Director personally produced wavering his fee and he had not bathed or slept in days, I was inviting as a Family member was the film studio accounts manager, and allowed use of facilities for free, approx a year later sat in the Cinema to watch a screening of Lord of the Rings: fellowship of the ring, the short was screened completely covered in Corporate Sponsorship.

Cant find the Anti Land mine short film here is Diana, Princess of Wales, raising awarness as she tours a minefield in body armour to see for herself the carnage mines cause, during her visit to Angola Jan 1997 . Picture: John Stillwell/PA Wire the Scotsman

Urban Ecology Volunteer

Volunteered for a year with the trust for Urban Ecology next to the NHS prosthetic limb centre. Creating wide Disability access paths with good drainage and flower garden.

Maintaining urban Woodland spaces for the public to relax and enjoy tranquil Nature and escape the hectic Modern Metropolis, protecting Biodiversity and native species, in a pocket of the Great North Woods in South London. (see Wellbeing)

Great North Wood the trust for urban ecology

Upgrading Industrial SLA.

As a single man in my 20's I was made the legal guardian of a pre-teen relative, her mother after suffering from a form of epilepsy was to undergo an operation to remove a Brain tumour the size of a small Orange, the operation was a success and Nov 2000 gave her daughter a present of one of the first PlayStation 2’s off the production line, when they where one of the rarest things on Earth. She told me she only wanted to see me.

in 2003, working in high value industry as production CAD CAM master model maker While neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s operations made global headlines, I was SLA Beta tester increasing the resolution and reducing the cost of the industrial technology behind Bio mechanical engineering in planing such complex surgical procedures, working in the high security lab workshops environment of Europes largest Platinum jewellery casting company in Birminghams historic jewellery Quarter.

Received Official clearance from the US Headquarters of 3D Systems to be BETA tester, supported by British SLA engineers involved in F1 and Aerospace.

To escape the windowless building had lunch alone in the local cemetery contemplating how to improve survival rates and lower the costs of healthcare. walking the Canal to the workshops a vagrant offering me a job selling the Big Issue with him.

3D Systems VIPER Si2 official industrial SLA beta tester, jewellery CAD CAM model making department Weston Beamor, Birmingham England.

Successfully increased the layer Accuracy of the 3D Systems VIPER si2™ SLA® system turning the £100k device into the Accuracy to vertical High Resolution of 0.015mm 15 microns found in devices costing £1m at the time.

Creating unmatched fine supports using different styles on the same build, that took over 17 years to be seen in consumer SLA on FormLabs who pay 7% on sales to 3D system for use patients.

The update was then distributed to devices Globally reducing the cost of industrial SLA, (carried out for free)

Wrote the SOP Standard Operating Procedure to use the upgrade.

SLA liquid ultraviolet curable photopolymer "resin" the Clear ACCURA ® 60 with QuickCast patterns, option for direct Investment Casting Titanium and ACCURA ® AMETHYST ™ for pattern making for RTV, HTV & direct casting.

Modern industrial SLA devices now have two solid state lasers reducing build time, and the Zephyr ™ recoater blade no longer uses a vacuum of resin to break surface tension.

3D Systems VIPER Si2 SLA System at Weston Beamor,

Note* CAD CAM master models maker for Weston Beamor, Europe's largest Platinum Jewellery casting company, in the heart of Birmingham's historic jewellery quilter the owner a Magistrate was a Radiologist before she took over the family business and the building had been used to manufacture X-Ray equipment.

A myriad of design developments went on to take place globally using the device if you use an asthma inhaler, nebuliser, or diabetes blood sugar testing devices chances are it was developed on it, build pre-op models used in planning to increase surgery success rates and explain procedures to patients, develop tools. the device continues to be used in education and medical design development globally.

Examples of use from models, prototyping parts to use in direct manufacturing, Direct casting with amethyst resin, create silicon molds for injection and short run mold inverts.

Example 3D Systems SLA conjoined twins pre surgery model. Sept. 16, 2004, SLA Pre Surgery model neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Materilise Mimics Version 7.3

Materialise sent me Mimics innovation suite Version 7.3, medical imagine to 3D model software, online training more recently on version 23 used for extracting bone and tissue density from DICOM Data creating separate colour STL models. and later became a partner for Materialise Magics 20 the most powerful data and build preparation software for AM additive manufacturing 2016.

Viper Si2 Case study of the Skull Models link, invited to the RCA Royal College of Art by the technician and I explained the Mexican fuses used which are replaced when oxidized.

With my aspirations for 3D printing models in the third World, When the patients of industrial FDM 3D printing expired in 2009 and open source and consumer devices developed and improved to become available prices dropped from £10,000 to £1000.

I provided training and technical support for the Worlds largest Consumer 3D printing store, who provide 3D printing solutions for grass roots training of hobbyists and trainee engineers. and was involved in promoting cloud based affordable DICOM data processing software.


Presenters include Director Ultimaker GB Ltd / CREATE Education Project devices shown in the Article on 3D printing in hospitals below.

2018 article published Alert The official magazine of MSF Doctors Without Borders Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières USA. Medical aid org working globally to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

Testing Custom 3-D Printed Prosthetics for Refugees: article link

"MSF’s reconstructive surgery program in Amman responds to the mounting needs across the Middle East, as thousands of people have suffered grievous war-related injuries in the course of the region’s widening spirals of violence. In Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), where years of conflict and political unrest have overwhelmed local health systems"

A group of surgeons from King's College Hospital - NHS Foundation Trust who explained they where never allowed to do the things I was doing (6 stages of checks before any change can be made in medical) also to protect their hands, craftsman/woman often have their hands in their pockets because of cuts and burns which accumulate from years in the workshop.

Author of White paper demystifying technical terminology…

NHS Digital the national provider of information, data and IT systems for commissioners, analysts and clinicians in health and social care in England, hold a copy of the my industry White paper on CAD Computer Aided Design, designed to demystifying the technical terminology associated with the 3D CAD industry. Met NHS Digital through STFC

Two White papers where combined and published in 2005, Diagrams of part Orientation, Slice files and support generation. Alloys Gold is not rejected by the Human body and Platinum has similar properties to Titanium which is used in Medical

On one of my few nights out Met Russel Brand the British comedian, at the time a famous womaniser and drug addict who became a famous conspiracy theorist, now under investigation for sexual relations with under age girls, tired I had spent the night being at the receiving end of jokes of a comedian to public amusement, Russel brand was the compere for the night, i told him of my plans for 3D printing in the third world and he turned to the comedian “and said and you made fun of him.”

Affordable pre surgery model: Bespoke

2013 First tweet as 3D Printing Specialist at LGS was on 3D Systems Cloud based affordable $25 pre-surgery medical CAD models from DICOM scan data and was picked up by a presenter for Science Channel in the US.

Bespoke Pre-Op bone model - 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro medical model

Models for the training of medical students the 3D printed model can be infiltrated / finished with properties of bone and inside the model be printed in colour i.e red to indicate bone marrow for practice depth of drilling.

I was Trained by top tier engineer on Projet range 660 Pro, CJP ColorJet Printing formerly Z Corp. at 3D Systems training center in Le Mons France as Bespoke was Beta tested there.

Lead the 3D printing decision for LGS, department of one person myself. Covering every aspect of hardware and software training and installation, servicing, supply of consumables and marketing.

As an Authorised 3D Systems Reseller for the Creative industries in London, Providing Technical Training, Servicing and consumables for the 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro, CJP ColorJet Printing formerly Z Corp. sand stone full CYMK colour 3D printing, which includes Lic with Johanna Manai's DeskArtes 3D data Expert software. (trained in Oct 2001 at Birmingham university millennium point before Queen Elizabeth II official opening)

3D Systems ProJet 660 Pro, build unit and vacuum cleaning chamber separated for cleaning and servicing, technical Training, installation, Servicing and preventative maintenance.

Dental interior: Hygiene Research

For Swiss Dentist Dr Heinz and his wife an MD in the UAE implementing the latest Hygiene Research 2001, interior without corners, or objects touching the floor for easy access and cleaning, tools and storage where in an adjacent room through a one way negative air flow system, reducing particles exposure from drilling to surfaces, particles can potentially be Cancer forming when operated on bone when drilling, Now commonly used in operation theaters.

2000 Staircase concept for Saeed Tower II / Doha Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE Architects Khatib & Alami

MRI scan to 3D print

Bureau Printing service included processing MRI medical scan of an Egyptian sarcophagus, not disturbing the artifacts inside not seen for thousands, using Brazilian opensource DICOM software the scanned objects where then 3D printed on the LGS's 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro and displayed at an Exhibition at the British Museum.

Example: 2005 Addenbrooke’s Hospital CT for The Fitzwilliam Museum "Scans seemed to show some interesting carpentry"

Production manager iMakr

“His special attention, precision, responsible manner, know - how and willingness to always do what was required to ensure the smooth running of the 3D printing service could be relied upon”

Watching the CJP ColorJet 3D Printer finish the build of objects which had not been seen in thousands of years, MRI scan to 3D print artifacts inside unopened Egyptian sarcophagus at the British Museum. National geographic.

In the Caribbean a police officer mentioned in passing they found the coffins of three children, hope to have clearly documented here how they can be inspected without opening. quantum theory whats inside the box.

The head of pathology for the London medical University Hospitals called on me to help organize 3d scanning of object for training medical professionals, and nights collaborating internationally while on first course on bio 3D printing human body parts, Assisted a West African UEL medical forensics graduate, supply of medical reference books to Africa. Materialise Latin America recently inquired what I would like to develop.

"In the hands of an Artist" Lee Dockstader head of 3D Systems Medical division

Henry VIII crown
Henry VIII Crown 3D printed on dental micro SLA 3D Systems Projet 1200, (2016) 3D scan by Partner CRDM for the Crown Estate. CRDM now part of 3D Systems Quickparts High Wycombe,

Founder and Director of RPS link, the British engineers behind the Neo® stereolithography device 3D printing Global leader in Polymer Additive Manufacturing Solutions, provider of industrial 3D printing hardware, material and support solutions, which drive industries to transform digital manufacturing and industrial production.

"We have been working with John Robertson of VerticesEdge Ltd several years, he is an industry recognised level of expertise in the following areas: Creative design Skills, Technical knowledge CAD Design, Additive manufacture, 3D Printing Colour." June 2018

RPS Rapid Prototyping support developers of the Neo® stereolithography device Stratasys aquires RPS provider of best-in-class stereolithography. Feb 2021

Sustainable consumables

During Covid Prof Persad link highlighted the need for low cost sustainable consumables and the current focus on medical personalised pre-surgery planning models using affordable consumer fused deposition modeling (FDM) recycling the plastic waste bottles Class 7 recyclable, extruding filament which they currently have the technology. (carried out for free) i.e. recent Dyson award winning humanitarian project Polyformer link similar to the old soft Yakult probiotics containers where used to create comfort fit for prosthetic limbs in Africa.

Prof Persad paper in the Caribbean medical journal link points to the need for training of Radiographers / Other Medical Professionals, and materialise mimics point to close collaboration between 3D printing technician and Radiographers.

I met local medical sonographer ultrasound technicians and discussed medical imaging DICOM file data, volumetric pixels called Voxels into 3D CAD model using STL file for 3D Printing, used for creating model of fetus for blind pregnant mothers to be. Free Open source medical imaging link Software and Training for 3D slicer link and MeshLab link.


While involved in improving mental health for UK, was invited to the Bloomfield centre for children with Learning disabilities, on old site stands Guys hospital Cancer Centre, one of the leading centres in the country for cancer treatment and research. synergy between my lunch and learns for the creative and industry and Guys Cancer Centre Thank you to supporters posters.

(the borough group a collective of mid-20th-century Cubist artists from the Borough area of Southwark link) the Bloomfields Centre for Children with learning disabilities, Guys Hospital Cancer Centre and my sixthform in Peckham are all within The London Borough of Southwark.

Guys hospital cancer centre thank you to supporters (left), 2019 texture map to pencil holder in CYMK colour space, (right) 2016

Dismantled Particle Accelerator, the Accelerator was lined with a spectrum of colours, which inspired my work in Analysis of light, and understanding of colour. 1990

Regional Pain Syndrome

Limb damage can cause Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which can and lead to substance misuse, phantom pain can be relieved by helping the mind rationalize the missing limb by using a box with mirrors reflecting the other limb.

Having lived with CRPS for over two years in agony to walk following damage to the nurses and ligaments in ankle to walk, some suffers opt to amputate, I choose the pain instead of alcoholism or addiction to prescription pain killers or illegal drugs.

Had a boil in my ear in Trinidad my first visit and was prescribed Diazepam a medication with a risk for abuse and addiction, I had seen with my own eyes elderly housewife unable to sit still from addiction and central nervous system damage, needless to say i didn’t take them.

Reduce inflammation on the brain

Medicinal nutritional suppliment developed by DARPA and Oxford Uni to reduce inflammation on the brain, for the Armed Forces and Professional Athletes who sustain blunt force trauma to the head, concussion and secondary impact, i.e Sporting injuries, Vehicle accidents and IED's.

Reduces inflammation on the brain from head injuries*, reordering supplies made simple.

Administering medication

The Pharma industry is looking into ways to monitor and remind patients when and how to administer a prescribed medication, from antibiotics to anti-psychotics with current focus being on complicated Cancer trials when patients are sent home from hospital following treatment.

2015 Concept design for WIFI IOT internet of things prescription reordering system for next day delivery.

I'm not interested in Sports especially violent contact Sports where the purpose is to render the next person unconscious. but I had the honor of standing a short distance from the GOAT the Greatest Boxer Of All Time Muhammad Ali after he started showing symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson's, I have never seen so much respect shown by the public. @ Charing Cross Road end of Old Compton St 1992, while I developed the floppy disk drive lock Digital security for Middle East Aviation close by. see CyberSecuirty


On a night out in Camden took my jacket off as i noticed the man walking in front of me stop and start to Convulse and fall to the ground, to save his head from from blunt trauma contact the curb stone i placed my coat to act as a pillow, his drunken friends assumed i was attempting to rob him and tried to pushed me away, as there friend on the floor thanked me as he was experiencing an epileptic fit.

Actor playing doctor

Met the actor British Nigerian actor Ariyon Bakare when he played a doctor on tv drama we discussed technology used in medical developments and future plans, on a slow train journey from Birmingham to London and followed his career with interest.

Partnership with Stratasys Platinum partner. PolyJet™ 3D printing training provider.

Met Ricoh in the London Corporate Head Quilters and discussed the establishment of the 3D printing division, which In the last 18 months, the company has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the development of patient-specific anatomic models.

GRAVITY jetpack delivering Emergency personal, Transporting Medics short distances over sea and Land Mines, Parts produced by Ricoh

When I was a small boy my Grandfather donated the ground floor of his home to the British Red Cross, today it is the NHS National Health Service centre for volunteering for the West Coast, Ayrshire Scotland.

NHS Scotland Global Citizenship

Pharma lunch and learn

Held Lunch and Learn event for the leading Pharmaceutical packaging design company, on the subject of Medical 3D printing and advances in Bio 3D Printing, their are 6 Pharma companies in the World all brands are subsidiaries of.

Certificate in Bioprinting: 3D Printing human body parts, link

Pharmaceutical industry packaging rebranding, Flu Virus 4 for launch event

Stem Cells harvested from new Born's Umbilical cords, which are a Blank canvas for DNA, and have many applications in Bio 3D printing in health care, Burns victims survival rate increase dramatically when Bioprinting skin is applied to Burns. (being turned into mobile devices) and SLA Scaffold models are used to grow skin tissue of human ear lobs which are especially difficult for plastic surgeons to create as they require multiple operations to skin graft the three dimensional form.

SLA Scaffold with liver cell models pioneered at MIT with over a million cells have the potential to test new Cancer drugs on the patient own liver cells to test for possible reaction to drugs.

Arranged 3D scanning of small object (jewellery 3D scanner) for training of medical professionals for the head of pathology at University Hospitals London.

Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery EBM

Invited to visit DePuy Synthes a franchise of Johnson and Johnson Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery production centre in Leeds, during clean room preparation for Electron Beam Manufacturing (EBM)

Member ofIMechE Rapid Prototyping Manufactures Association (RPMA) Coventry University carried out and presented research on Arcam Electron Beam Manufacturing (EBM) and went on to establish MTC the National Advanced Manufacturing Centre. (See Eng)

Within Medical software

at TCT Met the team at Within Medical software a 3D printing orthopedic implant design software that enables designers to create medical implants to aid osseointegration, a surgical procedure that aims to offer better quality of life and improved function and mobility to people who have had an amputation.


Dating back over the past 20 years family worked within personlised mental health projects including @ease a website developed by Universities and the Mental Health Charity Rethink, funded by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund*, stress in our daily life can manifest themselves in health issues.

Especially affects those away from home for the first time coping with situations for the first time. Away from there normal support structure.

Focused on providing support to young people going through issues for the first time, providing solutions through a database of contact details for organisations from local authority help lines, support charities.

I personally demonstrated the website to the Director of NHS Digital for GP's to provide patient support i.e dealing with Loneliness, Drug addiction, etc. as the press where a no show, and the website didn't rank highly of search engines it was wrongly deemed a failure at the time. House of Commons report on the project link

See how the drug dealers profit while A million children in England were referred to mental health services last year, ITV News revealed. post pandemic,

while third world mental health services are under funded, if the funds reach the service users.

A middle aged person told me about pain in their elbow, and in another could see a back problem standing long hours bending cutting hair, i mentioned hot pepper gel to numb the pain nerve signals to the brain, no subscription pain killers or self medication leading to addiction.

Similar to an Ankle injury, Medication can be seen as a crutch during a time of trauma in life, a supportive environment and reduce stress can help reduce the triggers which remind of the trauma.

Medical research

I shadowed and assisting the last remaining Glass Technician in the UK in 1988-89 producing custom made lab equipment used in early medical research into HIV / AIDS. working alone in the basement of the South Bank University he told me i had the aptitude and requested that I become his apprentice, when HIV/AIDS was considered the Gay Plague, it wasn't until 1991 that Diana Princess of whales campaigned for public understanding when she shock hands with a AIDS patient without wearing gloves.

princess Diana shaking hands with one of the residents

From 2009 Volunteered my PS3 to Folding@Home, FightAIDS@Home utilizing the Sony PS3 PlayStation 3 idol processor cycles while playing music and watching films etc to simulate protein structures the project discovered 2 breakthroughs in 2010, Global PS3 consoles contributed over a Petaflop of computing power.

The current Folding@Home project is using the Hartree Centre's Scafell Pike Bull Sequana X1000 supercomputer to remove bottle necks for Folding@Home folding protein structures to develop patent free therapeutics for COVID variants. link

Folding@Home PS3 FightAids@home closed 2012

Only technical glass blower in UK making custom lab equipment for AIDS/HIV Universities and Science exploratory research, while working the Torch Lathe, Arising Glass, and Cooling oven, circa 1989

I learned a lot from him using a liquid in solid form where surface tension can shatter the piece when cooling, industrial diamond finishing and skills which cant be learned from books, he was a calm humble gentleman to work alongside.

I kept his work close to my chest as public mob mentality fear of the "Gay Plague" in news paper headlines were at its height.

There have many medical advances in treatment of HIV (antiretroviral therapy or ART) and prevention including (PrEP) Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, while there is no cure for HIV, but you can control it with HIV treatment and prevention.

Today 1 in 10 (higher undiagnosed) have Aids in Trinidad, a woman told me she had it but wouldn’t give it to a police officer, some are not as considerate.

always health screen before starting a new relationship.

The AIDS virus in humans was traced to Dutch scientists developing polio anti bodies in Gorillas and transferring the antibodies to the local tribes in the Congo. Unknown to them at the time the Gorillas blood was infected with the AIDS.

recollect the university was also some way involved into research into the cause of legionaries disease a serious type of pneumonia (lung infection) caused by Legionella (LEE-juh-nell-a) bacteria. being from water vapour from cooling systems from office air conditioning, and have always avoided badly maintained office blocks and hotels where outbreaks can accrue. Linked to hospitality and tourism research.

TRUST FOR URBAN ECOLOGY Registered Charity No: 278601 (wellness)