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We believe the public deserve to be clearly and concisely informed about the things making positive impact in society, while involved in disruptive technology to the established system, checks and balances take place by the authorities to see if things are for real benefit, which can take time, and we have professional codes of practice and conduct.

National Debt and Education

Scottish, family for many years was in Newton Stewart, one half of the small Scottish town where James A. Mirrlees FRSE FBA was born and raised, who's work in a fair incentivized taxation to relieve Third World countries from the burden of debt, won him The Noble Prize in Economic Sciences in 1996, the same year that SEGAWorld opened its doors to the public. Arch CAD animation.

Close by to Newton Stewart, mudflats at Big Water of Fleet, important feeding grounds for migrating birds from Africa and the Mediterranean. 360° view link 2016

The Local library didn't hold a copy of James A. Mirrlees paper, the librarian knew his mother and said I could have tea with her, to discuss early child development, learning support to improve educational outcomes, future prospects, and reducing crime rates in society. Graduates with high levels of Debt are less likely to use their skills to benefit society and often go into corporate commercial business, with sharp TAX avoidance practices.

i.e Apple inc the first 3 Trillion dollar company operates through distributors in the UK including Jigsaw to avoid liabilities, whiles its success in no small part is due to the creative design skills of Sir John Ives and the MediaLab team setup in central London with only one account Apple Inc.

Bio-Diverse Sustainable Dark Sky Forrest

Enjoyed the free open air viewing The Milky Way with the naked eye as Newton Stewart is on the edge of the Galloway Forrest officially designated International Dark Sky Park link only the fourth in the World, lack of light pollution granted Dark Sky Park status in Nov 2009, being the first area in the UK to be so designated, The Galloway Forrest is the UK's largest which sustainably produces 650,000 tones of timber a year for construction, paper and chip board.

The striking Murray’s Monument link is close to the town, erected in 1835 in memory of Alexander Murray FRSE FSA a local shepherd boy self-taught in languages, ‘by his genius and industry […] raised himself to unrivalled eminence’. with little more than a year of schooling became parish minister, received advice from Robert Burns, and on to be Professor of Oriental Languages at Edinburgh University, His ‘intimate knowledge of the Abyssinian language’ brought him to the attention of the King in 1811, when he translated a letter to the monarch from the prime minister of Ethiopia. rebuilt by 600 men of the local community after a great storm in the 1930's.

Cultural connector

Had meeting with the Arts Council England to provide funding for Arts and Cultural projects through National Lottery funding to deprived multi cultural area of London.

Burns supper

At a Burns supper in Dubai wearing my family tartan kilt with local Arabs Ululation at the sight, met a founder member of the folk band that wrote the Scottish National anthem, 'Flower of Scotland', an Architect for the Scottish courts, recently he commented that I have had a "Brilliant career", and the best Advice I ever received was from Bill "Keep copies of your work, one day you may need them".

Divine Enlightenment Light well in hallway seating area of William Murray home Kenwood House. click photo to download.

William Murray was the Scottish Judge the most powerful jurist in Britain who reformed the legal system and moved to abolishing slavery with the Somersett Case in 1772.

William Murray's home Kenwood House was restored after WWI and donated to the National Trust by the Guinness family to house their fine art collection, it was the scene of the famous Dido Belle Painting and close by has a legally protected unobstructed view of St. Paul's cathedral on his path through Hamstead Heath. free entry.

Cultural understanding

Visited Mosques and Museums in the Middle East, Religious and cultural understanding while the Mosque was undergoing repairs with scholars and looked upon some of the oldest Arabian books of the study of arabic Algebra and astrology, attended lectures on the Islamic geometric patterns.

Asia visited Shaolin Temple with the largest collection of artifacts outside China, discovering surface fine pattern of Dragons on cast statues of the Buddha, only visible to the trained eye as surface patination worn away by the acid in human touch.

Visited the Rain Forrest of Borneo, stayed in World Wildlife Fund Hotel and witnessing feeding station for Orphaned Orangutans, before current de-forestation for Palm Oil required for bio degradable plastics and bio fuel.

Workshops at the serpentine Gallery on Russian painter and art theorist. Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky who believed that geometric forms, lines, and colors could express the inner life of the artist.

Trinidad and Tobago's rich cultural history of Music and the Arts, artist Ken Morris depicts the history and culture of the island's, using Repoussé a metalwork technique which forms sheet metal on warmed pitch which was used by craftsmen who created Carnival Costumes, which created the Arch of the Covenant for the twelve tribes of the Israelite's, the local Police Force emblem incorporates the Star of David and the Humming Bird.

When African slaves in the Caribbean islands where forcefully stopped from playing their ancestral drum beats, they instead adopted Scottish military Drum beats, and the influence can still be heard, the Scots can hear the call.

Last King of Scotland

Scotland Yard's name comes from the medieval Scottish embassy in London, when king James VI of Scotland inherited England, he become James I of England in 1567, one of his first acts was commissioning the official translation of the Holy Bible into English the King James Version KJV, before the KJV the Holy Bible was scribed by hand and was only to be found in the possession of Latin speaking priests or extremely wealthy educated men.

Scotland Yard became the HQ of the first uniformed police force in the World the name stayed through multiple relocations.

"Don't just listen to what you want to hear, blaming others for your own problems is the dirty politics that Hitler used to get into power, saying to children they are the future, is like saying the sun will shine tomorrow."

Those where the wise words of my grandfather who was a police officer called down from Scotland between the Wars, at a time the fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley and his black shirts, where causing weekly riots in the East End of London in an attempt to align Britain with the far right across Europe.

British Library

The British Library was interested in exhibiting my work, technology which the Library uses to 3D scan artifacts of Historical and cultural significance and embed VR online for the World to have access to. link As a 3D printing Specialist to iMakr MyMiniFactory, which is involved in Scan the World an ecosystem for everyone to freely share digital, 3D scanned cultural artifacts for physical 3D printing. link

The heart of the British Library, The King's Library one of the most important collections of books and pamphlets of the Age of Enlightenment. Assembled by George III. (reigned 1760–1820)

The process has also been used to created Digital Twins of damaged archeological sites in Syria, and currently in the press, to 3D scan, create replicas at the British Museum and return the Parthenon Marbles, and the return of the Ethiopian wooden tablet copies of the Ten Commandments to the Arch of the Covenant, when stability improves. link discussed with member of the clergy. So sacred are they that they can only be viewed by Ethiopian Orthodox priests.

Anne Frank sculpture by Doreen Kern at the British Library moved inside as it was subjected to mindless vandalism

Met individuals given the role of "gate keepers" at the British Library, Good Stewards to the records of human existence, the Lab manager and digital Curator Hebrew manuscripts, Asian and African Collections, and found the technical quality manager was an ex-work colleague.

Royal visit

Had the Honor and great pleasure of escorting members of The Travancore Royal family (was the ruling house of the Kingdom of Travancore.) in the southern part of Kerala, India. the custodians of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Hindu Temple. the Indian Government are building a museum on the history of the temple, which is an important religious site and strictly for followers of the Hindu faith.

Temple Procession ready to start from Trivandrum Ananda Padmanabha Swamy Temple in 1930

At the equinox the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple is aligns with the Sun, for the sun to shine through the openings approximately in 15 minutes intervals creating a Ray of Sunlight.

On visits to the Queens Gallery in the Royal Collection, walks around Buckingham Palace gardens, Hyde park, and for tea in Soho.

History of print making up to 3D printing

Met a direct descendant of the engineer that helped Gutenberg in Germany built Guggenheim press around 1440's it can not be overstated the importance of the printing press on freedom of Faith, Education and free speech.

The Sunday Times Newspaper was first edited in 1822 directly across the road from St Brides Church, Patron saint of Journalists holding services for those who are lost while reporting Wars, UNESCO report a total of 88 killed in 2022, 61 in non-conflict countries, 44 where in Latin America and the Caribbean.

St Brides church was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1672, the St. Brides Foundation trust is the Museum of Print making and inspiration of the iconic tiered Wedding Cake, mentioned the Science Museum was suited to displaying pieces of my pioneering 3D printing, Wedding rings and industry White Paper on Computer Aided Design.

St Brides inspiration for tiered wedding cake and Museum to print making.

Recent growing trend for marriage as we rediscover the importance of how we treat one another, after 2019 had the lowest marriage figures in the UK since records began in 1862.

Disclosure and Transparency

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