Innovations in Climate change

Great Smog of London 1952, caused by Coal power-stations including Battersea and Barking along the sides of the river Thames, the Thames Valley, London.

Flooding outside National Security Port of Spain

Modern Architecture on Desert mountain top, cycle of air flow from the sea, cooling breeze which can carry dust particles.

Innovator: National Digital Twin

Met scientist involved with The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago's Adopt a River Program in Dec 2019, asked to volunteer ideas to assist the water authority through the seven years of lower than expected annual rainfall, daily temperatures of 35°C, water rationing nationwide, ideas including collecting and simple water saving methods and education projects in schools. (the root cause being leaking ailing infer-structure)

National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) link, created by the Centre for Digital Britain at the University of Cambridge and housed at the Connected Places Catapult. improving resilience of vital infrastructure Water, Power and communications to the extremes of climate change. Auditing the network and Plan built in tolerance, servicing PM preventative maintenance, using PLM Product Lifecycle Management.

Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago Nasa Coastal Climate Central, link Below Flood level by 2030.

A free collaborative, data-sharing approach designed to improve resilience to climate change, Examining the impact of extreme weather on energy, water and telecom's networks, the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) now adopted by 77 countries around the World. (see conservation)

Reduce Energy use and Light pollution

2019 submitted Proposal to the STFC, ground measurements of the position and physical illumination of Moonlight, for planning solar farms the latest generation of solar panels work at night, to monitor light pollution and reduce power consumption of Smart Cities.

Creating a CIE Moon sky dome link, As their is for the Sun recorded at key locations including major airports around the globe, used in Physically Based Render (PBR) lighting environments.

Blackfriars, River Thames London, Light Pollution making the sky devoid of stars

The health of the Rain Forrest was monitored using a plate camera, ground based photograph taken through the Forrest Canape.

Spent time studying the British library's finest treasures, Leonardo da Vinci's: Codex Arundel, at A Mind in Motion exhibition link. sketchbooks containing studies of the Moonlight and its cause and effects on water,

visited museum in Arabia of the early studies of algebra and astrology, scholars where some of finest mathematicians.

Moon taken from London garden 15/02/19, dense smog caused the creation of the clean air act of 1956, harmful car fumes the Ultra Low Emission Zone ULEZ 2021

Light pollution monitoring

Dr Christopher Kyba, a scientist from the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, told the BBC: "Our view of the stars is disappearing". 2023 conclusion of 12 years of amateur astronomers and citizen scientists going out at night to count the stars, almost 10% annual increase in sky brightness every year. According to a 2022 study by the European Space Agency link the relatively low cost of LED lighting is also contributing to the problem.

Digital Twins smart city reduce power consumption and Light pollution* enjoying viewing the Milky Way with the naked eye, Provided details of free Architectural lighting design software RELUX which contains a library of two million luminaires from manufactures used by architectural planners to prisoner reform at RSA.

1 kilogram of carbon is equivalent to turning off one lightbulb for 24 hours. well designed artificial lighting can reduce energy consumption and light pollution.

Milky Way from Murry's Monument, Bio-sphere of Night Sky, Galloway Forrest Park, Scotland international Dark Sky Park

Current understanding the Sun's Rays hit the Earth and reflect back out to space after bouncing a number of times between Earth and the upper Atmosphere, the under atmosphere trapping the photon rays longer from being released because of increased Carbon dioxide CO₂, Aviation fuel etc. hence the term greenhouse affect. the reduction in light and heat absorbing forest and the continuing expansion of cities which are constructed of concrete (16% of Global CO₂ is from concrete use) affecting weather systems, essentially creating a higher bounce rate similar to a Diamond's refractive index of 2.42, making a fractional change to the way in which light behaves.

Oceanographic and Climate Research

Computational ocean modeling key tool in oceanographic and climate research, and python code for validation of oil spill modelling are carried out by the STFC Hartree centre. link

Dec 2019 met Trinidadian scientist, requesting assistance with water authority project, seven years of lower than expected annual rainfall and daily temperatures of 35°C, leading to national water rationing and flash flooding from tropical storms. (see Eng) (carried out for free)

Newlyn Tidal Observatory, Calibrated and set Sea level height zero on Ordnance Survey maps. photo credit National geographic.

Climate change

While designing the interior of two floors of Doha Tower Dubai, The owner of the engineering company which build the Burj Al Arab Dubai presented me with dishdasha infused with Arabian Oud.

Built in the shape of the sail from traditional pearl diving boats, filled with winds created from cycle of warm sea air cooling in the mountains, creating breeze over the land into the Arabian gulf, bring with them sand storms collecting participial and depositing them at distance.

Wadi's are the dry river beds running down from the maintains which fill when there are flash floods, rain fall has increased compared to the first British person to cross the desert around the UAE known as the empty quilter, rains didn't return for the next 10 years, before records where kept.

Desert mountain top

Sustainability: Renewable energy

Solar panels generated the majority of electricity in our home, with feed in tariff paid to exported electricity to the national Grid (in England), using electricity smart meter managing kW kilowatt-hours used, using power hungry electrical appliances only on Sunny days.

Volenteer: Trust for Urban Ecology

Volunteered for a year with the trust for Urban Ecology, steward of the woodland space surveying birds and insects loping tree's and replanting native species in a sustainable woodland. Maintaining urban Woodland spaces for the public to relax and enjoy tranquil Nature and escape the hectic Modern Metropolis, protecting Biodiversity and native species, in a pocket of the Great North Woods in London. (see Wellbeing)

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