Innovations in Medical

Hartree Centre at STFC Darsbury Lab, which has been involved in Noble Prize winning medical research, their work includes 3D VR model of stomach virus, and the highest detail 3D model of a cancerous cell.

Industry supplier of 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro, install, training and tech support, Bespoke Pre-Op bone model - 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro, affordable pre- surgery planning models, reducing operation time and success rates.

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, Bloomfield Centre, Child Learning development Centre.

Chuck Hall (National Inventors Hall of Fame) registered patient holder for SLA and founder of 3D Systems

The American Hospital in Dubai held my grandmother hostage over a medical bill which was fully covered, flew in person to pay in full, as the master model maker for Europe's largest platinum jewellery casting company (see craft) as flights where embargoed on the eve of Gulf War II in 2003 flew IRAQ / IRAN boarder.

Had visited family friend in Dubai who's home was the UN forensics investigation HQ into War Crimes against the Muslim population in Bosnia Herzegovina. and present during the post production of MFS anti landmine campaign, On return to UK Trained by 3D Systems top UK SLA engineers with the rare privilege of having training Certificate signed by Chuck Hall inventor of SLA Stereolithography (National Inventors Hall of Fame), link. (see ENG) the STL file format was developed for in 1987.

Successfully increased the layer Accuracy of the 3D Systems VIPER si2™ SLA® SYSTEM turning the £100k device into the Accuracy of devices costing £1m, which was then distributed as an update to devices across the Globe reducing the cost of industrial SLA used for small and medium parts. (carried out for free)

Example 3D Systems SLA conjoined twins pre surgery model. Sept. 16, 2004, SLA Pre Surgery model neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Used by multiple verticals primarily in Aerospace, Automotive, in Bio-mechanical engineering to develop tools, medical devices and surgical planning models. granted Materilise Mimics Version 7.3, extracting bone and tissue density creating separate colour STL models.

in Bio-mechanical engineering where its used to develop tools, pre Surgery models Case study of the Skull Models link, the design and development of i.e. Patient specific ankle-foot orthoses, asthma inhalers and nebulisers, diabetes blood sugar testing devices by Bayer Healthcare link as well as other medicine and healthcare corporate brands, and currently still in use in medical design development link across the globe.

MRI scan to 3D print

Bureau Printing service included processing MRI medical scan of an Egyptian sarcophagus, not disturbing the artifacts inside not seen for thousands, using free Brazilian DICOM software the scanned objects where then 3D printed on the company's 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro and displayed at an Exhibition at the British Museum.

Watching the Projet 660 pro finish the build of objects which had not been seen on touched in thousands of years, MRI scan to 3D print artifacts inside unopened Egyptian sarcophagus. National geographic.

A police officer mentioned in passing they found the coffins of three children, hope to have clearly documented here how they can be inspected without opening. quantum theory whats inside the box.

Example: 2005 Addenbrooke’s Hospital CT for The Fitzwilliam Museum "Scans seemed to show some interesting carpentry"

Lee Dockstader 3D Systems Medical division

In the hands of an Artist

Met a group of surgeons from King's College Hospital - NHS Foundation Trust who explained they where never allowed to do the things I was doing (6 stages of checks before any change can be made in medical) also to protect their hands, the craftsman often have their hands in their pockets because of cuts and burns which accumulate from years in the workshop.

Affordable pre surgery model: Bespoke

As a 3D Systems Reseller for the Creative industries in London, Providing Technical Training, Servicing and consumables for the 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro, formerly Z Corp. sand stone full CYMK colour 3D printing, Lic with DeskArtes 3D data Expert software. (trained in Oct 2001 at Birmingham university millennium point before Queen Elizabeth II official opening)

2013 First tweet as 3D Printing Specialist at LGS was on 3D Systems Cloud based Bespoke affordable $25 pre-surgery medical CAD models from DICOM scan data and was picked up by a presenter for Science Channel in the US.

3D Printed Model

Bespoke Pre-Op bone model - 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro, See Archt dental practice design.

Dental interior: Hygiene Research

For Swiss Dentist Dr Heinz and his wife an MD in the UAE implementing the latest Hygiene Research, interior without corners, or objects touching the floor for easy access and cleaning, tools and storage where in an adjacent room through a one way negative air flow system, reducing particles exposure from drilling to surfaces, particles can potentially be Cancer forming when operated on bone when drilling, Now commonly used in operation theaters.

2000 Staircase concept for Saeed Tower II / Doha Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE Architects Khatib & Alami

Sustainable consumables

During Covid Prof Persad link highlighted the need for low cost sustainable consumables and the current focus on medical personalised pre-surgery planning models using affordable consumer fused deposition modeling (FDM)

After being told everything has to be commercial in Trinidad: responded with look at recycling PLA plastic waste bottles Class 7 recyclable, extruding filament which they currently have the technology. (carried out for free) i.e. recent Dyson award winning humanitarian project Polyformer link The old soft Yakult probiotics containers where used to create comfort fit for prosthetic limbs in Africa.

Prof Persad paper in the Caribbean medical journal link points to the need for training of Radiographers / Other Medical Professionals. Met a local ultrasound technician and discussed medical imaging DICOM file data, volumetric pixels called Voxels into 3D CAD model using STL file for 3D Printing, used for creating model of fetus for blind pregnant mothers to be.

Free Open source medical imaging link Software and Training for 3D slicer link and MeshLab link.

The creation of the recycling logo by G. Anderson. American graphic designer and architect in 1970

Child with learning disabilities

Attended one of the worst performing School's in England and received Dyslexia support from the Bloomfield clinic the Worlds first dedicated centre for child learning disabilities at Guy's Hospital opened in 1973, funding was withdrawn in 1991, and it continued with the support of John Bloomfield and Guy’s Trust. gaining charity statues in 1993, Learning disabilities including Autism was until recent reform classed as Mental Health.

Attended one of the worst performing School's in England and received Dyslexia support from the Bloomfield clinic the Worlds first dedicated centre for child learning disabilities at Guy's Hospital opened in 1973, funding was withdrawn in 1991, and it continued with the support of John Bloomfield and Guy’s Trust. gaining charity statues in 1993, Learning disabilities including Autism was until recent reform classed as Mental Health.

The cost to society is far greater if their is a lack investment in early professional assessment and learning support for Children, who can easily become frustrated and disillusioned with education and fall through the net, be exploited by others i.e. gangs, drugs and grooming, limiting their future prospects, and turning to crime to meet their future financial needs.

Approx 80% of Dyslexic students in England are not Assessed by Education services, limiting their educational outcomes, future earning potential, creating issues supporting the education of their children, job applications and legal correspondence etc. its estimated over half of adult prisoners have a reading age lower than 11, the Ministry of Justice are funding a prison reform pilot for education of prisoners.

Bloomfield centre the Worlds first purpose built centre for children with learning disabilities, in the grounds of GUYS Hospital London. 1980's IRA campaigns and next door to AIDS diagnosis center when it was treated as the GAY Plague.

Ancestral Home

My grandfather was called down from Scotland to join the Police between WWI and WWII when Mosley's Fascist blackshirts in East London attempted aline Britain with The German Nazi movement, with nothing more than a stick, in the 1980's he donated the ground floor of his home in Saltcoats to the British Red Cross, recently I checked and today it's the NHS National Health Service volunteer centre HQ for Ayrshire Scotland. (see Wellness)

NHS Scotland Global Citizenship

Cognitive treatment

Advised on the design of App for Alder Hey Children's Hospital the UK's first cognitive hospital, link with Disney illustrator Max Carol, app designed to monitor children's wellbeing during their hospital stay focused on Autistic children who may have communication issues and feel intimidated by doctors and share best medical practice. built on IBM Watson – the world’s first commercially available cognitive computing system.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital


Held Lunch and Learn event for the leading Pharmaceutical packaging design company, on the subject of Medical 3D printing and advances in Bio 3D Printing, their are 6 Pharma companies in the World all brands are subsidiaries of.

Certificate in Bioprinting: 3D Printing human body parts, link

Stem Cells harvested from new Born's Umbilical cords, which are a Blank canvas for DNA, and have many applications in Bio 3D printing in health care, Burns victims survival rate increase dramatically when Bioprinting skin is applied to Burns. (being turned into mobile devices) and SLA Scaffold models are used to grow skin tissue of human ear lobs which are especially difficult for plastic surgeons to create as they require multiple operations to skin graft the three dimensional form.

SLA Scaffold with liver cell models pioneered at MIT with over a million cells have the potential to test new Cancer drugs on the patient own liver cells to test for possible reaction to drugs.

Pharmaceutical industry packaging rebranding, Flu Virus 4 for launch event

3D Printing in veterans Hospitals

The FDA authorises the use of certain alternatives to animal testing, including cell-based assays and computer models, an exemption from the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the safety and effectiveness of a drug.

Discussed creating a medical model making charity and a standard operating procedure SOP with media Accounts manager at KPMG and the company Director, 20 years on I'm so pleased to see the FDA and Materialise creating webinars.. with mentions to Materialise Mimics link, 3D Systems Geomagic link, Form Labs link, Ultamaker link and more.. Materilise Latin America describe as medical industry 4.0

Arranged 3D scanning of small object for training of medical professionals for the head of pathology at University Hospitals London.

Veteran Hospitals
FDA Virtual Public Workshop 3D Printing in veterans Hospitals

Administering medication

The Pharma industry is looking into ways to monitor and remind patients when and how to administer a prescribed medication, from antibiotics to anti-psychotics with current focus being on complicated Cancer trials when patients are sent home from hospital following treatment.

Reduce inflammation on the brain

Medicinal nutritional suppliment developed by DARPA and Oxford Uni to reduce inflammation on the brain, for the Armed Forces and Professional Athletes who sustain blunt force trauma to the head, concussion and secondary impact, i.e Sporting injuries, Vehicle accidents and IED's.

2015 Concept design for WIFI IOT internet of things prescription reordering system for next day delivery.

Had the honor of standing a short distance from Muhammad Ali after he started showing signs of late-stage symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson's.

Reduces inflammation on the brain from head injuries*, reordering supplies made simple.

Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery

Invited to visit DePuy Synthes a franchise of Johnson and Johnson Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery production centre in Leeds, during clean room preparation for Electron Beam Manufacturing (EBM) and at TCT Met the team at Within Medical software a 3D printing orthopedic implant design software that enables designers to create medical implants to aid osseointegration, a surgical procedure that aims to offer better quality of life and improved function and mobility to people who have had an amputation.

Asthma Call

During Pandemic a Asthma Call on air quality in schools: Advised Pediatricians first look around a child's airways for signs of Glitter and Sand encase it has been inhaled, during play at school which can trigger breathing difficulties.

While in Trinidad a Cuban pediatrician prescribed a treatment for Asthma that a senior UK specialist nurse described not seeing used for over 20 years as it was simply ineffective in acute cases, confirming credential with the Hospital quality assurance manager, triggering review of medicine, to assist in the continues improvement.

Scare tissue

Linked to digital Technology developed to matches skin tones and print custom made foundation, launched with millions of colour combinations looking at its applications in healthcare covering scare and burn tissue more prominent in the darker skin tones, to improve physiological affects(pressures from social media). DCYPHER link and has now Won Cosmopolitan Beauty Award.

Particle accelerator

First Job working as Technician dismantling the particle accelerator at the South Bank University, discovering a rainbow lining the inside of the glass accelerator, being the first to see inside light inspired my work technically and artistically, (Digital colour management) (daylight Analysis) (Darsbury labs helped develop CERN)

The accelerator chamber stood on the turning plate of a WWII Battleship Gun Turret, formed before the first atomic tests making it highly desirable in use with X Ray equipment because of the guarantied clarity of image.

Shadowed Craftsmen and assisting one of the last glass Technicians in the UK producing custom made lab equipment used in early medical research into HIV / Aids. he requested I become his apprentice consisting of over 6 months to a year simply turning test tubes to train hands to use a liquid in solid form where surface tension can shatter the piece when cooling, which cant be learned from books.

Nuclear Structure Facility (NSF) Daresbury Ion beam Tower. Hartree Centre STFC Centre for AI and Quantum Computing.

Middle East: Maker Space prosthetic limbs

Sept 2015 sent training material to the organisers establishing a Maker Space for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs for the 80 thousand+ amputees from the conflict in Syria, in the Worlds largest refugee camp located in Jordan and Turkey. refugee openware link (carried out for free)

Limb damage can cause Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which can and lead to substance misuse, phantom pain can be relieved by helping the mind rationalize the missing limb by using a box with mirrors reflecting the other limb.

In the darkness of a Dubai film studio witnessed the Director self produce MSF Médecins Sans Frontières Anti Landmine campaign finishing post production of the short film featuring a child of each race and creed falling to the ground after the sound of an explosion.

UN Ottawa Treaty: 35 nonsignatories include the United States, Russia, China, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Cuba, Egypt, India, Israel, and Iran. evident in casualties from the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

The Short was shown before Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring in Cinemas.

Middle East Maker Space

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