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Digital Twin Hub hosted at the (CDBB) Centre for Digital Built Britain which completed its 5 year mission, closed its doors at the end of Sept 2022, Digital Twin Hub hosted at The Connected Places Catapult since April 2022, partnered with through (DAFNI) the Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure,.

The UK and Singapore have developed national digital twins that represent a visionary approach to using digital replicas of the physical world to improve decision-making, enhance efficiency, and foster a new era of sustainable development. The verdict

The National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) and partners including the Hartree Centre launched the Climate Resilience Demonstrator in November 2021, releasing two exciting public engagement pieces for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26): that took place in Glasgow, Scotland, between Oct 31 – Nov 12 2021.

innovator member since 2021

Assuring trustworthy and ethical digital twins

Your responses will help build a new industry tool, addressing those industry pain points affecting you now, and making sure we set assurance standards that enhance transparency and trust.Sophie Arana,The Alan Turing Institute, British Libary

75% of new builds homes in Trinidad are squatted on Government land without building approval and often with illegal water connections failing the infer structure and often leaks damage roadways, And creates issues planning the Delivery of power to meet regional needs and flood protection, use of flood planes low lying land. At sunset electric lights and AR Air Conditioning units are switched on simultaneously creating high demand as the public close up for the night. While overhead electricity cables nationally where stolen presumably for its scrap metal value.

improving resilience of vital infrastructure Water, Power and communications to the extremes of climate change. Auditing the network and Plan built in tolerance, servicing PM preventative maintenance, using PLM Product Lifecycle Management.

The importance of a introduction of a legal data sharing framework cannot be down played, with infrastructure i.e. Water, Power and Telecommunications, industry working together, while being behind the 3D technical presentation presented to Global News channels, My work had a 5 year £10m NDA, as my first job in industry restrictive practices. Meanwhile having police and press interest, steeling the office bins to discover what we were working on.

Security is one side and the other is civil architectural planning for vital infrastructure faces NDA’s can stop communication between multiple infrastructure providers..

A respected senior Scottish architect explained the social impact was removed from architectural training, my main focus has been on the social impact from social spaces to access to daylight.

Architecture is a male dominated profession and many projects are ego projects to achievement, with the focus on income creation for the wealthy owners, this is on skills training, creating local employment and improved workers health and safety. See Education CAD skills

Asked to advise by professors on the regular flooding that takes place in the Capital city and elsewhere, see climate resilience. Planning vital utilises Power, Water and communications during times of extreme weather, due to climate change

Flash Flooding from rain fall tropical wave outside National Security Port of Spain Trinidad 2020. Land claimed from the Sea and close to sea level.

Met scientist involved with The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago’s Adopt a River Program in Dec 2019, asked to volunteer ideas to assist the water authority through the seven years of lower than expected annual rainfall, daily temperatures of 35°C, water rationing nationwide, ideas including collecting and simple water saving methods and education projects in schools. (the root cause being ailing infer-structure)

Newlyn Tidal Observatory, Calibrated and set Sea level height zero on Ordnance Survey maps. photo credit National geographic.

2023-2024 World’s first year long breach of key 1.5C warming limit according to the EU’s climate service.

Cross rail survey model of London and City of London at the Building Design Centre, every building on the route survayed

Thames Barrier annal use chart and flood maps predictions of London

The Thames Barrier operational since 1982 costing £461 million (£1.23 billion now). Built to protect London from high tides and storm surges moving up from the North Sea extreme weather conditions have increased and so has its use in recent years and the eventuality likelihood it will be overwhelmed.

A free collaborative, data-sharing approach designed to improve resilience to climate change to infrastructure, supplying Hospitals, flood protection etc, Examining the impact of extreme weather on energy, water and telecom’s networks, the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) now adopted by 77 countries around the World. (see conservation)

Updated:Environment Agency flood eventuality map of the River Thames. Barking Riverside eventually map for planning flood defences and home insurance note not show showing high Tide Surge from North Sea

Building in Fault tolerance into vital infrastructure for i.e. rerouting power encase of a problem to avoid blackouts, Similar to EEC Error correction code memory which detect and correct errors.

Watched a report on Al Jazeera April 2014 on the water shortages in Mexico City and was reminded of a mental health online survey on burnout of managers I commented on and liked by a senior water management for Mexico. See Public health Wellbeing

Met the site worker with 40 years experience of pile driving building foundations who dug the first holes on the London 2012 Olympic site, he took one look and could tell the drawings had to be redrawn adding millions to the cost of the build, told him he should just the person to talk person drawing up, later I found local university soil analysis technicians was made redundant. at the start of the local construction boom as a cost savings measure. The Importance of communication

ACE Architecture Computing and engineering

Student Thank you
Final year architect studying under course lead working for Zaha Hadid Architects.

Final year Architecture student spent summer in Havana Cuba surveying historic buildings, found file compatibility issues (solved)

“One of two technicians working supporting to UEL School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE) and the Arts department for Approx 1000 students, students represent over 160 different nationalities from across the globe, diversity in Race, religious denomination, disability and sexuality”

suit of Industrial laser cutters for Architectural model making

“Involved in Establishing Digital Fabrication University of East London (DFUEL) Lab launched May 2018. while working on long sought after improvements in workshop improvements in H&S to HVAC standards. I.e. Workshops 9 degrees in winter with only ventilation to open the window and H&S booby traps with approx a thousand students, 3D printing, and developing online training courses Local SME small and medium sized enterprises to have access to technology and build the local economy..”

Award-winning architecture department which enjoys an international reputation for excellence, in 2022 Architecture ranked first in London for overall student satisfaction.

Only received one complaint from a student who I raised my voice at when I found them standing next to there work on fire inside a machine while chatting on there phone.

Building development extension of London City Airport, Feb 2018 builders discover unexplored WWII ordnance, More than 100,000 bombs were dropped on London alone during the Blitz and it’s thought 10% never exploded.

Identified the location on their newly developed 3D interactive archaeology CAD survey of the UK at the Hartree Centre created from planning records, and geography indicators developed to help protect archeology and help avoid unforeseen costly construction development delays.

London City Airport (left) across from East London Uni Library (right) at the Royal Docks, US Olympics team accommodation during London 2012.

A 500-kilogram WWII un-exploded ordnance (UXBs) was discovered during preparation work for the extension work to London City Airport, across the Royal Docks from UEL University of East London in the London 2012 Olympic Boroughs. Since the Second World War the discovery of un-exploded bombs has a relatively regular occurrence in towns and cities across the UK and Europe.

EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams across the UK are called out to Second World War Munitions including Grenades, Mortars and Rockets.

Example of Modern Architecture, Angles that Juxtapose and buildings Juxtaposition with historic buildings, creating visual distortion of space and light.

Modern and historic architecture

Modern Art steams from post WWI when returning soldiers could no longer cope with normal family life after experiencing the horrors of War and often ending up living on the streets, unable to paint pretty pictures, Expressionist movement expressed themselves through juxtaposition contrasting shapes and colours, creating a feeling of disorientation, to relate to the Artist experiences.

2012 Lead Researcher in daylight analysis for leading Chartered Surveyors in the field of party wall and Rights to Light and Daylight & Sunlight in the City of London with 200 years of experience, Validating Software used to analyse the impact proposed building developments have on their surroundings. i.e if new builds or modifications impacts access to daylight, compensation can be sort through the courts, alterations to the design to minimize the impact or have taken down.

Received one to one training in Daylight and Sunlight analysis from the professor of Nuclear Physics at Oxford University, arranged by leading UK legal expert on Daylight and Sunlight BRE Building Research Establishment Guidelines. Right to Light/Daylight and sunlight is one of the most complex things, which we take for granted.

Access to Daylight Analysis Townhouse with Winter Garden ADF, DIVA now discontinued MIT Labs tutorial link Autodesk Ecotech and others validating software.


Met the architects involved in designing the London 2012 Olympic stadium’s, and legacy of regional regeneration Computational design research group Zaha Hadid Architects discussing Olympic projects including London 2012 Aquatics Stadium Stratford East London, and the design of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium at Google Campus, (see MedicalTech illegal drug testing) Became Google 3D Mentor for start-ups, and undertook Google social media marketing.

Attended Paralympics London 2012 Men’s T44 100m men’s final see Medicaltech

i.e analyzing the proposed redevelopment of a medium sized single story, Residential Care home to a 6 story building and the impact this has on access to Daylight for the surrounding homes throughout the year, for architects to modify the design to lesson the impact on the neighbouring properties, and if disputes arise proof to reach a settlement in Court.

Daylight Analysis is the process of analysing real world physics properties light and heat values of daylight created by an Architectural structure or building using global location (GIS) Global information systems, this is used also in calculate the the Sun’s Glare when planning Solar farms on flight pathways and landing approaches for Aircraft at Airports.

Architect Rafael Viñoly Wilkie -Talkie building famously made headlines as the Death Ray damaging cars in the street from the heat created by its concave glass structure focusing the sunlight. And other cases where architecture had to be modified because of the heat generated internally.

I developed an analysis process for the impact of solar glare reflected off Architectural glass surfaces i.e. line of sight of drivers at pedestrian road crossings through the seasons blinding drivers view ect.

crossings through the seasons blinding drivers view ect.

Example of Architectural Solar Glare, Holbon Central London

Reporting research directly to the leading UK Party Wall legal expert, I was two degrees of separation from the person that manages Masjid al-Haram also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca, and the custodians of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Hindu Temple. which on the days of equinox the setting Sun passes through its windows.

note. Hajj 2023 being after the Covid pandemic was the highest attended, many worshipers where affected by the years extreme Heat, especially seniors While Global temperatures become life threatening as the World warms beyond 1.5°C in 2023 the warmest year on records.

Sadly, Saudi Arabia said Sunday that more than 1,300 people died on this year’s Hajj pilgrimage – with “numerous cases” due to heat stress and “unauthorized” trips accounting for more than four out of five of the fatalities. CNN 23 June 2024

Riverside Former Barking Power Station Brown Field Site

Barking Riverside (Project ID: 03482310). 443 acres on the former site of Barking Power Station alongside 2km of South facing Thames river frontage.

Post Pandemic regeneration project, Chancellor March 2024 budgeted £124 million to unlock the development of 7,200 new homes’ and employment at the Barking Riverside.
Barking Riverside Ltd, 3D printed master-plan model largest in UK (see Eng) SLA model 3D printed by Hobs3D in Startford East London, Meeting Michelle Greeff, MD of Hobs 3D a short distance from the Building Crafts College, Dean Len Conway behind Battersea Power Station Training centre.
Housing under construction, Fielders Crescent, Barking Riverside

Jan 2023 L&Q took ownership of the first 167 homes of which 115 units are socially rented homes. L&Q Living care for the most vulnerable people living across a range of properties, tenures and communities. See Public Health Well being

Met the site Manager for BRL Barking Riverside Ltd’s link (4th May 2017) invited to the Barking Riverside development Project office, a joint venture between L&Q London leading housing association operating in the Greater London Area, Quadrant group, the Mayor of London. building 10,800 new homes on the largest brownfield development sites in Europe, encompassing 443 acres on the former site of Barking Power Station alongside 2km of south facing Thames river frontage.

Barking Riverside

Promoted the concept of providing local residents with skills training, Health and safety and employment on site as we delivered by Battersea Power Station, which L&Q adopted, working with local Job shops in the vicinity of schools and established training center in the local area, and met local employment services provider and discussed the delivery of the service.

Building design centre Architecture centre and galleries with exhibitions related to contemporary building and design. Tottenham Court Road, Warren Street. enjoyed an exhibition at the Building design centre showcasing flagship urban redevelopment projects building new homes across London on display, included Solar panels generating household electricity and feeding excess back into the National Grid, units capturing humidity and reclaiming heat improving ventilation and reducing energy costs.

Designed for families like my own Key Workers. Low paid essential workers in education, healthcare and the emergency services, who are forced out of the capital by the high cost of living, Found my own street in the exhibition. A known area of serious concern In 2006 Local elections the far right BNP British National Party won 17% of votes seen in Channel 4’s 2010 documentary Tower Block of the Commons, and a research project for University architecture students.

Afterwards Meetings the local Mayor asked for them to look into the source of funding, later with the invasion of Ukraine long awaited money laundering measures where introduced to prove the true owners and source of funds. Came to pass the council had installed noise recording equipment, treat you badly then get authorities to monitor as they did in Trinidad. see online safety

This is where my family was racially assaulted in the street after prolonged anti social behaviour by people claiming to be Romanian’s. Unconscious head injury to wake to find black wife being assaulted by army types who used European Far right tactics to legally tie up the Local authorities into miscarriage of justice in the Courts.

Castle Green Estate, Tower Block of the Commons

“Don’t just lesson to what you want to hear, blaming others for your own problems are the tactics Hitler used” where the wise words of my grandfather a policeman called down from Scotland after WWI as Mosley’s Black shirts attempted to align Britain with fascism Europe causing weekly riots in Londons East End docks. Telling children they are the future was similar to saying the Sun will rise tomorrow.

While we continued in improving mental health, highlighted to the Authorities issues in the support of victims of domestic violence. a Police unit from Romania was attached to local police and anti social behaviour unit for the influx of criminal activity, Prostitution and street drug dealing. Across Europe their has been a well documented rise of Far right and before the invasion of Ukraine classed as the highest threat to security in the UK.

Fire Safety advice

Bio printing skin
new build office block with car park below and what appears to be a single exit

Fire Safety advice

Lived on a housing estate in East London named after a family who lost their lives in Islamophobic fire bomb attack, and after the tragic Grenfell Tower Block disaster in 2017, Invited Fire Service to carry out a home inspection of New build urban housing estate.

Created multiple copies of windows keys kept around the home, to clear smoke and easy exit in case of fire. The Fire Chief said it was the smartest thing he had ever heard. (see Arch) Sadly during COVID in Trinidad a short distance away children passed away locked behind intruder protection unable to find the Burglar proof keys to escape.

As the principal researcher for the leading chartered surveyors in the City of London in the field for Right for Light, Members of the professional body the RICS Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have the responsibility to identify possible money laundering activity.. new legal measures where introduced following the invasion of Ukraine to prove the true identity of purchaser’s and owners, to reduce money laundering which has inflated the property market.

Blind Architecture graduate approached me to help him start 3D printing Architectural models for the visually impaired, companies focused on profit didn’t giving him time of day, he was very appreciative of the free technical support I provided, he was ahead of his time in planning for disabilities, I didn’t ask his ethnicity. if you think the concept is amusing its similar to the rest of you having a creative idea and commissioning work by a skilled professional, and call yourself a designer.
Riverside at Foster + Partners London
Invited to Foster + Partners model making workshops, (July 2013) Animation, 3D printing at Riverside on the Thames, a short distance from the RCA Royal College of Arts Battersea, received a Thanks from Partner, Head of model making who operated the Viper Si2 at the RCA Royal College of Art, RapidFormRCA Prototyping department. (see medi) Norman Foster, Pompidou Centre exhibition 2023 link

Battersea Power Station regeneration project, BrownField Site Health and Saftey Training and Local employment

(Image credit: Warner Music) PINK FLOYD Animals (2018 Remix) artwork Reconstruction work to Battersea Power Station, ran skills training centre for local workforce to carry out works. Documentary to making of album cover shoot link

A Malaysian consortium comprising S P Setia, Sime Darby, and the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) owns the site.

Turning Battersea Power Station into mixed-use properties featuring a total of 3,444 modern residential homes, 517 affordable units, estimated to create around 15,000 job opportunities. Including. including “Apple’s new London Headquarters at Battersea Power Station” “Up to 3,000 people work in the six storey space around a spectacular atrium in the boiler house at the Grade II* listed former electricity generator.” Evening standard Business Sept 2023

CEO Tim Cook said “For more than four decades, Apple has been proud to be part of communities across the U.K..”

One of central London’s largest new developments costing £9bn, 19 acres of public space on the South Bank of the river Thames, Battersea Powerstation and Electric Boulevard shopping and leisure destination opened in Autumn 2022.

Ran satellite training college for Lambeth College onsite between 2006-2009 providing construction skills and CITB construction Industry Training Board CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme training, ensuring the workforce are appropriately skilled and qualified the CSCS card plays its part in improving standards and safety on UK construction sites, obtained Professional design management CSCS for Architectural design and safety planning. and trained on the Hoist lift in case of emergency evacuation of the site.the rejuvenated historic turbine halls.

The Turbine Hall A showcases the Art Deco style of the 1930s, the building had its roof removed to Avoid property Tax causing much of the internal damage during the 1980’s The restoration incorporated roughly 1.8 million bricks, sourced from the original manufacturers to preserve the building’s historical aspects.

Before site H&S standards were introduced, workers were pressured to be produce high quality work in shortest time frame to reduce costs, often affecting safety now by law first design has to be with worker safety in mind. CDM construction design Management regulations i.e easy safe access and all areas and adequate safety precautions planned and carried out. Employer’s to provide adequate PPE personal protective equipment I.e Barrier cream and gloves to prevent limes disease from contact with Rat Urine. Etc.

Internationally many will recognise the digital twin of the listed building reproduced digitally by Codemasters, in 2009’s Colin Mc Rae Dirt 2, on Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and PC and the Red Bull X fighters International Freestyle Motocross which took place at the time.

Most Considerate Site Award

Congratulations to Sir Robert McAlpine, BatterseaPhase 3A team after the project was named Most Considerate Site Award Runner Up in the £50M and over category.The judges praised the levels of innovation and community engagement on the project, hailing it as: “a shining example of devotion to continuously improve the standards within the industry.”

Pink Floyd 1977 album Animals 2018 remix artwork (Image credit: Warner Music) the iconic Battersea power station under restoration work. Chimneys and Crain site planing See historic buildings conservation
Battersea Powerstation, Lambeth College satellite training Centre in onsite Porto-cabins office, classrooms and workshop. Title “Another brick in the Wall”
CSCS professional Passed

Health and Safety, professionally Qualified Person i.e. ensuring everyone working onsite is adequately skilled and can Identifying and use the different types of fire extinguishers, The correct PPE personal protective equipment is provided and worn at all times, electrical equipment is handles and stored correctly, and manual handling is carried out in a safe and proper manner.

Diagram Shows reduction in work related illnesses over 10 year period since the introduction of H&S measures. largest reduction was in Musculoskeletal disorders while there was an increase in stress related conditions. See MedicalTech skeletal and reduce stress see public health well being.

Delivering Construction Skills training and employment to local residence a requirement on the re-developer of The largest brick built building in Europe, Grade II* listed decommissioned coal-fired Power Station, Originally designed in the 1930s by the UK’s renowned architect, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the Project was visited by the Rt. Hon Gordan Brown FRSE the UK labour Prime Minister of the day.

Construction skills to work program partnership members Lambeth College, The Power Station Job Shop, Learning Skills council, Lambeth council, The Job Centre Plus, Treasury Holdings

The designs for the third phase, including the establishment of a new high street named The Electric Boulevard, by Gehry Partners and Foster + Partners were unveiled in April 2014.

Román Viñoly architects Master plan, 19 acres of public space on the South Bank of the river Thames

Social responsibility

Architect in the Scottish courts which has has a long history of social improvement, informed me “architecture had the social impact removed from the professional training”, where the social impact has long been my main area of interest, hence there where no courses at the time.

Doha Tower UAE

2000 Autodesk AutoCAD version 12 and 3D vis designing two floors ground and first of the interior of Doha Tower, concerned by the poor working conditions of migrant construction workers working on Sky Scrappers, including workers transported from Camp to Site caged on the most dangerous highway in the World, and reports of them saving for months only being able to afford a single burger, I went on to be involved in improving access to employment and site workers health and safety on large construction projects. Award Design Professional in construction Health and Safety, CSCS Construction Skills Certificate Scheme. Invited to the British Libary and Visited the Qatar Foundation in 2018

See Medicaltech

Doha FIFA 2022

Note: the final of the FIFA 2022 World cup was held in Doha the Capital of the Gulf Nation Qatar, selected in December 2010 the vote for which involved Ex FIFA Vice President Jack Warner band from all football activities for life by FIFA in 2015 allegations of vote rigging. link Ex-FIFA head Sepp Blatter recently admitted choosing Qatar was a bad choice. Warner’s political party was also involved in the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal as the Case Study for manipulating society in an election. Invited to the British Library and Visited the Qatar Foundation in 2018

See Public Health Well Being ethical use of analytics and AI Online safety.

Public Amenities

Involved in Campaign for London public swimming pools, producing awards 2005 ceremony took place Carnerby street Grade II listed Marshall Street Leisure Centre and Spa opened in 1931.

Saving grade II listed Ladywell Baths built in 1886 from closure used as NHS Lewisham hospital swimming pool by out patients for exercise and physio during the prolonged planing and developed of the Glass Mill leisure centre 20min walk away. This triggered my interest in historic building conservation which I gained distinctions in all units. See protected Arch Heritage.

SEGAWORLD: Trocadero centre, Piccadilly London

Statue of Eros and Neon signs Still from short film, The Ballet Of Change - Piccadilly Circus - Music by Damian Coldwell Link

Trocadero Grade II listed building Piccadilly London built in 1896 the same year as the First modern Olympic Games, a new home of digital games

The Architectural Interior of Europe’s first and the World’s largest indoor theme park, SEGA’s flagship venue in Europe and the first SEGA theme park outside of Japan. £45m refit of the Trocadero centre in London’s Piccadilly circus, equivalent to £92m in today’s money, over 7 floors with 400+ arcade machines and 25 major attractions, the Largest visitor attraction built in London that decade, It’s estimated at it’s height it received 4 million annual visitors.

Clip from 1998 Italian movie Cucciolo The Rocket Escalator taking visitors up to the 6th floor of SEGAWorld the development had 7 floors in total. Basement ground and 6 upper floors. connected by escalates.

One of the first commercial digital Architectural fly through outside of IBM’s Labs, SEGA Europe’s indoor VR Virtual Reality theme-park, the Trocadero centre in London’s Piccadilly circus, operated as a joint-venture between Chorion, the owners of the Trocadero and SEGA. Design pitch to RTKL clients SEGA produced by myself and Bosnian award winning architect / animator Darko Predanic. The studio was ArtiWisdom, 41 Windmill Street. off Charlotte St London West1.

The interior was produced on Intel 386mhz upgraded to a 486mhz processor with 8mb ram a fraction of the processor power of a modern mobile phone typically with 3.1Ghz processors and 8GB of ram today.

using 3D Studio a text menu based DOS application the predecessor to today’s Autodesk 3DS Max, that started out as a modelling and visualization tool to work along side AEC Architectural, Engineering and Construction software tool AutoCAD, now used in Animation and Gaming industries for visualisations and develop the majority of PC and Console games.

Entrance fee, was £12 for adults and £9 for children. arcade games cost up to £3, rides struggled with queue the first year visitors lower than expected, free entry increased visitor numbers to the excess of 4 million annual visitors.

International architectural Journal Social Spaces Vol I containing The SEGAWorld Trocadero Centre, available @ London’s hub for the built environment, The Building Centre, Architecture, Engineering and Construction AEC, Specialist bookshop.

A portal to a new world’: Memories in the @guardian of SegaWorld at Trocadero, a slice of 1990s neon high-tech Tokyo in London’s Piccadilly Guardian newspaper article in GamesLink

Having been at the first screening of AKIRA at the ICA and invited to be on the panel of expert for MANGA on future of robotics.


With over 400 of the latest video games and simulators and 7 unique Rides, Segaworld offers you a galaxy of interactive experiences in one world.

Personally 3D Modelled the first of its kind projection and video wall and the rest of the interior in DOS software in 1993

400+ Video Games & Simulators

From traditional ‘shoot’em ups’ and driving games to the sporting challenges of virtual baseball, football and jet-skiing and the thrills of virtual rollercoasters, we have video games to suit all tastes and energy levels! Located in themed zones such as Sports Arena and Race Track you can’t fail to find your favourite amongst the 400 games on offer.

7 Unique Rides

Try all seven if you dare or pick and choose your favourites. Each uses its own formula of motion simulation, 3-D imagery, sensory experiences or virtual reality to create a unique interactive environment.

While illuminating the 3D scene was visited by the computer scientist developing the Blinn renderer which photo-realistic Real-Time Ray Tracing simulations utilise with modern GPU’s. the lighting professionals that where brought in, gave me a piece of black card with a dozen coloured crayons lines on for the lighting design.

Rendered on DEC Alpha workstation 64bit RISC chip architecture, animation produced to help obtain planning permission from the Westminster Council planners.

Recent Guardian newspaper article on the SEGAWorld link

SEGAWORLD Atrium for architects RTKL Associates Inc, little product placement Emirates Airlines having created Floppy Disk drive Lock, part of SEGA Amusements group ltd Corporate Video linkPersonally 3D Modelled the first of its kind projection and video wall and the rest of the interior in DOS software in 1993

Producing one of the first commercial 3D architectural digital twins, a gentleman once put it, in comparison in 1993 you where playing Doom.


SEGAWorld was opened to the public in Sept 1996 the where many issues in opening including delays in the delivery of new arcade machine it was believed they where reverse engineered on route.

It was followed by NAMCO opening Namco Station located on the ground to basement levels of County Hall. In Aug 1997.

SEGA released the Dreamcast in Japan on Nov 1998 the same year The album Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released and on 9/9/1999 in North America its final games Console, running a custom version of Microsoft Windows CE with DirectX API.

One Gigabyte GD-ROM is a proprietary optical disc format originally used for the Dreamcast video game console, as well as its arcade counterpart, the Sega NAOMI and select Triforce arcade board titles.

Their are reports that in 1996, Nvidia a relatively new company spend time and large funds on R&D for a GPU for the DreamCast but was unable to meet the demands, NVidia was close to folding, when SEGA America CEO offered NVidia a $5 million file-line in their early years. Link

Recently Nvidia Corp. has claimed another milestone by overtaking Apple and Microsoft in market value, making the chipmaker the World’s most valuable public company.

The NAOMI New Arcade Operation Machine Idea arcade board, was adapted into the hardware of the Dreamcast so that arcade titles could be ported onto the system more easily. included several Namco and Capcom titles.

Dreamcast VMU slot on arcade machine, used in F355 Challenge, as well as the NAOMI Universal and Net City arcade cabinets, CAD file for VMU faceplate Link Curtesy of twisted symphony arcade console repair

the Dreamcast Consoles struggled because of games piracy boot disk and SEGA was eventually sold to Japanese arcade company. The games went on to be multiplatform, See eco city modern console standby power consumption equivalent to a lightbulb multiply by millions of units.

SEGAWorld took 8 million man hours to build, employment for 1500 construction workers and was Larger than the Royal Albert Hall. the theme park’s attraction was its selection of 400+ coin-operated arcade machines and 25 attractions.

Sega at SEGAWorld. Slogan: “Try telling your brain it’s not real”.

SEGAWorld opened its doors in Sept 1996 when the contract ended in Sept 1999 as SEGA struggled financially with attendance the interior transferred to the popular Funland amusement arcade, in total operated in total for 15 years, closing in May 2011 as it became run down it was associated in the Media with the increase of young gangs Triad and other ethnicity organized violence.

The 20th Bafta Games Awards rank Sonic the Hedgehog as the 4th most popular character of all time. April 2024

SEGAWorld iconic Sonic statue restored by SEGA and Croydon based FX house 13 Finger FX.
SEGAWorld Article – Computer And Video Games Magazine UK – Issue 175 June 1996

Success of console gaming and Power consumption in gaming, based on energy prices before cost living crisis dramatically increased energy costs, for power consumption on standby see Eco City

Today SEGA is known for Games titles including the TOTAL WAR series of PC video Games, commanding digital battle reenactments developed by British Video Games company Creative Assembly initially published by Electronic Arts, the 2003-05 BBC Two show Time Commanders used the game engine for Creative Assembly’s ROME Total War. See MedicalTech

Today part of the Grade II listed building has planning consent for a Islamic community centre on the ground floor and the Troccadiro centre cinema is being turned into a long sort after Mosque for central London, I’m sure the correct due diligence was carried out, and I personally feel honoured that’s something I worked on is being turned into a place of worship for the Muslim community.

“While the Centre will provide an area for prayer, it is also anticipated that this development will nurture much needed interfaith dialogue,” the Aziz Foundation said.

RIGHT TO PLAY UK LIMITED registered Charity number: 1112404

TRUST FOR URBAN ECOLOGY Registered Charity No: 278601 (wellness)

LONDON AND QUADRANT HOUSING TRUST registered Charity number: 268136

CENTREPOINT SOHO registered Charity number: 292411