Design service

Design development

2D graphical and technical illustration

3D Design development

CAD modelling

Three dimensional surface and solid modelling using a viarity CAD software programs, and modelling technics including processes Polygonal, NURBS and Voxel techniques

Reverse engineering

3D scanning small objects, using structured light or lasers, Photogrammetry the photographic process of capturing of larger objects and process of precise measurement by hand and analysing CAD data.

HDRI Rendering

Rendered computer visualisations using object materials with physical properties and High Dynamic Range image lighting or real world daylight calculations.

Design Process

All projects are automatically treated as under NDA or otherwise stated

Projects Include
 Cybersmile foundation

Words Wound, Anti Cyberbullying ad campaign

Domino, Weston Beamor,

Platinum ring collections, diamond ring mounds, design development and Rapid Prototyping preparation

 Craftsperson Kaya Hoang MA RCA,

Evening standard interior design award Chelsea crafts fair, 100% Design exhibition

Architects RTKL, SEGAWorld,

The Trocadero Centre, the worlds largest computer games arcade outside of Japan



Design and 3D printing Skills training and technical author

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Design service to meet the needs of the Corporate and Creative industries

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Professional 3D Printing and finishing service to meet the clients requirements

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Renders, fly throughs, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality

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