3D printing 

3D modelling output for 3D printing

Processing 3D CAD models fixing geometry

Finishing techniques to achieve required results

3D scanning

Laser and structured light 3D scanning of objects of all sizes.

Photogrammetry the photographic process of capturing three dimensional information of objects

Talks and presentations have included

Architectural 3D printing

Medical modelling

Hype versus Reality surrounding 3D printing

Colour profiling 3D printers

Using the colour management knowledge i have gained working for the colour management experts at London graphic systems LGS, I'm able to colour profile 3D printers to improve colour accuracy through workflow in full colour 3D printing.


Computer Aided Design and 3D printing Skills training and technical aurthor for the Creative industries

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Computer Aided Design Service to meet the needs of the Corporate Creative industries

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Professional 3D Printing and finishing service to meet the clients specific requirements

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