John Robertson

My training in creative arts has included the widest spectrum of subjects including fine art, textiles, photography, jewellery and sculpture, stained glass, CAD modelling, animation, graphic design, the art foundation at Central St Martins and studying Jewellery, Silversmithing and Applied Crafts degree at Guildhall University.

While studying at St Martins, I produced art work for musical artists, including on Jimmy Hendrix's last recordings and developed the computer floppy disk drive lock for Stealth international.

I started my professional CAD career 3D CAD modelling the £50M SegaWorld theme park, Trocadero Centre, Piccadilly Circus, London, for creative media company Artewisdom and Architects RTKL, using the software 3D Studio v2 in MS DOS, creating 3D renders and animations for the approval process and news media broadcasts, these were published in architectural journals and reference books including Social Spaces Volume 1.

Then working in collaboration with artists, designers and craftspeople, using my extensive creative and technical skills to produce metal work objet d'art, exhibiting at 100% design and my work winning the Interior Product Award from the Evening Standard in 2001, at the Chelsea Crafts Fair.

Originally I learned 3D modelling working with the European awards winning short film animator Darko Predanic, continuing my CAD training at Birmingham University's technology innovation centre in CAD CAM, DeskArtes for the Jewellery and Giftware industries, and RP (rapid prototyping) with the leading 3D Systems skills trainer, who became the Head of Rapid Prototyping at Red Bull Formula One.

CAD Design

Concept to Reality

I went on to establish the Rapid Prototyping department at Weston Beamor and integrated it into the production process, Weston Beamor are one of Europe's largest Platinum jewellery casting companies. This placed them as one of the first Rapid Prototyping bureau services in the Jewellery industry in Europe, in an industry which was an early adopter of 3D Printing. I became one of the selected Beta Testers for the 3D Systems Viper SI2 SLA (Stereolithography) system, increasing the devices resolution and testing materials in production process (The Royal College of Art now own two of the devices).

The design collections I produced for Domino Jewellery at Weston Beamor are now seen as modern design classics published in industry catalogues, and supplied worldwide.

I was then commissioned in 2005 by the Goldsmiths’ Company, one of the oldest Livery Companies of the City of London, to write publications on CAD for 3D Printing, consisting of two technical reports aimed at demystifying the Computer Aided Design (CAD) process and its associated terminology, it was designed as a reference guide for British companies when embarking on a CAD system for their design and production process.

The reports were combined and published by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and entitled: An Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) for the Jewellery and Silversmithing Industry, in ebook, CD-ROM and Print. The book was highly successful.

CAD Publication Goldsmiths’ Company

3D Print Daylight Anaylsis

I then trained and worked in the Historic Building Conservation, and its relevant regulations, surveying approaches, CAD standards and the various Craft techniques, visiting important renaissance restoration projects in Venice and delivering lectures on the subject to adult learners. While working there I trained in teaching adults Computer Aided Design.

Working for Anstey Horne the leading charted surveyors in the field of rights of light, I researched and developed processes to 3D solid model architectural drawings of proposed developments and surveys of the surrounding buildings, and analysed them to see the changes a new development had on solar glare and its impact on overshadowing and access to daylight in accordance with legal guidelines.

I established and lead 3D printing in the creative industry providing creative and corporate companies in London with CAD and 3D printing consultative service, 3D Printing device solutions, consumables supplies, and 3D Printing Bureau service.

Trained in digital colour management, profiling printing devices with various substrates, bonds and inks including gold and silver, and trained by 3D Systems top tier training engineers in Le Mans France on ZCorp/3D Systems Full Colour CMYK 3D Printing and servicing, and Micro SLA 3D printing (right). I apply to the workflow of full colour 3D printing solutions the knowledge I have gained on colour management solutions.

King Henry VIII Crown, Size of 10 Pence Piece, used by 3D Systems in their marketing

Recent training courses includes: Bioprinting, 3D Printing Human Body Parts, which utilised my wide knowledge of 3D Printing technologies.

The wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained in these specialist areas has enabled me to present creative industry talks on 3D printing on diverse creative 3D subject matters.

Projects included providing the full colour 3D printing solution, expert technical advice, support services and consumables for the iMakr Mini-You 3D scanning and full colour 3D printing service.

Collaborated on the Stop Cyberbullying Day 2014 campaign ad for the charity Cybersmile.


trade mark

I now design and produce pieces for my own luxury jewellery design company VerticesEdge Ltd, which has featured in Condé Nast VOGUE, BRIDES, TATLER, British GQ, and the World of Interiors magazine. House of COCO and Good Housekeeping magazine.


Goldsmiths' Crafts and design Awards, GOLDSMITHS' HALL, March 2017.

Jewellery and Watch NEC Birmingham, UK February 2017.

VerticesEdge Jewellery


Computer Aided Design and 3D printing Skills training and technical author for the Creative industries

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