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ThrustSSC Super Sonic Car

Artiwisdom broke internet records hosting the time trials for Richard Noble’s ThrustSSC Super Sonic car which broke the land speed record, 1,227 km/h (763 mph) set October 15, 1997, theLand Speed record that still stands. The pilot British Air Force fighter Pilot Wing Commander Andrew Duncan Green OBE visited our team and SEGAWorld was rendered on DEC Alpha workstation 64bitRISK chip micro processor on loan from the Thrust SSC team.

Dec 2018 Meeting the fire Service in Port of Spain and discussed 7 years of drought, part corrosion from pumping salt water from the sea, higher corrosion levels on Parts, spare parts and the importance of a reliable supply chain, and contacted the director of High Value Manufacturing catapult and was given the go ahead to contact those local officials the impending pandemic triggered a global transport and servers supply chain issues. shortly returned to UK Hartree Center global center of Covid 19 research

Mastering AM at MTC The National Centre for Additive Manufacturing

The ensuing pandemic then affected the Global supply chain, MTC focused efforts on the design and manufacture of a refrigerated cooling system for COVID 19 Vaccines, and respirators without the need for mains electricity. See Medicaltech and Pandemic

prototype medical devices 2022, medical cell has a Viper machine that produces SLA parts in Accura Clear Vue, which has been tested for USP Class VI use, making parts suitable for patient contact.

Additive manufacturing and the COVID-19 challenges: An in-depth study link

Contacted the director of MTC The National Advanced Manufacturing Centre link and was given the go ahead to contact relevant parties about the Factory In A container Box (FIAB) project link, FIAB is the remote manufacturing of certified parts, using industry 4.0. link which also reduces the carbon footprint of the distribution supply chain.

The safety clamps on shipping containers was from a design competition the winner choose to release it patient free as it was the best design to safety secure shipping.

Product Sponsor Graphite Additive Manufacturing Limited BLOODHOUND LSR in search of new driver link

Andrew Duncan Green OBE piloted bloodhounds the High-speed tests in South Africa in 2019 Bloodhound achieved 628mph (1010kph)

“In another milestone, this attempt will be the first ever powered by sustainable fuels and producing net zero carbon emissions. Great Britain leads the world in motorsport technology, and the Bloodhound project also aims to support this cutting-edge industry and build a legacy for the future through the support of a school STEM charity element.” NMM national motoring museum Beaulieu

I was trained in industry by the 3D Systems materials specialist who became Head of RP Rapid Prototyping and Material scientist behind Red Bull F1 run of championship success, product sponsor for BLOODHOUND LSR Land Speed Record, the current Land speed record attempt. and i was Given a special statues and my training Certificate personally signed by Charles (Chuck) Hall inventor of SLA Stereolithography.

2003 established (ADM) advanced digital manufacturing, Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) into the production process at Weston Beamor, One of Europe’s largest jewellery manufactures, Director of the Goldsmiths’ Centre, Peter Taylor MBE, explains: “one of the most respected and trusted names in the UK jewellery industry.”

IDE Innovation Design engineering: UK High Value manufacturing: precision and design excellence

3D Systems VIPER Si2 SLA System at Weston Beamor, modern industrial SLA devices now have two lasers increasing speed, and the Zephyr ™ recoater blade no longer uses a vacuum of resin to break surface tension

Described as disruptive technology in traditional industry, working closely with traditional master craftsman established the complete production process, was then commissioned by the The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths to write technical White paper on CAD for British Craft industriese.

Platinum Wedding Ring Design Exported to 120 countries over the past two decades for one of the industries most recognized and trusted names

Concept to Reality
Photography POS Point of Sale technology showcases work I produced the production masters for. Displayed online and in high street retail.

Precise Reverse engineering small complex parts by hand and eye. adding modifications to create new designs to the collection 5 stone to a 7 stone. Original 5 stone by master Goldsmith John Winwood for WB.

Soon became the first commercially available CAD/CAM “one stop” bureau service in the United Kingdom, Disruptive technology which revolutionised traditional manufacturing, utilizing the technical process established within high value industry, and used by thousands of businesses and students from esteemed colleges and universities including Royal College of Art.

David Goodwin MA Cage ring
WB partnership with David Goodwin MA (RCA) Viper si2 SLA® system, simple Bird Cage Ring model produced to publicly showcase the technology, gaining his MA from the RCA using the service awarded best in show.

My Working drawing with minimal design input make a triangular platinum ring for the range

Western Beamor stone setter

Platinum-Diamond wedding Rings, Domino Collections, Weston Beamor

Examples of my work Gold flow collection Gold Diamond wedding ring for including the fundamentals collection 2004- produced the production master models.

Collection of the work I produced for WB working along side Scottish jewellery designer Maeve Gillies Link

This continues to create UK trade, revenue and TAX generation in those countries, paying for Schools, Health and Emergency services etc. (See About James A. Mirrlees)

Western Beamor 3D printing Team today

2017 Weston Beamor, engaged in a Government funded ‘High Value Manufacturing Catapult’ initiative, working closely with academics at a well-known Midland university, to move its casting processes forward for the next decade.

White Paper on CAD

While writing the technical White paper, trialed the software available on the market for the MATRIX including from NASA and DELCAM etc, After discovering CAD CAM software on sale for $1 in a shopping mall in South East Asia, was invited to Delcam HQ (Acquired by Autodesk) in Birmingham UK, the Aviation CNC engineering software was analysed and was found to have essential code missing and Malware inserted.

Western advanced CAD software was often pirated and distributed with Malware, recently a spider-man film became the highest pirated film in history, it contained Bitcoin mining code, hijacking in the background millions of computers.

Autodesk and other CAD Software companies introduced Education and low price Hobbiest Lic* i.e. Pro-E software was £30K and with the introduction of the WIldfire version the price reduced to £3k to increase adoption and reduce piracy. Delcam developed the Spark Open Software platform for 3D printing build preparation and AutoDesk the Ember DLP Digital Light projector SLA technology, all in the theme of igniting the third industrial revolution link after the patients for 3D printing eased and the consumer devices appeared on the market circa 2014

The third industrial revolution link the Economist Aug 2012: The digitisation of manufacturing will transform the way goods are made—and change the politics of jobs too

3D Systems Viper Si2 use with Micro and Nano Materials


Delcam Artcam was the distributor of the Autodesk Ember DLP 3D printer, Delcam was then acquired Autodesk in 2014 for £300m the highest acquisition in CAM history, 2015 ember part assembly was published as open source, today Delcam is synonymous with Autodesk advanced engineering.

Vehicle pollution

Johnson Matthey is industry largest supplier of platinum an essential material used in catalytic converters, to reduce harmful particulates from vehicle exhaust emissions. The platinum in catalytic converters is leased to industry.

Worked with production manager from Porsche exhaust manufacturing.

Living in a City with a well developed and maintained public transport system, and the high depreciation, fuel and maintaining costs of running a vehicle, lived happily car free for decades.

Seeing the sight of middle aged man single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) leaving his 3 liter 4×4 engine SUV running as it pumped out harmful petrol fumes into a small fruit shop with a young Girl in her best dress breathing the fumes.

at a community healthcare event at a primary school monitored breathing and discussing roadside emissions A small primary school child walked up to me and handed me a leaflet on road safety see MedicalTech.

McLaren Honda F1 driver Jenson Button MBE chat on career invited by GQ Gentleman’s Quarterly on team rivalries and 2009 formula one World championship and champion of Super GT with Team Kunimitsu.

Met the engineers for McLaren and had connection request from Ferrari senior engineer designer.

Met with the British automative council in 2019 at the RSA who told me that automotive industry will be going through major changing in the next few years.

MTC Advanced Manufacturing Centre

Digital design, engineering and AM additive manufacturing is used today to innovate in many fields from surgical planning to everyday consumer items where it is used to improve aesthetics, safety, and reduce tooling costs. Described as disruptive technologies, with the right planning and investment in training and technology, it can be a new tool in the box to provide new business opportunities, address Lean Manufacturing objectives, and help meet global initiative to design reliable longevity, for sustainability, lowering plastic use responsible and Carbon Neutrality, to promote a greener World.

Space mouse 2004, developed in F1 studio’s

Met the founder of 3DConnexion as he developed the SpaceMouse working closely with F1 design teams.

2004 tested the SpaceMouse and its universal drivers over CAD software platforms.

SOLIDWORKS – Partner of the Year 2023′ award during this year’s 3DEXPERIENCE World event.

analysised Storm troopers helmet
Built structured light 3D Scanner, for FEA Finite Element Analysis 3D Printed model from CAD DATA using Cloudcompare EDF R&D

The 2015 Paris agreement and The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, in Scotland COP26, Cities incentivize the adoption of cleaner cars to improve air quality, the phasing out of plastic production, petrol and diesel engine cars in the near future, to reduce emissions. all linked to oil production. see Smart City Eco Friendly

This has had a huge influence on the Global focus in the design and engineering industries, key design principals include improve safety, aesthetics, maximize strength, reducing weight and waste, while being easily serviceable, and using sustainable materials wherever possible. FEA Finite Element Analysis software is used to reduce weight and waste and AM additive manufacturing is used to produce iterations of designs without the high cost of tooling.

Figure 01 Humanoid Trains for Its First Job Assembling BMWs.

It may well be putting bumpers on, met the body work design engineer for one of the major car brands, in his studio he showed me the CAD model of the plastic car bumper he was working on, I asked how much testing it would go through to be told None, they recent paying someone to put it on also, tooling would cost a £million.

Communicated with the people involved in the H&S of Mega battery cell production plant to supply the automotive EV electric vehicles industry, EV batteries are being repurposed as UPS uninterrupted power supply power storage for home, once a car battery cant meet the demands of acceleration it can be used in architecture as backup power supply for Solar panels, powering home appliances in the evening at peak times, reducing the demand on the National Grid. Automotive safety design see MedicalTech.

Alder Hey children’s Hospital turning EV electric vehicles away from one parking area until the sprinkler system was upgraded for EV batteries as they can start fires in contact with water, are fire services better using CO2 or powder extinguishers, i ask as two fire fighters in Jamaica where recently badly injured in an electrical house fire.

Norman Maccallum DSc, (left) circa 1992 left with uncle Alex at the Highland Games (Alex a tower crane operator)

Shared research on digital design Rapid Prototyping for Engine manufacturing with Prof Norman R L MacCallum DSc HSRF Professor Emeritus (relative) at Glasgow university School of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING who’s pioneering work on heat soakage during gas turbine transients gave him an international profile, through numerous international publications and several contributions to Rolls-Royce.

Remember visiting Norman at the University walking past the supercomputer in the engineering department.

As a teacher and examiner He taught large numbers of practising engineers, undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students, mainly at Glasgow University, but also in Carleton in Canada and Cranfield in England. The most fortunate had him as a research supervisor. The Herald 30th June 2006

Norman’s work had a direct impact on engine fuel economy and in turn reducing the rate of global warming from aviation which one of the highest contributors. turbomachinery and exhaust systems, gas turbine performance in test beds, combustion and gas turbine transient performance, a 30% fuel saving in one generation of engine circa 2000, Liquid Thermal dynamics.

I visited Japan during research seeing the World leading changes after the Kyoto climate summit took place, Aviation was not addressed in the Kyoto Protocol as it was too difficult at the time. (see Archt: Daylight Analysis)

While at university wrote business studies paper on broadband internet and remote CAD, Cloud computing in 1993* living behind the Lord Iain Vallance FRSA the then CEO of British Telecom BT and on the first exchange to receive ADSL.

Today Autodesk fusion 360 and PTC developed Onshape a FREE browser-based CAD platform that students and educators can access on any web-connected device, in Gaming terms Publisher Valve: Steam, video game digital distribution service, using the processing power of cloud computing.

And Influenced by British Land artists the Boil family and Richard long, created statement sculptural pieces to raise awareness on the lead poisoning of the Forrest’s of Europe and acid rain over time damaging buildings, turned cross sections of the core of felled trees from the Forrest into charcoal and casting a vain ring of lead into the space left between the outer wood and inner charcoal. later leaded petrol was banned in 1999 though 22 years after the ban lead from petrol can still be found in Londons air according imperial college London..

Member of (IDE) Institute of Digital Engineering based at Loughborough University’s School of Automotive, Aeronautical, Chemical and Materials Engineering (AACME), which operates a 3D SYSTEMS VIPER Si2™ SLA® SYSTEM for Automotive and Biomedical engineering.

Carbon reduction “Since 2014, thanks to the Rolls-Royce digital twin, 85 million kilograms of fuel, equivalent to $40m, and over 200 million kilograms of CO2have been saved.”

Partner Organisations, Automotive Council UK, Advanced Propulsion Centre and the STFC Hartree Centre.

Invited to CRDM to tour facilities and meet the staff watched the production of custom manufactured automotive parts for luxury sports cars.

Goofy and Donald Duck flying in a damaged plane. Max Calo

Had the Great Honor of being invited to visit Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd HQ in Denham. the World renowned Pioneers of the aviation ejection seat who’s seats have recorded 7702 lives saved Globally since the first mid-flight ejections by flight test volunteer Bernard Lynch in 1946, today used by British, US, European, Commonwealth and many air-forces across the Globe. (see Medicaltech) (see Architecture)

Met with some of the Quality team, and looked on the Wall of Fame of the all recorded Ejectee’s. technical consultant to the Best of my knowledge classes as a Royal Warrant Officer, where my technical White paper was published with the Goldsmiths’ Company Royal Charter, and those who provide a service to members of the Crown hold a Royal Warrant.

Distributed parts model

The European right to repair directive, became active 22 March 2023 technically repairable under EU law for products including washing machines TV etc to be easily serviced and repaired by consumers, to reduce cost and environmental waste, engineering and design industries aware of the changes for a number of years.

MTC Manufacture Technology Centre, met the founder of nTopology and discussed the 3MF file format, optimizing parts for weight strength and reducing fuel consumption

Assisted STFC Space Cluster in develop concept for AM Additive Manufacturing tools, VR Virtual Reality Training in the Environment of Space. Phil Carvil Space and Life Scientist STFC.Early in my career met an animator who coded organic forms growing on a tree which eventually became smaller than a pixel, who explained to me he was visited by a US Army General who thanked him for he had created the code to free ram used in guidance systems, clean code which free’s RAM is the sort after in coding for CAD software which use Workstations with the largest amount of RAM possible to give room for the system to think and avoid system crashes. He warned me, my work would always be of interest to the authorities. who can just take it if they want or they can be polite and give credit.

When I started out I remember well modelling CAD in 3D uses floating point data… Intel’s famed technical prowess was not without mishaps. Its greatest mistake was the so-called “Pentium flaw,” in which an obscure segment among the Pentium CPU’s 3.1 million transistors performed division incorrectly. for example the Earth to land on a point on the Moon it would miss the landing point. and as such avoided the first Intel Pentiums processors.

The intel engineers also secretly made rude comments about each other on the edge of the design die which was found when the poster of the chip was made, which I can’t find reference to anywhere online. the Company engineers discovered the problem after the product’s release in 1993 but decided to keep quiet and fix the problem in updates to the chip. However, mathematician Thomas Nicely of Lynchburg College in West Virginia also discovered the flaw. At first Grove (then CEO) resisted requests to recall the product. But when IBM announced it would not ship computers with the CPU, it forced a recall that cost Intel $475 million

Manufactures summit 2022
Manufactures summit 2022 A NET ZERO Future

Working towards removing CO2 producing fuels i.e. Natural Gas, Coal and Oil and provide sustainable, renewable energy to the National grid and transportation needs, Rolls Royce unveiled Fusion reactor design development plans to the public. link

Artisan pioneer in high value engineering who received training from Prof of Nuclear physics at Oxford University* (see Arch)

iMeche Library and Members Hub

Member of IMechE Rapid Prototyping Manufactures Association (RPMA) 2003-2005, fellow members included Royal Royce, from demonstrated industry experience, elected by The Trustee Board of the IMechE Institution of Mechanical Engineerslink, to the class of Affiliate Member with pathway to full membership and the designation of MIMechE.