Jewellery, and Allied Crafts

Technical expert and Artisan

The production master maker for one of Europe's largest Gold and Platinum jewellery casting companies, technical Author for British industry white paper on Computer Aided Design, for the Worlds oldest consumer protection Company The GOLDSMITHS' COMPANY, and Accredited suppler to The GOLDSMITHS' CENTRE.

Workshop ultrasonic finishing

As Egyptologists found when discovering the artifacts of the pyramids, as the light entered for the first time in thousands of years Gold shined as it doesn't tarnish, unlike other medals and is used today in electronics as a semi conductor and in medical applications its one of the only materials the immune system doesn't reject and is used to make teeth. The Gold standard was the international monetary standard and now the go to stock at times of War.

Platinum is used mainly in industrial applications i.e. leased out by companies including Johnson Matthey as a key element in catalytic convertors to remove harmful pollutants from vehicle exhaust emissions.

Silver Earrings light wieght designed to comply with strict religious teachings, 3D Scan of a strawberry and surface pattern from natures geometry pattern using grasshopper geometric algorithm model.

Social Media: Digital skin tones

Design Showcase

Showcased at Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards, Promoting excellence in Craftsmanship & Design through the annual premier awards for silversmithing, smallwork, jewellery & the allied crafts.

Showcased at Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council the GC&DC Competition Awards show at Goldsmiths' Hall.

Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council

Authorities in Hong Kong contacted the UK trade federation making the "highly unusual" request to use UK Gov funding for an exhibition of my design and craftsmanship at the largest trade show in Asia.

Featured in

Artisan Jewellery designs for VerticesEdge Ltd using medical, algorithmic and generative design, marketed using interactive VR Virtual Reality link on social media, Interviews published with fashion websites and industry experts.

Courageous twist and flow, Flawless in structural form designed to show flow dynamics and structural form without weakness.

Two halfs of Medical Model of a Human Heart on the craftsmans table,  produced in Silver as a pendant in two parts warn by each partner.

Human Heart
Medical model of the Human Heart VR Model link

Medical Model of a Human Heart showing internal chambers produced a Silver as a pendant in two parts warn by each partner.

Virtual Reality VR Point of Sale POS

Love your Heart pendant 2016, Virtual Reality VR Point of Sale POS link

Silver Love your Heart with black oxide patina

Platinum Industry

Studied Jewellery, Silversmithing and Applied Arts at Guildhall University, under the Lord Mayor of the city of London's Master Goldsmith, came to the attention of the head of Fashion Jewellery at Central Saint Martins who advised my use of structural form was well suited to Platinum and became production master CNC model maker for Europe's Largest platinum jewellery casting company.

CAD CAM model making for Platinum industry, Diamonds modelled from notebooks donated by the Gem Rock Museum Creetown Scotland

Royal British Legions Metal Poppy Lapel Pin

Extremely humbling to have pieces of my work displayed at the centre of International Jewellery London Sept 2016, next to the Royal British Legions metal Poppy Lapel Pin that honors the fallen of our World Wars, commemorating 100 years since the beginning of the battle of the Somme in WWI, made from brass artillery shells cases and soil from the Somme mixed in the enamel. learn more Forces TV link

Remeberance day poppies
Work showcased at International Jewellery London next to the Royal British Legion, Metal Poppies commemorating 100 year since the beginning of the Battle of the Somme in WWI.

Cybernetic jewellery

Technical support for RCA PHD student cybernetic jewellery monitoring the emotional state and heart rate of the wearer, digitally retrieved the only copy of her 4 Year dissertation and assisted in the final exhibition to the public.

The RCA is the No.1 ranked university Globally for art & design. the only entirely postgraduate institution of university status devoted to research and knowledge exchange, teaching and practice in art, design, communication and humanities in the UK.


Mark Loy, CEO and founder of Spring Studios link London, Milan, New York.

“John always had such an incredible imagination, I think imagination is better than knowledge and sometimes even more precious than reality.. It inspires a sense of admiration of possibilities within the limitations of facts."

Estabilished in London in the late 90's, in the old Winsor & Newton watercolour paint factory, Spring has created a space for leading designers to showcase their work, Biannually during New York Fashion Week, Spring dedicates its entire building 140,000 Square feet to host runway shows, presentations, and exclusive parties.

Design development

Conceptual design development and production of Objet D'art. Kaya Hoang MA RCA, Exhibiting at 100% Design and Chelsea crafts fair, Winning the London Evening Standard interior design award at the Chelsea Craft Fair and Shell Live Wire Award 2001, and Showcased on Japanese television.

100% Design stand at Olympia Exhibition Hall

Exibition stand Light box acrylic was donated by RCA graduate, Italian Sculptor and interior designer at Toyota 4x4 design studio in Nice on the French Riviera, some of the work sold to members of the McLaren F1 team, and the acrylic was later used to make daylight light boxes.

Pewter Objet D'art. Chelsea Crafts Fair, Kaya Hoang MA RCA


SHOWStudio: Free Wedding Dress Template

Margiela template for Wedding Dress for British photographer Nick Knight OBE website SHOWStudio


Jack Meyer, CADJewellerySkills link

Indeed, it seems pretty much every piece of jewellery he sells on his site is a marvel of technical innovation.

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