Innovations in Medical

Pioneering Rapid Prototyping

2003 Trained by 3D Systems top SLA engineers from Automotive (F1) and Aviation, training Certificate Signed by Chuck Hall the inventor SLA and founder of 3D Systems, (granted special status) Not required to undergo SLA Beta tester training at 3D Systems HQ in the US.

While working in the Platinum industry highly secure environment Beta testing successfully increased the Accuracy of the Viper Si2 turning the £100k device into the Accuracy of devices costing £1m at the time, which was then distributed as an update to devices across the Globe and reduced the cost of industrial SLA devices. Used primarily in Bio-mechanical engineering to develop tools, medical devices and surgical planning models.

3D Systems SLA conjoined twins pre surgery model.

Sept. 16, 2004, SLA Pre Surgery model in the hands of Dr. Ben Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, (Boston Globe Photo/Chris Gardner) illustration purposes.

Discussed creating a medical model making charity and a standard operating procedure SOP with media Accounts manager at KPMG and the company Director, So pleased to see the Materialise and the FDA creating webinars.. with mentions to Materialise Mimics mass care personalisation link, 3D Systems Geomagic link, Form Labs link, Ultamaker link and more..

Extracts from Lunch & Learn: Medical 3D Printing

Burns victims survival rate increase dramatically when 3D printed Bioprinting skin is applied to Burns. (being turned into mobile devices)

SLA Scaffold with liver cell models pioneered at MIT with over a million cells have the potential to test new Cancer drugs on the patient own liver cells to check for possible rejection.

MASH: CC creative commons

Veteran Hospitals
FDA Virtual Public Workshop 3D Printing in Hospitals link

Free software and consumables

Prof Persad link highlighted the need for low cost sustainable consumables and the current focus on medical personalised pre-surgery planning models using affordable fused deposition modeling (FDM), My response was look at recycling plastic waste Class 7 recyclable, extruding filament which they currently have the technology. i.e. recent Dyson award winning humanitarian project Polyformer link

Prof Persad paper in the Caribbean medical journal link points to the need for training of Radiographers / Other Medical Professionals. Met a local ultrasound technician and discussed medical imaging DICOM file data, volumetric pixels called Voxels into 3D CAD model using STL file for 3D Printing, used for creating model of fetus for blind pregnant mothers to be.

Free Open source medical imaging link Software and Training for 3D slicer link and MeshLab link.

Rapid Prototyping Support

Director of RPS link, engineers and Designers of the Neo® stereolithography 3D printing Global leader in Polymer Additive Manufacturing Solutions, provider of industrial 3D printing hardware, material and support solutions, which drive industries to transform digital manufacturing and industrial production.

"We have been working with John Robertson of VerticesEdge Ltd several years, he is an industry recognised level of expertise in the following areas: Creative design Skills, Technical knowledge CAD Design, Additive manufacture, 3D Printing Colour."



During the development of Doha tower in Dubai, Designed two floors consisting of a dental practice using latest Swiss Hygiene Research and hair dressers, shadow free enivorments with no objects on the floor including furniture for easy cleaning, the interior had hospital corners with tools and storage in a small adjacent room through a one way negative air flow system, reducing particles from drilling exposure to surfaces, as particles in the air can potentially be Cancer forming when operating on bone.

Appilied crafts

Shadowed one of the last technical glass blowers in the UK (Highly skilled craftsman, not found in books), producing custom made lab equitment for early HIV / Aids research, hand skills that take years to develop the basics, understanding the cooling rates of a liquid in solid form. requested I become his apprentice.

STFC Hartree Center: Covid therapeutics

VR model of stomach cramps virus permission for photo granted by the Scientific team wishing to reveal their work, including the highest detail 3D model of a cancerous cell.

Partner with the Hartree centre part of the STFC Daresbury laboratories which was involved in Sir John Walker Noble Prize winning research, which won the 1997 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for solving the structure of the F1 ATPase enzyme using the SRS at Daresbury link, also discovering harmful partials in vehicle exhaust emissions, therapeutics for Alzheimer's and Aids/HIV, and many other medical advances using CLARA, the Compact Linear Accelerator For Research and Applications, Streamlining early drug development Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics ADDoPT.

Currently involved in research folding protein structures to develop patent-free antiviral therapeutics treatments on High Performance Computing (HPC) for patients who have contracted COVID-19, processing protein folding and the movements of proteins, removing bottle necks for [email protected] through Washington University Global computer network.

Mimics Innovation Awards

Materialise Mimics innovation award 2022 was awarded to Nasim Golafshan for working on a

Surgical treatments for hip dysplasia, one of the main causes of hip osteoarthritis, less invasive and more durable using a personalized, 3D-printed, regenerative hip implant.

Quincy, M.E.

Arranged 3D scanning of small object for training of medical professionals for the head of pathology at University Hospitals London. 3D scan Stanford PLY file format into STL file for SLA 3D printing. (Quincy, M.E.)

Social Media

Bespoke Pre-Op bone model - 3D systems

2013 First tweet as 3D Printing Specialist at LGS was on 3D Systems Cloud based Bespoke affordable $25 pre-surgery medical CAD models from DICOM scan data and was picked up by a presenter for Science Channel in the US.

TCT Mag, 3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing

MRI scan of an Egyption Mummy

The Bureau Printing service included Product prototypes, and MRI medical scan of an Egyption Mummy at the British Museum, using free Brazilian DICOM software the objects inside the unopened sarcophagus where 3D printed on the company's 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro and put on display at an Exhibition at the British Museum.

DePuy Synthes

Invited to visit DePuy Synthes a franchise of Johnson and Johnson Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery production centre in Leeds, during clean room preparation for Electron Beam Manufacturing (EBM), invited to apply for Swiss medical device quality assurance.

Multi materail: 5000+ colours, volumetric and texture mapped colour

Stratasys J750, Medical reference model, Stratasys Platinum training, device and service.

Maker Space

Sept 2015 sent training material to the organisers establishing a Maker Space for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs for the 80 thousand+ amputees from the conflict in Syria, in the Worlds largest refugee camp located in Jordan and Turkey. refugee openware link

Middle East Maker Space

Losing a limb can create phantom pain which can lead to substance use, a box with mirrors reflecting the other limb, can relieve the mind which is trying to rationalize the missing limb.

3D Printing process

Design and 3d printing
The Stages of the 3D Printing process (in the shape of a volumetric Pixel, Voxel)


Invited to China to present 3D Printing success stories at conferences, followed by invites to cities across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. global news organization dedicated to providing the latest news, trends and analysis in the 3D printing industry.

Robertson has managed to balance exhibitions and creative projects whilst somehow working in every corner of the technical 3D printing world—a rare feat in a field that sometimes appears split between the techies and the creatives.


3D Hubs hosted Meetup event link in 2014. '3D Printing in Architecture & Design' at Google Campus London link where I joined as a 3D Printing Mentor for startups.


Industry benchmarking

Chuck Hull invented 3D printing and founded 3D Systems 39 years ago, 3D Printing was largely used within a variety of industries, when the patients began to expire around 10 years ago consumer FDM i.e. Makerbot and SLA i.e. FORM1 devices soon appeared on the market. link and the media hype that surrounded them.

Delivered lunch and learn sessions for the creative industries, professionals within their own fields who wished to understand the technology and its use and application within their own industry. an open discussion entitled Hype vs Reality.

Involved in British and international bench-marking reports, sharing findings and implementing good practice from the reports findings in 3D Printing: Queen Mary University of London and the Banking Sector.

iMakr Case Study

Case Study of iMakr (LGS Business Partner 2013-2016) World's largest consumer 3D printing retail store.

A police officer mentioned in passing they found the coffins of three children, hope to have clearly documented here how they can be inspected without opening. quantum theory whats inside the box.

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