Anti Cyberbullying

Part of the team who self produced, The Anti Cyberbullying campaign aimed at reducing the rates of mental health and self harm.

Anti cyberbullying
Stop Cyberbullying Day Campaign

Trusted Supplier to the public, retail and industry

Member of and Accredited supplier to The GOLDSMITHS' Centre, the UK's leading charity for the professional training of goldsmiths, which offers silversmithing and jewellery courses in London.

National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) Design/Craft Membership. The Coat of Arms is a Mark of Quality. NAJ membership is the mark of professionalism for retailers, trade members, service providers and designers.

Prosthetic limb 3D Printing

While 3D printing Specialist with LGS sent CAD Tech paper training material at the establishment of a 3D printing centre for prosthetic limbs.

3D Printing Mentor

At Google Campus

In 2014 Became 3D Printing Mentor for Startups at Google Campus London, Meeting the 3D Hub.

Rory Jackson Co founder of RP Support

"We have been working with John Robertson of VerticesEdge Ltd several years, he is an industry recognised level of expertise in the following areas: Creative design Skills, Technical knowledge CAD Design, Additive manufacture, 3D Printing Colour."


Was elected by The Trustee Board of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) link, to the class of Affiliate Member with pathway to full membership.

iMeche Library and Members Hub

Design development

100% Design Olympia Exhibition Hall

Working with Kaya Huang MA RCA in Cockpit Studio Workshops link in Clerkenwell, from the conceptual stages the design development and production of objet d'art. Exhibiting at 100% Design and winning the London Evening Standard interior design award at the Chelsea Craft Fair and Shell Live Wire Award 2001.

Daylight Analysis

Technical researcher in daylight analysis while working for the leading Chartered Surveyors in the field of Rights to Light in the City of London for Party wall court cases. trained by the professor of Nuclear Physics at Oxford University.

Computer analysis of daylight and the impact of developments on access to sunlight on surrounding properties, losing natural light can be a cause of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons.

3D printed ADF Average Daylight Factor Analysis, Daylight and heat calculations

Daylight Analysis is the process of analysing the real world physics properties of daylight using its location (GIS) Global information systems mapping, this can be used to calculate the distribution of daylight before and after any alterations, the light and heat values created within the building, and the Sun's Glare on drivers and planning solar farms on flight pathways and landing approaches for aircraft.

Skills Trainer

While studying full time in Historic Building Conservation I was approached by Peter Lakin (BIM/Heritage Survey.) to share some the knowledge gained, for three years I delivered training and assisted running a satellite college in the grounds of Battersea Powerstation site link, working closely with the local authority Jobshop, delivering on a requirement on the developers of the Grade II listed site, to give gainful employment to locals.

Providing onsite CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme card, and training in heritage awareness, surveying and CAD. I was awarded QCF level 4 Preparing to Teach Life Long Learners, skills gained which I use in planning and delivery of training for clients, and passed the CSCS for Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager.

Historic Building Conservation

Classical order
Doric Order Pillor

Pioneering Rapid Prototyping

Beta testing software Buildstation and Lightyear, and the Accura curable photopolymer resin materials within the production process, while successfully increasing the Accuracy of the Viper Si2 to 25 microns (0.025mm) and created an appendix to the manual with the new SOP standard operating procedure for the highest Accuracy models.

Meet with DePuy Synthes in Leeds in 2017 to head their Medical devices 3D Printing R&D, during the clean room preparation.

Sept. 16, 2004, SLA Pre Surgery model in the hands of Dr. Ben Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, (Boston Globe Photo/Chris Gardner)

Platinum Industry

2003 As the CAD CAM model maker to one of the largest platinum jewellery casting companies in Europe, I Introduced RP Rapid Prototyping into the production process.

Platinum-Diamond Rings, Domino Fundamentals Collection, Weston Beamor

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