Innovations in Architectural Conservation

Archeological Surveying

London City Airport (left) across from East London Uni Library (right) at the Royal Docks, US team accommodation during London 2012 Olympics.

A 500-kilogram WWII un-exploded ordnance (UXBs) was discovered during preparation work for the extension work to London City Airport, across the Royal Docks from UEL University of East London.

Identified the Location on their newly developed 3D interactive archaeology CAD survey of the UK at the Hartree Centre created from planning records, and geography indicators developed to help protect archeology and help avoid unforeseen costly construction development delays.

Urban Regeneration

Barking Riverside Ltd, SLA master plan model measuring 3.60m x 2.6m x 1m, May 2017

As a cultural connector meeting the Site Manger Barking Riverside promoted the concept of providing local residents CSCS, skills training and employment as provided by Battersea Power Station.

It was adopted by L&Q developing Barking Riverside Ltd. link 10,800 new homes on 179 ha former site of Barking coal fired Power Station alongside 2km of south facing Thames river frontage.

Barking Riverside site master plan model 3D printed on the largest SLA 3D printer in the UK – 3D Systems iPro 9000 XL by Hobs 3D team at Here East in Stratford link. (see Eng)

Caribbean: Heritage Sites

The Post Office in Sande Grande 2019

Preferred Member of national trust of Trinidad and Tobago, returning to highlight of previous visit a remarkable historic retractable roof in Sande Grande for drying Cocoa, sadly informed by the owner it had been demolished. The National Trust protect 51 sites and added the Post Office in Sande Grande in 2019.

Architects from the Caribbean who I have helped train generally have a dislike of the Colonial past, and what its architecture symbolises, Currently their is a 4 year American University study 3D scanning heritage sites and interviewing local experts to document the past, and invited climate experts to give free public talks. (see Arch)

Sri Padmanabhaswamy Hindu Temple

Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple Sun's alignment at Equinox. (see daylight analysis)

Had the Honor and great pleasure of escorting around central London members of The Travancore Royal family (was the ruling house of the Kingdom of Travancore.) in the southern part of Kerala, India. custodians of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Hindu Temple.

The Indian Government are building a museum on the history of the temple, which gained international attention with discovery of priceless gold artifacts in a number of large volts with volts never to be opened, an important religious site and strictly for followers of the Hindu faith.

Buddha Mountain

Invited to Thailand by family of Senior Thai officer, turned down an offer to enter the seedy Patpong market. instead stood among the statues of the Shaolin Styles and looked upon the Buddha Mountain, at the largest collection of Chinese artifacts outside of China, devout Buddhists touching in reverence the cast metal statues of the Buddha have caused the fine detailed decorative patterns to fade over the centuries making them only visible to the trained eye.

Goldsmiths’ Hall

Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards

Design and Craftsmanship Exhibited in the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards at Goldsmiths' Hall in London.

Described as renaissance man Brunelleschi, Filippo by the Dean of the Building Crafts College Len Conway, Stratford East London.

Historic Building Conservation

Historic Building Conservation Arch Studies

On the inaugural Historic Building Conservation (FdSc) Foundation of Science Degree, (Distinction) at Kingston University, which included inspection and remedial work using traditional building crafts skills guaranteeing sympathetically undertaken conservation work, i.e restoring castles in Scotland.

On a visit to Venice, Ca' Foscari University of Venice link Invited to inspect their research into new cleaning and restoration approach to stone work of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Piazza San Marco.

European art collaboration project requested the WebGL VR version link of Palladio's St. Giorgio Maggiore’s Church in Venice to help explain to the monks a proposed art installation.

Prime Meridian Longitude 0º

View over Palladio's St.Giorgio Maggiores Church in Venice

Invited to inspect the Royal Observatory Greenwich, conservation work was carried out to the Roof, Home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Prime Meridian Longitude 0º

Studied with bricklayer working on the restoration of St Pancras International station, home to Eurostar and Renaissance Hotel London.

As a cultural connector helped organise the Digital laser building survey inspection of Eastbury House built 1566-1572, Grade I listed Elizabethan Manor house link by team from Architectural Survey department of UEL after restoration works was carried out.

Regeneration: Site Skills Training

Battersea Powerstation
Battersea Powerstation, Lmabeth College saterlite training Centre

While Studying Historic Building Conservation FdSc, was approached by the Head of School to share knowledge gained, running a satellite college in the grounds of Battersea Powerstation site link, delivering site Skills training and CSCS Health and Safety to the local unemployed residence and stake holders.

Battersea Power Station is a Grade II* listed building, the largest brick building in Europe and one of the most significant surviving examples of Art Deco architecture. The 39-acre site overlooks over 400 metres of London's River Thames, less than a mile and a half from the Houses of Parliament.


Battersea power-station Turbine Hall

A requirement on the developer of the Grade II* listed decommissioned coal-fired Power Station, was to provide training and employment to local residence unemployed trades-persons, Project visited by The Rt. Hon Gordan Brown FRSE the UK Prime Minister.


Battersea Powerstation and Electric Boulevard shopping and leisure destination located on the south bank of the River Thames, opened in Autumn 2022.

Regeneration: CSCS Skills Trainer

Ran satellite training college for Lambeth College onsite in 2006-2009 CSCS training centre and construction skills, Obtained Professional design management CITB construction Industry Training Board CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme pass.

Proof that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for the job they do on site. By ensuring the workforce are appropriately qualified the card plays its part in improving standards and safety on UK construction sites.

Diagram Shows reduction in work related illnesses over 10 year period since the introduction of H&S measures. largest reduction was in Musculoskeletal disorders and there was an increase in stress related conditions.

i.e. ensuring everyone working onsite is adequately skilled and can Identifying and use the different types of fire extinguishers, The correct PPE personal protective equipment is provided and worn at all times, electrical equipment is handles and stored correctly, and manual handling is carried out in a safe and proper manner.

Musculoskeletal disorders (see Med) Stress related (see Wellbeing)

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